The Ultimate Samsung Jet 70 Review

Are you looking for Samsung Jet 70 Review? Well, the cordless stick/handheld vacuum cleaner Jet 70 Pet.

It’s in the middle of Samsung’s Jet stick vacuum line, just above the entry-level Samsung Jet 60, which has the same 150W motor but a cheaper Jet Fit floorhead.

It is, however, priced below the more expensive Samsung Jet 70 Stick Vacuum, Samsung Jet 90 Complete, and Samsung Bespoke Jet models, which have more powerful motors and can be bundled with a wider range of accessories, including a second battery pack.

It has a five-stage filtration system, which is useful if you are allergic to fine allergens. It has a lightweight design that makes it easier to use than most other cordless stick vacuums.


  • Superb performance on bare floors.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Low recurring costs.
  • Compatible with a dedicated mopping attachment.


  • Terrible stain-cleaning performance with default floorhead.
Samsung Jet 70 Review
Samsung Jet 70 pet reviews

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Samsung Pet 70 Review: Top Features


The Jet 70 Samsung is reasonably well-made. It’s mostly made of plastic, with the exception of a lightweight metal wand with a matte finish. It has a more premium appearance and feel, with a slightly stronger build quality than many other alternatives OF turbo action brush. However, it’s worth noting that the glossy control buttons on its handle are easily scratched.

The assembly of the vacuum is simple and straightforward. The charging station is simple to assemble, but you may need to refer to the instructions.

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Samsung Jet 70 Pet Stick Vacuum Review


The Samsung Jet 70 vacuum is pretty easy to maintain. Fewer parts need regular cleaning compared to the similarly-designed to cordless vacuum cleaner Samsung Jet 90 Complete.

  • Dirt compartment: To remove the dustbin, press the release button located near its top edge. After removing the micro filter and cyclone filter assembly, empty the dustbin over a garbage can, but be aware that this may cause a dust cloud to form. When necessary, you can also wash it with water and you have now smart home.
  • To separate the two, twist the cyclone filter counter-clockwise against the dustbin. If necessary, use the included cleaning tool to remove any stuck-on debris. When there is a significant buildup of debris, it can also be washed with water.
  • Micro filter: The micro filter is located above the cyclone filter and can be pulled free by its grab handle to Samsung Clean Station. You should clear away any stuck-on dirt regularly and wash it with water once a month.
  • Twist to unlock and remove the HEPA filter from the main body of the vacuum, where it sits above the dirt compartment. As needed, remove any dust and debris from this filter jet cyclone. It should not be washed with water.
  • Push the button on top of the brush head suction power to unlock it, then slide it out. Because the brushroll easily collects pet hair, you’ll need to clean it on a regular basis if you have heavily shedding pets. After removing the brushroll from the floorhead, it’s simple to cut away any tangled hair with a pair of scissors.
  • Motorized brush tool: Clean this area with the crevice tool to your hard floor.
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Any part that has been washed with water should be thoroughly dried out of direct sunlight before being reinserted into the vacuum dust particles. An LED light on the handle indicates when there is a clog, brushroll obstruction, missing filter, or the vacuum is not properly assembled.

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The Ultimate Samsung Jet 70 Review


The Samsung Vacuum Jet 70 Pet has very low recurring costs.

  • HEPA Filter: There is no recommended replacement interval for the HEPA filter. However, even if you clean the filter according to the manufacturer’s instructions, it is recommended that you replace it if you notice a decrease in vacuum performance home appliances. A replacement HEPA filter is available here to jet vacuum.


The Jet 70 Pet is relatively simple to store. Because its wand isn’t telescopic, you can’t lower it to take up a smaller vertical footprint. Its low-profile wall-mounted charging station does have room for two of the tools that come with it to high pile carpet. In contrast to the Samsung Bespoke Jet, there is no additional accessory rack for charging a second battery pack at the same time.


The dirt compartment on the Jet 70 Pet is adequate in size. Its measured capacity of 0.5 L is less than the advertised capacity of 0.8 L dust bin, so you’ll probably need to empty it after one or two cleaning sessions. However, this is still competitive with many other options, such as the Dyson V11 Animal.


Because the Samsung Jet Light VS70 is cordless uninterrupted cleaning, its range is only limited by the remaining battery life and the amount of space in the dustbin. However, unlike the similarly designed Samsung Jet 90 Complete, it lacks a telescopic wand, making it more difficult to find a height that suits your needs.


