What is Samsung Washer SC Code?[Answered]

Have you heard or encountered Samsung washer SC ? Samsung washers are simple to operate and dependable.

In spite of the fact that Samsung is a well-known brand, the Samsung washer SC error code indicates that there is a drainage problem with the machine.

A filter in the water tank of Samsung washing machines must be cleaned on a regular basis, and the Samsung drain line must be free of any obstructions or kinks in order to function correctly.

Following are the steps for checking the filter and untangling the drain hose, as well as information on some other common Samsung washing machine problems and how to resolve them.

What is Samsung Washer SC Code?[Answered]
What does sc mean on my samsung washer?

Troubleshooting: Issues on samsung washer sc

The Samsung washer SC indicates that there is a problem with the drain pump.To fix this issue, you will need to check the drain pump and clear any blockages. If the drain pump is faulty, you will need to replace it.
The Samsung washer SC can also indicate that there is a problem with the water inlet valve.To fix this issue, you will need to check the water inlet valve and clear any blockages. If the water inlet valve is faulty, you will need to replace it.
The Samsung washer SC can also indicate that there is a problem with the control board.To fix this issue, you will need to check the control board and repair or replace it.
If you are not comfortable fixing the Samsung washer SC yourself, you can call a qualified technician to do it for you.A qualified technician will be able to diagnose the problem and fix it quickly and easily.
You can also try resetting the Samsung washer by unplugging it from the power outlet for 30 seconds and then plugging it back in.This may fix the SC code if it is a minor issue.

NWhat Does the Samsung Washer SC ?

The SC symbol on your Samsung washer indicates that it is not emptying properly. This occurs when either the drain hose or the pump becomes clogged, preventing water from flowing out of the system. It will be necessary to remove the obstruction before the water can be drained from the washer.

It is possible that the sc problem will be resolved once the blockage has been removed from the drainhose or pipe. The amount of pressure exerted on the drum also impacts how full it is. When the drain fails to start, the machine performs a self-diagnosis and displays an error code of SC (5C), nd, or 5E on the display.
In older Samsung models, the same error message as E2 appears, and this is true for all devices manufactured before 2007.

In reality, the SC mistake is non-existent in this situation. The most common mistake is to confuse the number 5 with the letter S, resulting in the error code SC rather than 5C. As long as one of these conditions exists, the implication is the same: a failure in the drainage system. There are various factors that contribute to the condition, including:

  1. The unit experienced a program interruption, causing it to stand filled.
  2. Water drainage is slow, and this does not occur until the very end.
  3. Despite the fact that the drum is empty, the SC error still appears.

Outside factors, such as clogging of pipes, are frequently the cause of the first two occurrences described. In order to correct this, the hose pipe’s end should be disconnected and placed in a big container before starting the drain mode. If the water has been pumped out of the sink, clean the sewer or siphon below the sink.

It is possible that the electronic controller is malfunctioning in this instance, resulting in the failure to function as intended. This results in the system transmitting incorrect signals, which results in error. If this occurs, turn off the machine and wait for at least 10 to 15 minutes before starting the cycle again. System clearing should be straightforward and should result in the system starting up properly.

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What does sc mean on samsung washer?

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What does sc mean on a samsung washer?

Your Samsung washer displays the message SC because it is unable to drain. This is caused by a blockage or clogs in the drainpipe, which stops the water in the tub from draining properly. It will be necessary to remove the obstruction in order to correct the sc mistake and allow the washer to drain extra water.

It is possible that you will not be able to remove the sc problem after rebooting. When this occurs, it indicates that there is a significant underlying issue that needs to be addressed. It is possible that you may need to violently empty the water from the washer and exit the laundry room before proceeding with the investigation. Some of the probable problems are as follows:

1. Remove the drain pump filter and clean it (front-loader washers)

Samsung front-loading washers are typically equipped with a small access panel located on the bottom front of the washer, which houses the drain pump filter and other components. Frequently, clearing the drain pump filter will resolve the Samsung SC (5C) problem code.

Drain pump filter cleaning involves a container to drain water into, a cloth to absorb any water that may leak out, dish detergent, water, and a brush with enough bristles to get into the crevices of the drain pump filter.

