How to turn off Samsung s20? [2023]

How to turn off Samsung s20? With the Galaxy S20 series, Samsung has made it significantly more difficult to turn off your phone, in contrast to how other Android devices work.

Whether it’s just time for a break or you need to power cycle your Samsung Galaxy S20 to resolve a problem, here’s how to turn off your device using the power menu.

The power button on the Samsung Galaxy S20 is actually the “side key,” a multi-function button by default.

A single tap on the button will turn off your screen, but a long press will not bring up the power menu.

It instead activates Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant.

So, how to shut off Samsung S20?

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How to turn off s20?

Troubleshooting: Issues on turning off Samsung s20

My Samsung S20 is frozen and I can’t turn it off.If your Samsung S20 is frozen and you can’t turn it off, you can try the following:

How to turn off Samsung s20 without Screen?

Swipe down from the top of the screen to get the power off of the menu in Quick settings. You can turn off your screen by tapping the Power symbol (located next to the Settings icon) and then selecting the appropriate option.
How To Turnoff Samsung S20

3 Things to do to Restart the Samsung Galaxy S20

Whether you’re using a phone or other internet-connected devices, the restart setting allows you to turn the power on or off of your device in a single motion.

It enables you to refresh your smartphone, which is particularly useful after downloading a number of different applications or updates.

Because of the size of the apps being downloaded, many apps will immediately restart your device or phone in order to begin a new download.

You may, however, perform this action manually on the phone’s body as well.

  1. Using both power button and the volume button simultaneously, restart your Samsung Galaxy s20 by holding them for several seconds

2. After that, your phone will restart, first powering off and then powering back on.

3. Alternately, you can quickly press and hold the power button on the side of your phone, and then tap the green restart option that will appear on the screen of your phone, which will force your phone to restart.

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How to Turn off Smart Lock on Samsung Galaxy S20
How do you turn off a samsung s20?

How to turn off s20 without screen?

1. Pressing the Side key quickly will put your screen to sleep

2. Bixby Voice, on the other hand, will activate if you press and hold the Side key.  

3. Press and hold the Side and Volume down keys at the same time for a few seconds if you want to turn off your phone with the keys completely.  

4. When the Power menu displays, select Power off from the drop-down menu.  

5. Press the Power off button once more to confirm.

3 Steps to Obtain access to the Power Menu Using the Quick Panel

Additionally, Samsung provides a shortcut to the Power Menu from the Quick Settings Panel of the smartphone.

To get to the shortcut, swipe down from the top of the Samsung Galaxy S20’s display to bring down the notification shade and then press the shortcut key.

1. From there, click on the Power symbol in the upper-right area of the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Notification Shade

2. The Samsung Power Menu will now show on the screen.

To accomplish the desired operation, press the “Power Off” or “Restart” buttons on your device’s control panel.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Power Menu

3. If you want to turn your Galaxy S20 off, press and hold the Side button until the Samsung logo appears.

Wait 30 to 60 seconds for the phone to boot after releasing the key.

Bixby Voice’s Unknown Feature

Bixby can also assist you in shutting down your phone.

All you have to do now is set up Bixby Voice.

It is a simple and quick procedure.

Find out the quick steps below!

What Exactly Is Bixby Voice?

Bixby Voice is Samsung’s attempt to develop a voice assistant to compete with Amazon’s Alexa, Apple’s Siri, and Google’s Assistant.

Bixby’s voice is currently in beta testing.

Given that Samsung Phone is the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer, and that the company also has a profitable line of home appliances, it isn’t surprise that the company would aim to develop a speech interface to bring them all together.

The characteristics of Bixby’s voice are fairly similar to those of other voice assistants.

You can use it to check the weather, set alarms or timers, make phone calls, and send texts, translate languages, do the math, change your phone’s settings, or develop multi-stage routines.

Hello Bixby! Samsung's AI not that stupid after all, beats Microsoft (and  you) in reading comprehension test - MSPoweruser

You can also construct routines that include numerous steps.

Samsung phones, on the other hand, are all powered by Android, and the majority of users prefer Google Assistant as their voice assistant since it is better at answering typical online questions.

Google Assistant can also be used to open applications and make phone calls, but it cannot modify the settings on your phone.

6 Simple Steps to Turning Off Your Bixby Voice Assistant

Although you may not find Samsung’s built-in voice assistant, Bixby, to be particularly useful, if you want to, you can use it to shut down and restart your Galaxy S20 if necessary..

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Begin by activating the Bixby Voice virtual assistant.

1. Hold down the Side button for a second or two until the Bixby icon appears at the top of your screen if you haven’t already done so to remap the long-press action of the button.

