How to Replace Samsung s7 Battery [2023] (Quick-Guide)

Is your battery draining at an alarmingly rapid rate?

Frequently do you find yourself recharging your Galaxy S7 more than once a day?

You will learn how to remove your S7’s old, degraded battery and replace it with a new one in this guide.

Before disassembling your phone, make sure the battery is discharged to less than 25% of its capacity.

If a charged lithium-ion battery is accidentally punctured, it can catch fire and/or explode, causing significant damage.

If your battery is swollen, you should take the necessary precautions.

Please do not overheat your phone.

If necessary, use a dropper or a syringe to inject isopropyl alcohol (90 percent or higher concentration) around the edges of the back cover to weaken the adhesive bond.

Batteries that have swollen can be extremely dangerous, so wear eye protection and proceed with caution, or consult a professional if you are unsure of how to handle the situation.

Continue reading to learn more!

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How to Replace Samsung s7 Battery

What is the source of the rapid battery drain on Samsung’s Galaxy S7 smartphone?

After receiving a large number of reports about the problem, we decided to investigate it further.

Based on our findings, we developed a list of solutions that were successful in resolving the problem for the vast majority of our users and improving their overall experience with battery drainage.

In addition, we compiled and listed the various factors that contributed to the problem’s occurrence.

How to get the most out of your Galaxy S7's battery

1. Bad Application:

It’s possible that a particular mobile phone application is draining the battery’s life by running in the background and even using the mobile phone’s data connection while doing so.

Additionally, if a particular application has a large amount of cache stored on the device, it has the potential to deplete the battery quickly.

2. Software that is out of date:

If the Android operating system on your device has not been updated to the most recent version, your phone may end up using more battery life because every application requires the most up-to-date version of the Android operating system for better compatibility and added features.

Consequently, having older software can cause some applications to consume more battery life, resulting in the battery drain problem.

3. Outdated Applications:

Excessive power consumption and battery drain are also caused by out-of-date applications that have not been updated to the most recent version of the software.

As a result, all applications must be updated to the most recent versions made available by their respective developers.

4. Improper charging methods:

It can also result in issues with the phone’s charge, such as using a charging cable or an adapter that does not bear the official Samsung logo.

The phone charges most efficiently if you use the charging accessories provided by the company.

5. Cache:

The cache is data that applications store in order to reduce loading times and provide a more seamless experience to users.

A large amount of cache, on the other hand, can cause an application to become sluggish and to require more power to operate, resulting in a higher than normal battery draw for the application.

With a basic understanding of the problem and its causes, we can move on to discussing possible solutions.

Make certain that you implement these solutions in the specific order in which they are listed in order to avoid conflicts.

Instructions for replacing the battery in the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge

The following tools will be required:

  • A machine that uses a heat gun or a hot plate
  • Spudger/iSesamo Tool Metal Spudger/Prying Tool Plastic Spudger/Prying Tool Small Phillips
  • Screwdriver Tweezers Tweezers/Guitar Picks/Playing Cards
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How to Disassemble the Samsung Galaxy S7 in Order to Replace the Battery?

1. Turn off the device and remove the SIM card tray from the Galaxy S7. 2.

When you take the SIM card tray out of the phone, you’ll notice that it’s coated in a waterproof adhesive.

1 remove sim card tray.jpg

2. Remove the Galaxy S7 back cover from the device.

After heating up the sides of the Galaxy S7 for 12 minutes, the back cover is glued to the rear housing with a waterproof adhesive that is quite sticky to the touch.

This step will require patience, so make sure the Galaxy S7 back cover adhesive is nicely warm and loosen before proceeding.

2 heat up the back cover.jpg

With the help of a screen separator tool, carefully pop up the back cover a little bit and insert the plastic tip into the back cover, running it along the edges of the Galaxy S7 back cover to complete the installation.

However, you will need to heat the adhesive back and forth several times before you can remove the back cover from the back cover. Be patient in the same way.

3 pop up the back cover.jpg

As you can see in the picture below, the Galaxy S7 back cover has been removed from a large portion of strong adhesive.

Be careful not to damage the fingerprint sensor located in the middle of the rear housing while heating the device.

4 back cover separated.jpg

3. Make the Galaxy S7 rear housing set available for purchase.

Remove the 12 long screws that are located in the rear housing.

Because these screws are all the same size, there is no need to worry about them being mixed up.

If the screws are still stuck in the holes, you can remove them with a pair of tweezers.

5 undo the rear housing screws.jpg

Removing the Galaxy S7 wireless charging chip and antenna module is a delicate process, so take care not to damage this delicate component.

6 wireless charging chip and antenna.jpg

Remove the Galaxy S7 loudspeaker assembly by peeling off the yellow tape that was applied to it.

4. Remove the Galaxy S7 motherboard by prying up the connectors shown in the image below.

8 motherboard.jpg
How to Replace Samsung s7 Battery [2023] (Quick-Guide)

5. Make the Galaxy S7 battery replacement available for use.

14 heat up the battery adhesive.jpg

Heat the Galaxy S7 battery adhesive until it becomes pliable, then wedge the metal spudger under the battery and pry it back and forth.

