How to Remove Samsung Freezer Drawer? [Guide]

Do you have a Samsung freezer with a pull-out drawer?

If so, you know how convenient it is to be able to reach in and grab what you need without having to open the entire freezer.

But what do you do when the drawer becomes frozen shut and won’t budge?

Don’t worry, we’re here to help!

In this post, we’ll show you how to remove a Samsung freezer drawer that’s frozen shut.

Keep reading for instructions!

how to remove a Samsung freezer drawer
How to Remove Samsung Freezer Drawer

Troubleshooting: Issues on removing samsung freezer drawer

Drawer is stuckGently pull the drawer out until it releases. If it is still stuck, you can try wiggling it back and forth or using a rubber mallet to tap the side of the drawer.
Drawer is not aligned properlyMake sure that the drawer is properly aligned with the tracks before trying to remove it. If it is not aligned properly, it may be stuck.
Drawer is frozen to the contentsThaw the contents of the drawer before trying to remove it. You can do this by placing the drawer in a warm room or by using a hair dryer to heat up the contents.
Drawer is damagedIf the drawer is damaged, you may need to replace it. You can contact Samsung customer service for assistance with finding a replacement drawer.
Drawer is not removableSome Samsung freezers have drawers that are not removable. If you are not sure if your drawer is removable, you can consult your owner’s manual or contact Samsung customer service.

How to remove freezer drawer samsung?

  1. Remove your Samsung refrigerator far enough from the wall to reach the back of it.
  2. Attach a crevice or brush tool to your vacuum’s hose and begin vacuuming up debris.
  3. Vacuum the vents on the cover of your Samsung refrigerator to remove dust, dirt, and other debris that has accumulated in the air vents.
  4. Your refrigerator should be returned to its original location.
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How to remove bottom freezer drawer samsung?

Step 1: Remove the upper tray assembly from the freezer by opening the drawer and pulling it out. Remove the tray from the drawer by pushing it back into the drawer, lifting its wheels out of the wheel slots, and lifting it slightly at the front to lift it out of the drawer.

Step 2: Remove the box tray from the box. Remove the tray from its slot by tilting the rear of the tray, pushing it back slightly, tilting it forward, and removing it from the slot.

Step 3: After that, remove the ten-millimeter bolts that are holding the drawer in place. There are four of them, with two on either side of the drawer’s opening.

Remove them using a socket with a 10-millimeter diameter. After that, grab the door from both sides and lift it off the slide rails, removing the brackets from the rails.

Step 4: To remove the slide rails, first remove the retaining pin that is holding the gear shaft in place with the slide rails still attached. Slide the gear shaft to the right, lift it up to the left, and then slide it out the other end of the machine.

Once the slide rails have been extended to their maximum length, locate and press the locking tab before sliding them out. Please keep in mind that these instructions apply to all Samsung freezer drawers, including FlexZone drawers on 4-door french door refrigerators and 3-door french door refrigerators.

For the FlexZone drawers, on the other hand, you must first lift the FlexZone basket out of the way before you can remove the drawer. To accomplish this, begin by completely opening the FlexZone basket. Now, using your two hands, lift it up and pull it out of the way.

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What is the best way to get a large refrigerator through the door?

To remove the doors, lift them up and out of the way. Installing the refrigerator on an appliance dolly will allow you to place it with the smaller dimensions facing the back. The majority of refrigerators will be loaded from the side of the dolly to the back.

Strap the refrigerator to the dolly, using a strap on each door to keep it closed while it is being transported.

What is the proper way to remove a refrigerator drawer?

  1. To take out a storage drawer, simply pull it forward until it comes to a complete stop on its own. Lift the front of the drawer just a little bit, then pull it forward.
  2. Models that are stacked one on top of the other and over and under
  3. Slide the drawer slides into place.
  4. As soon as you have everything lined up with the drawer slides, push the drawer back until it comes to a complete stop.
  5. To make the slides engage, press down on the front of the drawer’s front panel.

Put the Drawer Back in a Samsung Freezer Using These Instructions

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To reinstall the drawer into a Samsung freezer, perform the following steps:

Step 1: First, slide the gear end of the slide rails to the left or right. Push it all the way in until it locks into place. After that, fully extend the rails and insert the gear shaft with the hole into the rails, making sure they are perfectly aligned. Reinstall the retaining pin to ensure that the shaft remains in place.

Step 2: After that, place the drawer door in its proper position, making sure that the tabs of the door align with the brackets of the door and that the slots of the glides are on the glides. Replace the 10 millimeter bolts, two on each side of the drawer, and tighten them down.

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Step 3: Now is the time to insert the box tray. Place the back of the drawer into the drawer first, then lower the front of the drawer and secure it in place. Following that, slide the upper tray into the drawer. Insert the back of the tray into the drawer first, followed by the wheels, and then close the drawer with the wheels in place. It should be moved back and forth to ensure that it is securely in place.

Please keep in mind that these instructions apply to all Samsung refrigerators with freezer drawers, including those with FlexZone drawers.

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Our Final Thoughts samsung refrigerator drawer remova

Remove the lower door bins as well as both crisper drawers from the refrigerator. To remove the drawers from the fridge, slide them out while angling them slightly toward the center of the fridge. Locate the tabs on both sides of the drawer divider as well as the housing for the water filter. There are two of them, one on either side of the roller wheel, just behind it.

Frequently Ask Questions

How do I remove the freezer drawer in my Samsung refrigerator?To remove the freezer drawer in your Samsung refrigerator, first make sure that the power to the freezer is turned off. Then, gently pull the drawer out until it releases. If it is still stuck, you can try wiggling it back and forth or using a rubber mallet to tap the side of the drawer. Once the drawer is out, you can clean it or replace it if necessary.
My freezer drawer is stuck. How can I get it out?If your freezer drawer is stuck, you can try the following:
Gently pull the drawer out until it releases.
Wiggle the drawer back and forth.
Tap the side of the drawer with a rubber mallet.
Thaw the contents of the drawer before trying to remove it.
If the drawer is still stuck, you may need to contact Samsung customer service for assistance. |

What is the best way to remove the doors from a Samsung French door refrigerator?

How to Disassemble and Reassemble the Doors Remove the screw from the hinge cover on the top of the refrigerator, and then disassemble the cover hinge on top of the refrigerator. Disconnect the electrical wire from the refrigerator’s top-mounted power supply. Remove the four bolts that hold the refrigerator’s hinges to the top of the refrigerator using the wrench. Separate the hinge from the wiring by following the steps outlined below.

Is it necessary to remove the refrigerator doors?

Refrigerator Disposal Requirements Under the Law: Fundamentals Consumers in New York State are required to remove the doors from refrigerators before disposing of them as a safety precaution. This helps to prevent children from becoming trapped and suffocating in an old refrigerator if the door is closed. Children may be able to get into an old fridge but will be unable to escape if the door is closed.

How do you get a refrigerator through a door that is only a few inches wide?

Take the width of the refrigerator into consideration. Once again, open the refrigerator and take a depth measurement, this time from the back, including the condenser coils, to the front of the open unit, excluding the depth of the door jambs. The handles and doors of the refrigerator may need to be removed if necessary.


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