How to Connect Airpods To Samsung TV? [2023] (Solved)

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How to Connect Airpods To Samsung TV? Apple AirPods can be used in conjunction with Android smartphones. 

Even though Apple has designed the AirPods (and AirPods Pro) to be an integral part of its ecosystem — as it has with all of its products — Android users have the option of connecting the company’s true wireless stereo (TWS) earbuds with their phones.

Here is a quick solution to try.


Here is how to connect AirPods to Samsung TV.

  1. Put your AirPods into pairing mode by pushing and holding the pairing button on the back of the case until the white light blinks.
  2. Enable Bluetooth on your Samsung TV by navigating to Settings.
  3. Select your AirPods from the list of possible devices displayed on the TV.

I hope this helps. If not, try the other solutions in this article.

How to Connect Airpods To Samsung TV
How to Connect Airpods To Samsung TV

 In contrast to the complete incompatibility that prevents the Apple Watch from being used with Android devices, this is not the case.

In addition, the ability to pair Apple AirPods with an Android phone means that you won’t need to ditch your current phone to enjoy what is arguably the world’s most popular wireless earbuds — market statistics from third-party research firms attest to their widespread appeal — without having to upgrade to a new one.

AirPods are one of the few Apple products that can be used with an Android phone without switching to a separate Apple device

Video Connect AirPods to Samsung Smart TV

Here is a helpful video to connect your Airpods to your Samsung Smart TV. Stop and Replay this if you need.

Connect AirPods to Samsung Smart TV

Tips: How to Connect Apple AirPods to Samsung TV

To Connect Apple Airpods to Samsung TV, start pairing mode, press and hold the button on the back of the AirPods case with both earphones inside until the LED light flashes. When the AirPods name appears on your television, choose it, and it should be ready to use!

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How to Connect Airpods To Samsung TV?

Let’s begin listed below how you can link them up with your Android device.

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How to Connect Airpods To Samsung Tv

Is it possible to use Apple AirPods with Samsung televisions?

If you have this question, you might wonder if AirPods will even work with your Samsung television. 

After all, many of Apple’s products are proprietary, meaning that they will only work with other Apple products in their respective categories. 

AirPods, on the other hand, is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Samsung televisions, which you will be pleased to know.

That means you can use your AirPods to listen to your Samsung TV whenever you want, regardless of where you are. 

Apple AirPods are compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled device, including Samsung TVs and a variety of other devices you may have around the house.

First, determine whether or not your Samsung Television is equipped with Bluetooth.

Obviously, before pairing a Bluetooth device with your Samsung TV, you should ensure that the device has a Bluetooth connection. 

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The quickest and most straightforward method is to search for your TV model number on Google and look at the specifications.

Another good indicator that your TV is Bluetooth-capable is the presence of a Smart Remote on the device. 

Your Samsung TV will almost certainly support Bluetooth if equipped with a Smart Remote because this is how the remote communicates with the TV.

Another method of determining whether or not your Samsung TV has Bluetooth is to navigate to the Settings menu, select Sound, and then Sound Output from there. 

If you see an option labeled Bluetooth Speaker List on your TV, it is Bluetooth-enabled.

Finally, you can always refer to the user manual with your television set or look up the manual online using the search engine.

What compatibility do AirPods have with Samsung TV?

At the same time Apple released the AirPods, the company decided to remove the headphone jack from the iPhone 7. 

Consumers might have interpreted this to mean that the AirPods would only work with Apple devices due to this restriction.

Contrary to popular belief, Apple AirPods are compatible with virtually any device that supports Bluetooth headphones, including Samsung televisions.

What other devices compatible with apple AirPods are there for discussion?

AirPods connect with Samsung TV
AirPods connect with Samsung TV

As long as the device supports Bluetooth headphones, AirPods are compatible with a wide range of devices; for devices that Apple does not manufacture, they function as standard Bluetooth headsets.

Having said that, Apple AirPods are also compatible with the following devices:

  • Phones with Android operating systems
  • Windows Phones are smartphones that run on Microsoft Windows.
  • Macintosh Computers
  • PCs

Consoles for playing video games (if they support Bluetooth headphones)

Bluetooth headphones can be used with any other device that supports Bluetooth headphones.

