How To Video Call on Samsung (Step-by-Step Guide)

Due to the effects of the COVID-19 virus and social distancing, a growing number of people are using video-chat apps to assist with gatherings, for everything from connecting youngsters with their grandparents to meeting friends for virtual happy hours.

When you are separated from your friends or family and talking on the phone isn’t enough, you may make video calls from your Galaxy phone to view them face to face and communicate with them.

Several video calling services are currently accessible, or you can choose from among the numerous additional options or apps that are available.

Although you won’t be able to see your loved ones in person, it’s the next best thing because you’ll be able to view them in real-time on the internet.

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How To Turn On Video Call On Samsung?

Troubleshooting: Issues on Samsung video call setting

The other person cannot see me.Make sure that your camera is turned on. You can do this by going to Settings > Apps > Camera > Camera and making sure that the Camera switch is turned on.
The other person cannot hear me.Make sure that your microphone is turned on. You can do this by going to Settings > Apps > Phone > Phone and making sure that the Microphone switch is turned on.
The video call is choppy or laggy.Make sure that you have a strong internet connection. If you are using Wi-Fi, try moving closer to your router. If you are using cellular data, try switching to a different network.
The other person’s video is blurry.Make sure that the other person’s camera is turned on and that they have a strong internet connection. You can also try adjusting the video call settings on your device.
The other person’s video is upside down.This is usually caused by a setting on the other person’s device. You can ask them to check their device’s settings.
samsung to samsung video call

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Different Video-Chat Apps To Use

In situations where you are separated from your friends or family and conversing on the phone isn’t enough, video calls on your Galaxy phone, tablet, or computer allow you to view them face to face.

There are already a lot of services available, as well as some additional solutions and apps that are available on the market.

Although you won’t be able to see your loved ones in person, it’s the next best thing because you’ll be able to view them in real-time on the internet.


Skype Technologies - Wikipedia

Originally released in 2003, this global call-and-text app was purchased by Microsoft in 2011.

It allows users to communicate with anyone in the world. It allows you to make both audio and video calls.

Skype may be installed on a variety of devices, including smartphones, tablets, and PCs. Additionally, it is Alexa-enabled and can be used through a web browser or even on an Xbox game device.

It contains features that allow you to host up to 50 people, share what’s on your screen, and record the proceedings if you’re using the program for work purposes. It also includes live captioning, which is a pleasant bonus for multitaskers and the hearing-impaired, among other things.

Google Duo

Google Duo - Apps on Google Play

This program comes pre-installed on the majority of Android phones and can be obtained for a fee through the Apple App Store.

Use of the app is possible on a variety of devices including smartphones, tablets, desktops (even through a web browser), and smart speakers with displays, such as the Google Nest Hub Max.

Google Duo, which is less business-oriented than Skype, allows you to communicate with up to eight people at the same time.

If the person you’re contacting doesn’t pick up the phone, you can leave a small video message on their answering machine.



Many people use Messenger to send private, email-like messages to Facebook friends, but it also has a built-in video chat capability that may be used to communicate with them.

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Calls conducted over a WiFi connection are free, but calls made using a cellular service are subject to typical data rates, which are listed below.

The app offers amusing Snapchat-like filters, as well as the ability to scribble on your videos. Download it now.

In the event that you do not wish to download the Messenger application, you can make audio and samsung video chat through Facebook’s desktop website.

Simply open a conversation window with one of your Facebook friends and click on the phone or camera icon in the upper-right-hand corner to record a video or audio message.

Facebook also owns WhatsApp Messenger, which has features that are comparable to those of Facebook Messenger.

A Facebook account is not required in order to utilize this service.

Instead, it is associated with your phone number.

What exactly is WhatsApp?

WhatsApp: The Best Facebook Purchase Ever?

WhatsApp, which was founded in 2009, is one of the most widely used texts and voice messaging applications.

With it, you may communicate with others by sending messages, making voice calls, and hosting video chats on both desktop and mobile platforms.

One of the things that makes this app intriguing is that it works on a variety of phone and computer operating systems, which is helpful when it comes to texting.

When making individual or group calls, it can make use of Wi-Fi and cellular data to facilitate the process.

