Samsung Galaxy a20 Review [2023]? (Detailed Review Today!)

We bought the Samsung Galaxy A20 so that we could put it through the test.

Continue reading for our complete product review.

Samsung’s high-end premium phones are eye-catching, but the company also produces a variety of budget-conscious phones that can do the job for a lot less money.

The Galaxy A20 is one of the most affordable options.

The Galaxy A20, which was released in 2019 is a good alternative if you use prepaid carriers.

It may be a phone that is not as impressive as Samsung’s other top-of-the-line devices with its speed or feature set. However, it is a good option for its value and performance.

For its low price, it’s a good all-around phone and a smart choice.

Galaxy A20 review | Tom's Guide
Samsung Galaxy a20 Review

Quick View of Samsung Galaxy a20 Review

Model Samsung Galaxy a20
Display6.4-inch AMOLED display with 7201560 HD+ pixels and an Infinity-V cutout
ProcessorExynos 7884 SoC with 1.6 GHz octa-core
Ram3 GB
Internal storage capacityThe capacity of 32GB, with a dedicated card slot (expandable up to 512GB)
SoftwareOne UI software based on Android 9 Pie
Back Camera8MP (F/2.0) front-facing camera
 fingerprint sensor Yes, a fingerprint sensor is installed on the back of the device.
Battery4000mAh battery with fast charging
Quick View of Samsung Galaxy a20

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Unboxing of the Samsung Galaxy A20

The following items are included in the Samsung Galaxy A20 box:

  • Handset
  • The fast charger that adapts to your needs
  • Type-C USB cable
  • SIM ejector software
  • Standard earphones
  • Other documentation and the user manual

Detailed Review of Samsung Galaxy A20  

Price and availability of the Samsung Galaxy A20

We tested a Metro-branded Galaxy A20 from T-Mobile, which once sold the phone for $239.

T-Mobile previously sold the Galaxy A20 for $250.

Boost Mobile also sold Samsung’s low-cost phone.

The phone has been replaced by the more recent Galaxy A21.

The A20 is only available in one configuration: 32GB of onboard storage and 3GB of RAM.

With a microSD card, you can expand storage to 512GB.

Sleek Design but Prone to Catching

The Galaxy A20 is sleek and slim, but it’s mostly made of plastic, which is understandable.

That’s standard for low-cost phones, but the glossy backing plate on this one is more prone to scratches than any other phone I’ve recently tested, amassing a number of visible blemishes in just a week of regular use.

You probably won’t mind if it gets scuffed because it’s a low-cost phone, but it’s still annoying.

In the fast-paced mobile space, Samsung’s budget phone shows its age by having a water drop-style notch at the top of the screen, given that many phones (including the newer Galaxy A21) now opt for a punch-hole camera cutout instead.

There’s also a lot of “chin” bezels beneath the screen, which is common for low-cost phones.

The screen still occupies the majority of the phone’s front.

The fingerprint sensor, which is solidly responsive, is located above the subtle Samsung logo on the back, and the small camera module is located in the upper left corner.

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Aside from the thin-feeling plastic backing, the Galaxy A20 feels solidly durable—but, like most phones in this price range, it lacks water resistance certification.

There is, however, a 3.5mm headphone jack near the USB-C charging port on the bottom, and the 32GB internal storage can be expanded with a microSD card up to 512GB in size.

Samsung Galaxy A20
Samsung Galaxy a20 Review [2023]? (Detailed Review Today!)


Samsung uses an unusual nomenclature for its Exynos chips.

The Exynos 7904 (Galaxy M20, M30, A30) is actually weaker than the Galaxy 7885, but it outperforms the Exynos 7884 in the Galaxy A20.

There is a dedicated card slot for adding additional microSD storage.

Samsung Galaxy A20 review with pro and cons india 3img 61d3b393afb30 2022 01 4
Samsung Galaxy a20 Review [2023]? (Detailed Review Today!)

To cut a long story short, the Galaxy A20 is designed primarily for novice users.

The performance isn’t fast, but we didn’t notice any stutters during normal use.

Casual games are playable, but hardcore games do not run smoothly.

The software, on the other hand, is a significant asset.

Samsung’s new One UI is sublime and easy to navigate or adapt to.

We like the redesign and the cool animations, and the UI is very well optimized.

The Galaxy A20, like all recent Samsung phones, supports HD streaming on Amazon Prime and Netflix.

The fingerprint sensor can detect and reference your fingers extremely quickly, but it takes an additional second (or fraction of a second) for the screen to wake up.

