Samsung TV Mount Screw Size: Which to Use? [Detailed Answered]

What Size samsung tv wall mount screws should I use? Because of their increasing affordability and functionality, Samsung TVs have grown in popularity over the years.

However, they have grown so large that mounting a Samsung TV on your wall bracket requires careful thought.

It is frequently a difficult task.

To make things easier for you, we created this article to help you understand how to mount a Samsung TV.

We focus on the size of screws used to mount a Samsung TV and the factors you must consider when selecting the screws. Here is the quick answer.

The Samsung tv mounting bolts screw size depends on the size of the TV. For TVs 19 – 22 inches, the screw size is M4. For TVs 30 – 40 inches, the screw size is M6. For TVs 49 – 88 inches, the screw size is M8.

Troubleshooting Questions and Solutions

Wrong size screwsMake sure that you are using the correct size screws for your TV. The size and type of screws will be listed in the TV’s manual.
Screws are too shortMake sure that the screws are long enough to reach through the TV’s mounting holes and into the wall. You may need to use longer screws if you are mounting your TV on a thick wall.
Screws are too longMake sure that the screws are not so long that they will damage the TV or the wall. You may need to use shorter screws if you are mounting your TV on a thin wall.
Screws are strippedIf the screws are stripped, you will need to replace them. You can purchase replacement screws at most hardware stores.
Screws are not compatible with the wall mountMake sure that the screws are compatible with the wall bracket mount that you are using. The samsung wall mount screws manual will list the type and size of screws that are required.

So keep reading to find out more.

What Samsung TV Mount Screw Size to use?
What Samsung TV Mount Screw Size to use?

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Samsung tv wall mount screw size

Tv mount screws like M4x25 mm, M8x40mm, M6x16mm, and other screws are commonly used to mount a Samsung TV. We use M4 screws for TVs ranging in size from 19 to 22 inches from Samsung to lg tv. M6 screws are designed for TVs ranging in size from 30 to 40 inches. M8 screws can be used for lengths ranging from 43 to 88 inches.

The most common samsung tv mounting screw size for a Samsung TV are M4x25mm, M6x16mm, and M8x40mm. The first part of these sizes is determined by the size of the TV to be mounted.

If you’re mounting a 19- to 22-inch TV, you’ll need smaller screws, specifically M4 screws. M6 screws are required for mounting a smart TV that measures 30 to 40 inches.

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Samsung tv bracket screws

M8 screws, on the other hand, are required when mounting a wall bracket mount bracket TV that measures 43 to 88 inches size screw.

samsung tv mount screws
samsung tv mount screws

Samsung tv screw size

1. Samsung M8 TV:

M8 screws are used to mount Samsung TVs ranging in size from 43 to 88 inches. The screws themselves are approximately 43 to 44 mm long. They are quite strong and can easily support larger Samsung TVs.

2. Samsung 32 tv:

So what is the samsung 32 inch tv wall mount screws size wall bracket mount screws size? You will need an M6 screw to mount a Samsung 32 Roku TV. These screws are mostly used to mount medium-sized Samsung TVs. 

3. 65 tv:

To mount a 65 inch Samsung TV, you will need screws of M8x43mm. These mounting bolts are designed for larger samsung smart tv and would be ideal for mounting the 65 inch samsung smart tv.

4. 70 tv:

To mount a 70 inches Samsung TV, you will need an M8 screw. These screws are strong and sturdy and are designed to mount the larger samsung smart tv in their screw hole.

5. Samsung 40 inch tv:

To mount a Samsung 40-inch TV, you will need a screw that is labeled as an M6 screw.

6. Samsung 43 inch tv:

To mount a Samsung 43-inch TV, you should use an M8 screw.

7. Samsung 55 inch tv:

To mount a Samsung 55-inch television, you will need to use an M8 screw. These screws are intended to secure larger televisions.

8. Samsung 75-inch television:

An M8 screw is also required to mount a Samsung 75-inch tv mounting bolts kit.

9. The Samsung TU700D:

The screw size M8 is required to mount the Samsung TU700D. The ideal screw length for this TV would be 26 mm. As a result, the screw you’ll need is M8x26mm inch.


There are several factors that influence the screw size required to mount a television. Let’s look at some of the most important factors that influence screw size:

1. TV Dimensions:

TV Dimensions
TV Dimensions

The type of screw you should use to mount a Samsung TV is largely determined by the TV’s size. It will be much easier to mount the TV if you have enough information about its dimensions.

The size of the screw will be determined by the size of the TV. If you’re mounting a TV that measures between 19 and 22 inches, you’ll need an M4 screw set.

If you’re mounting a TV between 30 and 40 inches in size, you’ll need M6 screws. If, on the other hand, you’re mounting a TV that measures 43 to 88 inches, you’ll need M8 screws.

