Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker Reset [2023]

How to fix Kenmore elite ice maker reset?

It’s possible that a little investigation and troubleshooting will be enough to resolve the problem with the Kenmore ice maker.

Various factors can prevent ice from dropping out of the Kenmore Elite’s dispenser, ranging from a stubborn ejector arm to a kink in the water lines that run behind the refrigerator.

It is necessary to conduct a small investigation in order to determine why your ice maker unit is not functioning properly.

Correct troubleshooting will allow you to improve performance by identifying and eliminating the source of the problem.

Check out this article to better understand specific problems and their solutions.

Troubleshooting: Issues on How to reset kenmore ice maker

Ice maker is not making iceCheck the water supply to the ice maker. Make sure the water inlet valve is turned on and that the water line is not frozen.
Ice maker is making small or cloudy iceCheck the water filter. If the filter is dirty, it can cause the ice to be small or cloudy. Replace the filter as needed.
Ice maker is not dispensing iceMake sure the ice maker is turned on. You can also try to reset kenmore ice maker by pressing and holding the ice maker button for 5 seconds.
Ice maker is overflowingCheck the water level in the ice maker bucket. If the water level is too high, the ice maker may overflow.
Ice maker is making a loud noiseThe ice maker may be making a loud noise if the fan is not working properly. If you hear a loud noise coming from the ice maker, you should contact a qualified technician.

Kenmore Refrigerator Ice Maker Reset

Ensure sure the icemaker switch is turned on, for example. As the tray begins to move, press and hold the ice maker test button down. then let go.

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Kenmore Refrigerators: What You Should Know

Kenmore is a brand owned by the Sears Corporation that is a subsidiary of the company. The name “Sears” was first used in 1913 to refer to a line of sewing machines manufactured by Sears and Roebuck. Sears also used this brand name on its washing machines beginning in 1927.

However, it wasn’t until decades later that Sears re-branded its Coldspot brand, which had previously been used to manufacture refrigerators, air conditioners, and other electronic home appliances, into the Kenmore brand.

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Like any other machine, an ice maker in your refrigerator is subject to failure from time to time.

kenmore elite refrigerator ice maker not working

Find out why your Kenmore fridge not making ice by looking into the various possibilities. Look over this list to find out all of the information you require about specific complications.


Your Kenmore Elite side-by-side refrigerator’s assembly unit might be faulty if the ice maker isn’t functioning. A thermostat, a device that gauges the temperature inside a refrigerator, may be used by someone. It is crucial to remember that a freezer’s temperature needs to be set between 0 and 5 degrees in order for the ice-making cycle to function properly.

The control module of a refrigerator typically contains a large number of components, all of which are prone to failure at any time.

Additionally, a buyer might not be able to find this particular device on the market by themselves.


A mold thermostat is located within an ice maker’s control module and is in charge of monitoring the temperature of the ice tray in the freezer. When this specific system fails, the entire appliance frequently fails as a result of the failure of this specific system. After all, it makes it easier for the user to monitor temperature, which is critical for the ice production cycle.

When a thermostat indicates that the ideal temperature for making ice has been reached, the cubes must be removed from the tray.

After that, the user must refill the tray with water so that the procedure can begin naturally.


Whatever is said, maintaining a high level of ice checking is a critical responsibility in order to avoid injury. The majority of high-tech refrigerators have automatic ice-level control boards that detect this parameter accurately. Notably, a freezer may be equipped with an infrared ray beam that aids in temperature determination.

As the ice cubes reach their ideal size, the infrared light is interrupted, causing the ice maker to shut down. If there is a fault in the circuit, this control circuit will not transmit the switch-off signal.


The door switch on a refrigerator is responsible for two of the most important functions of the appliance: opening and closing. When a person opens a freezer door, the dispenser and the ice maker are turned off automatically. As an alternative, an interior light within the refrigerator is activated by using the device.

It will not start the dispenser or ice maker again if a door switch was unable to execute operations with sufficient accuracy.

As a result, it will cause a break in the chain of ice production, necessitating the need to repair it as quickly as possible.


This module is located in the frontmost section of the refrigerator and performs a suitable activity in order to produce ice. When the thermostat is closed, a motor inside the module controls the ejector arm, which is responsible for pulling out ice cubes.

kenmore refrigerator ice maker not working

Please keep in mind that it has a connection to the inlet valve as well as the heating element. Kenmore ice maker not working, an ice maker repair technician should be able to identify any issues within this particular component during the course of the repair procedure.

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Kenmore ice maker reset button location

Sometimes all that is required is a simple reset of the icemaker in order for it to function properly again. You should try resetting the unit before proceeding with the troubleshooting procedures.

kenmore refrigerator ice maker reset button ways:

  1. Remove the icemaker’s front plate cover and set it aside. Take a firm grip on either side of the cover and pull it tight. It should be simple to remove. The control panel for the icemaker will be revealed as a result of this. Locate the kenmore refrigerator ice maker on/off switch and deactivate the machine.
  2. Unplug the refrigerator and leave it unplugged for approximately five minutes before plugging it back in.
  3. Turn on the icemaker and replace the front plate after you have plugged the refrigerator back into its outlet. Ensure that the freezer door is closed; and
  4. After some time has passed, restart the ice maker and check to see if the ice trays have been refilled. If it does not, you can proceed to the next step in the troubleshooting process.

