How To Change Your Voicemail on Samsung? [2023] (Solved!)

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How To Change Your Voicemail on Samsung? Unlock the power of your Samsung cell phone with a wide range of service providers like AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, and T-Mobile.

Check and change your voicemail easily using the quick access menu on your phone, which is packed with all the necessary voicemail info. Our expert guide will teach you. See our answers in the article.

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How To Change Your Voicemail on Samsung

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How To Change Your Voicemail On Samsung?

What is the best way to set up voicemail on this phone?

Create a voicemail system.

  • Dial *86 (*VM) from the handset or the 10-digit mobile number from another phone to reach the customer service center.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to select your language options, and then press the # key to confirm your selection.
  • When prompted, type in the 4- to 7-digit password and then press the # key to confirm.
  • As soon as you are prompted, say the signature (or name) and then press #.

How To Change Your Voicemail On Samsung?

Step 1:

First, we’ll take a look at what to do.

If your phone is a fold-up model, you must first open it. 

Using either the “Menu” button or a button that corresponds to a “Menu” option on the screen, you can navigate through the cell phone’s menu system.

Step 2:

Navigate to the “Messaging” or “Messages” section on the left-hand side of the menu. 

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Select “voicemail” from the drop-down menu and speak as if you were checking your voicemail.

Step 3:

Pay attention to the automated voice that directs you through the voicemail menu selections. 

When the voice gives you the option to change your personal greeting, press the button on the remote that is indicated. 

Follow the on-screen instructions to record your voicemail greeting and save it to your computer. 

The caller will now be transferred to the personalized greeting if you do not answer your cell phone.

How To Change The Greeting In Samsung Voicemail?

If you prefer not to record and send a greeting through your phone’s voicemail system, you can use a visual voicemail application that is already installed on your phone instead.

In the T-Mobile Visual Voicemail app, for example; from the three-dot menu at the top right of the screen, choose “Settings” from the drop-down menu.

In the Greetings & Pin section, you can record a new greeting by first tapping the default greeting and then recording a new one on the screen.

Here are some examples of visual voicemail apps for the most popular cellular service providers:

  • T-Mobile Visual Voicemail is a new feature.
  • Sprint Visual Voicemail 
  • AT&T Visual Voicemail Sprint Visual Voicemail

How to Change The Voicemail Passwords  

The following are the steps to take in order to change the Visual Voicemail password:

1. Applications can be accessed from any Home screen.

2. Visual Voicemail can be found by scrolling down and tapping it.

3. To send greetings, press the Greetings button.

4. To access the menu, press the Menu key.

5. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

6. Change your PIN by selecting it from the drop-down menu.

How To Take a look at your Voicemail Messages

Follow these steps to access Visual Voicemail and listen to any new messages that have been received:

  1. Applications can be accessed from any Home screen.

2. Visual Voicemail can be found by scrolling down and tapping it.

3. Select the voicemail message you want to hear by scrolling to it and tapping it.

4. To listen to the message, click on the blue Play button.

How To Save Voicemails?

Voicemails should be saved or sent so that important messages are not lost.

  1. Locate and select the Voicemail icon from the drop-down menu.
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2. To save a voicemail, tap and hold the message you want to save.

3. To save the message to your phone’s memory card, select Save from the menu bar.

How To Delete Voicemail?

You can enable Edit Mode by pressing and holding a single voicemail in your Voicemail Inbox for a few seconds. This mode allows you to manage multiple messages at the same time.

Please keep in mind that once voicemail messages have been deleted, they cannot be recovered.

Turn off the VOICEMAIL

The following are the steps to turn off or disable Visual Voicemail: 

1. To access the Menu key from any Home screen, press the Menu key.

2. Select Settings from the drop-down menu.

3. Select Application Manager from the drop-down menu.

4. To access the ALL screen, swipe left.

5. Visual Voicemail can be accessed by swiping up and tapping it.

6. Tap Disable, and then tap OK to confirm your selection.


When you disable the app, Visual Voicemail is now stored at the bottom of the list (rather than at the top of the list in alphabetical order).

Bonus: When using Uniden, how do you retrieve voicemail?

A variety of cordless, landline and multiline telephone systems are manufactured by Uniden, which is based in Japan and specializes in electronic manufacturing. 

Almost all of Uniden’s devices are equipped with voicemail capabilities. 

In the event that you are unable to answer the phone, a caller can leave you a message on your voicemail system. 

When you have a Uniden phone, retrieving your messages is a relatively simple process.

Voicemail Feature with Uniden

Step 1:

To access the menu on your Uniden handset, press the “Menu” key. 

Continue to navigate through the menu until you find the voicemail icon. 

The voicemail feature is typically shaped like an envelope on most phone models.

Step 2:

To use the feature, press the “Select” key on your keyboard. 

Wait for the phone to call your voicemail number and then hang up.

Step 3:

When prompted to do so, enter your username and password. 

Keep an eye out for your voicemail menu to start playing.

Step 4:

Check your messages by following the on-screen prompts. To exit the voicemail system, disconnect the call from the other party.

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Making Use of Your Phone Number

Step 1: 

From your Uniden handset, dial the phone number you want to call. Wait for your voicemail to begin playing before pressing the “*” button on your keyboard.

Step 2:

When prompted, enter the password that you use to access your voicemail.

 Keep an eye out for your voicemail menu to start playing.

Step 3:

Check your messages by following the on-screen prompts. 

To exit the voicemail system, disconnect the call from the other party.

Our Final Thoughts: Change Your Voicemail

Setting up voicemail is not as easy as we thought.

It can take a lot of time if we don’t have a proper guide.

So, I hope you learn from this article!

What are your thoughts about this?

Let me know your answer in the comment section below!

Frequently Ask Questions: Change Your Voicemail Samsung

How can I modify the voicemail message on my Samsung phone?

How can I modify the voicemail message on my Samsung phone?
Then navigate to the menu’s “Account” section. Now select the “Voicemail Manage greeting” option from the “Phone settings” menu. The “Microphone” icon can be tapped to record a greeting. When putting up a voicemail greeting, a user may record for up to 40 seconds.

Where are Samsung's voicemail settings?

Install voicemail
Choose the from the home screen. a mobile application.
Select the Visual Voicemail icon after choosing the Keypad tab. A different method is to select and hold the 1 key in the Phone app to set up voicemail. …
Choose Continue.
Choose OK.

What are the settings for my voicemail?

  1. Modify the voicemail settings.
  2. Activate the Phone app.
  3. Tap More options in the top right corner. Select Settings. Voicemail.
  4. By selecting Advanced Settings Service, you can switch the carrier that handles your voicemails. Tap Advanced Settings Setup to configure your voice mail. Tap Notifications to modify your notification settings.


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