What is Samsung 5e error code washing machine?

What is the Samsung 5e error code washing machine? I’m sure everyone who owns a Samsung washing machine has seen this familiar error code: 5e.

I know I have. And, let me tell you, it’s not fun.

It seems like every time I turn around, my washing machine is displaying that dreaded code.

But what does it mean?

What do you do when your Samsung washer displays the 5e error code?

Well, wonder no more!

I’m here to tell you all about the Samsung 5e error code and what to do when it shows up on your machine.

Keep reading to learn more!

What is Samsung 5e error code washing machine?
What is Samsung 5e error code washing machine?

Why Does My Samsung Washing Machine Shows Samsung 5e Error Code?

When your Samsung Washing Machine displays a 5E error code, it implies that your washer is not emptying properly. If you have a front-load washer and need to manually empty it, please see our page on ‘Emergency Drain a Samsung Front Loader.’

Please be aware that the following tutorial gives broad troubleshooting procedures that you might try before potentially contacting a professional for more assistance.

If the problem persists, please call a Samsung authorized service center or the Samsung Care professionals at 1300 362 603. (Toll-Free in Australia).

Samsung Washing Machine Shows Samsung 5e Error Code
Samsung Washing Machine

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What Causes Samsung 5e error code washing machine?

  • Garbage has clogged the drain filter. As a result, water cannot enter the drain hose.
  • The drain hose is clogged. Also, a lot of debris has accumulated in the place of connection with the filter or siphon;
  • Drain hose bending;
  • Drain pump contacts have gone off;
  • There is a failure in the electronic controller;
  • The pump in charge of the drain has failed.
  • Find out why water draining is impossible when the washer displays the 5E error. Only then will you be able to correct the issue and restart normal washing machine functioning.

Different Solutions To Samsung Washing Machine 5e Error Code?

Method 1: How to Fix Samsung 5e error code washing machine

1. Check that the washer is level before turning it off.

You can use a level tool to see if your washer is correctly leveled and adjust it if necessary. To understand how to level your washing machine, consult our tutorial How Do I Level My Washing Machine?

2. Examine the drain hose.

Check that the drainpipe is straight all the way to the drain system and that it is not obstructed. Check that the drain hose is not frozen or clogged and that it is properly positioned according to the connection type*.

*Full installation instructions are available in your User Manual for more details.

Please call for service if you are experiencing a drain problem.

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3. Clean the pump filter (only for front load*).

Clean and discharge the pump filter on a regular basis to increase cleaning efficacy and help avoid odors. A blocked pump filter limits the drainage system’s efficacy.

*Only certain top-load models will include a pump filter, with no provision for a drainage hose. If you want the filter examined and cleaned, you must make a service request.

4. Restart the washer and begin a cycle.

At the start of the test cycle, the washer should drain.

5. Make a service request.

If the issue persists, please call an authorized service center or the Samsung Care experts at 1300 362 603 (Toll Free in Australia) to request service.)

Method 2:

Step 1: Take the drain filter from the bottom of your Samsung washing machine and remove it.

(If the debris/drain filter becomes clogged, the water does not drain and the 5E error appears.)

Clean the debris filter if your Samsung washer is NOT DRAINING.

Step 2: Examine the drainpipe on the rear of the washing machine to determine whether it is bent, kinked, or clogged.

(Remove the drain hose from the back of the washer and run water through it to ensure it is not clogged.)

Step 3: Make sure the washer drain hose is placed so that the end of it does not protrude too far down the standpipe.

(If the washer drain hose is inserted too far or not far enough into the standpipe in the wall, the washer may not drain properly; ensure the drain hose is properly positioned.)

Step 4: Inspect the drain pump inside the washer to ensure it is not clogged and that it is receiving power.

(If the drain pump in your Samsung washer is clogged and unable to pump, it may need to be cleaned or replaced; if the Samsung washer drain pump is not operating electrically, it must be fixed or replaced.)

Method 3:


What to do if your Samsung washer displays the 5E error code due to clogged drain filters:

  1. Turn off the washing machine.
  2. Open the plastic cover that conceals the hose and drain filter when in emergency mode;
  3. Remove the drain hose‘s stopper. Allow the water to run into a container.
  4. Remove the filter screw by rotating it counter-clockwise;
  5. Remove any debris and dirt from the filter;
  6. Replace the filter, tighten the screw, and plug the hose with a stopper.
  7. Close the lid.

Method 4: Drain Pump Issues

The machine sounds like it’s operating but isn’t pumping, which is the most prevalent indicator of a drain pump malfunction. It could be congested, or there could be an obstacle somewhere in the line.

If the pump sounds like it’s straining, it suggests the system isn’t filling or draining properly. The washing machine panel allows you to see the water pump mechanism, and you may discover that a piece of fabric or another object is impeding the drain pump. To clean or unclog the pump mechanism, turn off the machine, drain it, and then remove the washing machine panel.

