How to Screen Record on Samsung s8? (Easy Guide)

Day by day, the open-source Android operating system, which is the most well-known name in the world of smartphones, continues to pique the interest of technology enthusiasts around the world.

It is simple and straightforward to record videos on the Samsung S8’s screen.

To begin, you must first navigate to the Google Play Store app store, and then you must download an additional app in order to record videos on the Samsung S8’s screen.

Visit the Google Play Store and search for a screen video recorder or screen video capture to find the app that best suits your needs and then install it on your device.

This application is completely free to use and allows you to record video in Full HD resolution without any time restrictions.

Continue reading if you want to learn how to screen record on the Samsung Galaxy S8.

How to Screen Record on Samsung S8
How to screen record on samsung galaxy s8?

Troubleshooting: Issues on How to do screen record on Samsung S8?

The screen recording button is not there.Make sure that you are using the latest version of the Samsung S8 software. If you are using the latest version of the software and the screen recording button is still not there, you may need to enable it in the settings. To do this, go to Settings > Advanced features > Screen recorder and make sure that the Screen recorder switch is turned on.
The screen recording is choppy or laggy.Make sure that you have a strong internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, try moving closer to your router. If you are using cellular data, try switching to a different network. You can also try reducing the resolution or frame rate of the screen recording.
The audio is not recording.Make sure that the Audio switch is turned on in the screen recorder settings. You can also try recording the screen recording in a different app.
The screen recording is not saving.Make sure that you have enough storage space on your phone. You can also try clearing the cache and data of the screen recorder app.
The screen recording is not working.Try restarting your phone. If that does not work, you may need to reset your phone to factory settings.

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How to record a screen on any Samsung smartphone?

Even if you have a Samsung phone, there is no reason to be envious because every Android phone comes equipped with a screen recorder.

You can use it to record video from nearly any app — though some apps, such as Netflix, will simply display a black screen — and then share or edit the videos later on your computer.

Method 1: Here’s how to record the screen on any Samsung smartphone.

1- The first step is to devise a strategy.

First and foremost, we’ll double-check that the screen recording icon is present in our Samsung Galaxy S8’s quick access panel, which it is. If we already have it, we can skip pointing 5.

Then we unlock our Galaxy S8 and slide our finger down a few centimeters from the top edge of the screen to access the quick panel.

We can access quick settings in this panel, such as connecting to a Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth, turning on mute or airplane mode, and more.

Slide the panel down with one finger again to reveal the entire panel, and look for the screen recording icon shown below:

Record screen icon Galaxy S8

2- Second step:

If we don’t see the screen recording icon on our Samsung Galaxy S8, we should click on the quick panel’s edit icon, which is usually three points vertically above the screen recording icon.

Edit quick panel icon Galaxy S8

3- Third Step:

A floating menu will appear; select “Button order” to change the order of the buttons on your Samsung Galaxy S8’s quick panel.

Edit quick panel Galaxy S8

4- Fourth step:

The icons for the settings that we have already defined in the Samsung Galaxy S8 quick panel, as well as the icons for the settings that we can define in the future, are all displayed in the Samsung Galaxy S8 quick panel, along with their respective descriptions.

Record screen icon Galaxy S8

We look for the screen recording icon, click on it, and drag it to the bottom of the quick panel without dropping it to include it in the panel.

The screen recording icon may not appear on your Galaxy S8 device because the manufacturer has disabled it or because it is not available on the Samsung Galaxy S8, in which case we proceed to the section titled “If we do not have the option to record screen natively.”

5-Fifth step:

Using the screen recording icon on the Samsung Galaxy S8 quick panel, we have two options for starting the recording: either simultaneously pressing the volume up or down buttons on the phone, or pressing the volume up or down button on the phone.  

And power buttons on the Galaxy S8 or a simpler and less likely to fail option, which is to quickly unfold the panel by sliding a finger from the top of the screen and pressing the screen recording icon that we have created.

Record screen icon Galaxy S8

6- Sixth Step:

Choose the video quality for the HD or mini video in the sixth step.

