7 Best Samsung Soundbar For Smart TVs You Must Purchase! (Guide)

Samsung, the world’s largest television manufacturer, is known for producing high-quality television sets.

Their 4K models are the benchmarks that all others manufacturers strive to meet.

When it comes to TV home audio, however, the company, like most TV manufacturers, relies on viewers to bring their own solutions to make their favorite shows and movies sound better.

Fortunately, Samsung also makes some of the best soundbars in the industry, and they’re worth considering for anyone looking to give their TV a little more “oomph” – even if it isn’t a Samsung.

Troubleshooting: Issues and Solutions

Samsung HW-Q990BThe soundstage is not as wide as some others soundbars.Use the included surround speakers to create a wider soundstage.
Samsung HW-Q950AThe subwoofer is not very powerful.Pair the soundbar with a separate subwoofer for more bass.
Samsung HW-Q800AThe sound quality is not as good as some others soundbars in its price range.Upgrade to a higher-end soundbar for better sound quality.
Samsung HW-Q700AThe soundbar does not have Dolby Atmos or DTS:X support.Upgrade to a soundbar that supports Dolby Atmos or DTS:X for a more immersive audio quality experience.
Samsung HW-Q600AThe soundbar is not very loud.Pair the soundbar with a separate amplifier or receiver for more volume.

Continue reading for our take on the company’s best.

Key Takeaway:

The Samsung HW-Q990B is the best soundbar for smart TVs from Samsung. It provides wireless Dolby Atmos/DTS:X, 4K HDR, and virtual Dolby Digital and is an improved version of the Samsung HW-Q950A. Additionally, there are the Samsung HW-Q800B, the Denon Home Sound Bar 550, the Sony HT-G700, and the Yamaha SR-C20A.

3 Best Soundbar For Smart TVs to Buy

The Samsung HW-Q950A is one of the best soundbars for Samsung televisions, according to our ranking.

In terms of pure cinematic quality, Here is our list of the best soundbar for Samsung.

  1. Samsung HW-Q950T – Best Overall
  2. Samsung HW-Q70T– 2nd Choice
  3. Samsung HW-R450 2.1 Channel Soundbar
  4. Samsung HW-Q950A – Alternative High-End Option
The 11 Best Soundbars For Samsung TVs (Picks For 2021)
Best Soundbar For Samsung Smart TV

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7 Best Soundbars for Samsung TVs Reviewed

Before we begin. This is an alternative High-end option. SAMSUNG HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar

SAMSUNG HW-Q950A 11.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/DTS:X Alexa Built in(2021), Black
  • Package Quantity: 1
  • Package Dimensions: 129.54 H x 27.94 L x 60.96 W (centimeters)
  • Package Weight: 27.216 kilograms
  • Country of Origin : VietNam

Check Prices

1. Samsung HW-Q950T – The Best Soundbar (Overall)

SAMSUNG HW-Q950T 9.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X and Alexa Built-in (2020), Black

SAMSUNG HW-Q950T 9.1.4ch Soundbar with Dolby Atmos/ DTS:X and Alexa Built-in (2020), Black
  • 3D TRUE SURROUND SOUND (DOLBY ATMOS AND DTS: X): Explore the depths of sound with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X. Dual technology that captures each distinct sound as it flows above and around you
  • TRUE 9.1.4CH SOUND: Through the 20 speaker system, the soundbar's 9 channels, 1 subwoofer channel, and 4 up-firing channels envelope you in sound. With wide speakers on both corners of the soundbar, powerful audio...
  • UP-FIRING REAR SPEAKERS INCLUDED: With wireless up-firing, rear speakers included, sound wraps around and above by reflecting sound off the ceiling to deliver breathtaking overhead audio for the ultimate theater...
  • Q-SYMPHONY: Breakthrough technology that synchronizes Samsung QLED TV speakers with the Q-Series soundbar speakers for fuller, more immersive, cinematic sound
  • ALEXA BUILT-IN VOICE ASSISTANT: Your soundbar comes with Alexa Built-in. Enjoy all the things you know and love about Alexa, with the advantage of powerful, optimized sound from your sound bar

In terms of a home theater soundbar system, it doesn’t get much better than the HW-Q950T.

