Why Is Peacock Not Working? [Answered] (4 Reasons!)

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Why is peacock not working? Peacock TV is an app developed by NBC Universal’s Television and Streaming division.

Peacock TV has a diverse selection of content, including shows, news, movies, and more.

It also offers a variety of ways to interact with the app, such as watching videos and subscribing to channels.

It comes in a variety of languages, including English, Chinese, and Korean.

Why Is Peacock Not Working
Why Is Peacock Not Working?


We’ve discussed some of the possible causes of peacock tv not working properly on your smart TVs or fire tv.

  • A software bug: This could be the cause of your device’s software bug. To resolve this, reinstall the Peacock Tv application on your device.
  • An Outage: A server outage on the platform is one of the most likely causes of this error. Check the Peacock Tv server status and, if there is one, wait until Peacock fixes it.
  • Cache & Data: If you haven’t cleared the cache and data of Peacock TV’s application, you may encounter this problem. Clear the application’s cache and data from the device’s settings.
  • Outdated Firmware: This could also cause the Peacock Tv or Samsung Tv Not Working issue; try updating the firmware and see if this resolves the problem.
Why Is Peacock Not Working?

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1. Check Peacock Server

This is the first step to take before proceeding. Go to Downdetector or this link to check the Peacock network server. If you notice significant outrage spikes, it’s a confirmed Peacock problem. You have no choice but to wait for Peacock to fix the problem.

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2. Examine your internet connection

Peacock may be unavailable because your internet connection is unstable. Examine your internet connection to ensure that it is running at a consistent speed even on roku tv.

Check that all connections and cables to your router are properly connected and that the router’s lights indicate an active internet connection. When your internet connection is stable, reopen the Peacock app to see if everything works properly.

Examine your internet connection
Examine your internet connection

3. Clear app cache

To clear the Peacock’s cache, go to Settings, Manage installed apps, and then select the Peacock app. More options will appear, one of which is “Clear App Cache.” Click on it, force close the app, and reopen the Peacock to complete this process.

4. Other Devices Must Be Logged Out

A single Peacock TV account can be used on up to six different devices. On the other hand, using six devices at once can cause your Peacock app to slow down. As a result, try to connect no more than three devices at once. To sign out of other devices, do the following:

  1. Go to your Account Page.
  2. Choose Devices.
  3. Select Other Devices.
  4. Remove the devices you wish to remove.

If you notice a device you don’t recognize, you must “reset your password” to secure your account.

5. Update App

An out-of-date Peacock app has erratic behavior. The app’s current version may no longer be compatible with your device’s software. As a result, you require an upgrade.

6. Remove Peacock

If Peacock still does not work after updating, uninstall and reinstall it. Uninstall and reinstall it by going to the Apps menu and searching for it. This fix will eliminate any potential issues and provide an automatic solution for Peacock not working.

Remove Peacock
Remove Peacock

7. Reinstall The Peacock TV

If there are no updates available for peacock tv and you are unable to resolve this issue. So, let’s try one of the effective solutions to this problem. Users claimed that reinstalling the Peacock Tv app on their streaming device fixed the problem.

  • To begin, open and watch Peacock Tv app or any android tv and tap/press and hold the app icon until the Uninstall/remove option appears.
  • Then, choose Uninstall/Remove app.
  • After uninstalling the application, restart your computer and go to the application store (play store or App Store).
  • Look for the ways to fix Peacock TV and reinstall it.
  • Log in with your credentials to see if the problem has been resolved apple tv.
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8. Restart your device

This solution is typical for any issue you may be having with your devices. After restarting your roku device, wait for it to return to the home screen before selecting the peacock application and checking to see if it is running normally.

9. Disable or uninstall the VPN

If you use a VPN to access Peacock TV or fix peacock application outside of the United States. However, your Peacock TV suddenly stops working, and it’s possible that your VPN is the only source of the problem. To resolve this, try disabling or removing the VPN (on Windows), as detailed below.

  • To begin, navigate to Settings and then to Network & Internet.
  • Then, choose VPN and,
  • Select the VPN connection you want to disable.
  • Finally, select Remove/Disconnect.

After removing the VPN, Reconnect it again and check whether this resolves the issue or not to stream tv.

10. Verify Your Internet Connection

If your trying to stream Peacock TV is still not working, we recommend that you check your internet connection. Some users claimed that simply reconnecting, switching, and rebooting their internet devices fixed the problem.

To begin, go to Fast.com and check the internet speed of your network. To stream, Peacock Tv show requires a minimum speed of 2 to 5mbps. If you aren’t getting the required internet speed, try;

  • Turn off your mobile data and on your Wi-Fi.

Forget about Wi-Fi.

  • Alternatively, go to the settings and disable Wi-Fi.
  • After 2-3 minutes, reconnect to the Wi-Fi google chrome.

Restart the Router

  • If you’re still facing the issue, Turn off your router (if you’re using WiFi for the internet) and unplug the power adapter from the power outlet. Wait for 30-60 seconds and plug the power adapter back into the power outlet.
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Connect the streaming device using an ethernet cable

  • If you are experiencing this problem on your Smart TV or computer, try using an ethernet cable for a more stable and secure internet connection. Connect the ethernet cable securely and check to see if the problem has been resolved.

Router Position Modification

  • You may be experiencing this problem due to a lack of strong Wi-Fi signals. To resolve this, try moving your router and setting it to a higher position.

CONCLUSION On Why Peacock Not Working

Followed and tried all the steps, methods that are mentioned in this post but, still not able to fix this Peacock Tv Not working issue. Now is the time to contact the Peacock users Tv customer service center and report your problem. Their team will provide you with the best assistance and repairs. I hope the Peacock users customer service team can assist you in resolving this issue.

FAQs Peacock TV Issues

What is up with Peacock TV?

Peacock is a streaming service that provides access to NBCUniversal shows, movies, sports, and news. The basic plan is ad-supported, which means you can watch some of the catalog for free while watching commercials. Peacock Premium ($5/month) has more content to watch, while Peacock Premium Plus ($10/month) does not.

How do I set up my Peacock TV?

To begin, locate and install the Peacock app on your device, or go directly to PeacockTV.com and enter your email address to create a Peacock account. Then you’re all set to watch! Please see this page for a list of supported devices.

Is Peacock having buffering issues?

If you’re playing online games, downloading or uploading large files while trying to watch a Peacock show on the same network, this could cause buffering. Test your internet connection speed. We recommend a minimum speed of 3.0 Mbps for you to be able to enjoy our content.

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