Why Does Samsung Front Load Washer Shakes Violently During Spin Cycle? [2023]

If you are experiencing a problem with your Samsung washer that is not spinning, this article will assist you in determining possible solutions for your washing machine.

We’ll go over the five most common reasons why your washer isn’t spinning or why it won’t complete the spin cycle, as well as how to fix them.

A washing machine can be classified into two types: a top-load washer and a front-load washer.

Each type of washing machine has its own set of issues when it comes to not spinning.

Why Does Samsung Front Load Washer Shakes Violently During Spin Cycle?
Samsung washer shakes violently during spin cycle

Troubleshooting: Issues on front load washer shakes violently

Shipping bolts not removedRemove the shipping bolts. These bolts are used to secure the washer during shipping and should be removed before using the washer.
Washer not levelLevel the washer by adjusting the leveling feet. This can be done using a level.
Overloading the washerDo not overload the washer. Overloading can cause the washer to shake and vibrate excessively.
Imbalanced loadMake sure the load is balanced. An imbalanced load can cause the washer to shake and vibrate excessively.
Damaged componentsIf the washer is still shaking after trying the above solutions, it is possible that there is a damaged component inside the washer. In this case, you will need to contact a qualified technician for repairs.

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Why Does Front Load Washer Shakes During Spin Cycle?

Several factors can cause a front load washer to shake violently during the spin cycle. It’s possible that the machine isn’t level, or that the legs aren’t making secure contact with the ground. Excessive vibration can also be caused by loose leveling feet. Shaking can also be caused by worn-out snubber pads that dampen the vibration of the washer tub. Unbalanced loads and loud banging sounds can be caused by damaged or weakened shock absorbers. It is recommended that you seek professional repair services if you are experiencing severe vibration and shaking during the final spin cycle.

What can I do to keep my washing machine from shaking while it is in the spin cycle?

Vibrations in the washing machine can be reduced with these six tips.

  1. Check to see that your loads are evenly distributed.
  2. Check to see that the floor and machine are both at the same level.
  3. Make Certain That Your Floor Is Sturdy.
  4. Check the contents of your Stacking Kit.
  5. Vibration pads for washing machines can be purchased.
  6. Inviting some reinforcements will help.
Why Does Samsung Front Load Washer Shakes Violently During Spin Cycle?
Why Does Front Load Washer Shakes During Spin Cycle?

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What is causing the movement of my Samsung washer?

Samsung The washing machine is vibrating or shaking erratically. It’s possible that one or more of the shock absorbers has failed or become worn out over time.

When the washer tub vibrates, the shock absorbers in the tub work to dampen the vibration. The steel suspension rods, which help to dampen the movement of the washer tub, are used to accomplish this.

Samsung Washing Machine Spin [Issues & Solutions] - Zimwashingmachines
Samsung washer shakes violently

What is the most effective method of rebalancing a washing machine?

It is possible that the problem will be exacerbated in the case of washers that are mounted on pedestals. Top-loading washers are designed to level themselves on their own with no assistance.

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Samsung washer spinning violently during spin cycle

If something has shifted, tipping the top-loading washer forward and placing it back on the floor will level it out. Front-loading washers level themselves more easily when a leg is turned to raise or lower it.

When the front-load washer samsung washer shaking like crazy during the spin cycle, here’s what you should do.

samsung washing machine shaking violently

During the spinning process, your washing machine may shake, move, and make noise. This can occur when the four washing machine legs are not all securely connected to the ground, or when a large bulky item or a large amount of laundry is being washed in the washing machine.

If you have just received your front-load washer and have not yet removed the shipping bolts, it will shake a great deal. You’ll also notice a slight vibration at the start of each cycle, which is caused by weight sensing.

Take the shipping bolts out of the washing machine and set them aside (front load only)

1. Verify that your shipping bolts have been removed.

Opening the washing machine door and pushing against the drum is an easy way to check whether or not the shipping bolts have been removed, without having to look behind the machine. Ignore the rotation and concentrate solely on how it feels when you apply pressure.

It should have the appearance of being connected to springs and should have a little give to it. When you push against the drum, it feels like it is connected to a rock and has almost no give at all, this indicates that the shipping bolts have not been removed.

If you’re not sure, you can compare it to your dryer to make sure. The drum of your washing machine should have significantly more give than the drum of your dryer.

If your shipping bolts have already been removed, you can skip to the end of step 4 and select need more assistance.

2. Remove each shipping bolt from the back of the washing machine by loosening and removing it.

Some front-load washing machines are equipped with four shipping bolts (colored yellow in the image). Some washers have three of them. Models of FlexWash have seven. Shipping bolts are not included with top-load washing machines.

If you want to remove a bolt, first loosen it with the supplied spanner, then slide it and its spacer up and out of the hole, and finally pull it out completely.