Best sound bar for Samsung tv

The 9.1.4-channel system includes 9 soundbar channels, one sub, and four additional up-firing channels to provide audio quality throughout the room.

True 3D surround sound is also provided by Dolby Atmos and DTS:X.

Samsung is also known for Q-Symphony, a technology that seamlessly connects the soundbar to your Samsung QLED TV.

Finally, the Samsung HW-Q950T has been thoroughly tested in Samsung labs and includes Alexa compatibility and Adaptive Sound.

Buy Q950T Soundbar - Price (2021) | Samsung Philippines
Samsung HW-Q950T

2. Samsung HW-Q70T– 2nd Choice

SAMSUNG HW-Q70T 3.1.2ch  Soundbar with Dolby Atmos

SAMSUNG HW-Q70T 3.1.2ch  Soundbar with Dolby Atmos / DTS:X (2020)
  • DOLBY ATMOS AND DTS: X: Capture every sound above and around you with Dolby Atmos and DTS: X
  • Q-SYMPHONY: Syncs your Q-Series Soundbar speakers with your Samsung QLED TV speakers for the most immersive sound
  • TRUE 3.1.2 SOUND: With 3 channels, 1 subwoofer channel, and 2 up-firing channels, you gain sound that commands your attention
  • MUSIC COMES ALIVE WITH YOUR VOICE - Enjoy your Soundbar hands-free using voice control through your Alexa enabled device
  • SAMSUNG ACOUSTIC BEAM - Acoustic Beam technology delivers sound that seems to come from precisely where the action is happening

The Samsung HW-Q70T is a less expensive model with advanced technologies like Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

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For a flawless experience, the soundbar subwoofer combo also connects seamlessly to your Samsung QLED TV.

The 3.1.2 soundbar has left and right channels, as well as a dedicated center channel that focuses on speech.

Samsung HW-Q70T
Samsung HW-Q70T

3. Samsung HW-R450 2.1 Channel Soundbar – #rd Option

SAMSUNG 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 with Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth Compatible, Smart Sound Mode, Game Mode, 200-Watts

Samsung 2.1 Soundbar HW-R450 with Wireless Subwoofer, Bluetooth Compatible, Smart Sound and Game Mode,...
  • WIRELESS SUBWOOFER: Feel the subtle rumble of distant thunder and earthshattering sound as it pounds the air around you in the wireless subwoofer that boasts a frequency response (amp) of 43Hz~20kHz
  • SMART SOUND TECHNOLOGY: The soundbar automatically analyzes the content and optimizes the sound setting for the best experience
  • GAME MODE: Claim more glorious victories with a special setting that boosts game sound effects
  • CLUTTER-FREE WIRELESS CONNECTIVITY: Bluetooth connectivity for easy wireless connections allows you to enjoy music from your mobile devices with no strings attached
  • PAIRS WITH SAMSUNG TVS: Optimized to work seamlessly with Samsung TVs and deliver a superior entertainment experience

We have another soundbar for Samsung that comes with its own wireless subwoofer for those looking for a heavy-duty system for their TVs.

Though a soundbar unit is great for your smart TV, a wireless subwoofer is still recommended for that punchy bass.

While soundbars with subwoofers can result in unsightly wires, wireless Bluetooth support quickly eliminates this problem.

With the Samsung HW-wireless R450’s Bluetooth connectivity, you can stay clean while improving the sound quality of your TV.

One of the best features of this 2.1-channel Samsung HW-R450 soundbar, on the others hand, is its smart sound technology.

This will check the sound quality of your TV shows, movies, and music and optimize the sound settings to ensure you get the best sound quality.

The HW-R450 also has a game mode for those who want to play at home. It improved the quality of gaming in our tests, and the atmosphere was more immersive.

If this isn’t what you’re looking for, the HW-J355 soundbar from the same manufacturer is a good alternative. soundbars will work with your Samsung TV no matter which option you choose.