2. tv mounting bolts location and height:

You will also need to consider the location and height at which you want to mount the TV and the compatible mounts for that specific model. These considerations give you enough information to select the appropriate screw size for mounting your Samsung TV.

TV mounting location and height
TV mounting location and height


One of the benefits of doing this project is the extra space provided by mounting a TV on the wall. Larger televisions with surround sound can transform your living room into a movie theater. These are the factors to consider before mounting a television on a wall.

  1. The setting
  2. How tall should the television be?
  3. The most compatible TV mounts
  4. The screw’s size and durability
  5. Replacement screw locations
  6. The steps for mounting the TV on the wall

1. The Best Location for the TV

Today, in every room, there seems to be a TV. When you mount the TV on the wall, make sure it is not going to be moved again. These are the two most important considerations in your decision.

2. The Viewing Range

Believe it or not, there is a formula for determining the best viewing distance. Take the size of the TV and divide it by.55. The viewing distance for a 60-inch television is 109 inches.

If you have limited space, you may want to consider a smaller television. If the room is crammed with furniture or is small, bigger is not better in this case. However, the decision is still up to the viewer.

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3. Figure the Structure of Support

The greater the weight on the wall, the larger the television. If the TV is heavy, the wall bracket must bear its weight. To support the maximum capacity, each wall mount requires a stud.

The studs will not be an issue in most homes. In older homes, the studs may be further apart. Drywall anchors would work, but they must be compatible with the weight of the mount and TV.

What Mounting Brackets Are Available for a Samsung TV?

The thickness of your mounting bracket is critical in deciding the screw size required to mount your Samsung TV; the holes in the mounting bracket must be large enough to accommodate the screw holes behind the TV as well as the screws themselves.

Samsung TVs are compatible with any VESA-compliant wall mount that is constructed to the typical Samsung TV dimensions. The following are the VESA standard bolt/screw designs for installing your Samsung TV:

  • 100 by 100 (for 19 to 22-inch TVs)
  • 200 by 100 (for 23 to 29-inch TVs)
  • 200 by 200 (for 30 to 40-inch TVs)
  • 400 by 400 (for 46 to 75-inch TVs)
  • 600 by 400 (for TVs over 75 inches)

How Many Screws Will I Need to Mount a Samsung TV?

The amount of the screws required to mount your Samsung TV is determined by various factors, including the thickness of the wall mounting bracket and the size of the TV screen.

In general, M4, M6, or M8 crews are required. Regardless of TV size, the screw’s tread pitch should always be 1.25 mm.

Unfortunately, the screws required to install your television to the wall will not come with the TV. Instead, go to your local hardware store and buy the appropriate universal replacement screws.


There are various screws available for mounting a Samsung TV. Screws of various sizes and types are used for various purposes. Let’s look at the different types of screws for a Samsung TV wall mount:

1. Screws M4:

M4 screws are made of high-quality carbon steel. These nuts are used to join two metal surfaces. These screws typically have a thread diameter of 4 mm.

To clarify the name, the M stands for millimeters, and the thread diameter follows. As a result, the size M4 refers to a screw with a diameter of 4 mm. These screws are suitable for mounting TVs ranging in size from 19 to 22 inches.

2. M6 screws:

As previously stated, M6 screws have a diameter of 6 mm. These screws are quite strong and can support larger bodies against the wall.

These screws are suitable for mounting TVs ranging in size from 30 to 40 inches. They also come in various lengths, so you can choose one based on the size and weight of the TV.

3. m8 screws for TV:

M8 screws are available in 8 mm diameters. These screws are available in a variety of lengths, allowing you to select one that is appropriate for your specific TV model.

You what length m8 screws for Samsung tv? The recommended length for M8 screws for Samsung TVs is 45mm, 4.5Cm or 1.77 inches.

You can rest assured that these screws are intended to hold large TVs to the wall. These screws are suitable for mounting TVs ranging in size from 43 to 88 inches.


The name M8 is designed in such a way that M stands for millimeters and 8 represents the screw’s diameter. This pattern applies to all other types of screws in this category, including M4, M6, and others.

As a result, M8 screws have thread diameters of 8 millimeters. They are available in a variety of lengths. So, depending on the strength required, you can use any M8 screw for your large Samsung TV.


You must follow a set of rules to properly mount a Samsung television. Learn more about them by reading on.

1. Select a location:

The first step is to decide where you want to place the television. Make certain that the location you select has a good viewing angle.

You must be cautious about the location because if you choose the incorrect location and later need to relocate your TV, you will leave unnecessary holes in the wall.

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2. Locate the studs:

You must now locate the wall bracket studs. To accomplish this, use a stud finder. Once you’ve located the studs, mark their location.

3. Drill holes:

Now you must mark and drill some holes in the wall. Attach the mounting brackets to the wall after you’ve drilled the necessary holes.

