How does a Samsung Dryer Steam Sanitize? (Answered!)

Samsung dryers are equipped with a variety of specialized cycles and settings from which you can choose to suit your needs.

Each of them is designed to cater to a specific type of fabric and its specific requirements, ensuring that you get a perfectly dried load every time.

The ‘Sanitize’ option is one that you’ll find on the majority of Samsung devices. But, what exactly does it do?

On many different Samsung dryer models, you’ll find dryer cycle options that have the word ‘Sanitize’ in their names.

Depending on your dryer model, you may be able to choose from dryer cycle options such as Sanitize, Sanitize, and Sanitize+.

The “Sanitize” cycle on a Samsung dryer generally entails applying high or extreme heat to the fabric in order to dry the fabric more thoroughly, kill germs, reduce odors, and even soften the material in question.

To find out what each of these three Sanitize options on Samsung dryers does and how they could make your drying process much more efficient, continue reading this article.

How does a Samsung Dryer Steam Sanitize?
What is steam sanitize on samsung washer?

Troubleshooting: Issues on How to use steam cycle on samsung dryer

sanitize cycle does not startMake sure that the dryer is plugged in and turned on. Check the lint trap to make sure it is clean. If the cycle still does not start, contact a qualified technician.
sanitize cycle does not heat upMake sure that the dryer is plugged in and turned on. Check the water supply to make sure it is turned on. If the cycle still does not heat up, contact a qualified technician.
sanitize cycle does not dry clothesMake sure that the load of clothes is not too large. If the load is too large, the dryer may not be able to dry the clothes completely.
sanitize cycle leaves clothes dampMake sure that the sanitize cycle is allowed to complete. The cycle may take longer than other cycles to dry clothes.
sanitize cycle leaves clothes with a musty smellMake sure that the dryer is properly cleaned and maintained. The musty smell may be caused by a build-up of lint or dirt.

What is the purpose of the sanitize steam Samsung dryer?

Items are sanitized in this cycle by applying steam and high-temperature heat to the fabric, which causes the fabric to become cleaner.

This cycle has the ability to soften and deodorize items while also reducing odors. This cycle is recommended for laundry that is still at least partially damp.

Due to the extreme heat, it is not recommended to use this machine for regular laundry.

How does a Samsung Dryer Steam Sanitize?
How does a Dryer Sanitize?

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How does a Dryer Sanitize?

According to Samsung, the Sanitize+ cycle on their dryers sanitizes wet items by infusing them with high temperature heat and injecting steam during the cycle. This process removes 99.9% of germs and bacteria, more than 95% of pollen, and kills 100% of mites. The cycle uses steam and high-temperature heat to clean the fabric. The Sanitize+ cycle uses hot steam at the start of the drying process to kill germs, pollen, and dust mites while your clothes dry.

Furthermore, how does the Samsung dryer’s Steam function work?

The dryer’s heat then raises the temperature of the mist, causing it to condense and turn into steam. Other dryers use a steam generator to provide pure steam to the clothes as they dry.

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So far, the steam dryers we’ve discussed haven’t dried much, but they’ve done a good job of refreshing and reducing wrinkles.

What is samsung steam dryer?

In a similar vein, what is the Samsung washing machine’s sanitize cycle? For heavily soiled, colorfast garments that have lost their color, sanitize.

In order to kill bacteria, this cycle raises the temperature of the water to 150 degrees Fahrenheit. Only a spin to remove water from the system is provided.

You can also run this after another cycle to add more spinning.

Taking all of this into account, what is the purpose of the dryer’s steam function?

When you use a standard dryer, heated air is applied to your wet clothes, causing moisture to evaporate. An electric steam dryer, like a traditional dryer, uses hot air to dry clothes, but it also has a steam cycle that draws moist air into the clothes, softening the fabrics and reducing wrinkles.

Video: What does steam sanitize mean on Samsung washer?

How to use steam sanitize on samsung dryer?

The Dryer Goes Through its Cycles

Note: It is always recommended that you follow the manufacturer’s instructions on the tag when drying a particular item to avoid damaging it.

Sensor Dry cycles are Performed

The use of Sensor Dry means that you won’t have to be concerned about that one pair of jeans that just won’t seem to dry along with the rest of your laundry, or about damp spots on a large comforter.

Sensitive Dry cycles employ a sensor located inside the dryer to detect when the laundry is dry, and they will automatically stop the cycle once the desired level of dryness has been reached. This can be used to either lengthen or shorten the cycle, depending on the situation.

Clothing for Active Wear: This cycle is for water-repellent clothing, such as exercise clothing and outdoor clothing. It also includes sports jerseys, training pants, water-repellent jackets, and other performance apparel.