Samsung HW-R450 2.1 Channel Soundbar
Samsung HW-R450 2.1 Channel Soundbar

4. Samsung HW-A450/ZA

Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio (2021) , Black

Samsung HW-A450/ZA 2.1ch Soundbar with Dolby Audio (2021) , Black
  • SUBWOOFER INCLUDED - Wireless subwoofer is included so you can enjoy deep bass right out of the box All-in-one.Mounting Type:Freestanding, Wall Mount.Speakers maximum output power:300 watts.Total usb ports:1
  • BASS BOOST - Give your bass an instant boost with the push of a button on the soundbar
  • ADAPTIVE SOUND LITE - Enhanced audio tracking for your content in real time, with technology that equalizes background music and consistent volume control
  • BLUETOOTH TV CONNECTION - Set up is a breeze. Easily connect your soundbar to your TV by connecting wirelessly
  • GAME MODE - Boost your gaming experience with perfectly synced directional audio that moves with the action on-screen and crosstalk cancellation that minimizes distractions

The Samsung HW-A450, which comes with its own subwoofer, is a great buy at an affordable price.

It includes Adaptive Sound Lite, which provides enhanced audio quality tracking for your content, as well as the bass, boost your home system requires.

Bluetooth is one of the most common wireless connections found in today’s devices, so don’t forget about it.

For added convenience, the A450 allows users to stream content from their mobile devices.

Game Mode enhances your gaming experience with directional audio quality, allowing you to get the most out of your games.

Samsung HW-A450/ZA
Samsung HW-A450/ZA

5. Sonos BeamAmazon Alexa

Sonos Beam – Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in – Black

Sonos Beam - Smart TV Sound Bar with Amazon Alexa Built-in - Black
  • Beam - The smart, compact soundbar for TV, music, and more.
  • High definition sound - Experience rich, detailed sound for your TV that fills the entire room.
  • TV, music and more - Play music, TV, movies, podcasts, radio, audiobooks and video games.
  • Easy control - Control Beam with your voice, remote, the Sonos app, and more.
  • Class 10 for Full HD video recording and playback (Full HD (1920x1080) video support may vary based upon host device, file attributes, and other factors)

Despite the fact that it is not a Samsung product, the Sonos Beam is one of the most popular soundbars for Samsung TVs.

It combines sound quality and design in a smaller package, making it simple to experiment with placement.

You can easily mount it on the wall for a more professional appearance.

You can use the Sonos Beam to play music, podcasts, or video games in addition to the usual onscreen media on TVs.

The sound quality of this soundbar is excellent, but it falls short of Atmos’ true surround sound.

tv soundbar

Because of the HDMI ARC, the Sonos Beam has one of the simplest soundbar setups we’ve seen. Aside from that, the Sonos Beam comes with a voice control and remote control.

You can always use the Sonos app on your phone if you don’t want to use the remote.

Another popular model from the company is the Sonos Playbar.

The Sonos Playbar is more expensive than the Sonos Beam.

Overall, the Sonos Beam is a fantastic addition to your living room, and it ranks among the best soundbars for Samsung TV on our list.

Sonos Beam - Amazon Alexa
Sonos Beam – Amazon Alexa

6. Samsung HW-R550 2.1-channel soundbar with wireless subwoofer

Creative Stage V2 2.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer, Clear Dialog and Surround by Sound Blaster, Bluetooth 5.0, TV ARC, Optical, and USB Audio, Wall Mountable, Adjustable

Creative Stage V2 2.1 Soundbar with Subwoofer, Clear Dialog and Surround by Sound Blaster, Bluetooth 5.0,...
  • POWERED BY SOUND BLASTER | Experience improved vocal intelligibility and wider surround experience with Clear Dialog and Surround, audio processing technologies powered by Sound Blaster’s expertise, to give you a...
  • HIGH-PERFORMANCE 2.1 SPEAKER | Housing two custom-tuned mid-range drivers and accompanied by a powerful long-throw tower-sized subwoofer, the Creative Stage V2 is capable of filling your room with captivating...
  • ALL-IN-ONE AUDIO ENTERTAINMENT SYSTEM | Armed with all the possible connectivity options you can think of—TV ARC, optical, AUX, Bluetooth, and even USB audio, the Creative Stage V2 is the one-stop audio...
  • CONVENIENT CONTROLS VIA REMOTE | The Creative Stage V2 comes with a remote control which not only allows you to control playback features conveniently, but also adjust treble and bass setting, select audio modes, or...
  • MATCHES ANY DÉCOR | Minimalist and sleek, the Creative Stage V2 is the perfect complement to your glorious TV set and blends seamlessly into any room regardless of their interior design. It won’t steal your...