Pump filters are intended to collect debris and keep it from causing damage to the pump. When a blocked filter is discovered, just remove the screen and carefully clean it before replacing it. Some pumps have two screens that must be switched out independently, so double-check them every time you use the sprayer!

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If your water pump isn’t producing any noise and you can’t discover any obstructions in your line, it’s almost probably time to replace it. This job, while fairly difficult, is doable by a skilled homeowner. However, we recommend visiting a local repair expert because it requires some knowledge of how a pump operates.

Method 5: Filter Obstruction

One of the causes of the Samsung error code SE is a dirty filter. The solution is simple and straightforward: clean out any clogging in the filter. When you’re through, your washer should be clean and ready to use again.

The filter in your washing machine is critical to ensuring that your Samsung washing machine can do its job. A clogged filter reduces the effectiveness of the washer, resulting in more lint deposits on clothes and poor drainage.

The filter’s role is to catch dirt and debris as the water is used to wash the garments. However, the filter becomes clogged with dirt and particles over time. When the filter becomes clogged, water passage from the washer to the drain is restricted, causing the washer to overfill.

If you have the operating and maintenance manual for your washer, it will show you where the filter is situated. The filter in a washing machine is the component that eliminates dirt and particles from the water. When it becomes blocked with lint, the drainage slows and your clothing takes longer to dry.

Samsung washing machine information and 5E error codes
5e Washing Machine Issue

What You Should Avoid

When you see the Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E appear for the first time, the last thing you want to do is panic and simply open the front of your front-loading washer.

When you do this, you will immediately notice a pool of water flowing from your machine, which has not been properly drained.

Moreover, even though you can quickly close the door, the short period of time it is left open could cause significant damage, depending on how much water was already in the machine to begin with.

As a result, avoid taking hasty decisions or acting without considering the consequences, as this may result in more harm than good. First, try the methods listed above.

If those issues do not resolve themselves. Consult your vehicle’s owner’s manual (as each Samsung machine might suggest different ways to drain the machine).

If none of these solutions work, you should consider having a repair technician come to your home to determine whether they can properly resolve the draining issue and, if necessary, replace the damaged or broken pipes and hoses in your machine.

What Can I Do to Avoid It?

Of course, the most effective way to deal with the Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E is to avoid them in the first place.

Is there a way to prevent this from happening? In some instances, this is not the case.

Regardless of what you do, water will accumulate, and even if you check the drains regularly and make certain that there are no kinks in the pipes, there is always the possibility that an error will occur.

This one is relatively simple to repair, which is a positive development.

There are some precautions you can take while washing your clothes, however, that will help to reduce the likelihood that the error will appear on your machine in the future.

For example, something as simple as not overfilling the washing machine with clothing or heavily soiled clothes can be a simple preventative measure in the laundry room.

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The overworking of the cycle drum can result in drainage problems or overfilling problems in your washing machine.

You can do this on a regular basis, even if it will not prevent the problem from occurring.

Check to make sure that the drain hose is not submerged in water.

Prevent clogging by cleaning your washer on a regular basis with the proper solutions.

Every load of laundry should be washed using the same wash cycle.

Washing clothes at the same time every day (on a schedule) helps to keep the machine from becoming overworked.

Make sure to clean the lint trays and pump filters on a regular basis to prevent lint, hair, and other debris from building up.

The best way to avoid Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E and other error codes are to perform regular maintenance on your Samsung appliances.

It’s also the most effective method of extending the life of your appliances and ensuring that your washer and dryer operate at peak performance.

If you are experiencing Samsung Washer Error Codes SE or 5E or other errors, before calling a costly repair technician or resorting to drastic measures on your own, consider a few of these quick and simple alternatives (which will almost always resolve the issue).

Our Final Thoughts on Samsung 5e error code washing machine?

Samsung washing machine error codes starting with SE are quite common. They frequently occur as a result of users failing to properly clean their Samsung appliances. The Samsung washer Error Code SE/5E indicates that the failure occurred while the water was being drained from the washer.

A popular appliance among homeowners who want a high-quality appliance at an affordable price, Samsung washing machines are a good choice. Samsung manufactures a variety of front-loading and top-loading washers, as well as combo units that can handle both types of laundry at the same time. Samsung also manufactures dryers.

FAQ on Washing Machine 5e error code

What does the 5E symbol on a Samsung washing machine represent?

A 5E or 5C error code indicates that the washing machine has detected a problem with the draining system. In the majority of cases, the cause of this error is a clogged filter or kinked drainage hose.

What does the letter 5E on a Samsung oven mean?

In reality, the SE error is 5E. Because of the similarity in writing, users may mistake a number for a letter. It indicates the presence of one or more problems in the area around the keyboard. First and foremost, you must ensure that there is no malfunction on the control board itself.

How do I resolve the 5E error message on my Samsung front-load washer?

1. The drain hose should be routed properly. (Please refer to the user manual for the location of the drain hose.)
2. Disinfect the debris filter if it has become clogged/blocked with lint, dirt, or dust.
3. Continue to straighten the drainage hose until it reaches its destination: the drainage system Check to see that it isn’t clogged as well.

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