How to Reset Samsung tv Without Remote [2022] (Full-Guide)

Does your Samsung TV seem to have become stuck or frozen at a certain moment, making it impossible for you to watch your favorite shows on it?

The most effective approach for resolving this stressful situation is to restore your Samsung TV to its factory settings.

By following the steps in this common technique to reset Samsung TV, you will be able to get your TV back up and running as it was before.

This will ensure that all of the TV’s default settings are restored and that it will begin working properly immediately after.

factory reset Samsung TV
How to Reset Samsung tv Without Remote

You must also follow these steps if you want to get rid of a problem that is difficult to fix or if you want to sell anything that you have.

Prior to doing so, you should be aware that any specific settings will be lost, which is something you should consider before proceeding.

You will lose all of your recordings, tuned channels, as well as any programs that you have installed on the device throughout the process.

In order to avoid performing a hard reset without first attempting a soft reset, you must first attempt to resolve the issue using a soft reset.

If the soft reset does not yield satisfactory results, you can proceed to the hard reset.

Diagnostic Center for Samsung TVs

How to Reset Samsung TV

When your Samsung smart TV experiences a problem that can only be resolved by resetting the Samsung TV, you can access a diagnostic center through the Samsung support page on your smart TV.

This diagnostic center can assist you in resting and restoring your smart TV to its default settings.

Consequently, in addition to resetting your Samsung TV with the remote control, another viable option is to access the diagnostic center on your TV and reset the device with your Samsung TV security PIN if you have set up a PIN to prevent your Samsung TV from being used by others without your permission.

Samsung’s default reset the PIN, on the other hand, is “0000.”

After changing the Samsung TV reset PIN, the new PIN will be required in order to restore and reset your Samsung smart TV to its factory settings.

Samsung TV Reset PIN without the Use of a Remote or a PIN

It is a four-digit PIN that can be used to reset and return your Samsung smart TV to its factory or default configuration.

Samsung TVs are equipped with a default PIN that can be used to reset the television or to protect and secure the television from unauthorized users, such as parental control.

The reset PIN for a Samsung television is “0000.”

It’s the same for every Samsung Smart TV, as well.

To update the PIN on your Samsung TV, however, follow the steps outlined below.

  • Open the Samsung Smart TV Settings menu by pressing the Menu button.
  • Scroll down and select General from the drop-down menu.
  • Change the PIN by selecting “System Manager” and then clicking Change PIN.
  • Enter a four-digit PIN that is different from the default twice more.
  • You will see a success message on your TV screen indicating that you have successfully changed your Samsung TV PIN number.
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Please keep in mind that you will be needed to enter the Samsung TV PIN during the TV reset.

And now, here’s how to restore your Samsung TV to its factory settings.

When should you perform a factory reset on your Samsung smart television?

If your Samsung smart tv has stopped operating or is experiencing major problems, and none of the available remedies are resolving the Samsung smart tv problems, you will need to do a factory reset Samsung smart tv (in detail) in order to regain control of your Samsung tv.

Once you have factory reset your Samsung smart tv, it will function exactly as it did when it was first purchased, acting as if it were a brand new Samsung smart tv.

How to Perform a Factory Reset on a Samsung Smart TV without the Use of a Remote?

If you have broken your Samsung smart tv remote or if your Samsung smart tv remote is not responding, you can factory reset your Samsung smart tv by pressing the button on the Samsung smart tv’s remote control.

To factory reset your Samsung smart television, press the control buttons or the tv controller / remote control sensor buttons on the remote control.

Factory resetting your Samsung smart tv is also possible by hitting the channel up, volume up, channel down, volume down, and source symbols located on the front of your Samsung smart tv and following the on-screen instructions by pushing the arrow buttons.

How to Reset a Samsung TV with a Black Screen (with Pictures)

After a firmware update, it is typical for Samsung TVs to display a black screen, which might make it difficult to reset the smart TV due to the black screen.

However, to learn how to reset a Samsung TV with a blank screen, please see the instructions provided below.

1. Turn on your Samsung TV with a black screen by pressing the power button.

2. For 12 seconds, press and hold the “Exit” button on your keyboard.

3. During this time, the smart TV’s standby light will flash continuously for an extended length of time without interruption.

