How Do You Replace Samsung Front Load Washer Belt? [Best Detailed Guide]

How do you replace Samsung Front Load Washer belt? If you have a front load washer, you may have noticed that the belt needs to be replaced every so often.

It’s not a big deal, but it can be a bit of a pain if you don’t know how to do it.

In this blog post, I’m going to show you how to swap out the belt on your front load washer.

Let’s get started!

How Do You Replace Samsung Front Load Washer Belt?
How Do You Replace Front Load Washer Belt?

Troubleshooting: Issues on Samsung Front Load Washer Belt Replacement

The belt is broken.You will need to replace the belt. You can find a replacement belt at a hardware store or online.
The belt is slipping.You may need to adjust the tension of the belt. You can do this by loosening the screws that hold the belt in place and then tightening them back up.
The belt is making noise.The belt may be worn or damaged. You will need to replace the belt.
The belt is not spinning the drum.The belt may be broken or slipping. You will need to replace the belt or adjust the tension of the belt.
The washer is not spinning at all.The belt may be broken or slipping, or the motor may be bad. You will need to check the belt and the motor.

How Do You Replace Front Load Washer Belt?

Unscrew the cover on a front load washer before replacing the belt. The powder dispenser can then be removed by pressing the small button inside. After that, remove the drum and inspect the belt for wear or damage. Finally, swap out the belt and reassemble the washer.

Video: Samsung top load washing machine belt replacement

Samsung top load washer belt replacement

Samsung front load washer drive belt

The following are some of the reasons why owners of Samsung washer choose to replace the part of washing machines:

  1. When washing, an unusual rumble or humming can be heard.
  2. On closer inspection, the surface of the part appears rough (similar to dirt), and it rolls when subjected to friction.
  3. You have been using the machine for more than 6 years – this is typically the lifespan of the component in question.
  4. If at least one of the reasons listed above is confirmed, you must conduct a technical inspection of the machine, and it is possible that the part will need to be replaced.
How Do You Replace Samsung Front Load Washer Belt?
Samsung top load washer belt replacement

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Samsung washer belt replacement

Prepare all of the necessary tools and parts before the samsung washer drive belt replacement. These include:

  1. Purchase a genuine replacement part. Alternatively, you can re-write the marking (which is printed on the product itself) or bring the old belt to the store.
  2. Take a standard electrical tape roll – you will only need about 15 cm of it.
  3. Choose a wire that is between 0.5 and 0.8 mm in diameter and has a length of 50 cm.
  4. Take a flashlight, wire cutters, a “minus” and a “plus” screwdriver, and a pair of safety goggles.

In a Samsung washing machine, changing the belt is simple. [Quick Fix]

  1. Remove the cover by unscrewing it.
  2. Remove the powder dispenser from the cabinet (there is a small button inside for easy removal).
  3. Remove the control panel and place it on top of the computer so that it doesn’t interfere with the work.
  4. Remove the bottom panel by unscrewing it.
  5. Remove all of the screws that hold the front cover in place and pull it toward you.

Alternatively, one might wonder how much it would cost to replace a belt in a washing machine. Samsung washing machine belt replacement Costs Washing machine belts are available for purchase on Appliance Part Pros for approximately $5 to approximately $20, and on Amazon for approximately $6 to approximately $20, resulting in an average cost to repair the belt on a washing machine of approximately $12 or $13.

As a result, how can I tell if the belt on my washing machine has been damaged?

Signs that the belt in your washing machine is faulty You might also catch a whiff of burning rubber. In the event that your washer starts making squealing noises during the wash and spin cycles, it’s a good idea to contact a repair technician because the problem will only worsen until the belt breaks.

How to Repair | Samsung Washing Machine 3E Error Code not spinning or  turning

What is the proper way to tighten the belt on my washing machine?

Insert the motor into the washing machine and press it downward or toward the edge of the appliance to activate it. Tighten the mounting nut by turning the wrench in a clockwise direction while pressing the motor firmly into position. Maintain tension on the belt with one finger; when you can depress it with your thumb only about 1/2 inch, you have reached the proper tension.

Change Samsung Washing Machine Belt by following these steps. [Detailed Guide]

To position the equipment more conveniently, you must first disconnect the car from the electrical network and communications in order to avoid damaging the vehicle.

Do all washing machines have belts

It is necessary to return the machine to its original state. Please follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Remove the back cover by unscrewing the screws that hold it in place. In some models, the back cover may not be visible; in this case, remove the top cover and complete all of the work through the top of the machine, as shown in the illustration.
  2. Take a flat screwdriver and use it to pry the belt off of your body of samsung dryer.
  3. Pulling the belt out of the grooves of the pulley by moving it slightly to the side will help to free it.
  4. The pulley should be turned with the other hand while the belt is being held in one hand. When this manipulation is completed, the belt will fly off and can be easily pulled out of the car by the driver. If the belt is slack and a section of it is wrapped around the engine, make sure to remove all of the components from the engine.
  5. Take a new belt and put it on.
  6. Place the belt on the engine pulley so that the grooves are in the same orientation. If the belt needs to be threaded through the top of the washing machine, a strong thread or a piece of the old belt should be used to accomplish this. Tie it to a new belt and lower it into the machine while holding it with one hand while putting the belt on the engine with the other hand of spin cycle(see illustration).
  7. Pulling the belt by hand and placing it on the side grooves of the pulley with the other hand is now complete.
  8. While maintaining tension on the belt, turn the pulley clockwise, and the belt will begin to tighten.
  9. Turning the pulley will allow you to verify proper operation.
  10. Assemble the washing machine and run a test wash through it.
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Samsung Front Load Washer Belt Location

The belt in a front load washer is typically located at the rear of the appliance. To access it, you may need to remove the back panel. It is responsible for rotating the drum and may require replacing if it becomes worn or damaged.