Would it be appropriate to use Apple AirPods with my Samsung TV?

You may not want to use your Apple AirPods with your Samsung TV all that often. 

Because in-ear headphones can damage your hearing over time (as can any loud noise), using them while watching television may be harmful if done regularly.

In-ear headphones tend to rely on high-frequency sounds, which is more likely to cause hearing loss than the sound produced by larger speakers, such as television speakers or stereo speakers.

If possible, listening to your television through its built-in speakers is preferable. 

Because of this, there is less impact on your ears, and it is more secure in the long run.

What Is It About Wireless Earbuds AirPods That Makes Them Unique?

Currently, when it comes to making earbud selections, one factor that influences most people’s decisions is “the brand.” 

Believe me when I say I adore brands, and who doesn’t? 

However, there are times when you may want to look beyond brands.

A number of earbuds are equipped with built-in features that enable them to control Alexa and Siri, as well as the ability to cancel out background noise and interference. 

Some are even waterproof, which is a nice touch. If you’re a fan of Apple technology, you’re probably aware that the company did a pretty good job with its AirPods headphones. 

Everything from the comfortable fit, access to Siri, long battery life, fast battery charging in the case, and so much more could be listed here! 

As a result, AirPods have become extremely popular earbuds.

You’ve heard about the possibility of connecting your AirPods to your television, and you’re looking for a guide on how to do so. Allow us to provide you with that guide right now.


A similar procedure applies for connecting the AirPods to a Samsung TV as it does for connecting them to any other non-Apple device. 

The AirPods are identical to any other Bluetooth headset; the only difference is that they have additional features for people who use them in conjunction with Apple devices.

To connect your Apple AirPods to your Samsung TV, follow these steps:

  1. Check to see if your Bluetooth is enabled and working properly.

2. When you have both earbuds in the case, press and hold the button on the back of the 

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3. AirPods case until you see the LED light flash; this will put them into pairing mode.

4. When you see the AirPods’ name appear on your TV, select it and it should be ready to use right away.

5. When using AirPods (or any other in-ear headphone) to watch television, it’s important to remember the following: Keep in mind that the TV’s default volume is quite loud. 

6. When the volume is too high for an extended period, it can cause hearing damage.

What Should I Do If My Apple Airpod Headphones Are Unable to Pair With My Samsung Tv?

It is recommended that you turn off the Bluetooth on your headphones and take your AirPods out of pairing mode if your headphones are not pairing with your TV. 

Put the headphones back into pairing mode and re-enable Bluetooth on your Samsung television to complete the process.

Wait for the changes to take effect before bringing up the available devices list again and making sure your headphones aren’t listed among them. 

They should appear on the screen, and you can select them to connect to the network.

Continue to try pairing them after restarting your television completely and then putting the headphones back into pairing mode. 

Connect the headphones by turning on Bluetooth on the television and looking for them in the list of available devices. They should now be visible.

Internet Connection Problems With Samsung Tv Troubleshooting

 You can try the following if your AirPods do not communicate properly with your Samsung TV for some reason:

1. To begin, try to reset the AirPods by putting them back in their case and closing the lid completely. 

Wait approximately 30 seconds before attempting to reconnect with them.

2. Check the volume of your television next; the volume of your television can have an impact on the sound transmitted through your earbuds.

3. However, if this does not work, try disconnecting them and reconnecting them within 2-3 feet of the television.

4. Changing the “Press and Hold AirPods” setting to “Noise Control” for both earbuds and turning off the Bluetooth setting on your iPhone was suggested by an Apple Community Member for AirPods Pro users. 

5. Turning off the Bluetooth setting on your iPhone will prevent the AirPods from trying to pair with your iPhone automatically.

6. Alternatively, another user suggested turning off the iPhone completely (if you have one) while attempting to pair the AirPods with the TV to prevent the AirPods from automatically attempting to connect to your phone.

What About an Adapter?

Is there a way around the fact that my TV does not have an in-built Bluetooth feature (which is not very common these days, thanks to the popularity of smart TVs), or that I want to connect more than one pair of AirPods at the same time? 