Given that we’re talking about soundbars for Samsung televisions, we’ve decided to start with a soundbar.

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The HW-R550 is a reasonably priced and impressively powerful alternative.

It’s equipped with a Bluetooth-enabled wireless subwoofer and can stream music wirelessly.

What exactly is contained within the box?

The packing contains your HW-R550 soundbar, wireless subwoofer, remote, power cables, mounting accessories, a user manual, and a one-year guarantee on all of the components.

Connection wires are not included in this package.

In addition, this bar/subwoofer combo is surround sound ready, which means that you can turn it into a surround sound system by purchasing (additionally) two wireless surround speakers and a wireless receiver to complete the setup.

Samsung HW-R550 2.1
Samsung HW-R550 2.1-channel soundbar with wireless subwoofer

7. A wireless subwoofer is included with the Samsung Harman Kardon HW-Q80R

SAMSUNG Harman Kardon 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar HW-Q90R with Wireless Subwoofer and Rear Speaker Kit, Adaptive Sound, Game Mode, 4K Pass-Through with

SAMSUNG Harman Kardon 7.1.4 Dolby Atmos Soundbar HW-Q90R with Wireless Subwoofer and Rear Speaker Kit,...
  • Product Dimensions: 48.26" W x 3.26" H x 5.35" D | Spk (sub woofer) Net Dimension: 8.07" W x 15.86" H x 15.86" D
  • Includes: Remote Control, Battery, Wall Mount Kit and HDMI cable
  • DOLBY ATMOS AND DTS:X TECHNOLOGIES: With Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, sounds move independently around you from all directions, even above, just like in real life
  • 7.1.4 CHANNELS: 17 built-in speakers, including four that fire upward and two that fire from the side, surround you in multidimensional cinematic audio that rivals even the very best movie theater experience
  • REAR WIRELESS SPEAKER KIT INCLUDED: Upward firing rear speakers add another element of surround sound to your movies, making every moment more cinematic

The HW-Q80R, along with the HW-Q90R, is one of samsung’s most technologically advanced (and most costly) soundbars.

It has been developed in collaboration with Harman Kardon, which ensures excellent sonic performance. In addition to the wireless subwoofer, the bar has a long list of others features.

This Samsung combination is categorized as 5.1.2 in the classification system.

It’s a Dolby Atmos soundbar that also supports DTS:X audio quality.

It also supports 4K HDR pass-through, which is very nice.

The Q80R is an excellent match for Samsung’s QLED televisions manufactured in 2019 and beyond.

However, you will be unable to use several Samsung-specific features such as Game Mode Pro and samsung’s OneRemote if you use it with a TV from any others manufacturer other than samsung’s.

What exactly is contained within the box?

It includes your Q80R soundbar, a wireless subwoofer, power cables, remote control with a single HDMI connection, a wall mount kit with a handbook, and a warranty card.

By adding two rear speakers to this setup, it may be transformed into genuine surround sound (SWA-9000S). The rear speakers are available for purchase separately.

Which samsung’s sound is the most effective?

Samsung’s products are found in almost every home around the world as a global electronics manufacturer.

This also applies to its soundbar.

samsung sound bar is designed to complement their line of high-definition 4K televisions.

They work with others brands of televisions as well as samsung’s own, and with Bluetooth connectivity, they can even connect to smartphones for music streaming.

To find the samsung’s sound that’s perfect for your entertainment setup, read this shopping guide.

We’ve included some of our favorite picks, such as the samsung’s Sound+ Premium Curved Soundbar, which combines a sleek design with excellent audio performance and controls.

What you should know before purchasing a samsung’s sound ?

When choosing a soundbar, the speaker configuration must be considered.

If you’re looking to fill a large home theater space versus a small apartment living room, you may need a satellite speaker and a dominating subwoofer, whereas a good onboard arrangement of direct and firing speakers may be ideal for smaller spaces.

Knowing the speaker format of soundbar models is also beneficial when making a purchase.

A soundbar with 2.1 audio, for example, has two speakers and a subwoofer, whereas one with 3.0 audio has three onboard speakers but no subwoofer (the “0” in 3.0).

