Can You Use Any Wifi Adapter for Samsung TV? [Detailed Answered]

Can You Use Any Wifi Adapter for Samsung TV? Nowadays, an increasing number of Samsung TVs are released with preinstalled smart capabilities.

Still, how can you effectively convert one that doesn’t have smart capabilities into a smart TV?

Can any wifi adapter be used with a Samsung TV?

While it is technically possible to change the VID and PID on any USB wifi adapter to make it work with a Samsung TV, doing so requires a high level of technical knowledge.

It’s best to use a samsung tv wifi adapter designed specifically for Samsung TVs, or to use an alternative option such as a streaming stick or box.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to add smart capabilities to your Samsung TV.

In the sections that follow, we’ll explain why it’s best to use a wifi adapter for tv designed specifically for Samsung products, as well as alternatives to adapters altogether.

By the end, you’ll be ready to connect your TV to the samsung led tv internet adapter in the most convenient way for you!

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Can You Use Any Wifi Adapter for Samsung TV?

While it is technically possible to change the VID and PID on any USB wifi adapter to make it work with a Samsung TV, doing so requires a high level of technical knowledge. It’s best to use a wifi adapter designed specifically for Samsung TVs, or to use an alternative option such as a streaming stick or box.

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The best wifi adapter to use with a Samsung TV is the Samsung WIS09ABGN USB adapter. This adapter should be compatible with your Samsung TV/ lg smart tv and it will give it the connectivity you’re looking for streaming device.

What About Using Non Samsung Adapters? 

It is possible to use non-Samsung adapters with a Samsung TV, but it requires a significant amount of technical knowledge, making it impractical for the majority of people. You must first understand how the chipsets in these adapters work, and then you must go in and reprogram the VID (vendor ID) and PID (product ID) so that it appears to be from Samsung.

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Instead, it would be more practical to consider the other options for converting your TV into a Smart TV; there are many devices on the market that are less expensive than the wifi adapter that works with Samsung TVs but have comparable capabilities.

Troubleshooting: Issues on using any wifi adapter for Samsung tv

Not all USB wifi adapters are compatible with Samsung TVs.Check the compatibility list of your TV’s manufacturer before purchasing a wifi adapter.
Some wifi adapters may not support the same wireless standards as your TV.Make sure the wifi adapter you choose supports the same samsung wireless adapter for smart tv.
The wifi adapter may not have the drivers necessary to work with your TV.Download and install the drivers for the wifi adapter from the manufacturer’s website.
The wifi adapter may not be powerful enough to reach your router.Purchase a wifi adapter with a stronger signal.
The wifi adapter may be defective.Return the wifi adapter to the manufacturer for a replacement.


You don’t have to use a USB wifi adapter to give your Samsung TV smart capabilities. There are also a variety of devices that offer Smart Services.

The following devices are excellent choices for enhancing the smart capabilities of your Samsung TV:

  • Streaming sticks, such as Roku or Chromecast, plug into your HDMI port and offer their own set of smart services. These devices are possibly the simplest way to get smart capabilities on a TV that does not have them built in.
  • Streaming boxes: If you want the simplicity of a streaming stick but with more power, streaming boxes are an option. Roku streaming boxes and Apple TV are the most popular of these, as they connect directly to your wifi but have a more powerful processor than their stick counterparts.

Streaming device sticks are less expensive and easier to set up than streaming boxes. They do, however, tend to have fewer extra features. These features can vary greatly between brands and models, so double-check what the one you want to use has non smart tv.

Which Specific Streaming Product Should You Choose? 

Below we’ve broken down some of your best options for streaming sticks/boxes based on price, compatibility and overall quality:

  • Best price: When it comes to price to quality ratio, you’re not really going to beat Roku or Chromecast streaming sticks. These small devices can be purchased for less than $30 and provide access to a wide range of apps, streaming services, and voice commands. If you’re on a tight budget, Roku is an excellent way to save money while still receiving high-quality service.
  • Best for compatibility: If you have an iPhone and want to be able to cast videos purchased from Apple on your TV, you should consider compatibility. This may sway you toward an Apple TV/android tv rather than something like a Chromecast select network. Of course, if you don’t use Apple products, the opposite is true.
  • Best overall: The Roku Ultra 2020 combines all of the best features of streaming boxes into one package at a much lower price than Apple TV, is compatible with other brands’ devices such as the Alexa, and has a slew of features ranging from 4k video to Bluetooth streaming.
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Any of the above-mentioned streaming devices will suffice. The one you should buy is really determined by how much weight you place on price, convenience, and quality, as well as compatibility with other devices you own hdmi cable.

Will any wireless lan adapter work with Samsung tv

There are always additional items you can purchase to enhance your smart home products. Most devices, such as Samsung’s smart TV, are ready to use right away. You may, however, have questions about how to improve your connection speed, range, and options, such as whether a wireless LAN adapter is required.

While a wireless lan adapter for Samsung tv or wi fi adapter is not required for a smart TV, having one can allow you to connect a TV to other Samsung-compatible devices. It can also speed up the loading time of the TV, extend the Wi-Fi signal, and enable you to stream content from your phone.


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Can You Use Any Wifi Adapter for Samsung TV? [Detailed Answered]

On the market today, there are numerous LAN adapters for smart TVs. However, for your Samsung TV, you should only use a Samsung LAN adapter; using a third-party adapter may complicate the initial setup process and even slow down your device.

A Samsung LAN adapter can provide the following benefits:

Make Your TV Faster

Your TV should be no more than 30 feet away from your router for optimal Wi-Fi performance. You could also use the samsung tv ethernet adapter port on the back of the television. Some users claim that using a wired connection makes your TV faster, but this is dependent on your service provider and connection speed.