To clean the drain pump filter, follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Place a rag or towel in front of the drain pump filter cover to act as a barrier.
  2. Use a penny as a lever to force the drain pump filter cover open, or firmly push on the panel to release it from the drain pump filter cover.
  3. Pull out the little drain line and set one end of it over a container to catch any excess water.
  4. Remove the cap from the hose and allow the water to drain into the storage container. Typically, 2–6 cups of water will drain from the washer with each cycle.
  5. To remove the drain filter from the washer, turn it counterclockwise until it comes out.
  6. Remove any foreign objects that may have gotten inside the filter.
  7. Dish soap and water is used to clean the filter. Make use of a brush to ensure that it is entirely free of any debris.
  8. Return the filter to the washer and crank it counter-clockwise until it is securely locked in place, as shown.
  9. Replace the cap on the little drain hose and re-secure it inside the compartment with a rubber band.
  10. Close the access panel on your computer.

Check to see if the SC (5C) error code has been addressed after the filter has been cleared. If the issue code persists, make sure you check the other components on the list below.

Remove the drain pump filter and clean it
Remove the drain pump filter and clean it

2. Inspect the drain pipe for leaks.

A clogged drain pipe is another possible source of the SC (5C) error code. You should be able to feel along with the drain hose for any obstructions using your fingertips and the drain hose. However, it is normally preferable to disconnect the drain line and use a drain snake tool or something similar to clear the drain of any obstructions before reconnecting it.

Drain hoses can be cleaned by running water through them if the drain hoses are not connected.

The drain hose may require the use of pliers to remove clamps or a screwdriver to remove screws that secure the drain hose to the back of the washer in order to be checked for damage.

To inspect the drain hose, perform the following steps:

  1. The washer should be unplugged from the electrical power source.
  2. Locate the drain hose and run your fingers along the length of the hose for any obstructions.
  3. Unplug the drain pipe and thoroughly inspect the ends for obstructions.
  4. To clear the clog, use a drain snake tool or fill the hose with water and flush it.
  5. Make sure that the drain hose is properly connected and that it is installed according to the manufacturer’s standards (see the washer’s handbook for drain hose specs).
  6. Examine the system to see if the SC (5C) error code has been resolved. If the error code persists, examine the other components on the list that follows.
  7. Make that the drain pump is working properly.
  8. If inspecting the components listed above has failed to cure the error number, the drain pump in the washer may be clogged, have a broken impeller, or have failed entirely.
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sc on samsung washer

The drain pump on a Samsung washer is often located at the bottom of the machine or behind a rear access panel. The washer’s rear access panel, which is accessible by removing the screws, may need to be removed, or the washer may need to be placed on its back so that you can access the pump at the washer’s base. It is necessary to remove the entire front panel of the washer, as well as sometimes the top panel, if you are unable to access the pump underneath or at the rear of the washer.

It is typical to be able to remove access panel screws by using a Phillips-head screwdriver. In order to test the drain pump motor, you will also need a multimeter.

In order to inspect the drain pump on a Samsung washer, follow these steps:

  1. Disconnect the washer’s power supply from the wall outlet.
  2. Remove the washer’s water source by turning off the water valve.
  3. Remove the relevant access panels or turn the washer on its side to make it easier to clean. Because washers can be heavy and difficult to use on your own, it is recommended that you have someone assist you if you need to move the machine. If the access panel is located beneath the washer, you will need to remove the screws in order to access the panel.
  4. Examine where the drain pump is located and make sure that the impeller can turn freely, that it is not damaged, and that the pump is not clogged with debris. It is an indication that the motor is faulty if the impeller does not turn when the motor is turned. If the impeller has been destroyed, it will need to be replaced immediately.
  5. Disconnect the drain pump hoses and inspect them for obstructions.

It is recommended that the drain pump be removed from the washer and that the motor be examined for continuity with a multimeter if the drain pump or its hoses are not clogged and the impeller has not been broken.

While the washer is still unplugged from the power source, unhook the drain pump wiring harnesses from the washer.

The drain pump mounting screws must be removed before the pump can be removed from the washer.

Make use of a multimeter to determine whether or not the pump has continuity (a continuous electrical path present in the motor). A drain pump motor without continuity indicates that the pump has failed and must be replaced in order to resolve the drainage problem.

Inspect the drain pipe for leaks.
Inspect the drain pipe for leaks.

3. Pump Filter Clogging

If the pump is operational but is unable to complete its task, it is necessary to inspect the drain filter for obstructions. You will need to enter through the entrance in the lower right corner. Turning this door in the opposite direction of the clock will unbolt it.

You will soon find that minor materials such as buttons, pennies, and other small detritus will not cause any big problems with your washing machine. The 5C or SC error is triggered by a significant amount of trash. The most common culprits are usually a buildup of garbage, as well as a pile of socks. To resolve this issue, you must first remove the blockages from the filter, then wash the filter before reinstalling it.

