How To Fix Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge Screen? (Answered)

Do you need to have your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repaired because it has been broken or damaged, and you don’t know where to turn?

Now is the time to compare prices and find the best deal on the service you need for your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, so you can head straight to the store.

In the majority of cases, repairing your broken Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is less expensive than purchasing a new smartphone.

For repair services on your mobile device, you can expect to pay approximately USD 50. In most cases, replacing the display will be a bit more expensive than that.

However, in almost all cases, having your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repaired is less expensive than purchasing a replacement device.

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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy s6 Edge Screen?


You might be experiencing one or more of the following issues even if you only take a small drop:

  1. A crack in the glass of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has resulted in denting the frame, which has caused the screen to protrude from the frame.
  2. There is absolutely nothing visible on the screen; it is completely black.
  3. The touch screen on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is not functioning properly.
  4. White and black lines appear on the screen of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.
  5. There are large black smudges on the LCD screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge.

After dropping your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge and damaging the screen, you may experience a variety of problems. This is only a partial list of the problems you may encounter.

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Because we’ve seen it all, we’re confident in our ability to repair virtually any issue that may arise with the Galaxy S6 Edge. All repairs for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are typically completed in minutes and are backed by a 90-day warranty on both parts and labor to ensure that the phone continues to function as efficiently as possible.

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The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has experienced the most common repairs and damages.

Battery repair/replacement is the most frequently requested service for the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge, with a 99 percent success rate.

The following diagram (infographic) depicts the distribution of the most frequently encountered repairs / damages on the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge smartphone. The statistics are derived from the number of repair requests (multiple requests possible).

1. Repairing a battery

Repairing a Display

It is possible that the LCD display on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge will need to be repaired or replaced for a variety of reasons. A few examples include when the display of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge does not react to your touches any longer after it has been dropped, the screen remains dark or has broken pixels, or the display glass is damaged (scratched), cracked, or completely broken.

The majority of the time, the screen of your Galaxy S6 Edge cannot be repaired, and the screen must be replaced. The problem is that components such as the touch sensor, the screen, and the backlight are glued together and shipped as a single piece of equipment.

2. Repairing a Touchscreen Display

If the touchscreen on your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is no longer functioning properly, such as due to a cracked display glass, replacing or repairing it becomes necessary.

Replace or repair the touchscreen (cracked, scratched). Symptoms can include the touchscreen not responding to touch at all, responding only slowly, or only responding when applying a lot of pressure.

It is most often not possible to repair a damaged Galaxy S6 Edge touchscreen and it is necessary to replace the device entirely.

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3. LCD Display Service and Repair

If the glass and display of your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge are still in good condition (there are no cracks or broken screens), but the screen has other problems, it may be necessary to repair or replace the LCD display. For example, the screen may remain white, grey, or black, or it may have broken pixels (spots, stripes, or other patterns), or the background light may have stopped working.

In the vast majority of cases, the Galaxy S6 Edge‘s LCD display cannot be repaired, and the device must be replaced with a new one.

4. Diagnostics for Repair

When your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge has stopped working (e.g., does not turn on anymore) and you are unable to determine the source of the problem, it is recommended that you seek professional assistance.

Following an analysis of the problem by a technician and an estimation of the cost of repairing your Galaxy S6 Edge, you will be able to choose which repairs will be carried out.

5. Repairing Water Damage

If you have dropped your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge into the water, you should act quickly to save the device from further damage. The consequences of water damage do not always manifest themselves immediately. Immediate drying of the device, turning off the phone, and if possible, removing the battery can all aid in increasing the likelihood of a successful repair is accomplished.

In any case, a professional evaluation of the possibility of damage to your Galaxy S6 Edge is highly recommended. As a result, serious water damage can be avoided, and damaged parts can be replaced.

A technician can perform diagnostics, identify all faulty components, and make recommendations for repair. After that, you will be able to decide for yourself which repairs will be carried out.

6. Port Repair is a service provided by a company called Port Repair, Inc.

You may need to repair or replace the phone connector port if your Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge is not charging properly anymore, is having trouble connecting to your computer, or is having connection issues with your Mac computer.

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It is also possible that there is a problem with the charger/charger cable or that the USB cable has become damaged. In any case, a professional smartphone repair shop can assist in identifying the problem and replacing or repairing any damaged components.

Our Final Thoughts

The best way to secure the new screen is with a sheet of double-sided tape that has been custom-cut for the job.

Apply the tape to the back of the screen, and then carefully feed the display cable through the frame to complete the installation.

Align the screen and secure it in place with your fingers.

Frequently Ask Questions

What can I do to fix the black screen on my Samsung Galaxy S6 edge plus?

Wipe the Cache Partition by booting into Recovery Mode.

As soon as the phone starts vibrating, release the Power button while maintaining control of the other two buttons until the Android System Recovery screen appears. Select “wipe cache partition” by holding down the “Volume Down” button and pressing the Power button to confirm your selection.

Is it possible to replace the Samsung edge screen?

Provider of Samsung Authorized Repair Services

Our technicians are trained to repair your Samsung device and have extensive experience with all types of Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge repairs. Contact us today to schedule an appointment. We can replace screens in a matter of minutes, repair dead batteries, and even repair water damage.

What can I do to get my Galaxy S6 edge to turn on again?

Then, for a few seconds, press and hold the Galaxy S6 power button, and then follow the on-screen instructions. Press and hold the power button on your Galaxy S6 until the phone restarts. If the phone is not responding after 7 seconds of pressing and holding the Power button and the Volume buttons simultaneously, the phone is not responsive.

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