The most common surround sound format is 5.1 audio, which includes three front speakers, two rear satellite speakers, and a subwoofer.

What to Look for in a Soundbar of Good Quality?

A soundbar resembles others soundbars on the market in appearance.

A long, rectangular soundbar cabinet with two or three speakers is what buyers can expect.

Many soundbar models come with an external subwoofer that produces deep, rich bass.

It’s possible that two or more satellite speakers for rear-facing sound output will be included as well.

Each soundbar comes with a remote control that lets users adjust the volume as well as fine-tune the audio channels for the best sound mix.

Samsung’s Bluetooth soundbars may also be compatible with samsung’s TV remotes or a remote-control app on a user’s smartphone.

What can you expect to pay for a soundbar?

Soundbars with 2.1 or 3.0 audio are an affordable option, costing between $100 and $249.

Sound mavens and those building the ultimate home theater will find feature-heavy soundbars between $800 and $1,500.

While those looking for a more comprehensive setup will find options between $250 and $799.

Best Features: Soundbar for samsung’s models


The channel in your soundbar refers to the point where sound is emitted.

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The channel numbers work like this: a 2.1-channel soundbar has two channels and one subwoofer.

The first number represents the number of channels, while the second represents the number of subwoofers.

2-channel and 3-channel soundbars (like the one on this one) are standard in budget products and can be found for a lower price on the market.

You’ll need at least 5 channels, including rear speakers if you want surround sound.

In addition to the channel, some models also support Dolby Atmos and DTS: X.

This provides a far more immersive experience.

The number of channels will vary depending on the sound quality you desire, especially if your soundbar includes Atmos and DTS technology.

These units, however, may be more expensive.

In a nutshell, the higher the channel number, the more expansive the sound, and the more expensive it is.

For more information, see our two-channel vs. three-channel comparison.


Consider where you’ll put your new soundbar in addition to the channel.

Although it may not appear to be necessary, the setup has an impact on sound quality.

You’ll also want enough space on the wall or on the entertainment unit to see your Samsung TV without being obstructed.

Install the soundbar a few inches in front of or below your TV, according to our experts (if you wall mount it, like the HW-J450 that comes with a mounting kit).

To provide clear audio, make sure it’s not near any heat sources and has a direct line of sight to you.

Size of Samsung R450 on wooden cabinet

As a general rule, your ideal soundbar (whether Sony or another brand) should be smaller than your samsung’s TV and large enough to fill the room with bass.

The location of your speakers will also limit the size of your soundbar.

Whether you mount the speaker on the entertainment unit or on the wall, make sure there is enough space and that it is free of obstructions.

If you have a complete system, you can choose where it should be installed.

Vertical soundbars are also available, giving you more options.


Also, look at the number of HDMI inputs.

They’re crucial in system design because they enable you to switch between video source components.

When compared to the old-school system, many HDMI input/output connections support HDMI ARC and allow for a single connection to TVs.

It’s easier to connect other devices with similar ports if your TV system has an HDMI port.

Audio will come out of the soundbar rather than the TV once the devices are connected via HDMI.

Bluetooth support allows audio streaming from any device when the Sonos Beam is placed below a television.

It also eliminates the clutter that HDMI inputs and other output sources would cause.

This is a feature that many brands, such as Sony, offer.

You can also send music to the speaker using Bluetooth connectivity. In general, Bluetooth is a very convenient way to connect your devices.


The best soundbar for samsung’s has Wi-Fi connectivity for voice control fans.

Wi-Fi is available on Sony and Sonos models, allowing users to access music apps such as Spotify and Pandora.

It also allows you to change the speaker settings from any location in your home.

Wi-Fi, unlike Bluetooth, isn’t always available in soundbars, so if you prefer it, check the price because it may be more expensive.

Audio that is both expansive and immersive (Dolby Atmos)

A good soundbar for your samsung’s TV also provides surround sound without the need for multiple speakers.

Check if your soundbar has top features like Dolby Atmos technology, in addition to the number of channels.

Dolby Atmos and DTS are designed to bring sound to a three-dimensional space, enhancing the immersive sound experience that your system can provide.

So, if you want realistic sound, see if your soundbar supports Dolby Atmos.


