How to Delete Samsung Account [Guide]

How to delete a samsung account?

The following instructions will walk you through creating and deleting Samsung on the new Samsung Galaxy S20 handset. 

You can refer to our basic instructions if you are unfamiliar with the Android operating system and require assistance. 

The following steps will show you how to add and remove accounts on your Galaxy S20.   In the future, new devices such as Samsung’s latest Galaxy flagship smartphones will allow you to create and manage multiple sorts of accounts for both personal and commercial uses. 

Among the accounts you can add in addition to your email address include but are not limited to: a account, Exchange account, Facebook account, Firefox account,  OneDrive account, and Google account.

How to Delete Samsung Account
How to remove samsung account without password?
I forgot my account password.You can reset your password by clicking on the “Forgot password?” link on the login page. You will be prompted to enter your email address and then you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
I don’t have access to the email address associated with my account.You can contact Samsung customer support for help in recovering your account. They may be able to help you reset your password or delete your account without access to the email address.
I want to delete my account but I still have devices that are linked to it.You will need to unlink your devices from your account before you can delete it. To do this, go to Settings > Accounts and backup > Manage accounts > account. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and select “Remove account.”
I’m getting an error message when I try to delete my Samsung account.There are a few possible reasons why you might be getting an error message when you try to delete your account. One possibility is that you have devices that are still linked to your account. Another possibility is that you have a balance on your account. If you’re getting an error message, try troubleshooting the issue by following the instructions on the error message. If you’re still having trouble, you can contact Samsung customer support for help.
I’m not sure if I want to delete my account.If you’re not sure if you want to delete your account, you can temporarily disable it instead. To do this, go to Settings > Accounts and Backup> Manage accounts > account. Tap the three dots in the top right corner of the screen and select “Disable account.” You can always re-enable your account later if you change your mind.

Check out the steps below if this does not resolve your situation.

How to delete samsung account without password?

Slide to the Accounts and backup section from the Settings menu and hit it.

Select your account by tapping Manage accounts and then selecting your Samsung account.

Tap Remove account, followed by Remove account in the pop-up menu.

Select Sign out. Enter the password for your account, then tap OK.

Check out the steps below if this does not resolve your situation.

Remove Samsung account without password

Account galaxy grants you access to various Samsung services, such as Find My Mobile and the Samsung Cloud, as well as other benefits.

If you no longer wish to use the account galaxy, you may uninstall the account from your device.

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I’ll demonstrate how this works in a few simple steps using several different ways.

When you first turn on your Samsung smartphone, you will be prompted to sign up for a Account.

If you create a account, you have access to several apps and deals restricted exclusively for clients of the South Korean firm.

But if you no longer require it or have made the decision not to continue using a Samsung smartphone, there is no longer any reason to keep your account active..

In our step-by-step steps, I’ll explain how to remove your account.

3 Methods on How to remove Samsung account

Remove all of the old baggage from your life.

Samsung account remove

If you no longer need or want to be associated with a account on your Galaxy phone or tablet, you can remove the account from your device.

It’s important to remember that once the account has been destroyed, you will no longer have access to any of the account’s data unless you re-add the account.

Samsung account delete

Important Reminder: Data from the cloud or the Samsung Health app should be backed up before being deleted; otherwise, it will be lost for good, and the data cannot be recovered.

Method 1: Remove Samsung Account Without Knowing Password

The only method to remove the account from the phone without entering a password is to request that Samsung locate and delete the account for us.

Simply follow the steps listed below in their entirety on your Samsung phone to follow along with the process:

1. Open the Samsung phone settings application from the application drawer after unlocking your phone.

2. Next, scroll down to the settings until you reach “Cloud and Accounts.”

3. Additionally, select the “Accounts” tab on the following screen.

samsung cloud and accounts

4. On the accounts tab, select “Samsung Accounts” from the drop-down menu of options.

5. Select “My profile” from the drop-down menu on the accounts general page that appears.

6. After entering your email address and password on the account interface, you will be prompted to click on the link that says “Forgot your ID and password.” A prompt will fly across the screen; you can choose whichever browser you choose.

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7. A prompted browser will ask you to enter your ID and password; simply enter your email address. 

8. Samsung will now send you an email containing a link to a page where you can reset your password if you have forgotten it.

9. After you have successfully reset your password, you will be able to uninstall the Samsung app from your phone easily.

10. Return to your account settings and select “Remove Account” from the menu bar at the top-right of the screen.

Method 2: Delete Account Through Samsung Website

The most secure method of removing Samsung’s account is to go to the reset Samsung website and follow the instructions there.