3. Insert the plastic covers that were provided into the holes.

4. Keep the shipping bolts and spacers in case you need them again.

Keep the shipping bolts and use them to secure the washing machine in place before moving it to a new location. If you lose or misplace the shipping bolts, you can order replacements by visiting www.samsungparts.com.

Things To Keep Front Load Washer Violently During Spin Cycle

1) Make sure your feet are level.

First and foremost, a machine that is not level is the most common cause of a vibrating washer to occur. The proper operation of appliances, particularly those containing water and moving parts, is dependent on a flat floor and level feet. Similarly, if your washer is not level, it will not be stable once the drum begins to spin.

Shaking, banging, and vibrating can occur as a result of the instability created by the drum spinning. There are two simple ways to determine whether or not your washer is level. Take your washer and shove it all the way to the top of the pile of laundry.

samsung washer shaking during spin cycle
samsung washer shaking during spin cycle

If the washer wobbles when you push it, this indicates that the feet and/or floor aren’t properly leveled. Additionally, a manual bubble-level can be used to determine whether or not a surface is flat. To level the washer top, place the bubble level first on the front of the washer top and then on top of the control panel.

If either of the readings is not level, you’ll need to make adjustments to the feet. Making the machine level can be accomplished by adjusting the washer feet. The front feet of most washing machines are adjustable, and the back feet are self-adjustable.

To remove the front of your washer, use a prybar and a piece of wood to lift it up. Then adjust the front feet by extending or retracting them until the front is level. If the back feet are self-leveling, you can tap them with a wrench to assist them in adjusting to the new level.

If the back feet are not self-leveling, you will need to manually level them as well. It is important that you remember to tighten the locking nut to secure the washer to its feet.

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2) Maintain a healthy work-life balance.

Load balance can also play a role in the vibration of the washing machine. Balanced loads are particularly important for top-loading washers, but even front-loading washers require a relatively balanced load in order for them to spin consistently. Whilst the drum is spinning, the drum will wobble slightly if the fabric in the drum is not evenly distributed.

This wobble causes an uneven centrifugal force to be applied, which can cause the entire washer to shake. Furthermore, if the washer as a whole does not shake, the drum may begin to bump against the inside of the frame. You must make certain that the fabric of approximately the same weight is evenly distributed all the way around the center column of a top-loading washing machine.

Consider arranging towels in a circle so that there is never more towel material on one side of the circle than the other. If you are only washing one or two items, you can add a few towels or shirts to the load to make it more even. When using a front-loading washer, it is best to distribute the load evenly. Make sure you don’t wash just one heavy-fabric item at a time, as it will rise and fall on its own inside the drum.

The best load is one that is more complete. With each load of laundry, wash a number of items of similar weight. And, of course, try not to overfill your washer with laundry.

3)There were Violations during the Mounting

The washing machine must be mounted on a level and stable solid surface, which is something that masters never tire of repeating. The surface does not have to be perfectly smooth in order to function properly because small drops can be compensated for by adjusting the legs.

It must, however, be as strong as possible in order to avoid bending, swinging, or even creaking under the weight of an adult man standing on it.

When installing a washing machine, it is always a good idea to have a construction level with you. Make sure you have a level on the top cover of your washing machine and check it every time you adjust the legs of your “home assistant.”

It has been demonstrated that even minor distortions of the body have a significant impact on the future by increasing the machine vibration during the spin cycle.

new washing machine shakes violently during spin cycle

Don’t forget to remove the shipping bolts from your new washing machine before you begin using it. As a result, you not only run the risk of damaging the washing machine’s drum, but you also sentence yourself to listening to the clank and feeling a monstrous vibration as soon as the machine begins spinning the laundry at a rate of more than 1000 rotations per minute, which is extremely dangerous.


It is also possible for your Samsung washing machine to vibrate while it is spinning if you use it incorrectly.

First and foremost, pay close attention to the manner in which you place the clothes in the drum of the Samsung washing machine. One large item or a large number of small items cannot be put together in a single package. It is important that the dirty laundry is distributed evenly throughout the drum; otherwise, there will be an imbalance and, consequently, a strong vibration.

Second, before placing items in the drum, check their pockets to ensure that no foreign objects become lodged in the tank and cause loud noises and vibrations to occur.

The third step is to place everything that could potentially cause damage to the machine in a laundry bag and only then toss them into the Samsung washing machine’s drum. There have been instances in which metal bra inserts became stuck in the washing machine’s tank and wedged the drum for a period of time, resulting in clanging and intense vibration, according to the manufacturer.


All of the issues listed above can be classified as minor issues that can be resolved in a matter of minutes. However, it is possible that vibration and loud, unnatural sounds produced during the spin cycle will result in a serious breakdown or manufacturing defect during the process.