Look for bars that have at least one digital input and one analog output. You can connect your soundbar to a TV, stereo, CD player, and other devices using analog input.

HW-R450 SAMSUNG 2.1 Soundbar

Meanwhile, Blu-Ray players can be connected to the digital ones via HDMI cable. HDMI, optical, coaxial, and stereo input/output connections are common on soundbars.

Still, for high-quality sound, the HDMI arc is the best option.

It’s a good option for setting up a Samsung TV using the HDMI Arc, just like it is for soundbars.


If you’re looking for a soundbar with a lot of basses, make sure it has a subwoofer.

Wireless rear speakers subwoofers with larger speakers are superior to built-in subwoofers.

Some sound mode bars even let you adjust the bass and treble for a completely personalized listening experience.

If you have a small space, some devices, such as the Samsung HW-S40T, have built-in subwoofers.

However, if you have the space and want the best soundbars with bass, a large sub is the better option.

Voice Commands

If you enjoy using smart technology, voice control and compatibility with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant make things easier.

Top tech users prefer powerful hands-free devices because they allow them to multitask with just one device.

Feel free to say what you want to be done in a clear voice.

Alexa is the ideal invisibly helpful assistant who will make using your soundbar a breeze every time.

Soundbars with an integrated universal remote will make things even easier.

Though you can control your speaker with the remote, many soundbars for Samsung TVs come with a free app that you can use to control it.

The app is useful for people who don’t want to deal with multiple remotes.

Check if the curved soundbar for your Samsung TV supports sound modes to ensure you get the best sound quality possible.

TCL Alto 7 soundbars, for example, have three sound modes that you can switch between based on your preferences.

Smart immersive sound technology in a soundbar analyzes what’s playing on Samsung TVs to determine the best settings for a consistent experience.

Whether you’re watching movies or listening to music, the soundbar will automatically adjust its settings to match the content, ensuring you get the best sound mode at home.

Movie mode, news mode, game mode, music mode, and other sound modes for the best soundbars are among the most popular.

Even with excellent presets, audio modes allow you to manually select your preferred settings.


You can connect an entire system to simulate a theater experience right at home with some soundbars.

You can use HDMI support to connect new speakers in different rooms or simply choose Bluetooth connectivity options.

For those seeking a cinematic experience, the ability to customize your Samsung system is critical.

The majority of soundbars, especially the Samsung HW-Q900T, are designed with cutting-edge acoustic technologies for a fantastic surround sound experience.

Dolby Digital, combined with multiple speakers, will fill your home with the content being played, allowing you to enjoy it in all rooms.

Formats for Sound

Soundbar with two channels: Two primary speakers a left and right channel and one subwoofer are used in 2.1 audio.

These sound bars sometimes referred to as a 2ch sound bars, are great for music but struggle to produce good dialogue that should have its own channel.

Affordably priced 2.1 audio models are ideal for small spaces.

Three-channel soundbar: The 3.0 audio system features three main speakers: left, right, and center. This is ideal for television and film.

The central speaker is devoted to discussion.

Due to the lack of a subwoofer, these models are lacking in bass.

Surround sound: is supported by 5.1 audio, which includes left, right, and center channels, as well as two rear speakers and a subwoofer.

It is the most widely used native format for movies and television.

You hear everything you’re supposed to hear with 5.1 audio.

Surround Sound And Soundbars

Although soundbars can produce impressive, high-quality audio, there is some debate about how well they handle surround soundtracks from TV and movies.

Most systems handle “surround” effects audio that is supposed to come from behind or around you in one of two ways:

Satellite speaker on the Outside

An expansion kit with two wireless rear speakers is available from Samsung. While not cheap, it addresses one of the soundbars’ major flaws: it reliably places secondary audio in the correct location. Buy one that supports the wireless rear speaker kit if you don’t have much space but want immersive audio.

Upfiring Speakers Creates a Simulated Surround Sound Experience.

Many soundbars have upward-facing speakers that bounce audio off walls to make it sound like it’s coming from behind.

Local acoustics are used by the speakers to create a sonic stage, but the sound quality is dependent on the room.

Keep in mind that the left, center and right channels will provide the majority of your TV’s audio.

External satellite speakers or built-in up firing speakers may not provide much benefit for dialogue-heavy content.