Face unlock is quick but not lightning fast.

In terms of call quality, we had no problems calling.

Although dual 4G VoLTE is supported, the Galaxy A20 does not support dual-band Wi-Fi.

Samsung Galaxy A20 review with pro and cons india 4img 61d3b39460fc3 2022 01 4
Samsung Galaxy a20 Review [2023]? (Detailed Review Today!)

Display Quality: Good, but a little fuzzy

The large 6.4-inch screen here is adequate but unremarkable.

It has a 720p display, and I found the text and graphics to be fuzzier and less smooth-looking than on the newer OnePlus Nord N100, which also has a 720p screen.

On the plus side, the AMOLED panel produces more vibrant colors and deeper black levels than the Nord’s LCD, but the screen is slightly dim, making it difficult to make the most of it.

In other words, it’s not particularly sharp or bright, but it’s adequate for streaming media, gaming, and other common smartphone tasks.

Galaxy A20 Back
Samsung Galaxy a20 Review [2023]? (Detailed Review Today!)


It aims to provide a consistent level of performance when combined with a Mali-G71 GPU, with a clear emphasis on reliability.

Because these are only mid-range specs, the A20e should be able to handle everyday tasks but struggle with anything more complex.

After using it for a long time, it would be a slight exaggeration to say it succeeds in this area.

While it can easily handle web browsing, streaming video, and texting, problems arise when you try to use it as a true pocket computer.

With only 2GB of RAM, it suffers slightly from a lack of hardware-software synergy seen on Google and Apple devices.

The device does lag from time to time, even when switching between apps and launching apps.

Anything other than the most fundamental games is out of the question.

This will take some getting used to if you’re used to a super-fast high-end device.

The benchmarks below help to demonstrate its performance slowdown when dealing with complex processes.

It performs similarly to the Galaxy A10, another low-cost Samsung phone, but falls short of some of the best at this price.

Cameras on the Samsung Galaxy A20

Galaxy A20 Camera
Samsung Galaxy a20 Review [2023]? (Detailed Review Today!)

The camera interface on the phone is fairly simple.

You can switch between standard, panorama, live focus (bokeh), and video modes by swiping.

There is also a pro mode that allows you to fine-tune white balance, ISO, and shutter speed.

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When it comes to image quality, the standard sensor captures more detail than the wide-angle sensor.

The latter has noticeable barrel distortion as well.

The wide-lens, on the other hand, perform better in terms of color reproduction.

20190615 181027img 61d3b3a66de22 2022 01 4
Samsung Galaxy a20 Review [2023]? (Detailed Review Today!)

The standard 13 MP camera produces images with a cold blue tone and washed-out colors.

The 5 MP wide lens, on the other hand, has a natural warm tone and a much higher dynamic range.

The images are suitable for sharing on WhatsApp and Facebook.

However, if you look at these images on a computer, you will be surprised by the amount of visual noise around the edges.

The cameras on the Galaxy A20 do not have a night mode.

It’s not surprising that the artifacts and pastel color effect ruin the low-light shots.

The Galaxy A20 shoots Full HD videos at 30 frames per second.

The videos appear jittery due to the lack of a stabilization system.

The front-facing camera on the device is 8 MP.

This fixed focus module now includes both a regular and a wide mode from Samsung.

In reality, it is simply achieved by varying the zoom levels.

The beauty mode on the camera adds enough fuzziness to your face to make you look good.

  • Battery Life of the Samsung Galaxy A20

The Galaxy A20 has a 4000mAh battery that supports fast charging.

The battery life is excellent, and we could easily last more than a day on most days.

A quick charger is included in the box.

In case you didn’t know, Samsung is a little hesitant when it comes to fast charging on phones.

Even for flagships like the Galaxy Note 9 and Galaxy S10, its Adaptive Fast Charging maxes out at 15W.

So, while the fast charging is only moderately fast, it still counts as a benefit at this price point.

The battery charges to 35% in 30 minutes and takes less than two hours to fully charge.

Galaxy A20 Battery
Samsung Galaxy a20 Review [2023]? (Detailed Review Today!)

The Process of Setting Up

The Galaxy A20 installs and configures in the same way that any other standard modern Android smartphone does.

Simply press and hold the power button on the right side of the frame to turn it on, and then follow the on-screen prompts to completion.

You’ll need an internet connection (via your cellular SIM card or a Wi-Fi network), as well as a Google account.

You must also read and accept the terms and conditions, as well as choose a few basic settings along the way.