It is particularly useful for families and small collaborative workgroups, and it is particularly useful for families.

How does samsung video call work?

You may use the app to make phone calls, send and receive messages, as well as documents, photographs, and videos.

WhatsApp is completely free — there are no fees or subscriptions — because it makes use of your phone’s 5G, 4G, 3G, 2G, EDGE, or Wi-Fi connection rather than the voice minutes or text plan from your mobile plan, which saves you money.

WhatsApp is available on both Android and iOS devices. In addition, if you’re connected to Wi-Fi, it won’t consume any of your data plans.

Its widespread use is aided by the fact that it allows for free international calling, even when the individuals on the other end of the line are in different countries.

Using Google Due To Videocall Someone

A video chat application, Google Duo, is preinstalled on the majority of Galaxy devices, making it easy to communicate with others.

Ensure that the Google folder on the Apps screen is visible if you haven’t already seen it on your device.

The setup is straightforward.

Simply connect to your Google account and follow a couple of simple steps to get started.

In the Phone app, Galaxy phones with One UI 2 may have the Google Duo symbol, which will vary depending on their carrier.

Using Skype to Video call Someone

Step 1: Download and install the software.

You’ll need to download a different version of Skype depending on the device you intend to use it on.  

Step 2: Create a username for yourself.

Create a username and password that you will be able to remember easily.

Then, make sure your family and friends are aware of your phone number so they can be prepared to answer your calls and reach out to you on their own.

Step 3: Create a list of all of your contacts.

Once you’ve given out your Skype username, you should ask your family and friends for theirs as well.

After logging in, you can quickly add them by selecting the Contacts tab on the left-hand side of the screen and then clicking the “Add Contact” button in the top right-hand corner.

Optional Step 4: Select your phone call type

After you’ve completed the process of generating your contact list, you’ll be prepared to make your first Skype call.

By clicking on the picture of a family member or friend, you can place a phone call to that person.

Samsung video call without duo

You’ll then be presented with a series of buttons, from which you’ll be able to select the type of call you’d like to make. You have a choice between the following:

Video calls – If you wish to communicate with someone face-to-face, select the video button.
Making phone calls – To make a phone call without using the webcam, press the phone button on the toolbar.

A “+” button will also be visible, which allows you to include other loved ones in the conversation. Having the entire family on the phone is especially useful when you’re attempting to get everyone together for a conference call.

Step 5: Double-check that you’re connected.

A problem with the connection may occur after you have placed the call and are unable to see or hear the other party.

To ensure that you and your loved one have a strong enough internet connection to communicate, click on the call quality symbol on the toolbar.

Step 6: Take as much time as you need to talk!

The photo of your friend will fill the entire screen once the connection is strong, and a little square of your own image will be displayed in the bottom right corner of the screen.

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You can now spend the rest of the day chatting away! Skype makes it simple to stay in touch with family and friends, no matter how far apart you are geographical.

Step 7: Hang up the phone.

Once you’ve ended the call, simply hit the red handset icon to bring the conversation to a close and exit out of the a

Make a video or voice call to someone Using Google Duo

Check that you have the most recent version of the Duo app, as well as Android 7.0 or higher.

1. Launch the Google Duo application.

2. Use the search bar at the top of the screen to find contacts or dial a number.

3. Select Voice to call Audio or Video call Video from the drop-down menu.

 Use Google Duo on a Google Home device to communicate with others.

Please note that your Google Assistant language must be set to English US, English UK, or one of the other languages supported by Google.

1. Open the Duo app on your Android device and sign in with your Google account.

2. Call Home can be found at the top of your contact list.

3. You can call any Google Home device in which you are enrolled, such as Smart Displays with Google Assistant, using the Google Duo app.

Begin a video conference call with a group of people.

In a Google Duo group video call, you can have up to 32 people participate at the same time.

1. Form a gathering of people.

2. Open the Google Duo application on your phone.

3. At the bottom right of the screen, select New call, followed by Create group.

4. Make a list of your contacts.

5. To finish, press the Done button.

To begin a video call, select Start video call.

