[Solved!] How To Change Text Message Font Size on Samsung?

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How To Change Text Message Font Size on Samsung? Your Android device provides you with a remarkable amount of customization options, and I’m not just referring to ringtones and background images, either.

You have the ability to change the font size used in menus, web searches, and while composing an email or text message. This is particularly useful if you find the text on your device to be too small to read on a regular basis.

A few seconds should be enough time to adjust the font size on your Android phone or tablet.

Here’s how you go about it.

How To Change Text Message Font Size on Samsung?
How To Change Text Message Font Size on Samsung?

The Effect of Font Size on Your Phone

Minimum density settings

Whether you, like me, prefer things to be a little easier to read, or you simply prefer everything to fit on one screen so that you don’t have to scroll as much, here’s how to make things fit better on the screen of your Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Because the bigger your screen is, the more screen zoom and text size can affect your experience.

VIDEO: How to change text message font size on Android phone?

how to change text message font size on Android phone

For example, the Galaxy S9+ or the Note 8 have larger screens.

To begin, let’s talk about what these settings are and how they affect your phone before getting into how you can change them.

Changing the text size on your phone allows you to fit fewer or more words on your phone’s screen at the same time depending on the size of the text that is displayed.

However, not all text can be resized using the Text size feature; however, we have another tool to assist you in this situation.

Here are the example pictures if your font size is not okay.

Minimum density Inbox

Screen magnification

It enables you to resize everything on your screen, from icons to menus to touch targets.

As a result, if you have difficulty seeing small elements on your screen or tapping small touch targets on your screen, screen zoom can significantly improve the usability of your phone.

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You can effectively adjust the screen density to your liking by combining these features, regardless of whether you require everything to be larger or smaller in size.

Steps in Changing Font Size of Samsung S9

Method 1: In Settings, how do I change the font size and screen zoom?

1. Go to the Settings menu.


2. The display should be selected.

3. Font and screen zoom can be accessed by tapping the Font and Screen Zoom buttons.

samsung s9 screen zoom 3img 61d3b8622cfb1 2022 01 4

4. Slide the top slider left or right to adjust screen zoom.

The preview window above the sliders will change to show what the changes will look like once they are applied.

5. Slide the bottom slider left or right to change the size of the text.

Two sliders

The preview window above the sliders will change to show what the changes will look like once they are applied.

6. Swipe the preview window left and right to see both preview pages and how the changes will appear in Settings and Samsung Messages before applying them.

Two previews

7. Tap Apply to save your changes and have them applied to the entire system.


After you’ve made these changes, the screen may go black for a moment while they take effect, and you’ll be taken back to the Display settings page.

While you’re there, go two settings below Font and screen zoom and change the screen resolution to the highest setting.

If you’ve chosen smaller font size, the higher resolution will make the text more legible.

If you’ve set a higher screen zoom or font size, the higher resolution will help keep things running smoothly.

As you explore your new screen settings, you will quickly discover that they have no meaning in one place: the Samsung Experience Home launcher.

That’s right, even if you use the highest screen zoom and the largest font size, the labels on the home screen will remain tiny and the app icons will remain the same size.

You’ll need a different launcher, such as Nova Launcher if you want it to change with your font size settings.

The Chrome browser is another place where the text does not change based on system settings. Because the system font size only applies to the address bar by default, Chrome has its own text scaling setting inside the app that you’ll want to adjust.

How to Change the Font Size in Chrome

Launch Chrome.1. On the right edge of the address bar, tap the three-dot menu icon.  


2.Select Settings.


3. Select Accessibility.


4. Drag the text scaling slider to the left or right until the size of the preview text below is correct.  


5. When you visit most websites now, the text will adjust to your preferences. 

The text does not scale in Chrome when using Google Search, but it does scale on other sites such as Google Support. 

Some of the text on Wikipedia is scaled, but not all of it, resulting in some paragraphs having a larger font than others. 

With the Text scaling feature enabled on Android Central’s mobile site, all text scales properly.  

