Are Samsung TV Stands Interchangeable? [Answered]

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Are Samsung TV Stands Interchangeable? Samsung TV leg sizes and lengths vary by model. You may dislike the legs that came with your Samsung TV, or you may have broken or crooked TV legs.

Is it possible to replace the legs on your Samsung TV?

The Samsung TV legs on a 55-inch Samsung TV are interchangeable with both 55-inch and 43-inch Samsung TV models. Samsung TV legs can be removed and reattached, allowing for the installation of new legs if the old ones become defective due to wear and tear.

You are not required to use the legs that came with your Samsung TV if you do not like them.

Continue reading to find out which Samsung TV legs are interchangeable and how to swap them out for new ones.

Are Samsung TV Stands Interchangeable
Are Samsung TV Stands Interchangeable


The size of the TV determines whether a model of Samsung TV legs can be interchanged with another model’s legs. 55-inch Samsung TVs can accept legs that fit either a 55-inch or a 43-inch Samsung TV, but larger TV legs will not fit on smaller Samsung TVs unlike in lg tv,qled tv, oled tv, and flat screen tv.

This does not preclude you from replacing your Samsung TV legs. If you need to replace the legs on your Samsung TV that have been lost or broken, Samsung sells these parts. Even if you lack technical skills, changing them is a simple process.

Are Samsung TV Stands Interchangeable
Are Samsung TV Stands Interchangeable

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Video: Removing Stand on Samsung Led Series TV

Here is a video on removing Stand on Samsung Led Series TV

Removing Stand on Samsung Led Series TV


If you’ve purchased a Samsung TV, you’ve probably noticed that it comes with a TV base that is perfectly sized to the television. As we all know, things do break! Perhaps you disliked the base that came with your television. In any case, if you need to replace the base for your Samsung TV, you may be wondering if it is replaceable by smart tv.

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You can change the base of your Samsung TV. It is important to note, however, that only certain bases will fit your specific model. You can order a direct replacement for your model television or a universal base or tv wall mount that can accommodate its size and weight.

Now that you know you can replace your Samsung TV base, you may be interested in learning how to locate the base that will fit your television, as well as other options for mounting your Samsung television if you can’t find or don’t like the base that fits your TV.



To replace your Samsung TV legs, you must first learn how to remove the old ones. Here’s the simplest and most secure way to do it without damaging your television:

  • Turn off the television. Before you begin tinkering with your Samsung TV’s legs, disconnect it from its power source and any third-party devices such as soundbars and gaming consoles. The television should be freestanding and able to move around without being constrained by wires.
  • Place the television on the floor. To access the Samsung TV legs, pick up the TV and place it face-down on a soft surface, such as a towel, to avoid damaging the monitor. Laying the Samsung TV face down gives you access to the Samsung TV legs, which are screwed onto the back of the monitor.
  • Remove the television stand. Unscrew the TV stand from the back of the TV and pull it off with a screwdriver. Hold the TV up while removing the TV stand so it doesn’t slam back down on the floor when the stand comes loose.

After removing the legs from your Samsung TV, you can either replace them with new legs or prepare the TV for wall mounting.


When you first opened your Samsung TV, it came with a perfectly compatible base. If the base was broken or misplaced and you simply want to replace it, the process is fairly simple. All you have to do is order a new base!

You can order one from Samsung or Amazon, but keep in mind that because each base is specific to the type of TV you have, you will need to enter your model name and size to ensure the correct base is delivered.

There are some so-called universal bases available these days, but they frequently have some limitations based on the size of your television.


Installing new Samsung TV legs on your TV is simple as long as you get the right size. To install new TV legs on your Samsung TV, follow the same steps as you did to remove the old ones. As long as your Samsung lcd TV legs are interchangeable, here’s how to install new ones:

  • Remove the old TV legs and place the TV face down on a towel. You can remove the old TV legs by following the instructions in the preceding section.
  • Place the new TV stand on top of the television. It may be useful to have someone slightly lift the TV off the towel so you can keep the TV stand aligned for the screws. Otherwise, the monitor’s angle may make it difficult to align the TV stand with the monitor body.
  • Screw on the new TV stand. Your new TV stand should come with screws to connect it to the monitor’s installation point on the back.
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If you don’t have a compatible set of TV legs to swap out on your TV stand, you can remove the TV legs to wall-mount the Samsung TV.


Once you’ve decided on the best replacement option for your Samsung TV base, you’ll undoubtedly want to know how to set it up.

Whether you buy an exact replacement or a universal stand or a wall mount, the good news is that the instructions for attaching the base to your specific Samsung TV should come with your purchase of your mobile app.

If you’re still stuck, there are several YouTube videos that will show you exactly what to do with wide range! We recommend searching for your specific Samsung TV model and stand to get the most direct instructions.


Trying to swap out the legs on your Samsung TV but they don’t fit? You don’t have no other choices. Another option for replacing the TV legs is to wall-mount your Samsung TV. If you don’t have enough floor space for a TV stand that is at least forty-eight inches across, mounting a Samsung TV is an option viewing angle.

Another option is to get in touch with Samsung directly. You can order replacement TV legs from the company that correspond to the Samsung model you own, ensuring that you receive TV legs that fit compatibility.


If you want to replace your Samsung TV base but do not like the model that came with it, you have a few options!

As previously stated, there are some universal bases available that will fit your Samsung TV shows; however, it may take a little extra research to ensure the base can handle the size and weight of your specific TV and you don’t end up with a smashed TV on the ground or even smashed sound bar.

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Another option is to replace the base with a TV mount. While this obviously changes the setup of your television and is not a replacement base, it may be a good option if you can’t find the base you’re looking for or if you’re ready for a change!

Wall mounts are an excellent way to save space in your living room, bedroom, or any other room where you have your Samsung TV; most people prefer mounts to bases because they are more aesthetically pleasing and give you more options when it comes to interior design of height adjustment.

CONCLUSION: Samsung Tv Legs Are Easy To Replace

When it comes to replacing the base of your Samsung TV, not only is it possible, but there are several options.

Because Samsung television bases are not interchangeable, if you want to order a Samsung base, make sure you order the correct replacement base for your specific TV.

If you don’t like the base that came with your Samsung TV, you can replace it with a universal base or a wall mount; just make sure it is designed to support the size and weight of your TV. Hopefully, you are now a Samsung TV base expert and can confidently replace your base!

FAQs About Samsung Tv Legs

Are Samsung TV pedestals interchangeable?

1-1 of 1 Response It is impossible to say for certain without the model number, but they are most likely not interchangeable if you are referring to the included stand. They might be compatible if you’re talking about a third-party stand.

Can you take the legs off a Samsung TV?

If it’s anything like my Samsung, you’ll need to remove the small cover on the back of the TV, right behind the leg. Mine had a small downward pointing arrow pointing to the area where you lift up or out. This reveals the two screws. Unscrew them all the way, but they might not come out.

Can you change the stand on TVs?

No, you cannot, nor would you want to, as others have pointed out. A pedestal stand that uses the same mounting points as a wall mount can be purchased aftermarket. There was an issue. Please accept my apologies. Please retry later.

Do TV stands fit all televisions?

Because most TVs and mounts adhere to the Video Electronics Stands Association (or, VESA) standard, nearly any television can be fitted to nearly any mount.


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