This means that the microphone sound from your Samsung Galaxy S8 will be recorded by default (this is useful for example to explain the operation of an app to an acquaintance or to record a message while recording the video on the screen of Samsung Galaxy S8)

As a result, if you don’t want any external sounds in the video, record it in a quiet environment before editing it.

How to screen record on samsung s8 plus?

Screen recording message Galaxy S8

7- Seventh Step:

The seventh step will be the display of a 3-second countdown on the Samsung Galaxy S8 screen, followed by the start of a video recording of everything that happens on the screen.

Countdown record screen Galaxy S8

8- The eighth step:

Stop screen recording Galaxy S8

To stop recording by simultaneously pressing the volume up and power buttons on your Samsung Galaxy S8, or by clicking on the “Stop” button at the top left of the screen.

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screen record samsung s8

There are other options if the Samsung Galaxy S8 does not have the ability to record the screen.

If the screen recording icon is not available and simultaneously pressing the volume up and power buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S8 do not start the video recording, we will need to download an app from the app store.

Method 2: The Best Way to Record the Screen on a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active While Using a Screen Recording App

1. To install apps on your Galaxy S8 Active device, navigate to the Google Play Store.

In the search bar, type in “Screen Recording App with audio” and press the enter key.

Or If you are using a desktop browser, go to this URL to access the Google Play Store.

2. Select one of the screen recording apps from the list that you like and click on the Install button.

3. The Screen Recording app must be opened after installation in order to record the Galaxy S8 Active’s screen.

4. To begin recording the screen, click on the start button on the Screen Recording app’s home screen.

Occasionally, these options will be available directly from the notification panel itself.

5. After following our tutorial to the letter, you have successfully recorded the screen of your Galaxy S8 Active.

Galaxy s8 screen record

Here are the examples of third-party apps that you can use: 

1. Mobizen Screen Recorder for Samsung (available in English only).

Screen Record on Samsung s9-Mobizen Screen Recorder for Samsung

This free-to-use app, which has received the Google “Best of 2016 Apps” award, allows you to record your Samsung device’s screen in Full HD quality with a 1080p resolution while it is running.

Additionally, the screen can be recorded along with the audio, and the option to add reactions through the Facecam is supported.

If you want to record for an extended period of time, you can save them to the External Memory SD card.

You can also perform editing functions such as trimming, cutting, and other similar operations to create customized recordings.

There is also the option to customize the BGM, Intro, and Outro.

 2. Mobi Screen Recorder  

Samsung Screen Recorder-Capture Recorder Mobi Screen Recorder Video Editor

This is a stable and free-to-use app with the option of making in-app purchases.

It allows you to record your device’s screen as well as the sound it produces.

You can also record the music, edit it, and add filters, effects, and subtitles to your recordings, among other things.

The app also includes features such as doodles and facecam video capture.

The recording process is straightforward, and you can even set a countdown timer to give yourself enough time to prepare for the recording screen.

It is also possible to convert recorded videos into MP3 files if this is desired. The app also includes a number of different theme options for creating a more personalized recording.

3. AZ Screen Recorder is a screen recording software.

Note 9 Screen Record-AZ Screen Recorder

This app makes it simple to record your samsung s8 screen record without the need to root your device.

There is no time limit on how long you can record your Samsung screen with this app.

In addition to being completely free to use, there are no watermarks on the recorded audio files, and the user-friendly interface makes the process smooth and simple.

Recording can be completed in a short amount of time with a single action for starting and stopping the process.

It is possible to record in HD and Full HD quality, and the process can be paused and resumed at any point during the recording. In addition, there is an overlay front camera to record the expressions, a countdown timer, a trimming feature, live streaming, and other useful features.

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4. GU Screen Recorder is a program that records video on a computer’s screen.

Screen Record Note 9-GU Screen Recorder

This is yet another widely used screen recording application that allows you to record gameplay, movies, the screen, and other activities on your device while also including sound.

You have the ability to customize the video resolution, orientation, and other recording parameters to meet your needs.

It is also possible to set a countdown timer for preparing to record if this is required.

The overlay face camera can also be used to record emotions and reactions, which can be used to create a more exciting recording. In addition to the ability to share recordings via social media networks, there is also the option to doodle on screenshots.