Belt Failure Signs and Symptoms

In the case of the Samsung washing machine, the belt is a weakness. After three years of continuous use of the machine, he becomes unusable. Due to the fact that the three-stranded silicone strap used by Samsung is installed on Samsung machines, the overall durability of the device is questionable.

The following signs and symptoms indicate that the belt is not functioning properly:

  1. Despite the fact that the engine is buzzing, the drum does not rotate in the washing machine with a small load on it; you can see how the drum twitches and does not start to rotate when the load is small, which indicates that the belt has stretched; the drum stops spinning when fully loaded, but it rotates well when the load is small; the drum does not rotate in the washing machine when the load is small;
  2. It is possible to detect a belt malfunction by hearing shuffling sounds, but this is only true if the belt is stratified and touches the machine’s body. This is dangerous because parts of the belt can become entangled with electrical wiring and cause it to malfunction.
  3. As a result, delaying the replacement of the belt is not worthwhile. It is necessary to rectify the situation as soon as possible if this occurs. We hope you now understand how to change the belt in a Samsung machine. If you need to replace the belt, you can purchase a replacement part from any store for approximately 1,500 rubles. In the article Samsung washing machine repair, you can learn about other problems that can occur with this brand’s automobiles.


Is your Samsung front-loading washer not spinning properly? Here are some of the reasons why.

Although detergent and water are important components in getting your clothes clean, the spinning motion of the washer is just as important for getting your clothes clean. The good news is that if you notice that your Samsung front-load washer is not spinning, there are a few common solutions.

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1. A Faulty lid switch assembly

An issue with the lid switch on your front load washer is one of the most common causes of the machine not spinning. It is a safety feature that prevents the motor from starting if the washer door is open while the machine is being used.

Nonetheless, even if the door is closed and the switch is not functioning properly, the motor will not be able to start, resulting in your Samsung front loader washing machine failing to spin.

It will be necessary to test your lid switch with a multimeter to determine if it has continuity in order to determine whether or not it is faulty. It will be necessary to replace it if the continuity is not maintained.

2. A broken drive belt.

The drive belt is the connection between the drive and motor pulleys, which allows the washer tub to spin. Over time, the belt may become frayed, thin, or torn, and it may need to be replaced. When this occurs, the Samsung washing machine may be unable to turn the washer tub, and you may notice that the machine is not spinning at all.

samsung washer drive belt

A broken drive belt will need to be inspected for signs of wear and tear before it can be repaired. It will be necessary to replace a drive belt if it shows signs of wear.

3. Failure of the motor coupling

The motor coupling is the link between the washer’s motor and transmission, and if it becomes worn over time, your washer will not spin properly.. Aside from that, it will also fail to protect the motor and transmission if the machine is routinely overloaded. Knowing how to properly load a washing machine can help you avoid this problem.

It will be necessary to inspect the motor coupling to determine whether or not it has failed. If this is the case, it will need to be replaced.

Our Final Thoughts

The majority of us load our washer with dirty clothes and detergent, turn it on, and walk away while it does its thing.

Because of this, finding a full washer full of soaked clothes at the end of a cycle can be a surprise.

We’ll help you figure out what’s wrong with your Samsung front-load washer, whether it’s a faulty lid switch or a broken drive belt.

Frequently Ask Questions

How Samsung Vrt Washer Belt Replacement?
Samsung vrt front load washer belt replacement, follow these steps:
1. Turn off the washer and unplug it.
2. Remove the back panel to access the belt.
3. Loosen the belt tension by adjusting the motor position.
4. Slide the old belt off and replace it with a new one.
5. Reassemble the washer and plug it back in.
How do I know if my Samsung front load washer belt is broken?There are a few signs that your front load washer belt may be broken. These signs include:
The washer is not spinning at all.
The washer is making a loud noise when it is spinning.
The belt is visibly broken.

What is the proper way to tighten the belt on my washing machine?

Insert the motor into the washer and move it down to the unit’s edge or to the bottom. After the engine is securely installed, tighten the locknut by turning the wrench clockwise. Keep your finger on the band until you can only pinch it about 1/2 inch with your thumb, at which point you’ve found the right tension.

What’s the deal with my Samsung machine not spinning?

If your washer isn’t spinning properly, it could be due to an unbalanced load, which makes the drum spin more difficult. Errors are also caused by an unblanched load. The display of “Ub” or “Ur” indicates that your washer is unbalanced. This could be due to the washer being lopsided or an uneven load inside.

Is it true that all washing machines have belts?

To locate the belt, look under the access cover. The belts on a front loader are typically located in the back of the machine, whereas the belts on a loader machine are located in the lower portion of the drum. If you are still having trouble locating the belts, you can look them up in your owner’s manual. Some newer washing machines do not have belts, which is an inconvenience.


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