1. You can give the group a name if you want.

2. Press Edit Edit, type a name in the text box, and then tap Save.

Everyone in the group sees the name that was given to them.

3. Send out a link to initiate a group conference call.

Open the Duo application on your phone.

1. At the bottom right of the screen, select New call, followed by Create group.

2. Make a list of your contacts.

3. To finish, press the Done button.

4. To share the link or add contacts, select Copy Copy or Share Share from the drop-down menu.

5. If the recipient uses a computer and clicks on the link, duo.google.com is launched.

6. If the recipient taps the link on a mobile device and has Google Duo installed, the Google Duo app will open for that recipient.

  • Using a mobile device, if the recipient touches the link and Google Duo is not already installed, the link launches Google Duo in Google Play or the App Store.

1. To begin, press the Start button.

2. Call an existing group or join a live group call if one is not already set up.

3. It is important to note that child accounts can only join groups if at least one of their contacts is a member of the group in question.

Open the Google Duo application on your phone.

1. Select New call from the drop-down menu in the bottom right.

2. Call a group or join a live group by selecting “Groups” from the drop-down menu. If the word “Live” appears beneath the group name, the call is currently active and you are welcome to participate.

3. To refer to an existing group as follows: Start a video call by tapping the name of the group or the names of the participants.

4. To participate in a live group call, select the group name or participants from the drop-down menu and then select Join video call.

5. You can rename a group, invite new members, reset a group link, or leave a group at any time.

 Suspicious organizations

Whenever you receive a group invitation that contains blocked accounts or users who are not in your contacts list, Google Duo flags the invitation as suspicious.

Google Duo will not provide you with any information about the members of a group that you have blocked.

You have the option of joining or declining the organization.

If you join, Google Duo will not unblock anyone who has already blocked you.

  • Remove a member from a group
  • Open the Google Duo application on your phone.
  • New Call can be found at the bottom right of the screen.
  • Select a group from the drop-down menu under “Groups.”
  • Touch and hold the contact you wish to delete until it disappears.
  • Remove yourself from the group by pressing the Remove button.

Optional: You can also choose to block the member of the group.

Tip: If the person you blocked attempts to rejoin the group by clicking on the original link, they will see an error message stating that the group does not exist.

Everyone else in the group will have their group link renewed as well. Learn about the blocked numbers that can be used in group calls.

Make Google Duo calls from other apps, including other Google products to .

If your carrier offers video calling and you and the person you’re phoning both have a video camera:

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Have the same service provider: It’s possible that the call will make use of your carrier’s video service.

Have a variety of transportation options: The call is made through Google Duo to make a video call android samsung.

How to video chat with someone or a group of people using the Facebook Messenger app

With Messenger, you can video chat with a single individual or with a group of people at the same time.

Messenger is a mobile application for iOS and Android devices.

1. Start by opening a discussion with the individual or group with whom you wish to video chat, and then click the video call icon in the conversations area.

2. Please keep in mind that if you are not connected to Wi-Fi when making a video call from your mobile device, the feature will consume the data plan that is currently in use.

3. You can get the Messanger mobile app for iOS from this link, and the Messanger mobile app for Android from this link.

Facebook.com or Messenger.com are two options.

1. Start by opening a discussion with the individual or group with whom you wish to video chat, and then click the video call icon in the conversations area.

2. Please keep in mind that calling on messenger.com or facebook.com is only available through the Chrome or Opera browsers.

Devices that act as Facebook portals

Messages from the Portal can be received on Portal devices, the Messenger app on mobile phones or tablets, messenger.com and facebook.com, or WhatsApp on mobile phones.

However, you will not be able to utilize Portal to call Messenger connections who do not have Facebook accounts – we understand that this is perplexing.

In any case, in order to make a video call on a Portal, be sure to connect it to your Facebook Messenger account when you first set it up.

Then you can just say to it, “Hey Portal, call [contact name],” and it will respond.

It is possible that Portal will ask you to validate which contact you are attempting to contact.

Solutions to the problem of your Samsung video call not working

For a Samsung device to function properly, you must go through a number of steps in order to resolve voice call problems.

Find out what you need to do in the section below.

