Does The Samsung A12 Support Wireless Charging? [Detailed Guide]

Does The Samsung A12 Support Wireless Charging? Cables used as electronic accessories are gradually becoming obsolete, even when it comes to charging your devices.

Wireless charging is about to take over your heart because its convenience is making its way into an increasing number of devices.

Wireless charging devices can be charged by simply placing them on top of a compatible charging pad.

The Samsung Galaxy A12 Smartphone, which was released last year, is a very affordable Smartphone with a useful set of specifications that make it an appealing offer.

The Smartphone has 3 GB, 4 GB, and 6 GB RAM, as well as 32 GB, 64 GB, and 128 GB internal storage options details.

It is powered by a non-removable Li-Po 5000 mAh battery with 15W fast charging.

If you want to buy a Smartphone that supports fast wireless charging, the Galaxy A12 is a good option.

Does The Samsung A12 Support Wireless Charging
Samsung galaxy a12 wireless charging

Troubleshooting: Issues on Samsung A12 Wireless Charging

The Samsung A12 does not support wireless charging.You can use a wired chargers to charge your phone.
Your phone may not be properly placed on the charging pad.Make sure that your phone is placed directly in the center of the charging pad, without any obstructions.
Your phone may be using a case that is not compatible with wireless charging.Remove your phone case and try charging it again.
Your charging pad may be defective.Try using a different charging pad.
There may be a problem with your phone’s software.Update your phone’s software to the latest version details.

Does The Samsung A12 Support Wireless Charging

I just double-checked, and the Galaxy A12 does not support wireless charging, but it does support 15W Fast Charging with the official charger and cable.

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Does The Samsung A12 Support Wireless Charging
Does The Samsung A12 Support Wireless Charging

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Is samsung a12 wireless charging?

Wireless charging is a much easier way to charge your device than using a traditional wired charger. When one needs to power up their phone quickly without having to plug anything in, wireless charging is a one-stop solution for trouble-free charging details.

Samsung a12 charging ways

It keeps you from getting tangled up in the wire and provides super comfort and quick charging. The Samsung Galaxy A12 now has wireless charging, thanks to the company.

does samsung a12 have wireless charging
Does samsung a12 have wireless charging


In the United Kingdom, the Samsung Galaxy costs a reasonable £169. Consider the following wireless charging adapters for your Samsung Galaxy A12 device:

Official Samsung Galaxy A12 Wireless Fast Charging Pad – Black

  1. With this wireless fast charge technology charging pad in black, you can charge your Samsung Galaxy A12 Smartphone wirelessly. This official Samsung Qi Wireless Charging pad is fully compatible with your Galaxy A12 and charges it in less than two hours. The charging pad has a sleek and ultra slim design, as well as an electromagnetic field for Qi wireless charging, making it an excellent choice for Galaxy A12 and galaxy a52 or ipad owners.

Goobay Universal 5W Qi Wireless Charging Compact Power Pad – Black

Goobay Universal Wireless Charging Compact Power Pad is another wireless chargers on our list that will provide you with the full cable-free convenience of wireless charging. This black Goobay power pad is compact, lightweight, and supports QI wireless 5W pad. All of the latest Smartphones that support QI wireless charging are fully compatible with the charging pad. It also includes a 1 meter Micro USB cable or in ipad.

Goobay Universal 5W Qi
Goobay Universal 5W Qi

Devia – 10W Wireless Charging Dock – Black

The versatile Devia Pioneer Wireless Charging Dock is third on our list for wirelessly charging your Qi compatible device. The charging dock is practical, stylish, and well-made. It has a sleek and ultra-slim design that is effective for an easy charging solution for any phone that supports wireless charging. The Devia wireless charging support Stand has a longer charging range thanks to dual coils cleverly placed inside the stand, providing accurate and efficient charging details.

Devia - 10W Wireless Charging Dock - Black
Devia – 10W Wireless Charging Dock – Black

Pebble Sense – Wireless Charging Pad 5W/7.5W/10W with Smart temperature Control (Grey)

It is QI Compatible, which means it can work with any QI compatible device. Its high-efficiency chipset supports 10W fast charging for Samsung Galaxy and other compatible devices. This wireless chargers is compatible with most phone cases up to 6mm thick. Pebble Sense’s wireless charging pad features exclusive Multifunctional Intelligent Protect Technology, which provides temperature control, surge protection, short-circuit prevention, and much more.

