How To Check Screen Time On Iphone? [5 Easy Steps]

How To Check Screen Time On Iphone? If you’re scratching your head wondering how to check your screen time on your iPhone, rest assured that we’re here to help.

Like the Digital Wellbeing feature available on Android smartphones, iPhones allow you to keep track of how much time you and your family members spend on your devices, the apps you use the most, how frequently you pick up your device, and much more.

The iPhone’s Screen Time feature allows you to monitor your iPhone usage and take appropriate action to improve your digital well-being, such as scheduling time away from your screen, limiting your app usage, and so on. Here’s a step-by-step guide to checking your screen time on your iPhone guided access.

 How To Check Screen Time On Iphone?
 How To Check Screen Time On Iphone?


People love iPhones, but they don’t always love how much they use their iPhones. Apple has tools to help you track your usage. We’ll show you how to see how much you look at your screen every day.

Apple’s “Screen Time” settings include a number of useful features to assist you in developing healthy phone habits. This includes setting limits on how much time you can spend on apps and keeping track of your screen time.

  1. First, from the home screen, launch the “Settings” app.
  2. Now select “Screen Time.”
  3. You must first enable Screen Time. To proceed, tap “Turn On Screen Time.”
  4. A pop-up window will appear with information about what Screen Time can do for you. Select “Continue.”
  5. Following that, you can select whether this is your iPhone or your child’s iPhone. This guide will focus on monitoring your own screen time focus mode.

Only after you opt in to the feature is your screen time recorded. You will not be able to view previous screen time data. However, after a while of using your phone, you’ll notice data in the chart. For a more detailed breakdown, select “See All Activity.”

The apps that are consuming that iphone screen time are displayed here. That’s the end of it. This is a quick and simple way to see how you’re using your phone. Some people may be surprised by these figures. You can also do a lot more with Screen Time.

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 How To Check Screen Time On Iphone?
 How To Check Screen Time On Iphone?

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Using Settings on the iPhone, you can easily check your screen time. You must always enable screen time setting on your aplle iPhone before viewing it. Only if this feature is enabled will screen time data be recorded.

Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Select the “Screen Time” feature from the list in your iPhone’s “Settings” menu.
  2. If the screen timer is turned off, enable it. Only if the option is enabled will you be able to view the reports. To view the report, select “Weekly Reports” and then click the “Continue” button. To enable additional parental controls on your iPhone, go to the extended Screen Time page and confirm that “This is my iPhone.”
  3. The screen time report looks like the below screenshot.

You can also limit your screen time by customizing it with “App Limits.” This option categorizes screen time by displaying the number of hours spent on each app installed on your apple iPhone. You can obtain precise time data on your children’s gadget usage.


Screen Time is a core feature of iOS and iPadOS, and as such, it works with all apps without requiring any changes from developers or individual apps.

It’s found in the Settings app and tracks how you use your devices, displaying everything from how long you’ve spent on specific app categories and specific apps to how many times you’ve picked up your iPhone in a given day or even hour.

Data collected can be viewed in handy charts within the Screen Time menu, and every Monday morning at the start of the week, you’ll receive a report via notification so you can see exactly what you’ve been doing that week, how it compared to the previous week, and how much time you wasted in certain apps.

Apple categorizes the apps using App Store categories, so you can see if you spend a lot of time playing games, socializing, or using utilities.

Because the data is gathered from the App Store and reviewed by humans, you shouldn’t find a game hidden in a work category, for example, providing a good indication of how you use your devices.

Because Screen Time is linked to your iCloud account, you can see how you use apps across multiple devices by selecting the ‘Share Across Devices’ option in the Screen Time menu.



To view your Screen Time and access all of the data collected by the feature, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and select the Screen Time option.

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You can set App Limits, schedule Downtime, choose which apps to allow at all times, block inappropriate content, and set limits based on your contacts from this page. You can also use a Screen Time passcode to allow for more time when limits are reached – useful for a family iPad, for example.


To view your Screen Time data, go to the Settings app’s Screen Time menu and select ‘See All Activity.’ Then, at the top of the screen, select Week and Day views, as well as swipe left to right on the charts to see activity from previous weeks and days.

Tapping on any of the apps in the ‘Most Used’ menu will give you more information, and you can also see more information in the ‘Notifications’ and ‘First Used After Pickup’ menus, which you can access by scrolling down past Most Used. Below, we go over the specific features of Screen Time and how to use them.


The idea behind the Screen Time data is that by understanding how you interact with your phone or tablet, you can gain much more control, either by taking drastic measures like removing the app entirely, or by limiting how you use it by setting App Limits.

The issue, of course, is that you must decide to make the change. You can choose to ignore or bypass the Screen Time findings at any time allowed apps.


To disable Apple Screen Time, open the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad and select Screen Time. Scroll to the bottom of the menu and look for ‘Turn Off Screen Time.’

When turned off, your screen time is no longer reported, and all limits, downtime settings, and content and privacy restriction are disabled.


App Limits in Screen Time allow you to set daily or weekly time limits to limit your usage of a specific app, such as Facebook, or an entire app category, such as Social Media or Games.

To set an App Limit, open the Settings app and navigate to the Screen Time menu. Under the daily average chart, select ‘App Limits’ and then ‘Add Limit.’ You can select an entire category from here, or you can expand the menu to show individual apps by tapping on the arrow on the category. Select the box on the left and tap ‘Next’ to select a category or individual app.

You must then specify how long you want the limit to be, such as 30 minutes per day. By selecting ‘Customise Days,’ you can set different limits for different days. This allows you to limit WhatsApp to an hour per day on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, and two hours on Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.

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When an App Limit is about to expire, you’ll receive a notification informing you that you only have five minutes left. When your timer runs out, the app icon on your home screen will become slightly greyed out, and when you open it, you’ll see a white screen with an hour glass and the words ‘Time Limit.’ You can exit the app and do something else with your time by selecting ‘OK.’

Alternatively, you can select ‘Ignore Limit,’ which will give you four options: ‘One more minute,’ ‘Remind Me in 15 Minutes,’ ‘Ignore Limit For Today,’ or ‘Cancel.’

Screen Time App Limits function similarly to the Do Not Disturb while Driving feature apple id. You can ignore it, but it does make you think twice.

CONCLUSION On How To Check Screen Time

After enabling Screen Time on your Apple device, you can view detailed usage metrics on a daily and weekly basis, including which apps you spend the most time on and by how much, which apps send you the most notifications, and much more.

You can also add a widget to your home screen to track your smartphone usage directly from your home screen.

FAQs About Checking Sceen

Why can’t I see my Screen Time on my iPhone?

If you’re not seeing Screen Time reports from your child’s device or the restrictions aren’t working, it’s possible that your child’s Screen Time settings aren’t enabled. Enable these restrictions on all devices in your Family Sharing plan by going to Settings, then Screen Time.

Is Apple Screen Time reliable?

Frequently, incorrect Screen Time reports will calculate the number of hours spent on websites or web pages that were open settings as a tab in Safari or from another app, or apps that were in the background but were not active.

How much is too much Screen Time?

Adults should limit their screen time outside of work to no more than two hours per day, according to experts. Any time you would normally spend on screens should instead be spent engaging in physical activity.

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