Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Reviews (Full Guide!)

As more families adopt an environmentally friendly way of life, many are opting for non-traditional appliances to help them do so.

In this regard, the Samsung Refrigerator Family Hub Review serves as an excellent illustration.

Apart from having sleek tempered glass doors, the interior also has shelving that has been specifically designed for small families to maximize space.

Its innovative touchscreen interface also distinguishes it from its competitors, who are struggling to keep up with the demands of the modern world.

With this level of quality, it’s no surprise that it’s received such positive feedback.

Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator - Worth the Money? [2020 REVIEW]
Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator Reviews

What is Samsung Family Hub?

The Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator encapsulates the spirit of the modern American home, where the kitchen is the hub of all activity. Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator It’s where the family congregates, where meals are prepared, and where everyone congregates at the start and end of each and every day.

In the past, we used to write notes and to-do lists on index cards and stick them to the refrigerator door. We posted calendars on our refrigerator so that everyone was aware of upcoming appointments.

All of these features are now available on a 21.5″ touch screen, thanks to Samsung’s Family Hub technology (larger than an iPad). If you have a Family Hub-connected network, you can send messages directly to your family, such as announcements about when dinner will be served or who will be coming over that night.

You can even allow your children to draw pictures on the refrigerator and then deliver them to their parents on their way home from work. In addition to connecting all family members at once, Samsung side Family Hub brings them together to interact with an enhanced touch screen that includes Wi-Fi, voice activation, interior cameras, and other features. It serves as a centralized command center for the entire house.

What is Samsung Family Hub?

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What are the advantages of a Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator, specifically?

An extensive list of advantages is provided by the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator when it comes to the features available. In addition to synchronizing food storage and gaining access to an internet connection as well as the ability to send and receive messages from smartphones, it includes 36 different apps, including Spotify, FreshDirect, Uber, and others, in addition to other features.

The Morning Brief provides a high-level overview of your day’s schedule, including appointments, to-do lists, and other activities that you have scheduled.

Samsung’s Fridge Manager app allows you to control the temperature of your refrigerator, demonstrating that the company hasn’t lost sight of the refrigerator’s primary function. Furthermore, it can communicate with other home appliances and keep track of their status, as well as providing games and entertainment for your children.

Imagine being able to tell your children that if they eat all of their vegetables, they will be able to play a game on the fridge right in the kitchen while you clean up after them. You can even access news websites and other web pages directly from your refrigerator.

As technology advances, one of the most appealing features of this refrigerator is its ability to update itself over time, ensuring that you are never left behind in terms of appliance technology. We believe that the Samsung Family Hub is well worth the few hundred dollars that it costs more than the Apple HomePod.

In what situations is the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator useful?

It should come as no surprise that the Family Hub is best suited for families who live together in the same house. It aids in the organization of hectic schedules, notes and messages, and other forms of communication that occur in a busy family household, allowing for greater efficiency.

As a result, Samsung is ranked first in our highly coveted best refrigerator brands rankings, making it our top choice.

In what situations is the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator useful?

In general, we don’t require yet another piece of technology in our lives. However, if you want a refrigerator that is both stylish and equipped with the most up-to-date technology, you should consider a Samsung Family Hub.

The adults in the family will use it to create shopping lists, post quick to-do lists, and keep track of the family’s schedule. While the artistic side of the family will post pictures and decorate the large screen with interesting “screen-savers,” the rest of the family will be more practical.

This contemporary refrigerator has the potential to serve as a powerful hub for the entire family.

But let’s dig a little deeper into the specifics. Throughout the remainder of this section, we’ll discuss four specific areas where the Samsung Family Hub can have a significant positive impact on your family and your day-to-day home activities.

Getting Up Close and Personal with Samsung’s Family Hub Refrigerator


If Samsung’s goal was to create the most technologically advanced refrigerator on the market, the company has accomplished that goal. There is nothing else quite like the Family Hub Refrigerator, not even among smart refrigerators, in terms of functionality.

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Even before the Family Hub refrigerator was released, Samsung’s Four-Door Flex design felt like a logical, desirable evolution from today’s nearly ubiquitous French door refrigerator stylings — the fridge takes that design and adds a 21.5-inch touchscreen loaded with apps, inventory-monitoring cameras on the inside, and an especially attractive black stainless steel finish. It’s a stunning, futuristic appliance that goes above and beyond what we’ve come to expect from contemporary refrigerator design.