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Devia – 15W Wireless Charging Pad – Grey

Devia’s 15W wireless charging pad is lightweight and compact, and its case compatibility helps you save space. It enables the wireless charging support of any Qi-enabled smartphone. This Devia chargers charges your phone wirelessly by using transmitting coils. There’s no need to plug in anymore; simply place your phone or other Qi-enabled device on the charging pad to charge. This wireless pad has a sleek, elegant minimalist Silicone build that will look great in any setting.

How To Turn On Wireless Charging On Samsung A12

To turn on wireless charging on your Samsung A12, follow these steps:

1. Ensure your device is connected to a power source.

2. Place your phone on a wireless charging pad.

3. The charging indicator should appear on your screen, indicating a successful connection. Enjoy the convenience of wireless charging on your Samsung A12!

Samsung A12 Wireless Charging Not Working?

If you’re facing issues with wireless charging on your Samsung A12, try these solutions. Firstly, ensure that your device is compatible with wireless charging. Check for any debris or foreign objects on the charging pad or back cover.


For customers looking for an authentic source to purchase their mobile accessories feature, your search has finally come to an end. Wireless charging adapters for your Samsung Galaxy A12 series and other mobile phone accessories are available from Mobile Lyme Limited Company at this website.

Mobile Lyme Limited Company operates this customer-focused online store that sells genuine and protective mobile phone accessories as well as other electronics accessories.

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Can Samsung a12 charge wirelessly

The website sells all types of protective mobile phone accessories for any phone, including phone cases and covers, screen protectors, screen protection cleaners, and much more, based on the needs of the customer.

It is one of the top customer preferences where everyone looks to purchase mobile phone accessories. The wireless charging support adapters mentioned above are readily available in the online store.

Check out here for the latest mobile phone cases, covers, and other mobile phone accessories, and take advantage of the latest deals to get your product from Mobile Lyme.

CONCLUSION Does Galaxy A12 have wireless charging

The Samsung Galaxy A12 is yet another well-priced Smartphone from the company that is vying for customers’ attention. Given the low price, Samsung’s Galaxy has included quadruple cameras with 48MP in the handset, which is quite impressive. Yes, it is one of the most reasonably priced Smartphones from Samsung’s recent launches, but it is difficult not to consider Samsung’s Galaxy A12 series or an iPad a misfire by the company, despite its amazing battery life and massive display. Given the low price of £169, it’s an astonishingly powerful and well-equipped phone.

To return to the original question, does the Samsung’s Galaxy A12 support wireless charging? Sure enough, it does. You will be able to use wireless charging with the handset. So, if you want to start the year off rights by purchasing a Smartphone at a reasonable price, consider the Galaxy A12 series.

FAQs About Does samsung a12 support wireless charging

Does the samsung a12 have wireless charging?No, the Samsung A12 does not support wireless charging. It supports 15W Fast Charging with the official chargers and cable.
Why doesn’t my Samsung A12 support wireless charging?The samsung’s galaxy A12 does not support wireless charging because it does not have the necessary hardware. Wireless charging requires a special chip and coil in the phone, and the Samsung A12 does not have these.
Can I add wireless charging to my Samsung A12?Yes, you can add wireless charging to your samsung’s galaxy A12 by purchasing a wireless charging adapter. This adapter will add the necessary hardware to your phone, allowing it to wirelessly charge.
Where can I buy a wireless charging adapter for my Samsung A12?You can buy a wireless charging adapter for your Samsung A12 from many different retailers, including Amazon, Best Buy, and Walmart.

Can the Samsung A12 wirelessly charge devices?

Picture showing how to activate wireless charging on a Samsung A12
Utilizing an electromagnetic field and inductive coupling to transmit an energy charge from the charging pad to your phone, the Samsung Qi Wireless Charging Pad enables wireless charging for your Galaxy A12. This is a lovely space-saving method for charging your phone at your desk, workplace, or home.

Why won’t the wireless chargers work with my Samsung phone?

Verify that your device is positioned perfectly in the middle of the pad, free from any obstacles. Inappropriate placement on the charging pad is the most frequent cause of wireless charging inhibition. The device’s wireless connection to the charging pad could be broken, disconnecting the power supply.

Why won’t my phone charge on the wireless chargers?

Your phone may stop charging if it becomes too hot in order to safeguard the battery. This may be the cause of your phone’s inability to charge wirelessly. Your phone should be taken out of the wireless charger and set aside to cool for a bit. Place your phone back on the wireless charger once it has cooled off and attempt charging it this time.


  1. Does Samsung Galaxy A12 support wireless charging?
  2. Does Samsung Galaxy A12 have wireless charging? 
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