What is Samsung Washer Error Code 3e? [Detailed Answer]

What is Samsung washer error code 3e? I’m sure you have all been there – your Samsung washer just won’t start.

You try to troubleshoot it, but the error code is just a jumble of letters and numbers that make no sense.

Today, I am going to walk you through how to fix Samsung washer error code 3e.

This frustrating problem can seem impossible to solve, but with a little patience and elbow grease, you will be able to get your machine running like new again in no time!

Keep reading for more information.

What is Samsung Washer Error Code 3e?
What is Samsung Washer Error Code 3e?

Troubleshooting: Issues on Samsung 3e error

Overloaded motorReduce the amount of laundry in the washer.
Loose or disconnected wire harnessTighten or reconnect the wire harness.
Faulty motor control boardReplace the motor control board.
Foreign object in the motorRemove the foreign object from the motor.
Damaged motorReplace the motor.

What is the meaning of Samsung washer error code 3e?

In some cases, the 3E error may appear if you have too few clothes in your closet. This code indicates that the drum has become jammed as a result of foreign objects becoming lodged between the tank and the drum.

It is not possible to overcome jamming because the engine lacks sufficient power. The 3E error can be caused by a completely burned out tacho sensor or by a break in the connection to it.
What is the meaning of Samsung washer error code 3e?
What is the meaning of Samsung washer error code 3e?

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How to Fix Error Code 3e on Samsung Washing Machine? [Quick-Answer]

If you own a Samsung washing machine, you are well aware of how energy-efficient it can be when properly maintained. While on the other hand, even the most reliable washing machines can experience malfunctions every now and then.

3e error in Samsung washing machine

In some cases, you may notice a Samsung Washer 3E error code on your screen. In the event that your Samsung washing machine displays the 3E error code, what could be the source of the problem?

What should you do in order to repair it? Keep in mind that there are a number of important points to consider.

How does the Samsung washer, which does not have a display screen, indicate that it has encountered the 3E error?

Keep an eye out for the burning lights. If they are between 60 and 40 degrees Celsius, the machine is attempting to inform the user of the 3E code. When the washing cycle is in progress and the drum is spinning, this will happen to the washer.

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  1. The majority of the time, the loose wiring connection is the cause of the 3E code to appear. Alternatively, the wire is not properly connected or is defective.
  2. Loading the washing machine with less or more laundry than the specified amount in a single washing cycle.
  3. A buildup of unwanted particles has formed between the tank and the drum.
  4. A short-term defect in the control module has been identified.
  5. There is a problem with the hall sensor.
  6. There is a problem with the vibration sensor.
  7. The drive belt’s power is insufficient.
  8. Because of worn-out brushes and broken windings, the engine produces insufficient power.
  9. When the magnetic ring or the motor shaft becomes oxidized, the sensor may display an incorrect signal, indicating that there is a problem.
  10. In addition, if there are any unwanted particles stuck between the magnetic ring and the motor shaft, the machine may produce the same false signal as described above.

What Should I Do If My Washer Is Giving Me a 3E Error?

Several steps should be followed if you are wondering how to resolve the 3e Samsung error code on your washing machine. These are some examples:

1. Unplug the Samsung washer if you receive an error code 3E.

First and foremost, you must unplug the washing machine. Sometimes all that is needed is a simple electronic glitch to develop as a result of a network connection issue. Unplug the washing machine and leave it unplugged for approximately two to three minutes after you have finished washing.

You can reset all of the electronic systems and flush the air out if you suspect that there is a communication problem, an electronic glitch, or something wrong with the control panel. Try to leave it unplugged for at least that amount of time to allow the capacitors to discharge. You will know that you have completely reset the control boards if you receive an error code 3e in this manner.

2. Empty the Samsung Washer of all of its contents.

Remove all of the items from the drum of the washing machine after it has been unplugged. If there is anything in the washing machine that needs to be removed, it must be done so. It’s possible that one of these items is the source of the error code you’re receiving.

The removal of these obstructions may be necessary in order to clear any jam that may be present. Although you may not be able to see anything small that has exited the washing machine drum, you should remove everything else from the machine just in case.