It is possible that thick fabrics, such as those with a zipper or velcro closure, or training socks, will not be completely dried. The maximum weight of the load for this cycle is four pounds.

The terms Bedding PLUS, Bedding, and Bedding are used to refer to bulky items such as blankets, sheets, and comforters.

Designed to dry heat-sensitive items at a low drying temperature, this cycle is ideal for delicate items.

Downloaded: By connecting your dryer to SmartThings, you will be able to access a number of additional cycle options in addition to those available on your dryer’s control panel. If you select and run a cycle that is not physically printed on your dryer, the control panel will indicate that the Downloaded cycle has been selected, according to the manufacturer.

Furthermore, you can choose which cycle the Downloaded cycle defaults to when SmartThings is not being used.

Eco Normal: This cycle is a modified version of the Normal cycle that uses less energy to achieve the same drying results. During the cycle, it will dynamically adjust the temperature as well as the duration of time.

Denim, corduroy, and work clothes are all suitable for this cycle because it uses high heat to soften the heavy fabrics.

Jeans: This cycle removes moisture from jeans and other denim garments by automatically changing the temperature throughout the cycle.

Normative: This is the most common cycle, and it is used for items that are used on a regular basis, such as cotton, underwear, and linen.

This cycle is for wrinkle-free cotton, synthetic fabrics, knits, and fabrics that require a permanent press to be ironed flat. Wrinkling is reduced in this cycle because it includes a longer unheated cool-down period at the conclusion of the cycle.

Sanitize: During this cycle, extreme heat is used to disinfect bedding and curtains. The use of this machine for normal laundry is not recommended due to the extreme heat.

Towels and other similar items: dry loads such as bath towels.

Sensor Dry cycles include Very Dry, More Dry, and Damp Dry. On some models, these Sensor Dry cycles are available in place of the Dry Level setting, but they function in exactly the same way as the Dry Level setting. For more information, see the Dry Level setting in the Other Settings section further down this page.

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Wool: This is only for wool that can be machine washed and tumble dried. The maximum weight of the load for this cycle is three pounds.

Cycles of manual drying

Manual Dry cycles run for a set amount of time and then stop, regardless of whether the laundry is dry or not.

Time Dry: Runs a cycle for a set amount of time.

Quick Dry: Runs a 30-minute cycle (although this can be adjusted).

Wrinkle Release: This cycle will remove minor wrinkles from clothes that are already clean and dry, such as items from a crowded closet, a suitcase, or items that have sat in the dryer for an extended period of time after the previous cycle ended.

Air Fluff: This cycle does not use heat and instead tumbles the load in the drum while blowing room temperature air.

Cycles of Steam

Samsung 7.4 Electric Dryer with Steam Sanitize+
What is steam sanitize on samsung dryer?

samsung sanitize cycle

During the cycle, these cycles spray water to create a steam effect while heating the laundry. Steam cycles, with the exception of Sanitize, are designed for already-dried laundry. If the laundry is damp at the end of a steam dry cycle, it must be laid flat or hung to dry, or it must be dried on a different cycle.

Please keep in mind that dryer sheets should not be used during a Steam cycle.

Refresh: This cycle is used to smooth out wrinkles and reduce odors in loads containing 1 to 4 already dry items.

Wrinkle Away, Wrinkle Care: This cycle is similar to Wrinkle Release on other models, but because it is a Steam cycle, it will spray water during the cycle.

This cycle will remove wrinkles from clothes that are already clean and dry, such as those in a crowded closet or in a suitcase. Load no more than three items for the best results.

Sanitize: This cycle sanitizes items by exposing them to steam and high-temperature heat. This cycle, which is intended for laundry that is still partially wet, can soften items and reduce odors. It is not recommended for normal laundry due to the extreme heat.

Dryer Features and Settings

Note: For a list of icons and their meanings, see our guide for dryer icons.

These are the additional settings that will have an impact on the drying cycle.

Depending on the cycle currently selected, these options may be limited or restricted. An appendix near the end of the user manual contains a detailed chart of which settings work with which cycles.

Dry Level: Adjusts Sensor Dry (and, on some models, Steam Dry) cycles to determine how dry the laundry will be before the cycle ends.

  • Higher dry levels may be required for larger or bulkier loads.
  • Lightweight fabrics benefit from lower dry levels.
  • Lower dry levels can also be used to leave damp clothes at the end of the cycle, or for items that must be laid flat or hung to dry.

Temperature Control: This option modifies the overall level of heat used during the cycle.

For sturdy cotton or those labeled Tumble Dry, a high temperature (approximately 140-145°F) can be used.

Permanent press, synthetics, lightweight cotton, and items labeled Tumble Dry Medium can all be tumble dried at a medium temperature (approximately 130-133°F).