Despite the futuristic design, this refrigerator is firmly rooted in the past. “Family Hub,” says it all right there in the title. Refrigerators have always served as a sort of town post for busy families, serving as a repository for calendars, photos, report cards, to-do lists, and reminders about soccer practice. That is the history that Samsung is attempting to draw upon in this case.

As a result, you’ll find apps designed to assist this fridge of the future in performing the functions that refrigerators have always performed in twin cooling. In addition to shopping list apps, there are photo-display apps available.

If you want to make a quick drawing or write a note to Mom, you can use a whiteboard app. StickiBoard is a calendar app that imports everyone’s existing calendars into a shared, family fridge calendar that everyone can access from anywhere.

The fridge of the future has its origins in the Past

Every one of these features helps to keep the Family Hub grounded in the sort of normal, everyday use that we expect from a refrigerator — but it also makes you wonder if any of them are really necessary, given that magnets and scratch paper have been doing the job for generations now.

The drag-and-drop timers are my favorite part of that pitch, and they are also one of my favorite features of the Family Hub platform as a whole even ice maker. Despite the fact that they won’t follow ingredients around the fridge if you move them, they’re still surprisingly useful because of their smart feature — and you won’t find them on any other refrigerator except this particular one family board.

2. Let’s talk about the Touchscreen

While the Samsungs Family Hub’s touchscreen is clearly the main attraction, it also serves as a dedicated kitchen command center, measuring 21.5 inches in length from corner to corner. A significant improvement over the comparatively small touchscreen on Samsung’s previous attempt at a smart fridge and samsung fridge, and one that contributes to the Family Hub’s feeling of complete realization of best buy.

With a small screen, nothing would have made sense: the calendar, the photos, the web browsing, none of it. It had to be a significant size.

Size, on the other hand, is not everything. As a result, we’ve become accustomed to smooth, responsive touch controls on our smartphones and tablets, and it’s reasonable to expect the same from a touchscreen refrigerator that costs this much.

And, while the touch controls on the Family Hub’s screen aren’t quite as smooth or responsive as those on a high-end tablet, I found that they were significantly more responsive than they were two months ago when I tested out a preproduction model in the CNET Smart Home. Software updates have earned themselves a point.

In addition to the time and weather widgets, which are permanently displayed at the top of the home screen, the Family Hub Fridge includes the following applications:

WhiteBoard: is an app for taking notes and drawing doodles on a whiteboard.

Internet: an application for surfing the web

View Inside: an application that displays images of the interior and allows you to track expiration dates by dragging and dropping countdown timers.

Club des Chefs: is an app that contains recipes as well as instructional cooking videos.

The app Allrecipes allows you to organize your personal recipes while also discovering new ones.

StickiBoard: is an app that allows you to import calendars from Google and Outlook into a shared family fridge calendar that everyone can see.

Pandora: is a music-streaming application.

TuneIn: is a podcasting and internet radio streaming application.

Organize your photos into a fridge screensaver using the Photo Album application.

Shopping List: is an app that helps you organize your grocery list.

The TV Mirroring app displays the image from current-generation Samsung smart televisions.

InstaCart and Groceries by MasterCard: are apps that allow you to order groceries for delivery to your home.

Timer: an app that includes timers for tasks such as marinating steak and chilling beer.

A fridge manager app that allows you to view and change the temperature and settings of your Samsung french door refrigerator.

Let’s talk about the Touchscreen

Apps such as the web browser and the TV mirror appear to be of marginal utility at best, and others appear to be superfluous (two recipe apps, for example). (Two grocery delivery apps, perhaps?

In the same vein, no, you cannot delete any of these apps (or replace them with others), but you can move the ones you don’t use as often to the second screen.

There are some apps that have larger icons than others, and some of them have useful, live-tile-like control from the home screen over things like audio playback and refrigerator temperature. I would have liked to have seen more customization options.

None of the icons can be resized, and you cannot give any individual photos or whiteboard notes their own dedicated space on the home screen.

It’s also worth noting that there is currently no SmartThings app for controlling connected home devices available for download. When the Family Hub app first debuted at CES in January, it included the ability to sync with SmartThings and control lights and smart switches from the fridge of Samsung appliance.

