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We love to talk about everything Samsung. It is one of the world’s largest companies. We adore all their technology, both mobile to home to commercial products. Basically, all of their technology. We’re continuously on the lookout for new ideas and goods, as well as sharing our thoughts on industry product releases and trends.

Our team of analysts and technology enthusiasts cut through the hype to give you the inside scoop on what’s popular and what isn’t – if it sucks, it sucks. Even if it offends a few people, we’ll always tell it like it is!

We think that technology should be simple to grasp, embrace, and incorporate into your daily routine. SamsungTechwin.com (Techwin) is a website that provides information and advice on the newest technology goods, trends, and software.

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Trevor Eason


I am Trevor Eason

The Leader. I love Tech, and I am an entrepreneur, designer, web developer, and software engineer currently living in Dallas, TX. My interests range from technology to photography. I am also interested in entrepreneurship, gaming, and basketball. I am a lead contributor to the SamsungtechWin Reviews blog. I hope you will join me for all your Samsung and Tech Reviews and recommendations.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of writers and contributors who love to share our stories and experiences. We come from all walks of life and write about everything that matters to us. Our mission is to help others learn and grow, and we hope our writing will touch your heart and improve your life.

Khelly PerezLead Writer and Contributor

Hi, I’m Khelly! I am your tech expert for all your Samsung Products and Information needs. Life is complicated so, finding solutions to your tech problems shouldn’t be. Let me help you with that!

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Jason FranklinLead Developer

Jason Franklin is a technology and UX development expert who has been working in the field for over 10 years. He has a unique combination of skills in both programming and design, which allows him to create amazing user experiences. Jason is always exploring new technologies and pushing the envelope with his work.

Rene MulyandariRelations and Content Writer

René Mulyandari is a Relationship Manager and Writer. She loves connecting people and writing about Tech, relationships, health, and lifestyle. Her mission is to help others live their best lives. Follow her on social media for advice and inspiration!

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John HawkensPublic Relations

John Hawkens is a Custom Support and Public Relations expert. He has spent over two decades helping businesses connect with their customers and clients. He offers a unique, personal approach to customer service that sets him apart from the competition.


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