The battery life of the Jet 70 Pet is adequate. Using it in its most energy-efficient ‘MIN’ mode with only its crevice tool attached results in nearly 50 minutes of runtime, which matches the manufacturer’s advertised claim of 40 minutes.

However, when used in its most powerful ‘MAX’ mode with its floorhead attached, it can drain its battery in just over five minutes, which is faster than many other cordless vacuums, such as the Dyson V8 Animal, when used in their most powerful suction mode to dual charging station.

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When vacuuming stubborn messes or surfaces like high-pile carpeting, you must work quickly. A trio of LED lights provides an accurate indication of the remaining battery life.


The Jet 70 Pet has a few extra features that improve the quality of life. Its floorhead pivots for improved maneuverability in confined spaces.

You can also switch between three different power modes by pressing the ‘+’ and ‘-‘ buttons: the energy-efficient ‘MIN’ mode, the default ‘MED’ mode, and the most powerful ‘MAX’ mode.

If you buy the Spinning Sweeper attachment and attach it to your vacuum, it will start in the samsung jet 70 wet mode by default, and you will not be able to change it.

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The Samsung Jet 70 Pet includes a few tools and accessories. There’s a mini turbo brush for cleaning upholstered surfaces, a crevice tool for removing debris from cracks, and a rush/upholstery combo brush.

The quick-release tabs on these attachments make switching between them a breeze. While it is not included, you can purchase the Spinning Sweeper floorhead, which uses two spinning mop pads to remove stains from hard floors. On this tool, you can use either disposable wet mop pads or washable dry mop pads.


The Jet 70 is a very maneuverable aircraft. Its lightweight design and pivoting floorhead allow it to easily maneuver around obstacles.

The lack of a suction trigger to hold onto reduces the amount of fatigue you feel while using the vacuum for extended periods of time with mini motorized tool. Any attachments for cleaning on top of furniture can also be easily swapped out.

Unfortunately, its floorhead is prone to becoming entangled in shag-pile rugs and carpeting. You’ll also have to crouch quite low to clean under tables and chairs. Because it lacks a telescopic wand, finding an ergonomic height that works for you may be difficult.


The Jet 70 does a good job of removing pet hair from furniture. In general, turbo brush tools are the best option for cleaning pet hair from upholstered surfaces.

This vacuum’s loose attachment hinge and inability to collect extremely fine hair make it difficult to use while holding the vacuum in one hand. You can see how this tool performed on the test couch here air treatment, as well as the results of that performance test.

While the combination tool is extremely effective at removing pet hair from furniture, its narrow suction inlet makes it impractical for cleaning large areas, and you’ll have to pull out any pet hair that gets stuck in the soft-bristle brush on a regular basis.

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For optimal pet hair-cleaning performance on upholstered furniture, use the combination tool in conjunction with the turbo brush.


Note: Since the ‘Spinning Sweeper’ attachment isn’t available as part of a bundle with the Jet 70 and needs to be purchased separately, the vacuum’s score for this section remains based on its water-clearing performance with the standard floorhead.

This vacuum is not designed to collect water. When used with dry microfiber mopping pads, it is compatible with the ‘Spinning Sweeper’ floorhead, which uses rotating mop pads to clear away water cleaning station.

You can see a video of the vacuum clearing away water with the ‘Spinning Sweeper’ attachment and dry microfiber pads here, as well as a picture of the cleaned contact surface here. The dry microfiber cloths work well for small spills, but more than half a cup of liquid will saturate the pads and prevent them from absorbing any more liquid.

CONCLUSION On Samsung Jet70 Review

The Jet 70 works well on bare floors. On this surface type, it does an excellent job of removing pet hair as well as small and large debris.

It’s also very effective at removing debris from cracks and crevices. Its lightweight design and pivoting floorhead make it easy to maneuver, and it can easily be converted into a handheld vacuum for cleaning small areas. Unfortunately, its battery life isn’t as long as some of the other options.

FAQs About Samsung Jet70 Review

How long does the Jet 70 take to charge?

approximately 3 hours During our testing, the Jet 70 Easy Vacuum Cleaner could run for 40 minutes on the lowest setting and 15 minutes on the highest setting. It takes about 3 hours to charge from zero to full, which is fine because you can use that time to rest before your next cleaning session.

What is the battery life of the Samsung Jet?

60 minutes maximum A fully charged battery can provide up to 60 minutes of runtime, according to Samsung (recharging can take up to 3.5 hours).

What is the price of the new Samsung vacuum?

The vacuum costs $900 and comes with a one-year warranty. If you decide that a $900 vacuum isn’t for you, you can return it for free within 100 days of purchase.

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