4. The option to reset or perform a factory reset will appear on the screen.

5. To clear the warning notice, select “OK” from the drop-down menu.

6. Recognizing that a TV with a black screen will not display any images.

As a result, you can reset a Samsung TV that has a black screen using this reset option.

Bonus: Instructions for removing a Samsung TV from Demo Mode without a remote control

To bring your Samsung TV out of Demo Mode, all you have to do is follow the steps outlined in the following section.

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1. Bringing up the volume adjustment on the television should be your initial order of business. You can accomplish this by either increasing (+) or decreasing the volume (-). (-).

2. During this time, you must continue to hold down the menu button for a good 15-20 seconds until the volume control appears on your screen and adjusts the sound volume accordingly.

3. It is at this time that you should see the words “Standard Mode” appear on your screen.

4. Performing this simple action will enable you to convert your television from demo mode to standard mode. Even if it doesn’t work the first time and Demo Mode appears on your screen, simply repeat the process to push it into Standard Mode.

5. In most cases, using the volume button should be sufficient to switch your TV from Demo Mode to Home Mode, and you shouldn’t even be required to utilize the menu button to accomplish this.

With the use of the remote control, you can get the Samsung TV out of Demo Mode.

Occasionally, the procedure used to unlock your television from demo mode may not be effective in all circumstances.

For recent Samsung models, this may be the case; however, because Samsung has a large number of distinct models, it is difficult to provide advice for all of them. But, in any case, there are undoubtedly instances in which this does not resolve the issue.

If you find yourself in this situation, you will require the remote control for your television. If you already have it, it will be much easier for you to resolve the situation if you use it.

Method No. 1

If you have a remote control for your device, you may quickly pull up the Tools menu on your television if you have one.

If you look in the tools menu, you should be able to find the option to turn Demo Mode off on your television. It goes without saying that selecting this issue will solve your problem.

Some excellent advice I received, which may be applicable in this situation, was that if you don’t have a remote control for your television, you could connect a Bluetooth keyboard to the television and control it that way.

This could be a solution to the problem without the need to purchase a new remote control for yourself.

Method No. 2

Another potential remedy to the problem that may work for other Samsung TV models is to adjust the settings on your device’s general settings menu.

Obviously, you’ll want to start by heading into the General Settings section of the settings menu.

Within this menu, you will be able to access the television’s System Manager, where you will discover the Usage Mode option.

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Using this feature, you can transition from the program’s current Demo Mode to the consumer mode that you require.

This is yet another repair that will work on a variety of Samsung television models. As a result, everything will be determined by the model you have.

What exactly is Demo Mode on your television?

A television in demo mode, also known as a retail model in some circles, is essentially merely a mode that can be used when the television is available for purchase in a retail store.

There is a possibility that your television will arrive at you in retail condition, particularly if you are looking to purchase a model that has already been used in the store.

As previously displayed models may often be purchased at a lower price, this is a good option that could save you money in the long run.

Instead, we’ll need to put your TV into Home Mode in order to fix the problem.

– Home Mode, as the name suggests, is intended to be utilized by the customer when the television is installed in the customer’s own residence.

But, in any case, Demo Mode is only intended to be used in the store by individuals who are selling televisions. However, it’s easy to understand how easily you could get into Demo Mode, and it’s also obvious to see how simply you could get out of it.

Our Final Thoughts: Reset Samsung TV

Overall, if you’re experiencing difficulties with your Samsung TV and you’re stuck, there’s nothing to be too concerned about.

There is a simple solution to this problem, regardless of whether you have the remote control for your television.

So, no matter what situation you find yourself in, you can effortlessly reset your Samsung television.

Frequently Ask Questions

After I reset my Samsung smart television, what happens?

It will erase all data (apps, user data, and so on), and your television will be as good as a new Samsung smart television purchased from a showroom with nothing put on it.

To execute a factory reset, do you need a four-digit password?

Samsung smart televisions require you to input your four-digit pin in order to do a factory reset. If you haven’t set a pin, the default value will be 0000; enter your four-digit pin in order to reset Samsung smart televisions.

Is it possible to reset a Samsung smart TV without using the remote?

Yes! You may reset your Samsung smart tv without using remote control by pressing the control buttons on the front or back of your television, depending on your television type.

What is the best way to reset my Samsung Smart TV?

On your remote, select Source->General->Reset->Enter Pin-> on the screen that appears.

To execute a factory reset, press the OK button.

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