Increase the Wi-Fi Range of Your TV

An adapter can also extend the range of your TV. For example, your router could be on one end of your house and your Samsung smart TV on the other. You can extend the space in which you can place your TV by using an adapter, allowing you to go beyond the standard 30 feet.

Mirror Your Phone or Tablet

Samsung claims that by pairing their LAN adapter with your smart TV, you can sync your TV with “DLNA-certified multimedia devices.” DLNA was developed by Sony in 2002. DLNA, in essence, allows you to share data via various pieces of hardware. For example, DLNA allows you to connect the screen of your computer to your television.

smart tv adapter

Using the power adapter, you can transfer photos and videos to your Samsung smart TV from your phone, tablet, or camera. There is no need to download any software because it will automatically connect with your various devices from wireless network .

However, it may be a good idea to download Samsung’s SmartThings app on Google Play or the App Store to make changes. This application will allow you to configure and monitor compatible devices.

Samsung wireless lan adapter

Our devices inevitably slow down over time. This is due to factors such as software updates, daily use, and limited storage capacity. If you’ve had your Samsung smart TV for a while, you might notice some changes in its overall operation. It may:

  • When loading certain apps, shows, and movies, there is a lag.
  • It will take longer to turn on.
  • Its Wi-Fi connection is lost.
  • More buffering time is required.
  • The connection between your TV and other compatible devices
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All of these things can be improved by using a samsung tv wireless adapter. If you purchased a newer, faster router, your TV may appear to be slower. The use of an adapter can help to stabilize and improve the connection between your smart TV and router.

How to connect Samsung tv to wifi without adapter?

Only the wireless LAN adapter is recommended by Samsung. When it comes to increasing the speed of your television, you have other options. Two of the following solutions may be advantageous to you:

Connect your Samsung TV to the wall

Although dial-up and wired connections are no longer available, Samsung smart TVs include ethernet ports. If your TV slows down over time or does not maintain an optimal connection, you can use an ethernet cord to connect it to a walled ethernet port.

Make sure to check with your internet service provider before doing this, though. Some Wi-Fi plans do not offer this feature, and your home’s ethernet port may need updating.

Use Your Phone as a Wireless Hotspot

Some people use their phones’ data to connect to the internet instead of companies like Comcast and AT&T. In this case, you could use the NETGEAR Nighthawk Mobile Hotspot. This would allow you to use the data on your phone as an internet connection. Check your cellular plan first; streaming videos and music can consume a lot of data.


If you want to go that route, it’s best to use Samsung brand wifi adapters with your Samsung TV. You can, however, avoid the need for an adapter entirely by using a streaming stick or a streaming box. You will be able to connect to the internet and download apps through their interface rather than the TV.

Samsung Led Tv Series 5 Wireless Lan Adapter

The Samsung LED TV Series 5 supports wireless connectivity through the use of a wireless LAN adapter. This adapter allows users to easily connect their TV to their home network, providing access to online streaming services and other internet features. Enjoy seamless connectivity with the Samsung LED TV Series 5 wireless LAN adapter.

CONCLUSION On Can You Use Any Wi-Fi adapter For Samsung TV

Finally, it should go without saying that wireless LAN adapters are only compatible with smart TVs. Older, non-smart TVs lack Wi-Fi cards that enable internet connections. Before purchasing a Samsung LAN adapter, ensure that your TV is compatible with this device.

Finally, whether you require a wireless LAN adapter is determined by the age of your Samsung TV and the strength of your internet connection. This device will undoubtedly improve the performance of your TV in a variety of ways.

FAQs About Wireless Adapters for TV

Can I use any USB wifi adapter with my Samsung TV?Not all USB wifi adapters are compatible with Samsung TVs. You should check the compatibility list of your TV’s manufacturer before purchasing a wifi adapter.
What are the best wifi adapters for Samsung TVs?Some of the best wifi adapters for Samsung TVs include the TP-Link TL-WN722N, the Netgear A6210, and the Asus USB-AC56. These adapters are all compatible with a wide range of Samsung TVs and offer strong wireless signals.
Why samsung tv wireless adapter not working?Unplugging both your TV and router and then plugging them back in will solve connection issues. 1 Carefully remove the power cables from both your TV and router. 2 Then wait at least 30 seconds. 3 Next, plug the power cables back into your TV and router.
How do I connect a wifi adapter to my Samsung TV?To connect a wifi adapter to your Samsung TV, simply plug the adapter into a USB port on the TV. The TV should automatically detect the adapter and start the installation process.
What if my wifi adapter is not compatible with my Samsung TV?If your wifi adapter is not compatible with your Samsung TV, you may be able to find a driver that will allow it to work. You can usually find drivers on the manufacturer’s website.

Can you use any wireless adapter for Samsung TV?

You can’t do it. A wireless adapter is only compatible with certain new television models, and it will not work if it does not state that it is compatible with your television.

Can I connect my Samsung TV to any LAN adapter?

On the market today, there are numerous LAN adapters for smart TVs. However, for your Samsung TV, you should only use a Samsung LAN adapter; using a third-party adapter may complicate the initial setup process and even slow down your device.

Can I use a USB wifi adapter on my Samsung TV?

To use any Wi-Fi USB adapter with Samsung TV, simply change the VID/PID values on that USB device to 04E8: 2018. (Values assigned to Samsung Electronics Co.)


  • According to TechnoWifi, if your Samsung TV doesn’t have a built-in WiFi card you may use a Samsung WiFi LAN adapter.
  • Remodel or Move states that Samsung only supports tv wireless adapters that are compatible with its specific wireless LAN standard, known as WiFi Direct. These include the Samsung LinkStick, Samsung AllShare Cast Dongle, Netgear Push2TV, Netgear PTV3000 and Belkin Miracast.
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