3. Verify the Hall Sensor’s operation with a 3E Code

If you are still receiving the error code, you should investigate the hall sensor further. This can be found on the back of the washing machine under the water level indicator. It keeps track of the direction and speed of the drum in the washing machine.

It’s possible that the sensor is out of range for some reason. Alternatively, it could be due to a faulty wiring connection. Despite the fact that you may not have known exactly what you were looking at, you should be able to tell if something is obviously degraded or broken down.

Looking through the manual, you may be able to determine the overall quality of the hall sensor in question. If you do that, you might be able to determine whether or not the sensor needs to be replaced.

4. Using a 3E Code, check the wire connections for proper connections.

Finally, you may want to take a look at the wire connections to make sure everything is working properly. When there is a problem with the connection, this error code is more likely to appear. Please take a closer look at the wire harness that is mounted to the motor. It is possible that you will need to remove the back access panel in order to inspect the connections for the motor.

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A serious problem exists if you notice that the connections on your computer have melted or become burnt. They can become worn out as a result of stress or friction on occasion. Depending on your needs, you may also want to check the connections on the control board. Check to see that the connections are secure. This could be a problem if the wires are pinched together.

5. Drum Spider Arm with a crack in it

In the case of Samsung washers, the spider is the component that provides support for the drum. What it is:

This component can be found towards the back of the machine, on the left side. It is composed of a number of arms that are bolted directly to the washer drum. During a washing cycle, the spider’s job is to support the drum and keep it stable as it spins back and forth.

As a result, the drum can spin safely and smoothly even at high speeds without causing damage.

To be honest, however, the spider is not always constructed of the most durable materials. The use of this part on a regular basis and over time may cause it to become problematic.

How it fails: As previously stated, the spider found in many washing machines is not made of materials that are very long-lasting.

The spider on your Samsung washer may deteriorate very quickly over time, especially if it has been exposed to moisture and detergent for an extended period of time.When the metal that was used to construct that spider becomes brittle, cracks will begin to form, and one or more of its arms may snap.

The motor will have a difficult time spinning the drum if it does not have the stability and support provided by the spider.

It is possible that the motor will draw excessive electrical current in order to effectively spin the drum, resulting in the appearance of the 3E error code.

6. Drum Bearings That Have Seen Better Days

In short, bearings are critical components of any washing machine, including your Samsung washer, and should not be overlooked. When it comes to washing machines, they are extremely important because they allow the washer drum to rotate smoothly and safely, even when operating at high speeds.

Furthermore, high-quality bearings allow for fast rotation with minimal noise, even during the spin cycle, thanks to their precision design. These bearings are typically found at the back of the machine. They are made of steel.

Whilst washing machine bearings can be manufactured in a variety of configurations, they are most commonly found as steel balls encased in metal rings. The washer drum rotates more smoothly as a result of the use of the balls.

Here’s why it doesn’t work: Keep in mind that whenever the washer drum is moving, the bearings are also moving.

As a result, they endure a great deal of wear and tear, perhaps even more so than the majority of other components in the machine.

As a result of the wear and tear, they lose their ability to turn as smoothly as they once could.

Washer bearings will gradually degrade over time. The initial rotation might be more difficult for them, necessitating the use of more motor force to get them to turn at all.

Over time, their condition may deteriorate to the point where it is nearly impossible for them to turn at all.In an attempt to overcome this, the motor will continue to draw an increasing amount of electrical current from the power source.

However, at some point, the motor’s load may become too much for it, resulting in the appearance of the 3E error code.

Other Error Codes You Should Know

1E and E7 are Samsung washer error codes.

These error codes indicate that the water level sensor is malfunctioning. Locate the pressure hose system and inspect it for any signs of blockages, splits, or general wear and tear to resolve the underlying issue that is causing the code.

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If no damage is found, the manufacturer recommends replacing the pressure sensor. If you find any damage to the pressure hose system, try to repair it. Replace the sensor if that doesn’t work.

3E, EA, and EB are Samsung washer error codes.

These error codes indicate a motor problem. To clear these codes, look for an open or short circuit in the motor’s wiring. Also, check to see if any connections have come loose and tighten them.

3E1 is the Samsung washer error code.