How to Change Text Message Font Size on A20

Top 6 Samsung Text Messaging Settings That You Should Know
How to Change Text Message Font Size on Samsung A20

Although the default text message font on the Samsung A20 is somewhat relaxed, the default settings are not for everyone.

In that case, in today’s Techrul guide, I’ll show you how to change the font size of text messages on the Samsung A20.

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The default font size on the Samsung A20 is somewhat small, which can slow reading for those with vision issues.

Changing the font size and style to your liking, on the other hand, will improve readability.

Unfortunately, not all Samsung devices allow users to change the default font size; however, the Samsung Galaxy A20 has an impressive range.

The Samsung A20 not only lets you change the size of your phone’s system, but it also lets you completely replace it with the font of your choice.

So, if you want to change the font size of the messages on the Samsung Galaxy A20, you’re out of luck.

This will explain the best way to change the default font settings on the Galaxy A20.

How to Change the Font Size of Text Messages on a Samsung A20

It takes two steps to change the font size on your Samsung Galaxy A20.

The first method is to open the messaging app and select it with two fingers, and the text will become bold, whereas the second method is to go to the settings tab. Here’s how to do it:

If the difficulty of reading SMS is a concern, then consider the following steps to enlarge:

  • On your Samsung A20, launch the SMS app.
  • Place two fingers on the screen of the Samsung Galaxy A20.
  • and set them aside to enlarge the font
  • or group them together to reduce font size

You have now successfully changed the SMS font size on the Samsung Galaxy A20.

However, if you later realize that all of the fonts on your Samsung Galaxy A20 is not the most appropriate size, you must adjust the font size in the device’s general settings.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Navigate to the settings menu on your Samsung A20.
  • Select General.
  • Select the Viewing tab.
  • Following that, consider font size and style.
  • You will see a window to adjust the size, allowing you to reduce or increase the font size of the entire phone.
  • Tap Police to change the font style.
  • You’ll notice some standard fonts. If you don’t like the default fonts, you can download new ones.
  • Finally, on your Samsung A20, use the slider to change the general font size.

Alternatively, SMS personalization is available in many third-party messaging apps for the theme, color, size, or style.

So, if you don’t want to deal with the built-in settings, you can download any third-party app and customize it to your liking.

Change Text Message Font Size in general Android Device

I’m not just talking about ringtones and background images when I say your Android device allows for an impressive amount of customization.

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You can change the font size used in menus, web searches, and when writing an email or text. This is useful if you frequently find the text on your device to be too small to read.

Changing the font size on your Android device should only take a few seconds.

Here’s how to go about it.

1. Select Apps from the home screen or swipe up to access your apps.

Android Font Size 1

2. Select “Font Size.” This option may be hidden in a “Vision” menu depending on your device.

3. A slider will appear, allowing you to adjust the font size. Drag the slider to the right as far as you like — the further right it goes, the larger your text will become.

4. Press the “Done” button to save your changes.

Android Font Size 2

You can also change the zoom level on your device, which will make everything on the screen larger.

1. Reopen the Settings app and select “Accessibility.”

2. Select “Display Size.”

3. You’ll see another slider. Slide it to the right to increase the zoom and make the icons and text larger.

Our Final Thoughts: Change Text Message Font Size on Samsung?

I use the smallest screen zoom, but I do use a larger font so that my eye strain does not appear later and later in the day.

Is it possible for let to fit on my screen?

Sure, but I can read it more easily and quickly in a larger font.

Would you like a larger font?

Do you use screen zoom to avoid accidentally pressing the wrong button because some apps and web pages appear to place every action next to each other?

Do you have eagle eyes and can use the screen with the smallest font? Tell us in the comments section.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I adjust the font size in my Galaxy S21 messages?

Drag the slider left or right to alter the font size. To make the font appear bolder, tap the toggle next to Bold font. To switch to a different font or download one, tap Font style.

Why is the font so large in my text messages?

Open the Settings app on your device to change the font size. Tap Font size after selecting Accessibility. To select your font size, move the slider.

How do I change the font in my Android text messages?

Launch Settings. Toggle Display. Zoom the screen and tap Font. After choosing a font style, you’re done.




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