We even got to see the app in action back then, when the Family Hub made its first public appearance in January and they also have a smart tv. Given SmartThings’ recent struggles, it’s understandable that the company is rethinking its strategy — and it must be frustrating for Samsung, which spent $200 million to acquire SmartThings in 2014.

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Another notable omission is the ability to use voice control. When Samsung first informed us about the Family Hub refrigerator, the integration of Alexa was the most prominent bullet point on the features list.

Amazon’s virtual assistant would be integrated directly into the smart refrigerator, resulting in something akin to an enormous Amazon Echo for your kitchen, according to the plan. That sounded like a fantastic idea, especially considering how many people enjoy using an Alexa device in their kitchen for things like listening to music and setting cooking timers like smart appliance.

However, when CES arrived, Alexa was nowhere to be found when Samsung unveiled the refrigerator.

For the time being, Samsung is only indicating that Alexa integration is a possibility in the near future. It’s possible that they’ve decided to wait and see what happens with Google’s Amazon Echo competitor later this year, but it’s difficult to say for certain. For the time being, the built-in microphone on the refrigerator is only useful for recording voice memos in the White Board application.

The Samsung Family Hub is Built on Four Pillars.

1) Preserving the quality of food

Managing Samsung refrigerator owners fridge space and shopping will be the first topics covered in this section, followed by how Family Hub can assist you with managing recipes.

Shopping and Refrigerator Storage

Consider the possibility of being able to see inside your refrigerator while you’re at the grocery store trying to figure out what you’re going to need. You can do this thanks to the Family Hub for giving us a smart device. Because of the Family Hub’s View Inside feature, interior cameras allow you to see the inside of your refrigerator from anywhere in the world using your smartphone, ensuring that you are never left wondering whether you are out of butter or milk again.

Making a shopping list on the touch screen before heading to the store will help you stay organized, and you can then transfer it to your phone. You can even use the Food Reminder app to label the items in your fridge door refrigerator that have expiration dates so that you’ll be reminded when they’re about to expire.

As a result, the Family Hub can save you hundreds of dollars over time by ensuring that you never purchase food that you do not require.

Are you looking for great bargains? Saving sale-priced groceries to your shopping list or even a shopping loyalty card that is supported is possible with Samsung’s New Deals application.

The Fridge Manager app allows you to view and change the temperature and settings of your refrigerator, as well as manage all of the technical aspects of your refrigerator’s settings. Furthermore, what happens if you don’t want to cook that week? With Instacart, GrubHub, and Nomiku, you can order food online and have it delivered to your door in a matter of minutes.

Recipes and Meal Plans are managed in this section.

Are you ready to start cooking? The Meal Planner app will assist you in deciding what to cook for the week, thereby alleviating the stress of deciding what to make for dinner every evening. If your recipe calls for marinating a steak or chilling a bear, your refrigerator can even send you a notification when these items are perfectly prepared.

Making use of the Family Hub‘s online connectivity, you can access recipes from all over the world and prepare meals that your family will enjoy while also introducing them to new favorites. No more squinting at a tiny smartphone screen that keeps turning off and on or flipping through a recipe book that is old, torn, and stained.

Recipes are displayed on the backlit screen in a list format. Using the interior cameras, the Meal Planner app can even make recipe recommendations based on your family’s food preferences, allergies, and the ingredients you currently have on hand, among other factors. As a result, your refrigerator becomes more than just a food storage device; it has now been designated as your official assistant chef.

2) Bringing the Family Back Together

The Samsung Family Hub comes with a plethora of features, apps, and capabilities that are designed to keep your family connected and close at all times. We won’t be able to cover everything the refrigerator can do to improve family time, but we will make an effort.

With the built-in calendar and bulletin board functionality, you can share schedules, keep track of what you have planned for the week, and communicate plans with other members of your family. Each member of the family can see and understand the plans of the others thanks to a centralized calendar, which prevents missed appointments and double bookings.

Consider the possibility that your three teenage children could schedule in who gets access to the extra car directly from the refrigerator: it would be amazing. There will be no more squabbling over who gets the keys.

Other features include built-in To-Do lists and memos, which allow you to keep track of what needs to be done and what information needs to be shared with other families. You can use the Whiteboard feature to post and share messages, leave notes for children, and even draw pictures on the screen.