You may also require a plastic playing card and a plastic spudger to assist in removing the battery.

The battery is glued to the front housing with strong adhesive in a square configuration, which explains why the battery is so securely attached.

15 pry up the battery.jpg

There are three antenna cable connectors, a volume button flex connector, a power button flex connector, a home button flex connector, a front-facing camera connector, a rear-facing camera connector, an LCD assembly connector, a battery flex connector, and an ear speaker flex connector among the connectors on the device.

16 release the battery.jpg

Tips and Tricks for Avoiding Battery Problems

 Here are some solutions to Galaxy S7 battery problems that will also work on the Galaxy S7 edge. Many of the following tips and features will help you get the most out of your other Android smartphones, regardless of brand.

1. Disable Briefing

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge come pre-installed with an app called “Briefing.”

When you swipe left on the home screen, you’ll see this app curating information from various sources to provide you with everything in one place.

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It may appear to be a useful feature, but it is frequently very laggy.

Not only is using Briefing inconvenient, but it also has an impact on battery life (and, in some cases, performance) on your Samsung device.

What is our recommendation? Turn it off! You can use Flipboard’s Android app or any other similar app that provides far superior functionality and services.

  • Long-press on a blank spot on the home screen to turn off Briefing.
  • Now, swipe to the left to access Briefing > Turn it off.
fix galaxy s7 battery

2. Be on the lookout for apps that consume a lot of battery power.

Galaxy S7 App power saving settings

As much as we wish that every app on the market was designed to be a good phone citizen and use your phone’s limited resources wisely, this isn’t the case.

If you have a lot of apps installed and your phone’s battery is draining faster than you’d like, you can look in the phone’s settings to see what’s wrong.

Navigate to the phone’s settings, then to Battery, and finally to Battery usage.

This isn’t an exhaustive list of apps that are draining your battery, and of course, if you use an app frequently, it will appear, but the battery usage screen can alert you if something is draining your battery without your knowledge.

If you discover an app that is consistently misbehaving, you should consider uninstalling it.

3.Minimize tethering:

The Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 edge not only let you share your mobile connection with others, but they also include a new WiFi sharing feature.

While this is all very cool and useful when you need it, tethering quickly drains the battery.

Turn on tethering only when necessary; don’t leave it on for extended periods of time, especially if you need your device to last longer.

fix galaxy s7 battery drain

4. Turn off location services:

We don’t need location services unless we’re using maps for navigation or any other apps that provide us with services or information based on our current location.

It’s very simple to enable location services when using such apps, so consider turning it off at all other times.

5. Examine the ‘App power saving’ settings.

Even if you identify and remove power-hungry apps from your phone, there are many other apps that you want to keep but are still running in the background unnecessarily.

The best way to deal with this is through the Galaxy S7’s “App power-saving” settings, which can be found in the Battery section of your phone’s settings.

When you enable App power saving, your phone will restrict the ability of apps to run in the background if you haven’t used them in more than five days.

For example, if you haven’t opened the Foursquare app in five days, it won’t be able to run wild in the background because you’ve indicated that you don’t want it running all the time.

When you open the app, the counter will be reset and the app will be optimized again.

If you wish, you can define what the settings will be on an app-by-app basis in the settings — the default will have the app save power after five days of inactivity, but you can also set it to always save power or never save power.

For example, you might want a travel utility, such as the American Airlines app, to always be able to run for flight updates, even if you don’t use it every five days.

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 6. Modify your Display settings a little bit.

The Galaxy S7 has an industry-leading display, and while it is actually quite efficient, it will consume a significant portion of your battery over the course of the day.

If you go into your phone’s display settings, you’ll notice a few different tweaks you can make that won’t affect how you use your phone while also saving a few percentage points on your battery.

Consider lowering the brightness of your screen just a tad.

You can leave the automatic brightness checkbox selected for optimal visibility in a variety of conditions, but moving the slider down slightly reduces the brightness in many situations, so keep it checked.

The shorter the screen timeout, the better. When your screen is turned off, it is not consuming power!

  • Always On Display: Depending on which AOD mode you use, it can consume a lot of battery power, but if you don’t mind not having information on your otherwise “off” display, you can save a few percentage points by turning off AOD entirely.

Our final Thoughts

We hope the tips above assist you in resolving Galaxy S7 battery life issues.

You can always enable airplane mode to turn off all communications with a single tap.

Also, make it a habit to restart your device on a regular basis, as this will resolve a variety of battery and performance issues.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can the batteries in the Samsung Galaxy S7 be replaced?

The battery in the Samsung Galaxy S7 is non-removable.

Contact your service provider or an authorized repair agent to remove or replace the battery.

The warranty does not cover any damage or faults caused by the unauthorized removal of the battery.

Please keep in mind that upgrading to a new battery may incur additional charges.

How much does it cost to replace the battery in a Samsung S7?

 According to Samsung, it now cost 73$. You must mail the device to Samsung in order for them to repair it.

Is the Galaxy S7 still a good buy in 2019?

While the design of the Galaxy S7 is “classic,” and the home button remains, the S7 simply does not make sense in 2019.

Instead, we recommend going with the Galaxy S8, which has one of the best designs in the industry as well as specs that will last for a long time.

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