Medium Low temperature can be used to dry synthetic or washable knit fabrics at a lower temperature than the Medium setting.

For heat-sensitive items labeled Tumble Dry Low or Tumble Dry Warm, a low temperature (approximately 120-122°F) can be used.

Extra Low (approximately 100-110°F) is the lowest heated dry temperature that can be achieved.

Anti Static: This feature is only available on certain steam models and adds a steam effect to non-steam cycles such as Normal, Heavy Duty, and so on.

Eco Dry: This setting reduces the power consumption of certain other cycles while increasing the cycle length by up to three times. This is determined by the size of the load and the temperature setting.

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One of the ways it accomplishes this is by starting the cycle without the use of heat. Eco Dry is enabled by default on the Normal and Time Dry cycles for models that support it.

Mixed Load Bell, Damp Alert: Enabling this option on a Sensor Dry cycle with higher dry settings will cause the dryer to signal when the drying cycle is approximately 80% complete.

This allows you to pause the cycle and remove the lighter (and most likely dry) items from the load while leaving the heavier items to dry further. Unless manually paused, the cycle will continue to run as usual.

When drying mixed loads on Sensor Dry cycles, if you do not remove lighter items like this, heavier items may not get as dry because the dryer will detect the dryness of the lighter items and finish the cycle.

My Cycle: Select a cycle and save the settings you use frequently so they can be easily selected again in the future with the touch of a button.

Rack Dry: Some models include a rack for drying items that do not require tumbling. When using the provided rack, you can select this option.

Small Load Care: When using certain Sensor Dry cycles, this option is used for extremely small loads. It cannot be selected or cancelled after a cycle has begun, but it does allow the drum to be paused while in operation.

Smart Care: This will display a code on the dryer that can be viewed with a phone’s camera and the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app. The app will then interpret the code and display the dryer’s current status as well as potential troubleshooting steps to resolve any issues.

This feature does not make use of Wi-Fi. More information about Smart Care can be found in our guide.

Smart Control, Smart Monitor: Allows for Wi-Fi-based remote control or monitoring via a phone. Only gas models can be monitored. This option requires the SmartThings app, the Samsung Smart Home app, or the Samsung Smart Washer/Dryer app on older models.

Time Selection: This option is only available when using Manual Dry cycles that allow for time adjustment. The length of the cycle will be adjusted as a result of this.

Wrinkle Prevention: This option will continue to spin the drum (without heat) after the cycle is finished, preventing the laundry from sitting still and wrinkled.

After the cycle, it will spin for a few minutes before intermittently tumbling the clothes. This isn’t a part of the cycle, and the laundry is dry and ready to go at any time. While Wrinkle Prevent is active, a scrolling rectangle will appear on the display on many models.

Wrinkle Prevent will be turned off as soon as the door is opened. If the door is not opened, depending on the model, it will run for 90 or 180 minutes.

Our Final Thoughts on Steam Sanitize Samsung Washer

Samsung suggests using Sanitize+ for regular laundry that needs to be thoroughly sanitized. The company emphasizes that this feature would be extremely useful, especially for children’s clothes, which parents are concerned about carrying germs and bacteria.

However, based on the benefits listed above, this feature would be beneficial for clothes that have been exposed to pollen or dust mites.

To get the best results, make sure there’s plenty of extra space in the drum for each piece of clothing to benefit from the steam inside. For the best results, this cycle also necessitates that the clothes be at least partially wet.

Frequently Ask Questions

What does steam sanitize mean on samsung dryer?
The steam sanitize samsung dryer is a special cycle that uses steam to kill bacteria and allergens on clothes. The cycle is designed to be gentle on clothes and can be used on most fabrics.
How do I use the steam sanitize cycle on my Samsung dryer?To use the Samsung steam sanitize dryer

When should I run my dryer’s steam cycle?

Similar to regular dryers, steam dryers have a feature that periodically introduces steam into the dryer. This might lessen odor, static, and wrinkles. For additional wrinkle protection on freshly washed, wet loads, or to refresh dry, lightly used clothing without having to wash it, use steam.

How does Samsung’s steam cycle operate?

Cleaning bedding with steam is hygienic.
The “Hygiene Steam” cycle is available on all brand-new Samsung washing machines. To thoroughly clean your laundry, use this cycle. The washing machine adds steam to the drum throughout the cycle. Pet hair, dust mites, and pollen are just a few of the allergens and bacteria that the steam kills.

What does Samsung’s dryer’s steam dry mean?

A steam dryer is a clothes dryer with a steam drying setting that functions similarly to a traditional garment steamer to help eliminate wrinkles and static while maintaining the appearance of clothing.


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