1. Visit the login page on your computer or mobile device and click on the button that says “Sign in.” Click on the link that says “Forget ID or reset the password” just below the sign-in option to receive more information about it.

sign in samsung accounts

2. Your browser should now take you to a website where you may look up your user ID or change your password. To reset your password, go to the drop-down menu and select “Reset Password.” There, enter the ID (Email) address and then click on the “Next” option to continue the process.

reset samsung accounts password

 3. After you click on the reset-password button, you will receive an email asking you to reset your password. To do so, click on the link that reads “Reset Password.” Enter a new, more flexible password and click “Confirm.” Finally, press the reset button to make it permanent.

4. Now that your password has been reset, return to your phone and navigate to the “Samsung account” settings. Click on the three horizontal dots menu to bring up the “Remove Account” option, and then click on the “Remove Account” option again to confirm the removal.

5. Please enter your account password and confirm the removal of the account from your device.

confirm to remove samsung accounts

Method 3: Samsung Support to Help you in Deleting Samsung Account

Always remember that you can always remove your account in your Samsung galaxy or smartphone by visiting this page on the Samsung website.

But if you have forgotten your password, your only option is to file a request with Samsung to have your account deleted.

Several options are available if you need to get in touch with customer care.

Samsung requests the information to establish that the account belongs to you and that they can properly cancel the account, according to the company.

How can I remove my Google Account?

You can delete your Google account in the same way that you can delete your account.

The processes are the same, and the procedure is exactly as simple as before.

  • From the Settings menu, select Accounts and backup and then touch OK.
  • Select your Google account from the list of available accounts by tapping Manage accounts.
  • Select Remove account from the drop-down menu, and then select Remove account from the drop-down menu again to confirm.
  • It is possible that you will be asked to verify your identity before being able to completely log out of your Google account if you have enabled Google device protection features.
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How to Disable Email Account?

Oops! Do you need a new email address because of your work?

You don’t have to worry about deleting email accounts from your phone or tablet either.

  • Swipe to the right and hit Accounts and backup from the Settings menu.
  • Select your email account from the Manage accounts drop-down menu.
  • Remove the account by tapping it once, and then hit it again to confirm the removal.

Bonus: How about Creating Samsung Account?

Does your new Samsung smartphone prompt you to create an account when you first turn it on to set it up?

What it is used for and how to set up an account will be demonstrated in this section.

It is common practice to omit this step when setting up a new Samsung mobile phone.

There are several advantages to having an account.

Several Samsung services, such as the Samsung Health app and the Galaxy Store, are made available to you through this method.

Although the selection is fewer than that of the Google Play Store, you can find discounted or free offers and programs specifically designed for your Samsung model.

Also available are data stored in the Samsung Cloud through your account and the ability to locate your cell phone through the Find My Mobile app.

Registering only one account per device is possible, although it is possible to use the same account for many devices simultaneously.

Using a few simple steps, you may set up your account:  

1. Go to the settings menu.

2. Select Accounts and Backup from the drop-down menu, followed by Accounts. Cloud and Accounts is the name of the menu item on Android smartphones running version 8 or 7.

3. Select Add Account from the drop-down menu.

4. Select a Samsung account and click the Create Account button below.

5. Read and confirm the terms and conditions, as well as the special conditions, before pressing the Next button.

6. Create an account by entering your current email address, password, first and last names, and date of birth.

7. Follow the link in the confirmation email sent to the email address you provided in steps to complete the process.

My Final Thoughts: How delete Account Samsung Galaxy phone

And thus, my friends conclude our discussion on how to erase a account from your phone.

I hope this information has been helpful to you.

Please spread the word on your social media platforms if you find it useful.

Among other things, blogging, digital marketing, Windows Android rooting, social media games, and so forth, Wishing you the best of luck.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the procedure for deleting a Samsung account?

1. Swipe to the right and hit Accounts and backup from the Settings menu.

2. Select your account from the Manage accounts drop-down menu.

3. Remove the account by tapping Remove account, followed by another tap Remove account on the window.

4. Select Sign out from the drop-down menu. Enter the password for your account and then click OK.

What is the best way to remove my account if I don't have an ID or password?

The most secure method of removing Samsung’s account is to go to the reset Samsung website and follow the instructions there.

 On your browser kindly navigate to the button login.

 After that, you will notice the reset password and click that!

What is the best way to delete my account from my phone?

Step 1: Go to Settings on your phone and select Accounts and backup > Accounts from the drop-down menu.

Step 2: Scroll down a little farther to locate the account and then Personal information. 

Step 3: Select Sign out from the three-dot menu symbol on the top right of the screen.


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