How Long Do Samsung TVs Have Warranty? [Answered]

How Long Do Samsung TVs Have Warranty? You may not always consider including a warranty with your device or fragile purchase.

Samsung TVs are pricey, but the 4k Crystal UHD quality is worth it.

Getting a warranty is a good idea in case something goes wrong in the first year of ownership, especially if you have children or pets who frequent the areas where your TV will be.

How Long Do Samsung TVs Have Warranty?
How Long is Samsung TV Warranty?

But how long will your Samsung TV’s warranty last? If you purchased your Samsung new TV in-store, you could sign up for a warranty through that retailer, ensuring that if something went wrong or was stolen, you could return to the same location of you oled tv.

Otherwise, you can ensure that you are covered by a warranty period by registering on the Samsung website.

Any expensive or fragile object should come with a warranty, which is why you should double-check your warranty tv brand information soon after purchase.

A warranty ensures that any damaged or stolen goods are replaced within a specified time after purchase.

Continue reading to verify your samsung tv warranty period in a few simple steps.

How Long Do Samsung TVs Have Warranty

The one-year limited warranty provided by Samsung is only valid for one year. It also only covers problems caused by original workmanship or materials. Many problems, such as screen burn-in, power surges, and premature mechanical wear, will not appear during the first year.

How Long Do Samsung TVs Have Warranty
How Long Do Samsung TVs Have Warranty


Your Samsung TV’s warranty will be valid for one year from the date of purchase. Extended warranties from manufacturers are service contracts that provide additional protection for a fee of your tv repair. Samsung offers a variety of extended protection plans in addition to the manufacturer’s warranty of your tv repair cost.

If you want to buy an extended protection plan from Samsung, keep in mind that it is an extra cost and only covers one item that’s why it is one of the said as best buy. In some cases, such as with major home appliances, purchasing a home warranty that covers multiple items may be more cost-effective.

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Any cosmetic damage, defects caused by third-party accessories, purchase or use of the product outside of the United States, and normal wear and tear will void the warrant on different led tv or lcd tv. If any of the following events occur, there will be no refund.


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If you purchased your Samsung smart TV from a retail store, they will ask you if you want to add a warranty for a small fee. If you add the warranty, the cashier will give you a brochure with your warranty information on your new tv, including how to contact tech support to begin a claim.

You can sign up for a warranty on your new purchase by going directly to the Samsung website. You must activate your device’s warranty and create an account on the Samsung website for samsung warranty tv check brand.

You will also need to find the serial number of your device. You can find the serial number on your Samsung tablet or smartphone using several methods. The first step is to launch the “Phone” app from the bottom menu bar of your device, then dial *#06# to obtain your IMEI and S/N.

The second method for determining your Samsung tablet or smartphone’s serial number is to remove the phone’s back cover. Under the battery compartment, you’ll find your serial and IMEI numbers on your Samsung Smart Tv. Your device’s serial number can also be found on the box.



The Samsung main website makes it simple to verify your warranty. Follow these simple steps to see if your warranty is still in effect for your led tv or lcd tv. You can check the status of your limited warranty by doing the following:

  1. After you’ve created your Samsung account, navigate to your Resources page and then to the Samsung Service Request page.
  2. When you hover your mouse over “Find,” a pop-up menu should appear. on your Ultra Hd Tv Screen.
  3. Using the options, select your specific model.
  4. “Submit.”
  5. Enter your email address and click “Continue.”
  6. Put your product’s serial number under “Serial #” in the “Product Information” section.
  7. Your warranty status is displayed under “Home Warranty Information.”
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Samsung offers online service request and repair tracking and can be reached at 1-800-726-7864. Even better, parts and labor are covered under a one-year warranty.

A 90-day warranty covers the parts after the TV has been serviced. In-home service is available for LCD TVs 30 inches and larger, as well as Plasma and DLP TVs 26 inches are larger in United States.

Certain products are eligible for In-Home service at the discretion of Samsung. The product must be unobstructed and accessible to service professionals to obtain in-home service.

If an in-home repair is not possible, the product may need to be removed, repaired, and returned tv screen.