1. Check for any signal problems.

Video chat or calling, like a typical voice call, requires a stable connection to your network in order to function properly.

Ascertain that you are in a well-lit, open area and that the signal bars on your Samsung device are showing at least three bars at all times.

Anything less than that may have an adverse effect on the quality of the conversation as well as the mobile data connection, which is required for video calling to function properly.

If you’re inside a building, the signal may be intermittent, so be sure to go to a more convenient location with good coverage before continuing.

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How To Video Call on Samsung (Step-by-Step Guide)

2. Find out what the problem is.

Keep track of any errors that appear when video calling fails and make a note of what they are.

Errors can be critical in the resolution of a problem, and they can also lead the way to a solution.

Overall, video calling functions normally, but when it does not, it is most often due to a weak connection that is the cause of the failure.

If you receive an error message indicating that the signal may be weak, take note of it and try to remedy the situation by repositioning your device.

We are unable to provide a comprehensive list of video calling feature problems due to the fact that they may differ depending on the phone model and provider.

Make use of your common sense and Google to figure out what might be causing the issue you’re experiencing.

It’s fine if you can’t pinpoint the particular cause of the problem. Simply proceed to follow the rest of our recommended remedies listed further down on this page.

3. Restart the computer system.

reboot 7img 61d39110030fe 2022 01 4
This necessitates the restarting of your Samsung device. If a computer, such as a smartphone, is kept running for an extended period of time, it may develop flaws.

Before attempting to initiate a video call, make sure to restart your phone or tablet.

Samsung Video Call App

“Samsung’s video call app offers seamless and high-quality video communication. With user-friendly features and a reliable connection, Samsung’s app enables effortless video calls with friends, family, or colleagues. Stay connected and engage in face-to-face conversations easily with this top-notch video call app from Samsung.”

Our Final Thoughts

In part as a result of the events of 2020, which have extended into 2021, we are using video calling more frequently.

The odds are that you’re more familiar with Zoom and Google Meet than you ever imagined imaginable, whether for school, work, or virtual family gatherings.

Frequently Ask Questions video calls on samsung

How do I make a video call on my Samsung phone?To make a video call on your Samsung phone, open the Phone app and select the contact that you want to call. Once you have selected the contact, tap the Video button.
How do I answer a video call on my Samsung phone?To answer a video call samsung phone, drag the green answer button to the right.
How do I end a video call on my Samsung phone?To end a video call on your Samsung phone, tap the red end button.
How do I mute my microphone during a video call on my Samsung phone?To mute your microphone during a video call on your Samsung phone, tap the microphone button.
How do I switch cameras during a video call on my Samsung phone?To switch cameras during a video call on your Samsung phone, tap the camera button.
How To Enable Video Call On Samsung?
To enable video calls on your Samsung device, follow these steps: Go to the Phone app > Open Settings > Tap on the Call settings > Select the Video calling option > Enable it. Now, you can make video calls using apps like Google Duo, WhatsApp, or the pre-installed Samsung Video Call.
how to enable video call in samsung

What is the procedure for enabling video calling on my Samsung?

  • Turn video calls on and off on your Samsung Galaxy S7 or S7 edge with HD Voice.
  • The phone may be accessed from the Home screen. (lower-left).
  • To access the menu, select it from the drop-down menu (upper-right).
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • To turn on or off video calling, go to the Video Calls section and tap the Video Calling switch.
  • If a notification is displayed, read it carefully before tapping OK to agree.

Is there a video call feature on Samsung?

In situations where you are separated from your friends or family and simply conversing on the phone isn’t enough, you may make video calls from your Galaxy phone, tablet, or computer to view them face to face.

Video calling is only possible if both devices are running the Android operating system.

What is the procedure for enabling video calling?

Video Call On / Off – High Definition Voice – LG LancetTM for AndroidTM

1. From the Home screen, select Phone from the drop-down menu. If this option is not available, navigate to: Apps > Phone.

2. To access the menu, press the Menu button (located in the upper right).

3. Select Call settings from the drop-down menu.

4. To switch on or off video calling, select it from the menu bar.

5. To proceed, press OK. Please read the notice regarding billing and data usage before continuing.


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