This code indicates that the motor is overloaded. Make sure your washer isn’t overloaded with laundry to solve this issue. If that isn’t the case, make sure the hall sensor terminal is properly connected. If that also appears to be in order, you may have a printed circuit board (PCB) fault that requires repair by a qualified technician.

3E2 is the Samsung washer error code.

This code indicates a problem with the motor’s driving. To resolve this issue, you must replace the motor PCB.

3 samsung e3 error

This code indicates that there is a problem with the quiet-drive motor. This is caused by a faulty motor hall sensor or PCB connection. It can also happen if the cover on the quiet-drive motor isn’t properly secured. Examine each of these components and, if necessary, repair or replace them.

3E4 samsung washer 3e code

This code indicates a problem with the quiet-drive motor caused by a disconnected PCB housing terminal, a faulty PCB, or another fault within the quiet-drive motor. Examine each of these components and repair or replace any that are defective.

4E and E1 are Samsung washer error codes.

Both of these error codes indicate a problem with the water supply. Check the water pressure and make sure the water supply is turned on to solve the underlying issue. Also, make certain that the water hoses are not obstructed from supplying water to the washer. If those components are satisfactory, inspect the water inlet valve. Replace it if it is faulty.

4E1 and 4ED are Samsung washer error codes.

These codes indicate that the water temperature is incorrect. To resolve the issue, ensure that the water hoses are connected to the correct taps.

4E2 is the Samsung washer error code.

This code indicates that the water temperature is too high for the chosen wash cycle. To resolve the issue, ensure that the water hoses are connected to the correct taps.

5E and E2 are Samsung washer error codes.

These codes denote a drainage problem. To resolve the issue, ensure that the drain pump filter is not clogged and that the drain hose is not kinked or blocked.

6E is one of the Samsung washer error codes.

The 6E error code indicates a problem with the water heater. To resolve the issue, use a multimeter to ensure the water heater has continuity. Replace it if necessary.

8E is the Samsung washer error code.

An overcurrent error is indicated by this code. To resolve the issue, turn off your washer for 30 seconds before turning it back on. If that fails, the inverter motor windings must be inspected.

Conclusion on Samsung Washer Error Code

  • Check carbon brushes on a regular basis if they are present in the machine.
  • Maintain the motor capacitor’s condition.
  • Check that the motor tacho is working properly.
  • Check for proper connections.
  • Examine the main control module.

Frequently Ask Questions Samsung Washer Error Code

What does the 3E error code mean on a Samsung washer?The samsung washer code 3e means that there is a problem with the washer’s motor. This could be caused by a number of things, including an overloaded motor, a loose or disconnected wire harness, a faulty motor control board, a foreign object in the motor, or a damaged motor.
How do I fix the 3e error samsung washer?There are a few things you can try to fix the samsung washing machine error 3e. First, check to make sure that the washer’s door is closed properly. If it is, try cleaning the lint trap and filter. If that doesn’t work, you can try running a diagnostic cycle on the washer. If all of those things don’t work, you may need to replace the washer’s motor or motor control board.
Is it safe to use my Samsung washer if I am getting the 3E error code?It is not safe to use your Samsung washer if you are getting the 3e samsung washing machine. The washer may not be able to properly clean your laundry, and there is a risk of the washer malfunctioning and causing damage. If you are getting the 3e error samsung code, it is best to stop using the washer and contact a qualified technician for repairs.

What exactly is the 3E1 error in Samsung?

3E1: If you put too much laundry in the drum, you may see this error, which indicates that the motor is overloaded. In this case, you must reduce the load. A disconnect from the motor hall sensor or a fault with the main control board can also cause it.

How do you repair a Samsung washing machine error code?

The UR error code is occasionally caused by a fault with the electronic controller, which has incorrectly identified an unbalanced load error when there is none. Resetting the washer by unplugging it for 10 minutes should resolve the problem.

How do I clear the error code on my Samsung washing machine?

Instead, you could power cycle it: Unplug it (or turn off the power at the circuit breaker), wait for the electrical charge to clear out of the washer (usually 1 to 5 minutes), and then turn it back on. This is the closest you can get to a washer “reset.”


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