If in-home service is not available, SAMSUNG may, at our request, provide transportation to and from a SAMSUNG-authorized service center. Otherwise, the purchaser is responsible for transportation to and from the SAMSUNG authorized service center, including for 37′′ and smaller LCD/LED TVs.



A few options for repairing your Samsung television will give you peace of mind. When purchasing a Samsung television, many customers opt for a limited warranty for your qled tv or oled tv. This warranty only covers the original materials and workmanship, and many problems do not appear during the first year.

Samsung TV guarantee, You can get a four-year extended warranty if you buy your TV between September 2020 and August 2021. You can sign up for this service on Samsung’s website, and if any problems arise, a customer service representative will contact you on your samsung device.

When you buy a Samsung television, you’ll discover that it has a warranty. This coverage is worth considering if you plan on having your television repaired for more than a year.

This warranty covers both parts and labor for a year. You will then have 90 days to return it to Samsung for repair. This warranty is only valid for models 30 inches or larger and does not cover any third-party accessories.

While the warranty covers parts and labor, it does not cover the television itself. Your warranty will be voided if you use third-party accessories for smart home, suffer cosmetic damage, or experience normal wear and tear. The warranty also includes the remote control for your television.

Most Samsung televisions come with a warranty, and it is critical that you register your product to ensure that your warranty covers it. So, if you have any questions, please contact Samsung customer service.

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How Long Do Samsung TVs Have Warranty? [Answered]

CONCLUSION On How Long Do Samsung Tvs Have Warranty

If your television is brand new, you can file a warranty claim with the manufacturer. Most televisions come with a manufacturer’s warranty, which protects you in the event of a malfunction.

These warranties typically cover material defects, shipping damage, and audio issues. You can contact this number if you have any warranty-related questions or problems.

The company will then determine whether the TV is still under warranty. You must keep your receipt on hand to receive your replacement.


Questions Answers
What is Samsung Tv Warranty Uk?The Samsung TV warranty in the UK provides comprehensive coverage for your television, ensuring peace of mind. From manufacturing defects to technical issues, the warranty offers repair and replacement services. Contact Samsung’s customer support for detailed information and to register your product.
What is Samsung Tv Warranty Australia?Samsung offers a comprehensive warranty for their TVs in Australia. The standard warranty covers manufacturing defects for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. Additional extended warranty options are also available for purchase, providing peace of mind for longer periods. Contact Samsung or their authorized retailers for more information.
What is Samsung Tv Warranty Canada?
The Samsung TV warranty in Canada offers comprehensive coverage for defects and malfunctions. Customers can enjoy peace of mind with a 1-year warranty that includes parts and labor. For extended protection, Samsung also offers additional warranty options to ensure a worry-free TV experience.
How Long Is The Manufacturer Warranty On A Samsung Tv?The manufacturer warranty on a Samsung TV in English usually lasts for a specific duration, typically ranging from one to three years. However, it is recommended to check the specific model’s warranty terms and conditions for accurate information.

How do I know if my Samsung TV is under warranty?

Sign in to your Samsung account and go to the “Product Warranties” page (see Resources). Click “View Your Registered Products,” then select the product for which you want to check the warranty. The status of your product’s warranty will be displayed next to the product.

How long are samsung tv warranties last?

one calendar year Samsung’s limited warranty is only valid for one year. It also only covers issues caused by original workmanship or materials. Many issues, such as screen burn-in, power surges, and premature wear on mechanical parts, will not manifest themselves during the first year.

Does Samsung have 10 year warranty?

Depending on the model and age of your Samsung Refrigerator, the motor will have a 5- or 10-year warranty. We also provide an extended warranty; however, in order to use it, you must register the appliance on our website within 90 days of purchase.

How long does samsung tv warranty last Valid?

What Does the Samsung Phone Warranty Include? A 12-month manufacturer warranty covers all Samsung mobile devices. In terms of cell phone accessories, the battery warranty lasts 12 months, while the charger and headset warranties last six months.

How long is the warranty on a Samsung TV? (ANSWERS)

How long is a Samsung TV warranty? (Best ANSWER)

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