In particular, we are only concerned with two types of malfunctions: when bearings fail and when dampers fail to function properly.

It is possible to replace the damper on your own. It is only necessary to remove the back wall of the Samsung washing machine in order to gain access to the damaged part and its fastenings. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, the damper is a component that functions in a similar manner to the shock absorber.

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When it comes to bearings, the situation is much more complicated. To replace them, you will need to disassemble the washing machine from top to bottom, including the tank, and then reassemble it. The procedure is not straightforward.

6) Suspension Rod

It’s possible that one or more of the suspension rods are broken. The suspension rods aid in the dampening of the movement of the washer tub and are made of steel.

Vibrations and shakes will be felt by the washer if one or more of the suspension rods are broken. Examine the suspension rods to see if any of them are broken before concluding that they are the source of the problem.’ If a suspension rod is broken, it should be replaced.

7) Spring to Balance the Counter-Balance Spring

It is possible that one or more of the counterbalance springs have failed. Using counterbalance springs, you can reduce the amount of movement in the washer tub. Because of the breakage of spring, the tub may become unbalanced, causing it to shake and vibrate while in use.

Make a visual inspection of the counterbalance springs to see if any of the springs are damaged or broken.

If a counterbalance spring is damaged, it should be replaced. In addition, inspect the frame to which the counterbalance springs are attached for damage. If the frame is rusted, it should be replaced.

8) Suspension Spring

It is possible that one or more of the suspension springs have failed. The suspension springs aid in the absorption of movement caused by the washer tub.

A broken suspension spring could cause the tub to become unbalanced, causing it to shake and vibrate while in use. Make a visual inspection of the suspension springs to determine whether any of the springs are damaged. If a suspension spring is damaged, it should be replaced.

9) Snubber Pad

The snubber pad reduces the amount of vibration generated by the washer tub. It is possible for the washer to vibrate or shake during operation if the snubber pad is worn out or missing, or if it has been coated with a sticky substance (such as detergent, fabric softener, or transmission oil).

Examine the snubber pad for damage. If the snubber pad has become worn or is missing, it should be replaced.

10) Tub Dampening Strap

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Tub dampening straps are used in some models of top-load washers to cushion the movement of the tub during the spin cycle of the washer. There are four straps that are attached to the top of the tub as well as to each of the cabinet’s corners.

These straps are made of rubber and are susceptible to failure under normal conditions. Because of the stretching or damage to the straps, the tub may make contact with the cabinet during the spin cycle, causing the washer to shake or move and emitting a loud banging sound.

Straps that are subjected to heavy loads on a continuous basis or that are used excessively will experience increased strain and eventually fail prematurely.

Inspecting the tub dampening strap in a washing machine is as follows:

Unplug your washing machine and then open the cabinet of your washer to locate the tub-dampening straps, which are located on the inside of the tub.

There will be four straps, each of which will be connected to the washtub and one of the cabinet’s corners. Examine the tub dampening straps for signs of fraying, damage, or wear, and replace them if necessary.

Samsung Washer Shakes during spin cycle

If any of the symptoms listed above are found on one of your straps, you will require four replacement tub dampening straps to replace them. Given that they wear at approximately the same rate, it is recommended that you replace all four straps at the exact same time.

Our Final Thoughts

Finally, we would like to point out that a slight vibration emanating from the Samsung washing machine during the spin cycle is perfectly acceptable. However, if the washing machine begins to shake violently, it is necessary to determine the source of the problem.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why is my Samsung front load washer shaking so much during the spin cycle?There are a few possible reasons why your Samsung front load washer might be shaking so much during the spin cycle.
Samsung washer shaking violently on spin cycle?If one or more of the shock absorbers are worn out, the washer will vibrate or shake. Sometimes, when a washer is moved to another location, the shock absorbers can separate. Check the shock absorbers to ensure that they are positioned correctly, and inspect them for damage and wear.

What is causing the violent shaking in my front-load washer?

A level and balanced position on the feet of your washing machine is required for it to function properly. When an appliance is not balanced properly, it will vibrate and shake during operation. You could also try rocking the appliance from one side to the other or back and forth. If your flooring or appliance’s feet are uneven, it’s possible that it’s causing the rocking.

Is it normal for a Samsung washer to shake while it is in spinning mode?

During the spinning process, your washing machine may shake, move, and make noise. This can occur when the four washing machine legs are not all securely connected to the ground, or when a large bulky item or a large amount of laundry is being washed in the washing machine.

What is causing the violent shaking in my Samsung washer?

Check the total weight of the load. A washer that is either severely underloaded or overloaded will vibrate excessively. If you are only washing one pair of jeans, you should add a few other items to make a more balanced load. If your washer is overloaded, try to remove a few items from the load to create a more evenly distributed load.


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