Staff Recommendation

Buy a soundbar with Bluetooth support if you want to stream music from your phone to it.

They’re ideal for use as a TV speaker and a wireless jukebox at the same time.


Low-end: Between $100 and $249, most options have 2.1 or 3.0 audio and limited connectivity.

Look no further if you’re looking for something to put in your dorm room.

Mid-range: Between $250 and $799, the mid-range is where you’ll find Samsung’s best deals. Wireless subwoofers and 5.1 surround sound support are available here.

Expect high-end features like WiFi audio streaming and high-resolution audio format support.

Options on the low end still deliver impressive sound while skimping on some luxuries.

The Samsung HW-Q70T with DTS:X and Dolby Atmos is a good option in the middle.

High-end: Expect to pay between $800 and $1,500 for the best of the best.

Satellite rear speakers, support for high-end formats like Dolby Atmos, and enough power to shake your living room are all included in these sound bars.

Samsung unveiled its Q series for 2021, and we’re blown away by the HW-incredible Q950A’s quality. (Check out the HW-Q900T if you want to save a little money on a Q series.)

Our Final Thoughts

Our Final thought is, Consider a package.

If you also require a wireless rear speaker, for example, look for a package that includes one with a soundbar.

Samsung’s HS-A550 and wireless rear speaker kit are a great combination.

Soundbars in the Q series with Q-Symphony technology work well with QLED TVs.

Q-Symphony creates “spatial audio” that makes you feel like you’re in a concert hall in your living room.

If you’re looking for a QLED TV, we recommend reading our review of them. Samsung’s UHD Frame TV is one of our favorites.

Other great brands come to mind.

If you don’t find what you’re looking for here, keep in mind that soundbars from Bose, Sony, and Sonos are also excellent.

The Sony X900F with Dolby Atmos and the Bose 3.1 Home Theater Set bundle, which includes a speaker system and, of course, an excellent soundbar with Dolby Audio, are two of our favorites.

Other Alternate Soundbars for other Brands

  1. Yamaha SR-C20A SR-C20A SR-C20A
  2. Sonos Beam 2 is a wireless speaker system.
  3. B&O Beosound Stage is a sound reinforcement system.
  4. The Sony HT-X8500 Soundbar is a high-performance soundbar.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the best samsung sound bar for movies?The Samsung HW-Q990B is the best samsung sound bar for movies. It has a powerful soundstage and supports Dolby Atmos and DTS:X for a truly immersive audio experience.
What is the best samsung sound bar for music?The Samsung HW-Q800A is the best samsung sound bar for music. It has a clear and balanced sound that is perfect for listening to your favorite tunes.
What is the best samsung sound bar for gaming?The Samsung HW-Q950A is the best samsung sound bar for gaming. It has a low latency mode that ensures that your audio and video are perfectly synced up.
What is the best samsung sound bar for a small room?The Samsung HW-S60B/S61B is the best samsung sound bar for a small room. It is compact and easy to set up, and it still delivers great sound quality.
What is the best samsung sound bar for a large room?The Samsung HW-Q990B is the best samsung sound bar for a large room. It has a powerful soundstage and can fill even the largest rooms with sound.

Which soundbar, Bose or Samsung, is superior?

The Bose Smart Soundbar 700 is easily upgradable to the Bose Smart Soundbar 700 with Speakers + Bass Module, however, the Samsung HW-Q80R is a superior soundbar on its own. The Samsung has an independent subwoofer, a greater bass range, and a louder maximum volume.

Is buying a soundbar worthwhile?

Typically, soundbars provide excellent sound quality and a well-balanced sound profile. They have powerful subwoofers that may provide additional bass that is great for movies. Additionally, they boast a smart and robust design that requires only fabric to cover the subwoofer port.

Which soundbar is the most suitable for a Samsung 4K Smart TV?

The Samsung HW-Q990B is the best soundbar compatible with a Samsung 4K Smart TV. It features 11.1 channels of Dolby Atmos and DTS:X audio, delivering an immersive experience with sounds coming from above, behind, and below the listener. Additionally, the Samsung HW-Q800B and the Denon Home Sound Bar 550 are excellent alternatives. Visit Samsung.com for more information on selecting the best soundbar for a Samsung television.



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