[Answered!] How To Change Hotspot Name? (7 Easy Steps)

How To Change Hotspot Name? The name of your hotspot is usually the same as the name of your smartphone.

You could just as well keep that name and not change it, but changing it may make your phone more personalized.

Furthermore, your hotspot may be easier to locate. Depending on the new name, it may be more difficult.

Changing the name of your hotspot is a simple process that works on both apple iPhone and Android devices. If you want to change the name of your apple iphone personal hotspot, this article will show you how.

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[Answered!] How To Change Hotspot Name? (7 Easy Steps)

How To Change Hotspot Name?

To change the name of your hotspot, follow the steps below.

  1. To change your iPhone’s settings, launch the Settings app.
  2. Select General from the Settings page.
  3. Now, select the About option.
  4. To change the name of your iPhone hotspot, go to Settings > General > Name.
  5. The text field displays the current name of your auto hotspot. To delete the current hotspot name, click the gray x enclosed in a circle at the far right of the text field.
  6. Change the name of your hotspot to something you prefer by typing it into the text field.
  7. This would change the default or old name automatically.
How To Change Hotspot Name?
How To Change Hotspot Name?

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If you’re wondering how Wi Fi hotspot tethering works, here’s a quick rundown. Most smartphones have this amazing ability: in an emergency, they can transform into a portable Wi-Fi hotspot. This could be very useful if you need to use the internet on your laptop, computer, or tablet but there is no Wi-Fi signal available.

Why not just use your smartphone to send an e-mail or do whatever else you require the connection for? Sometimes you just need to work from a full-sized device, or you need to send a file but don’t have a way to transfer it to your phone.

Wifi Hotspot are simple to use and require no additional equipment. Simply activate the feature on your phone and you’re ready to go. It works just like any other WiFi name connection.

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Keep the mobile data network turned on because that’s what your phone uses to act as a transfer point and generate a Wi-Fi signal. Also, ensure that you have enough GB remaining on your plan.

This type of connection is also preferable to using a public Wi-Fi network. It’s generally more secure and faster than most public Wi-Fi networks, though this may vary depending on your cell phone provider.

Furthermore, other people can connect to your iphones hotspot, which can be very useful when you’re working with your colleagues somewhere without an Internet connection. Just be cautious – set up a password to prevent unauthorized users from using your connection. It also helps to turn off your hotspot when you’re finished.

Here’s a quick video of How does a hotspot work!


Device Name and Hotspot Name

Apple does not permit separate names for your device and auto hotspot. It’s the same thing. If you want to change the name of your hotspot, you must essentially rename your device.

It should be noted that this alters how your device appears to other networks. This means that the change will be reflected not only in the name of your portable hotspot, but also in Bluetooth name and AirDrop.

Connecting Your Device To The Hotspot

Changing the name of a hotspot on an iPhone does not automatically change the password. Changing the name of the hotspot, on the other hand, will disconnect any previously connected devices. This means you must reconnect like you would connect your hotspot to a new device.

To enable the hotspot on your device, follow the below steps:

  • Open Settings and then select Cellular.
  • Find Cellular Data and toggle it to the green position if it isn’t already. This will activate your phone’s internet connection.
  • Now, select Personal Hotspot.
  • Move the toggle next to Allow Others to Join if it’s turned off. Check that it’s green.

Follow the steps below to connect the enabled hotspot to your desired device:

  • Turn on the WiFi on the device that you want to connect to your hotspot.
  • Locate your iPhone’s name and press the Connect button. Check the Connect automatically box if you want to always allow this. If both your phone’s hotspot and this device’s WiFi are enabled, this will automatically connect your phone’s hotspot to this device.
  • Your personal hotspot password will be requested. Because the name change disconnects all devices, you must enter your password to reconnect even if you have the Connect automatically option enabled because it now sees all devices as new.
  • You will be able to use your phone’s internet connection on your device after entering the correct password.
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If you want to change the password for your hotspot, go to your Settings app and select Cellular. Choose Personal hotspot and then tap on WiFi password. Delete the existing password and enter your new one. Finally, in the top-right corner of your screen, tap the Done button.

Connecting Your Device To The Hotspot
Connecting Your Device To The Hotspot


If you have an iPhone and want to change the name of your hotspot, here are the steps to take. Because you’re essentially just changing the name of your iPhone, the steps are the same across all iOS versions.

  1. From your home screen, navigate to Settings.
  2. Scroll down and tap the General tab to open it.
  3. About is the first option on the list. To open, tap.
  4. Select the Name tab.
  5. Replace the current name with a new one.
  6. On your keyboard, press the Done button.

As previously stated, changing your iPhone’s name also changes your hotspot’s name. Instead of the old name, the new one will appear on your and other people’s list of available wireless networks. People will still need your hotspot password, which you can change by going to Settings>Personal Hotspot>Wi-Fi Password.


The steps for changing your hotspot name on Android phone are also very simple. There may be minor variations depending on the model. Simply do the following:

  1. Select the Settings app from the menu.
  2. Select Wireless Network/Connectivity.
  3. Tap the Tethering & Hotspot option when you find it.
  4. Open a Wi-Fi hotspot (portable).
  5. Hotspot name is one of the hotspot settings. To open, tap.
  6. Remove the current name and replace it with a new one.
  7. At the bottom of the screen, click Save.

You can now use your hotspot with the new name. When enabled, it will be visible to other devices looking for a Wi-Fi connection.

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You might be wondering what else your hotspot can do. You can improve the experience and make it more secure by doing the following:

  • Alter your password. Make sure it’s not the same as your email or social media passwords, as you may need to share it with others.
  • Set a timer to turn off the hotspot. Some smartphones have a timer option for your hotspot; if you don’t use it for more than five or ten minutes, it will turn off automatically of your personal information.
  • Keep the number of connections to a minimum. You can limit the number of devices that can connect to your hotspot. It can accept up to 8 connections on some Android phones.
  • Set the data limit. When you reach the data limit set, the hotspot will automatically turn off. This way you can make sure you won’t spend more GB than planned.
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When you purchase a new iPhone, the first thing you must do is configure it. Apple provides some default naming options during the process.

Your iOS device’s default hotspot name is iPhone or [Your nameiPhone. ]’s Because other people may have the same hotspot name as you, the default name of your device can be quite confusing if it is very generic, such as “iPhone.”

If you frequently use your iPhone’s personal hotspot feature, you may want to change the name of your hotspot network on iPhone to avoid confusion. You can change the name of your iPhone’s hotspot by following the steps outlined above.

CONCLUSION About Hotspot

Remember that you already have everything you need when you start panicking because the Internet at that coffee shop isn’t working (again! ). Connect your laptop to your hotspot and enjoy!

How frequently do you make use of your phone’s hotspot? What is your biggest qualm with it? Please let us know in the comments!

FAQs On How To Change Hotspot Name?

What is my mobile hotspot name?

Select Wireless device & Networks/Connectivity. Tap the Tethering & Hotspot option apps when you find it. Open a Wi-Fi hotspot (portable). Hotspot name is one of the hotspot settings.

How do I locate my iPhone’s network name?

A WiFi network’s SSID is its name. So, if you want to find the SSID for the WiFi network you’re connected to on your iPhone, go to Settings > Wi Fi password and look for the network name (or SSID).

Where is SSID on iPhone hotspot?

How do I locate my iPhone hotspot’s SSID? So, if you want to find the SSID for the WiFi network you’re connected to on your iPhone, go to Settings > Wi Fi network and look for the network name (or SSID).

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