  • The performance is sluggish.

The Galaxy A20 is powered by Samsung’s own lower-end Exynos 7884 processor, and it comes with only 3GB of RAM, so it’s no surprise that this low-cost phone is slow to use.

Phones this cheap simply don’t have much processing power to work with, and the A20 is nearly two years old.

Galaxy A20 Display
Samsung Galaxy a20 Review [2023]? (Detailed Review Today!)

Using the interface and loading apps is fraught with pauses and hitches, and while I was eventually able to do everything I expected from a smartphone, it was never particularly smooth or responsive. It is, however, usable.

Benchmark Testing

Benchmark testing confirms the slow performance: In PCMark’s Work 2.0 benchmark test, the OnePlus Nord N100 and its Qualcomm Snapdragon 460 chip scored 5,311 points, which is about 10%.

In side-by-side testing, however, some apps appeared faster on the Galaxy A20 than on the Nord N100, and basic functionality felt similar on both.

Nonetheless, the Galaxy A20’s score is less than half that of today’s top-tier Android devices, so don’t expect a smooth ride.

Because of its underpowered processor and GPU, the Galaxy A20 is also not a good choice for mobile gaming.

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Asphalt 9: Legend is a boisterous 3D racer that is playable but choppy, pausing or slowing down to single-digit frame rates at times.

Simpler, less graphically intensive games will work fine, but anything flashier will undoubtedly suffer.

Surprisingly, scores of 10 frames per second in GFXBench’s Car Chase demo and 41fps in the T-Rex demo marginally outperform the Nord.

  • Connectivity: Outstanding LTE performance.

Given the phone’s age and price, it’s understandable that it only supports 4G LTE connections rather than faster 5G.

Despite this, the phone achieved the fastest download speed I’ve ever seen on Verizon’s LTE network during testing: 113Mbps.

A Galaxy A20 that has been unlocked can be used with any of the major US carriers, but carrier-specific models are also available.

The sound quality is unremarkable.

The audio on the Samsung Galaxy A20 isn’t particularly good.

It has a single mono speaker on the bottom that can get loud but sounds confined and flat.

The OnePlus Nord N100, for example, delivers stereo sound through the earpiece above the screen, whereas the Galaxy A20 does not.

It’s fine for watching videos and using the speakerphone, but if you want to listen to music from your phone, you’ll need to connect to an external speaker or use headphones.

Some Customer’s Review

Person 1: I’m pleased with my new phone, especially the improved camera.

The only thing I don’t like or can’t figure out how to change is that if I’m doing something else on my phone and get a phone call, it won’t let me answer.

Person 2: This phone was purchased for my father-in-law. He enjoys it and finds it simple to use.

The Samsung representative at the store showed us how to switch to easy mode, which makes the screen much easier to see.

Person 3: I bought this phone for an elderly family member.

It didn’t need all the bells and whistles because it was primarily used as a phone and music player.

I expected the learning curve to be longer because they were switching from an older device, but they had the function down pat within a couple of days.

Final Verdict

In terms of specifications, the Galaxy A20 falls short of the Realme 3 Pro and Redmi Note 7 that compete in this price range.

Having said that, if consumers were to test the three phones in a closed room with no knowledge of their specifications, many would prefer the Galaxy A20.

This is due to the strong impression it makes.

The design is fantastic, the phone is compact and convenient, the One UI software is extremely appealing, and the AMOLED display is stunning.

At the same time, the choice of chipset and performance configuration limits the phone to very basic users, particularly if the Galaxy A20 is considered in 2020.

AMOLED display with a premium designThe camera performance is mediocre.
Card Slot DedicatedDisplay resolution is low.
Excellent battery backup and charging speed 
charging speed is good 

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 Frequently Ask Questions

Is the Samsung A20 a good smartphone?

The Galaxy A20 can’t compete with a more polished budget phone like the Moto G7 Power, but it’s a viable option.

If you want to save money on your next smartphone and don’t mind performance lags, the A20’s battery life and camera make it a good budget buy.

What makes the Samsung A20 unique?

The phone has a 6.40-inch touchscreen display with a 720×1560 pixel resolution.

It includes 3GB of RAM.

The fingerprint sensor is one of the phone’s sensors.

What is the age of the Samsung Galaxy A20 phone?

Samsung Electronics created the Samsung Galaxy A20, an Android smartphone.

It was released in April of this year. It is powered by Android 9 (Pie) with One UI, has 32GB of internal storage, and a 4000 mAh battery with 15W fast charging.

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