What is Samsung Capture?[Answered]

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When Samsung debuted the Galaxy S8, it made a significant move by removing the actual home button from the device.

This is true for the Galaxy S9, S10, S20, and now the Galaxy S21, meaning that screenshots captured on a newer Samsung phone will differ from screenshots taken on an older Samsung phone, such as the S7.

When it comes to taking a screenshot, you have a variety of various options, with some Samsung improvements to make it more useful than your usual Android device.

Here is a quick way to Samsung Screen Capture.

While using the device, take a screenshot and write, draw, crop, or share the captured screen. You can take a screenshot of the current screen and scrollable region. The collected screenshots can be seen in your Gallery.

To take a Samsung screen Capture, press the Side and Volume Down keys at the same time. After taking a screenshot, use the toolbar at the bottom of the screen to access the following options:

Although there have been significant refinements made to the S20, the fundamental principles remain the same as they were on the previous devices.

Record and capture your Galaxy phone screen
What is Samsung Capture

What is the purpose of the Samsung capture feature?

Another thing to remember when taking screenshots on the Galaxy S20, galaxy s9 or S21 is that smart capture – now known as screenshot toolbar – will perform many more functions for you.

This is a feature that is exclusive to Samsung, and it allows you to make changes to your screenshot without having to access it in your gallery app or anything like that.

Record and capture your Galaxy phone screen
What is the purpose of the Samsung capture feature?

What is the best way to locate my Samsung capture?

By activating Smart capture, you can begin capturing what is hidden from view.

Smart capture may be found in the Settings menu by searching for it and selecting it.

To enable Smart capture, slide the slider to the right.

By default, the Smart capture capability is enabled for all users.

What is the best way to access Samsung capture?

On a Samsung smartphone, the Screen Recording feature can be accessed through the Quick Settings menu by pressing the Screen Recording button.

If you can’t seem to find it, simply tap on the three-dot button and then on “Button Order” to expose the Quick Settings button that was previously concealed.

Take a screenshot of your Galaxy S20 or S21 with the clever capture/screenshot toolbar.

Another thing to remember when taking screenshots on the Galaxy S20 or S21 is that smart capture – now known as screenshot toolbar – will perform many more functions for you.

This is a feature that is exclusive to Samsung, and it allows you to make changes to your screenshot without having to access it in your gallery app or anything like that.

Examine your settings and make sure that smart capture is turned on in the advanced features > screenshots and screen recorder (it will be on by default)

When you take a screenshot (using the buttons or palm swipe, as seen below), you’ll get a banner with more options at the bottom of the page (as shown above).

You can sketch, crop, and share, but the scroll capture feature, which is indicated by the arrows going down, is the handiest.

To incorporate bits of the display you can view, for example on a long webpage, scroll capture is used.

It is a really handy feature to have.

The Screen Recording Toolbar Enhanced The Latest Samsung Capture Version

It has been a while since Samsung’s Android handsets came equipped with a built-in screen recorder, but the feature has previously been restricted to specific sections of the company’s own Android user interface.

It wasn’t until the launch of the Galaxy Note 10 that a system-wide screen recorder was announced, and it wasn’t until later that it began to appear on other devices running One UI 2.0 based on Android 10.

Despite the fact that Samsung was late to the party in terms of releasing a native screen recorder, the company has included some fascinating annotation capabilities, such as support for on-screen drawing as an overlay.

As a result of the most recent upgrade to a system app called Samsung Capture, the company is making even more enhancements to the screen recording functionality.

Despite their small nature, these additional additions to the Screen Recording tool enhance its functionality.

To begin with these modifications, the toolbar that shows in the top right corner of the screen at the time of purchase will no longer exist.


How can I enable the Screen Recorder on my Samsung device?

Making use of your Quick Settings

1. Swipe down the screen to open your Quick Settings, then press on the word Screen Recorder to begin recording.

2. Select your favorite Sound and Video quality, and then click on Done when you’re finished.

3. 1 Navigate to Settings > Advanced Features on your browser.

4. 2 Select Screenshots and Screen Recorder from the drop-down menu.

5. 3 Select Screen recorder settings from the drop-down menu.

What is the procedure for turning on-screen recording on the Samsung Galaxy M21?

Make a screen recording of your computer.

To access the Quick settings panel, swipe down from the top of the screen with two fingers from the bottom of the screen.

To begin recording, select your desired option from the drop-down menu (for example, No sound, Media sounds, or Media sounds with mic).

When the countdown is complete, your phone will begin recording whatever is displayed on the screen.

Is there a screen recording feature on the Samsung M21?

Recording the screen on the Samsung Galaxy M21 is simple.

In order to film the screen, you must use the Game Launcher program from Samsung or a third-party application, as there is currently no native mechanism built into Android (the Samsung Galaxy M21 ships with the operating system Android 10.0; One UI 2) at this time.

What is the best way to record a video on my Android phone?

To capture moving photographs or video with your Android phone, switch to video recording mode in the Camera app and hit the shutter button.

It is necessary to utilize the same symbol to switch between still and moving images.

Activating video mode causes a subtle change to the Camera app’s UI, with the Shutter icon being replaced by a Record icon.

What is the best way to make a video call on my Samsung phone?

Make a video call instead.

By pressing the phone symbol on your dialer, you can make an audio call to a specific contact.

To make a video call from the dialer, select the VIDEO CALL option at the top of the screen and press ENTER.

Once the video call has been established, you can choose from the following options: Change the camera angle.

Is it possible to FaceTime with a Samsung phone?

No, Samsung phones do not have the ability to FaceTime.

FaceTime is not available on Android devices since Apple does not make it available.

In other words, no Android-powered smartphone, including those from Samsung, is capable of supporting FaceTime.

Our Final Thoughts

I’m sure you’re all familiar with the frustrations of trying to capture a screenshot on your phone.

You know, when you want to send something from one app and it doesn’t work?

Well, Samsung has heard our prayers and is released its new “smart capture” .

It will allow users to take screenshots without having to press any buttons at all-just hover over what needs capturing and let go.

This is going to make life so much easier for those of us who are constantly dealing with this issue.

Now if only they could do something about that pesky auto-correct.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is Samsung Smart Capture, and how does it work?

Smart capture allows you to capture portions of the screen that are otherwise inaccessible.

All of the screenshots will be combined into a single image using smart capture.

You can even crop the screenshot and send it to someone else right away.

The information provided is applicable to smartphones sold in Canada that have been upgraded to Android 9.0 Pie or higher.

What is the purpose of screen capture?

It is required to use a screen capture tool in order to capture an image or video of on-screen action, as opposed to taking typical images or movies with a camera as in the past.

By utilizing the screen capture and screen recording capabilities of a screen capture application such as Snagit, you may convey more effectively than you could with only text.

What exactly does the term "capture" mean on Android?

You can either snap a picture (screenshot) or record a video of the screen on your phone.

Afterward, you can use the image or video you captured to examine, edit, and share it with other people.

It’s important to note that you’re using an older version of Android.


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