4. The presence of foreign objects in the nozzle

Drain nozzles can become clogged in some instances. When this occurs, it is likely that the machine will not pump water, resulting in the 5C or SC error being displayed. You should make certain that no debris gets into the connection between the tank and the pump since this could cause damage. If the duct is clogged, it must be thoroughly cleaned.

Pump clogging is a common problem.

If the pump becomes clogged, the SC fault will also be displayed on the screen. Pins, elastic bands, hair clips, nails, coins, and screws are among the small items that can become entangled. Whenever you hear a faint roar from the machine, this shows that the subunit is operating but may have become stuck as a result of the buildup of debris.

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Remove the filter and turn on the drain mode while keeping an eye on how the wheels revolve to correct the situation. You should also inspect the output chamber of the pump, as well as the area beneath the impeller. You don’t want to overlook any potential problems that need to be addressed.

5. Inadequate Wire Connection

A faulty wire connection might also result in the samsung sc code being triggered. A simple test can be performed to see whether the machine is making any sounds. It is reasonable to believe that the problem is caused by the electrical circuit’s open contacts.

Examine the wires that connect the drain pump to the control module to ensure that there are no questions. It is possible that they have become detached and will require repair. This can occur whenever you move the machine while it is being transported. It could also occur if the cables are broken as a result of a malfunctioning device. When this occurs, the following occurs:

  • In the event that the faults are minimal, twisting the open circuit will be sufficient to close it.
  • In the event of a significant problem, the complete cable should be replaced.

6. Failure of the Pump

Every time the pump fails, the machine is unable to wring out water and also fails to drain, resulting in the SC error message being shown. It is not necessary for a pumping system that is malfunctioning to be silent. There are some instances where the rotor revolves normally yet the wheel remains stationary.

sc error code samsung washer

Due to the slippage of the shaft, it may even complete a few rotations before displaying the SC error code. When this occurs, you must inspect the pump by performing the following procedures:

  1. Place the machine on its side to gain access to all of its contact points
  2. Taking off the cover for the control panel
  3. Checking the terminals of an electric circuit for continuity with a multimeter is a good practice. Ideally, it should have an impedance of approximately 165 ohms.
  4. Call in an expert to see if the error message continues to appear even after everything else has been checked.
  5. It is important to note that if the pump is the source of the problem, it will need to be replaced.

How To Run A Samsung Washer After It Has Been Repaired

Performing a complete wash cycle from start to finish is the most effective approach to test your Samsung washer once it has been repaired. This will assist you in ensuring that all of the washer’s features are functioning properly and without any issues in the future.

However, in this instance, the emphasis is on your washer’s capacity to drain water out of the machine through the drain pump and hose without experiencing any difficulties.. You’ll appreciate the fact that Samsung washers include a Rinse+Drain cycle, which you’ll find really convenient. You can use this cycle to evaluate the draining function of your washing machine, as it is significantly shorter than a full wash cycle.

Our Final Thoughts on Samsung washing machine SC code

When you encounter an samsung washer code sc on the control panel of your Samsung washing machine, there’s something extremely vital you should know:

Caption: Error codes display on the control panel of your Samsung washing machine.

SC Code Samsung Washer

There isn’t really a sc code on samsung washer. There is, however, a 5C error code that, unless you look very closely, seems like the letter “SC.” However, the most crucial thing to understand is that something is preventing your Samsung washing machine’s drainage hose from releasing water in order to begin a rinse or spin cycle.

FAQS On SC Samsung Washer

How do I resolve the SC error code on my Samsung washing machine?

Unclogging the drain hose, pump filter, or drain pump is usually enough to resolve the SC error code. Making sure the drain hose is properly installed can also help to solve the problem. If you don’t have time to fix the error, you can usually resolve it by turning off the power for a minute or two.

What does the code SC on a Samsung washing machine mean?

What does the letter SC stand for on my Samsung washer? The SC error code indicates that there is an issue with the drain. Despite the fact that the pump is running, the level of water in the drum does not decrease. The pipes, filter, drain hose, pipe, or pump become clogged, resulting in this condition.

How do I get rid of the SC code on my Samsung washer?

A 5C/SC error code displays when your Samsung washer’s drum is empty, however, the code continues to appear despite the fact that the drum is empty. The repair is simple. Then, after 10 to 15 minutes of inactivity, switch your washer back on and run a wash cycle without any detergent or garments in it.


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