This can be a very useful and entertaining feature that both you and your kills will enjoy using. Leave homework reminders, sweet love notes, or amusing pictures that your entire family will enjoy and enjoy reading.

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While you’re gathered around the kitchen table, why not share and enjoy favorite family memories together? Thanks to photo-sharing and slideshow capabilities, your refrigerator door becomes a canvas on which you can display and share memories and beautiful images from your family’s life.

In order to notify those back home that you’re on your way, you can use the Glympse app to share your location and indicate how far away you’ll be from home. You can also use the fridge to book an Uber if you need to get somewhere more quickly or for another reason.

Other entertaining and useful features for your family include a Pinterest app for sharing what interests you with family members, as well as parental controls for restricting app access to children under the age of majority in the household.

3) Have a good time

No one has ever referred to a refrigerator as ‘fun,’ but that is about to change with the introduction of the Samsung Family Hub. Spotify, for example, allows you to stream music directly from the fridge using a popular third-party app, which blasts home-filling music through the fridge’s impressive AKG built-in sound system.

It won’t take long for your kitchen dance parties to become a family tradition for you and your friends.

Have a pressing need to go to the kitchen but don’t want to miss anything important that is happening during the big game? With the ability to set up your Family Hub screen to mirror your television, you can remain in the loop no matter where you are in the house, even when you’re in the kitchen. The idea of being able to watch television on the refrigerator will be a hit with your family.

Another entertaining activity that you’ve never tried before on a refrigerator? I’m surfing the web. It is now possible to access a built-in web browser from the refrigerator door, which can be accessed by touching the screen.

4) Remote administration through an application

Finally, the Family Hub provides a plethora of connectivity options, elevating it to the status of the world’s most intelligent refrigerator. The fridge’s screen can be used to control and monitor your smart home setup, including the ability to see who’s at the door when the doorbell rings. You can also use the fridge screen to power up Samsung’s PowerBot vacuum cleaner.

Even simple tasks such as adjusting the light levels, adjusting the thermostat settings or temperature, and monitoring your baby while they sleep can now be completed from your refrigerator.

At Designer Appliances, we believe that these features are more than just gimmicks. Their true benefit is that they provide a centralized hub for managing your home in a location that is already the natural focal point of your home: the kitchen.

Our Final Thoughts

The oohs and aahs over this flashy refrigerator have continued for months and months, and now it’s finally time to make our final judgment on it. And, as the final score of 8.5 might suggest, it’s a very good one as well.

According to all of our criteria — performance, usability, features, and design — this is a very good refrigerator, even for the price range in which it is offered. This refrigerator stands out among four-door models and high-end French-door models as the most attractive and well-equipped of the ones we’ve seen so far.

However, while some of the touchscreen features appear to be superfluous in comparison to their actual utility, others, such as the drag and drop expiration timer, are actually quite useful. None of them are hindered by the user interface in any way.

So, yes, I believe the Family Hub is worthwhile — provided, of course, that you are willing (and able) to spend this much money on a refrigerator in the first place. The reason you spend that much money on a refrigerator is that you want it to provide excellent performance, unique and useful features, and a beautiful design. A skeptical eye will notice that the Family Hub checks off all of those boxes.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the purpose of the Family Hub on the refrigerators?

The Family Hub is a large refrigerator-freezer that has a 21.5-inch touch panel on the door of the unit.

The fridge’s functions are controlled by the panel, which also allows you to set the temperature zones.

However, it can also perform all of the functions that you would expect from a tablet, such as browsing the internet, streaming music, and watching YouTube videos.

What can I do with the Samsung Family Hub?

A refrigerator, Samsung’s sixth-generation Family HubTM, which now includes Alexa built-in, is much more than a refrigerator; it allows you to do things such as control your Samsung smart appliances and devices, stream music, mirror your TV, share pictures, search for recipes, order groceries and do a whole lot more, all from the convenience of your refrigerator.

Is Family Hub still operational?

Similarly, it is normal if the Family Hub mobile app no longer functions properly due to the app having been decommissioned.

You will need to use the SmartThings app to control certain aspects of your Family Hub, rather than the Family Hub mobile app, as you would normally.

The SmartThings app is available for download from both the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store, respectively.

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