Troubleshooting the Kenmore Elite ice maker not working

A purchaser of a Kenmore refrigerator may be able to resolve those specific issues without having to hire a costly repairing technician. When the ice maker in your Kenmore elite refrigerator stops working, you must, of course, follow the procedures outlined below.

1. A faulty inlet valve can cause serious problems by delivering insufficient water to the rest of the system. Please check to see if the water pressure in your home is greater than 20 psi or less. A pressure gauge, which is readily available at any hardware store in your area, can be used to determine this value.

2. The icemaker module will not eject ice cubes if it does not function properly in your system. The unit must be gently dismantled in order to carry out repair operations as part of the restoration process in this case.

Kenmore Fridge ice maker not working

On the other hand, a buyer should look for a new, reasonably priced module in the market to ensure that the refrigerator’s service is not interrupted. It is an extremely important step in the Kenmore Elite refrigerator not making ice troubleshooting process.

3. The door switch of a refrigerator may be faulty if it is no longer producing ice. If this is the case, you should replace the switch. It goes without saying that a user should replace the faulty switch with a new one obtained from an online or offline retailer. Another option is to use an Ohm meter to detect circuit damage within the panel, which can be done manually or automatically.

4. When you’re having problems with your refrigerator, you can easily restart the entire unit by pressing the off/on button. Please take care to remove the front plate of a refrigerator before performing the procedure to avoid any unnecessary accidents. After that, a user must disconnect the cable connection and wait for 5-6 minutes before reconnecting. Restart the refrigerator by turning it on and removing all the cover plates from the machine.

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Bonus: How to Make Adjustments to the Water Level in an Ice Machine

Drinks that contain ice cubes are generally more flavorful than those that do not. If your ice maker is not producing ice properly, you may end up with anything from no water to a solid slab of frozen water.

Adjusting the water level in your ice maker is a simple solution that can solve a variety of ice production issues quickly and easily. Low water pressure, or an ice maker that isn’t working properly, could indicate the need for more extensive repairs and/or the need to call a maintenance technician.

On the other hand, adjusting the water level should be sufficient for addressing basic issues with the size and production of your ice.

kenmore refrigerator not making ice

The appearance of your ice is a good indicator of whether or not it is necessary to adjust the water level in your ice maker. Whether your ice maker is producing hollow cubes, cubes that are larger than normal, or a solid chunk of ice instead of individual cubes, it is time to make the necessary adjustments to your machine’s settings.

Overfill problems are indicated by hollow or smaller-than-normal cubes, while overfill problems are indicated by large or larger-than-normal cubes or ice that has fused together in one large piece.

Make minor adjustments to the water level.

Step 1: Remove the Ice Maker Cover from the machine.

Then, using a flat-head screwdriver, pry open the front cover of your ice maker, if one is present. Refer to the User Manual for instructions on how to properly remove the device.

Step 2: Make minor adjustments to the Set Screw

Take your Phillips or flat head screwdriver and turn the small adjustment set screw located on the upper, middle right-hand side of your ice maker one-half turn at a time, depending on the type of screw your ice maker has. Increasing or decreasing the water level is accomplished by turning the screw clockwise or counterclockwise.

Step 3: Inspect the Ice Manufacturing Process

Replace the cover on your ice maker and keep an eye on the amount of ice it produces. It is possible that you will need to repeat the above steps in order to achieve your desired level of ice production.

Our Final Thoughts

The information provided above is a custom-tailored guide to assist you in repairing the specific components of your Kenmore ice maker.

After you’ve finished reading the entire article, you’ll be prepared to begin the process with confidence.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I reset my Kenmore refrigerator ice maker?To reset your Kenmore refrigerator ice maker, you will need to locate the Kenmore Elite refrigerator ice maker reset button. This button is usually located on the front of the ice maker. Once you have located the button, press and hold it for 5 seconds. This will reset the ice maker and it should start working again.
Why is my Kenmore refrigerator ice maker not making ice?There are a few reasons why your Kenmore refrigerator ice maker may not be making ice. First, make sure that the water supply to the ice maker is turned on. You can also check the water filter to make sure that it is not dirty. If the water filter is dirty, it can cause the ice to be small or cloudy. Finally, you can try to reset the ice maker by pressing and holding the ice maker button for 5 seconds.

What is the best way to reset my Kenmore ice maker?

A switch to turn on or off an ice maker device should be located on the front portion of the device.

After you’ve located the reset button, you’ll need to shut down the machine. Allow at least five minutes after unplugging your freezer to ensure that the electric supply has been cut off.

Then, reconnect the power cord and turn on the ice maker to achieve the desired output volume. More information can be found in the article linked above.

What is the best way to fix my Kenmore ice maker?

Check to see that the water pressure in your home meets a minimum criterion of 20 psi before turning on the water. As long as the inlet valve is operating at this optimal pressure, it will be able to deliver enough water to completely fill the ice maker. If you want to get a general understanding of it, please read the article linked above.

What is the procedure for turning on a Kenmore Elite ice maker?

According to the user manual, the ice maker unit in your refrigerator is equipped with a lever. The machine will be turned off if you move the lever in the upward direction. It will be turned on if you move in the opposite direction. Please refer to the preceding article for additional information.

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