What Size Screws For Samsung TV Base? [2023] (Answered!)

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What Size Screws For Samsung TV Base? We’ve all been there at some point.

You go to move something large, such as your Samsung TV, only to discover that the screws have gone missing when you go to reassemble it.

You’re left scratching your head, wondering, “What kind of screws were those in the first place?” ”

Samsung TV legs typically use screws ranging from M4 to M8 in size depending on the size of the TV.

Here is a Quick Answer.

What Size Screws For Samsung TV Base?

If you have a smaller TV that is between 19 and 22 inches in size, M4s are the way to go.M6s should be used if the length is between 30 and 40 inches. Finally, if the screen is larger than that, M8s will work.

What Size Screws For Samsung TV Base
What Size Screws For Samsung TV Base

If you need to replace the screws on the legs of your Samsung TV but aren’t sure which ones to get, you’ve come to the right place.

In the sections below, we’ll break down the screws you’ll need by TV size and even offer suggestions for alternative ways to mount your TV.

So come on in and let’s get your TV back on track.

What Size Screws For Samsung TV Base


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Different sizes of screws will be required depending on the size of your TV. Smaller screws are obviously required if you have a smaller TV. What size screws go with what size TV mounts are highlighted below:

TV Size vs Screw Size

TV Size

Screw Size: m4 x l14 screws


M4 Standard Length


M6 Standard Length


M8 Standard Length

M8s will most likely work if your TV mount is larger than 88 inches. If you want to be sure, look up the model number of the television. 


 If you’re missing the screws, you’re probably missing the manual as well. That’s why we’ve included a quick tutorial on how to reattach the legs below.

  • Check that the legs are on the correct sides: Look for a large R or L on the legs of your television. This indicates whether they should be placed on the left or right side. You can skip this step if you have a central TV stand.
  • Lay the TV facedown: To be extra cautious, place it face down on a soft blanket or towel.
  • When you lay your legs against the TV, the R and L should be facing you. You may have to slide these into place from the bottom of the TV.
  • Screw in the legs: Using a Phillips screwdriver, screw in each set of legs one at a time. Please keep in mind that if you’re in a hurry, you can use a flathead screwdriver; just go slowly so you don’t slip and accidentally strip the screw.
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After you’ve completed each of these steps, all that remains is to tilt the TV upright and plug it in! Simply ensure that the legs are secure and not wobbly. If they are shaky, you should probably tighten the screws. 

VIDEO: How to Install Samsung TV Legs

How to Install Samsung TV Legs

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One of the benefits of doing this project is the extra space provided by mounting a TV mount screws on the wall. Larger televisions with surround sound can transform your living room into a movie theater. These are the factors to consider before mounting a television on a wall.

  • The setting
  • How tall should the television be?
  • The most compatible TV mounts
  • The screw’s size and durability
  • Replacement mounting screw locations like m6 screw and m8 screw
  • The steps for mounting the TV on the wall
  • samsung tv stand screws missing

1. The Best Location for the TV

Nowadays, it appears that there is a television in every room. When you mount the TV on the wall bracket, make sure it is not going to be moved again so always check screw hole. These are the two most important considerations in your decision.

2. The Viewing Distance

Believe it or not, there is a formula for determining the best viewing distance. Take the size of the best TV and divide it by.55. The viewing distance for a 60-inch television is 109 inches.

If you have limited space, you may want to consider a smaller television. If the room is crammed with furniture or is small, bigger is not better in this case. However, the decision is still up to the viewer of vizio tv.

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3. Figure the Structure of Support

The greater the weight on the wall, the larger the television. If the TV is heavy, the wall must bear its weight. To support the maximum capacity, each wall-mount requires a stud.

The studs will not be an issue in most homes. In older homes, the studs may be further apart. Drywall anchors would work, but they must be compatible with the weight of the mount and TV wall mount bracket.

4. Mounting a TV Over the Fireplace

In a home, mounting a TV over the fireplace appears extravagant. There is only one issue with that concept. Samsung televisions should never be placed in areas where temperatures exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the fireplace is only for decoration, it is the ideal location for a television. When the fireplace is lit, the TV plate must be placed out of the way of the heat. Before mounting the TV above the fireplace with a lit flame, check the temperature of the area power cord.

Another issue that may concern you is the amount of ash that has accumulated on the TV, vents, wall plate and speakers. Consider how many times you want to clean it if heat isn’t an issue. Because the ashes from the fireplace can cause damage due to the heat, it may not be the best choice of metric screw.

Another factor to consider if you go with the fireplace is the TV angle. As you sit comfortably, a TV above the fireplace is above eye level. Make sure to choose an angled mount to avoid neck injuries.

The final thought is to consider your TV-related devices. Game consoles, Roku, cable boxes, and DVD players are also unsuitable for use near a fireplace. The only place for them would be on the mantle, alongside the family photos.

5. TVs In the Bathroom

Samsung TVs are not designed to be kept in extreme cold, hot, dusty, or humid environments. Because of the humidity from showers and steam from hot water, manufacturers advise against using televisions in the bathroom. Samsung warranties may be void if the TVs are mounted or placed in damp areas such as bathrooms mounting plate.

6. Getting a Wall Mount That Is Compatible

All Samsung televisions are VESA-compliant. Any VESA-compliant wall mount must be able to support the weight and size of the TV purchased. The good news is that all of the screws, washers, and spacers are included with the mount.


Another option is to replace the legs with a wall mount. Still, the question remains: do wall mounts use the same screws as TV legs?

Regardless of the size of the TV, most wall mounts use half-inch M8 screws. Of course, they usually come with a set of screws, so if you get one brand new, you shouldn’t have to worry about it as it is always available on the hardware store.

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What to Look for in a Wall Mount?

When it comes to wall mounts, you should consider the VESA size as well as the screws. This refers to how the screw holes on the back of the lcd TV are arranged and separated. Using a tape measure, you can get a good idea of the size you want.

If you want to save time and effort, consider getting a universal wall mount with adjustable screw placement. These should work with any Samsung TV; just make sure the wall mount is strong enough to support the weight of your TV.


Finally, the size screws required for your different sized TV will correspond to the size of the TV itself. Standard-length M8 screws will most likely be required if you have a large TV. M6s or M4s are best for medium and small sizes.

Of course, you could always use a wall mount instead of legs. Most wall mounts will accept standard M8 screws. Just make sure it fits the VESA of the TV or is adjustable. Most universal wall mounts should work fine as long as they can support the weight of your TV.

FAQs About Size Screws For Samsung TV Base

What size screws go into a Samsung TV stand?

Samsung TV legs typically use screws ranging from M4 to M8 in size depending on the size of the TV. If you have a smaller TV that is between 19 and 22 inches in size, M4s are the way to go. M6s should be used if the length is between 30 and 40 inches. Finally, if the screen is larger than that, M8s will work.

What size is an M4 screw?

They’re made of tough carbon steel and come with a nut to secure metal surfaces together. The thread diameter of the M4 machine screw is 4 millimeters. The M stands for millimeters followed by the size – in this case, 4 mm.

Does Samsung TV come with screws?

This begs the question: do Samsung televisions come with mounting screws? Samsung televisions do not come with mounting screws; you must purchase the screws and wall mount separately. They do, however, include wall mount adapters and a stand mount.





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