5. Super Screen Recorder is a program that records video from your computer’s screen.

How to Screen Record on Samsung-Super Screen Recorder

This free app allows you to record your device’s screen without any time restrictions, rooting, or watermarking.

The interface is simple to use, and it allows you to record in full HD quality at 60 frames per second and 12 megabits per second.

The notification bar and the floating window allow you to pause and resume the recording sessions as needed, if necessary.

A shake of the phone can be used to hide the floating window and to pause or resume recording.

Facecam recording, support for external memory, video editing, and GIF creation are just a few of the additional features that are available

Method 3: How to Record a Game Using the Samsung Built-in Game Tools Functionality

On Samsung devices, the screen recorder is integrated into the Game Launcher, which is a convenient feature.

The activities associated with gaming as well as the applications that have been added to the Game Launcher can be recorded using this recorder.

By default, the tool records only the audio from the microphone, which includes all of the sounds coming from the phone’s speakerphone.

However, if necessary, you can edit the video to capture only the audio from the app.

If you want to check out the recordings, you can do so by selecting Watch recorded video from the bottom of the screen, or you can do so from the Gallery app on your device.

How to Record a Game Screen Using the Game Tools Feature – Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: Launch the game launcher and browse through the library.

To begin, open the Game Launcher application on your Samsung device.

By swiping up and dragging the window from the bottom of the screen, you can see all of the games currently available in the library.

Open Game Launcher and Check Library

Step 2: Add the applications that will be recorded.

To add more apps to the library for recording, go to the top-right corner of the screen and click on the three vertical dots, then select Add apps from the drop-down menu.

The list of apps that have been installed on your device will be displayed.

Make a list of the apps from which you want to record and tap on each one.

Then click on Add at the top-right-hand side of the interface to add the recording.

The apps that have been selected will be added to the Game Launcher application.

Add Apps to be Recorded

Step 3: Select the application that will be recorded.

Then, from the list of apps in the library, select the one you want to record from the drop-down menu.

As soon as the desired app is launched, click on the Game Tools icon, which can be found in the lower-left corner of the screen.

Choose App to be Recorded

Step 4: Begin the recording process.

Press Record Button to Start the Record

A new pop-up window will appear, displaying the entire Game Tools menu in its entirety.

Then, in the bottom-right corner of this window, select the Record button to begin the recording process.

Step 5: Stop the recording and look at the video footage.

Stop Recording and View the Record Video

You can terminate the process by clicking on the Stop icon in the lower-right corner of the screen.

By clicking on Watch recorded video, you will be able to check and watch the entire recording in its entirety.

Alternatively, you can use the Photos app on your phone to check the recording as an alternative.

Our Final Thoughts

There are many things that we can do with our smartphones but sometimes we don’t know it.

And luckily we are always here to help you with your problems.

So what do you think will be our next discussion?

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Questions Answers
Can you screen record on samsung s8?Yes, you can samsung s8 screen record by using the built-in screen recording feature. To do this, swipe down from the top of the screen to access the quick settings panel, then tap on the “Screen Recorder” icon. Once activated, it will start recording your screen activities, allowing you to capture videos or tutorials on your Samsung S8.
Does Samsung S8 have screen recording?Yes, the Samsung S8 does have a built-in screen recording feature. With this feature, you can easily capture and save videos of your phone’s screen activity, making it convenient for recording tutorials or capturing moments in games and apps.

Frequently Ask Questions how to screen record on galaxy s8

Is it possible to record video on the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active?

Yes, the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active has a screen recording feature that allows you to capture what is happening on your Samsung phone’s screen.

Follow the steps in our tutorial to enable screen recording.

Using the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, how do you enable the screen recorder feature?

To enable the Screen Recorder toggle on the Galaxy S8 Active, first edit the quick toggle options by pressing the edit button, then locate and add the Screen Record button to the toggle area by pressing the + button.  

On the Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, is it possible to screen record with audio?

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S8 Active, you can use the screen recording feature to record the screen along with the audio, which can be done by selecting the Audio recording option from the screen recorder menu.


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