Yes, without a doubt. 

You may also have noticed that the touch volume control feature of AirPods is not available on devices not made by Apple, which means another option must be used in this situation.

The use of Bluetooth adapters, particularly those with built-in volume control features, is encouraged. 

Bluetooth adapters are also referred to as Bluetooth transmitters in some circles.

In What Ways Can an Adapter Be of Service to You?

The device provides the volume control on a Bluetooth adapter, which includes a built-in feature for volume control, even when your TV is connected to your adapter via a Digital Optical connection. 

This is critical because, once your TV is connected via Digital Optical, it loses its ability to control the volume through the remote control. 

As a result, an adapter will restore your ability to control the volume.

A Bluetooth adapter allows you to simultaneously connect up to two pairs of headphones to your television.

What is the proper way to connect an adapter?

When using a Bluetooth adapter, the setup is very straightforward. 

To complete this task, you do not need to be technically skilled, and it should be up and running in no time

To connect an adapter, follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: The first step is to connect the Bluetooth adapter to a power source.

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Step 2: Connect the Bluetooth adapter to your television set via HDMI cable

With certain adapters, the connection can be made via digital optical, 3.5mm auxiliary, or an RCA audio output port, depending on the device.

Step 3: Prepare your AirPods so that they are ready to pair. 

The AirPods charging case must be opened in order to activate pairing mode. 

The button on the charging case’s back must be pressed and held down until the AirPods are activated. 

The AirPods’ LED status light should begin to blink white, indicating that they are ready to be paired with your phone.

Step 4: Prepare your Bluetooth adapter so that it is ready to pair.

Step 5: As previously stated, Bluetooth connects via short radio waves to establish a connection. 

For this reason, in order to connect your AirPods to your Bluetooth adapter, you must keep them close together in order for the adapter to detect the Bluetooth signal from the AirPods.

Step 6: If you are using a Digital Optical connection to connect your adapter to your TV, then once the AirPods are connected to the adapter, go into the settings of your TV and change the audio output format from Digital audio to Pulse-Code Modulation. 

Step 7: If you are using a Digital Optical connection to connect your adapter to your TV, then follow the steps below (PCM)

Our Final Thoughts: How to Connect Airpods To Samsung TV

In this article, we will look at how to connect your AirPods to your Samsung TV, as well as a guide for the Bluetooth pairing steps on the Samsung TV 2018 (if you have one). 

In addition, we discussed Bluetooth adapters and transmitters and how they can be useful when pairing headphones with your smart TV.

When it comes to pairing your devices for use, the process is simple and does not necessitate a technical background. 

However, it is important to note that using AirPods as an audio output for your television on a regular basis is not recommended.

Earphones/earbuds, in contrast to headphones, are designed to be inserted into the ear in order to be used. 

Using earbuds on a regular basis can cause ear tinnitus (a ringing or buzzing sound in both or one ear that is often associated with hearing loss) over time due to their small size and reliance on high-frequency sounds to transmit audio data.

 As a result, it is recommended that you use other wireless audio options more often and rely less on AirPods as an audio output for your television.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the best way to connect my AirPods to my Smart TV?

  1. Pressing and holding the round button on the back of the charging case until the LED indicator starts flashing WHITE will put your AirPods/AirPods Pro into pairing mode.

2. Navigate to the Bluetooth menu on your TV and search for and select AirPods/AirPods Pro to connect.

What is causing my AirPods to not connect to my Samsung?

After you’ve placed your AirPods back in their case, press and hold the button on the back of the device. 

Continue to press and hold this button for approximately 15 seconds until the light on the front of the case flashes orange (see illustration). 

Remove your AirPods from their case as soon as the orange light appears, and then manually pair them with your Android device once more.

Is it possible to connect Apple AirPods to a Samsung?

On your Android device, go to Settings > Connections/Connected Devices > Bluetooth and make sure that Bluetooth is enabled (see image below). 

Then open the AirPods case and press the white button on the back of the case while holding it close to the Android device. 

Your AirPods should appear in the list of connected devices displayed on the screen.


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