4. Install the mounts:

Most TVs, even those intended for the wall, come with stands. Make sure to remove the stands before mounting the TV. It is now time to secure the mounting plates to the television services.

5. Mount the TV:

The TV is now ready for installation. So the final step is to mount the television. It’s best if you can get some help with this step because you’ll need to lift the TV. Furthermore, larger Samsung TVs are frequently quite heavy.

You’ve already installed mounting brackets on the wall and mounting plates on the TV. So your television is now ready for installation.

Make certain that the mounting bracket and mounting plates are properly aligned. This can be difficult, so we ask that you assist us with this step. When mounting the TV, follow the manufacturer’s instructions services.


In a home, mounting a TV over the fireplace appears extravagant. There is only one issue with that concept. Samsung televisions should never be placed in areas where temperatures exceed 104 degrees Fahrenheit.

If the fireplace is only for decoration, it is the ideal location for a television. When the fireplace is lit, the TV must be placed out of the way of the heat. Before mounting the TV above the fireplace with a lit flame, check the area’s temperature.

Another issue that may concern you is the amount of ash that has accumulated on the TV, vents, and speakers. Consider how many times you want to clean it if heat isn’t an issue. Because the ashes from the fireplace can cause damage due to the heat, it may not be the best choice.

Another factor to consider if you go with the fireplace is the TV angle. A TV above the fireplace is above eye level as you sit comfortably. Make sure to choose an angled mount to avoid neck injuries.

The last thought is to consider the devices that go along with the TV. The game console, Roku, cable management, or DVD players are also not fit for the heat of a fireplace. The only place to put them would be on the mantle next to all the family photos.

Do TV SCREWS Come with it?

Do Samsung televisions include mounting screws? Many people are perplexed by this question. You should be aware that this does not imply that the TV will be delivered without screws. In fact, none of these accessories are provided by Samsung services.

A universal tv mounting bolts screw kit, which is recommended for mounting televisions between 19 and 22 inches and 40 and 49 inches, should be available. M8 is the most common size of tv mounting bolts screw, but other sizes are available.

samsung tv bolt size can range from 10mm to 40mm. This means you’ll be able to find a suitable length for the TV mount and wall plate, and the television won’t fall off.

TV bracket screws:

Before you begin installing the mounting bracket, you should measure the screw depth. M8x45mm and M8x25mm screws are typically compatible with Samsung TVs.

Spacers can be used instead if your television is large enough to fit in the holes. If you don’t need any spacers, a universal mount will suffice. Once you have the mounting bracket, you can mount the TV to the wall.


Screw sizes vary according to the Samsung TV model. The size of the TV is the most important factor to consider. M4 screws are required for smaller TVs, while M6 screws are sufficient for medium-sized TVs. M8 screws, on the other hand, are required to mount larger Samsung TVs.

FAQs s

What size screws do I need to wall mount my Samsung TV?The size of screws you need to wall mount your Samsung TV will depend on the size of your TV. For TVs 19 – 22 inches, the screw size is M4. For TVs 30 – 40 inches, the screw size is M6. For TVs 43 – 88 inches, the screw size is M8.
Do Samsung TVs come with wall mount screws?No, Samsung TVs do not come with wall mount screws. You will need to purchase the screws separately.
Where can I buy wall mount screws for my Samsung TV?You can purchase wall mount screws for your Samsung TV at most electronics retailers, such as Best Buy, Amazon, or Walmart.
How do I know what length screws I need for my Samsung TV?The length of the screws you need will depend on the thickness of the wall mounting bracket and the type of wall you are mounting the TV to. If you are mounting the TV to a stud, you will need shorter screws than if you are mounting the TV to drywall.
What is the thread pitch of Samsung TV wall mount screws?The thread pitch of samsung wall mount screws is 1.25 millimeters. This means that the distance between each thread is 1.25 millimeters.

What screws do I need to mount my Samsung TV and how many?

The screw size for TVs between 19 and 22 inches is M4. The screw size for TVs between 30 and 40 inches is M6. The screw size for TVs between 49 and 88 inches is M8.

Does Samsung include M8 screws with their TVs?

Strangely, the screws are NOT included. Samsung specifies that the screws should be M8 and 43–45mm long.

What does “M8” mean when talking about screws?

The screw’s outside thread diameter and thread pitch, or M8 (screw size) and 1.25, are separated by the first bit of that, M8-1.25, in the screw above (thread pitch or for Metric screws, the distance in mm between threads).

How can I get instructions to mount my Samsung TV on a wall?

First, install the wall mount kit on the back of the TV to wall mount a Samsung TV. Then connect the Invisible Connection and power cable management to the back of the TV before mounting. Finally, follow the instructions/user manual with the TV for further guidance services .


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