2. To start the “Bixby” app, you can also slide up from the home screen to enter the app drawer and then select the “Bixby” app.

3. After you’ve successfully activated the Bixby voice assistant, you may ask it to power off or restart your smartphone by saying “Turn Off My Phone” or “Restart My Handset,” respectively.

4. If you haven’t already, you can do so by tapping the Bixby symbol in the bottom-left corner of your screen.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Bixby Animation

5. Bixby will ask you if you want to turn off or restart your Galaxy S20 before proceeding.

In order to speak your response, either tap on the relevant button or press the Bixby button a second time.

Samsung Galaxy S20 Bixby Confirmation

How to switch off Samsung s20?

6. Your smartphone will now either shut down or restart itself.

To switch it back on, hold down the Side button until the Samsung logo appears on the screen.

Finally, you have learned how to switch off your Samsung phone, but what if Bixby’s voice isn’t exactly your type of person?

Okay, I got you with that problem.

What is the procedure for turning Bixby off?

In addition to the Galaxy S8 and later flagship Samsung phones, as well as midrange devices with model numbers ranging from A50 to A90, Bixby is included as a standard feature on all Samsung devices.

Many of those phones have a Bixby button that is located in an inconvenient location near the volume buttons or that has been replaced by the power button, which is often the reason why users wish to get rid of Bixby.

There are three primary stages to disabling Bixby.

To make these changes, you must modify the button behavior, disable voice activation, and uninstall the Bixby Home screen, which appears when you swipe left from your main home screen.

Samsung Daily is the name of the feature in recent versions of the company’s software.

For the time being, you can only entirely disable the Bixby button on the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S20 smartphones, respectively.

In earlier models, you used to be able to turn it off, but that was no longer the case after a software update.

In June 2020, I tested these instructions on Samsung Galaxy S20, Note 10, S10e, Note 9, and Note 8 phones and on an iPhone X.

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How can you disable Bixby Voice on the Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S20?

  • Go to Advanced Features in the Settings menu.
  • Bixby Routines should be turned off.
  • Side Key is tapped.
  • Toggle off Double Press or set Open Bixby to something else.
  • Change to the Power Off Menu by pressing and holding.
Bixby Voice on the Galaxy Note 10
Bixby Voice on the Galaxy Note 10
  • Tap the magnifying glass in the upper right corner of Settings.
  • Select the entry that says App Info, Bixby Voice after typing in Bixby.
  • To access Bixby Voice settings, tap the Settings tool in the upper right corner.
  • Change the setting for Automatic Listening to Never.
  • Turn off Wake With Hi, Bixby by tapping on Voice Wake-Up.
  • While the phone is locked, turn off use.
  • Bixby Dictation should be turned off.
  • Change the Bixby Key to Double Press to Open Bixby by tapping on it.
  • Disable the Marketing Notifications
  • To get the widget-configuration mode, go to your home screen and press and hold it.
  • Toggle off Samsung Daily by swiping left.
 Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S20  Display
Galaxy Note 10 and Galaxy S20 Display

Here is What we Think

It is in your hands to wield power!

You might not comprehend how everything works right away if you just got your Samsung S20 – especially if you’re going from Apple to Android.

Knowing how to restart and turn off your phone is a vital function that every phone user should be familiar with.

When you understand and can use all of your phone’s capabilities, you will notice some significant improvements in the phone itself.

Knowing how to restart your phone can assist it in retaining memory, preventing crashes, and running more efficiently.

It can even help you conserve or extend the life of your battery.

This can also come in handy if you have any problems with your phone.

A soft reset, or manually rebooting your phone, is usually one of the first measures

Samsung recommends any problem.

If you know how to accomplish this on your own, you may be able to avoid the inconvenience (and cost) of hiring someone to do it for you in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions How to shut down Samsung S20

How to turn off samsung galaxy s20?There are a few ways to turn off galaxy s20. You can:
Press and hold the power button for about 7 seconds.
Go to Settings > Advanced features > Side key and tap on the “Power off menu” option.
Swipe down from the top of the screen and tap on the power icon.
If your phone is frozen, you can press and hold the power button and the volume down button for about 7 seconds to force it to restart.
How do I turn off my Samsung S20 FE?To completely turn off your phone with the keys, press and hold the Side and Volume down keys at the same time for a few seconds. Tap Power off when the Power menu appears.
How to power off Samsung s20?To completely power off samsung s20 with the keys, press and hold the Side and Volume down keys at the same time for a few seconds. Tap Power off when the Power menu appears.

On the S20 Ultra, where is the power button?

Even though your Galaxy S20 lacks a dedicated power button, you can turn it on by pressing and holding the side button (Bixby button). You can also reactivate the screen by pressing the button once.


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