How to Fix Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 41? Solved

The Family Hub platform is the most up-to-date software available, and it is included with advanced models of smart refrigerators.

These individuals assist in not only managing food stocks, but also in maintaining family relationships, preparing food, taking into consideration everyone’s preferences, finding news, keeping up with the weather forecast, entertaining, and a variety of other tasks.

As a result, if the error code 41 appears on the display of the Samsung refrigerator, it indicates that it has temporarily lost all of its nested functions, with the exception of the primary function of producing cold.

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Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 41 [How To Fix]

Troubleshooting: Issues on Samsung refrigerator error code

Freezer fan errorDefrost the unit and check the door gaskets for any gaps. If the error persists, contact Samsung for service.
Fridge fan errorUnplug the refrigerator and leave the doors open for a few hours. Then, plug the refrigerator back in and close the doors. If the error persists, contact Samsung for service.
Defrost timer errorReset the defrost timer by pressing and holding the power button for 3 seconds. If the error persists, contact Samsung for service.
Temperature sensor errorReplace the temperature sensor.
Control board errorReplace the control board.


It is the term used to refer to the central board that is in charge of the unit’s virtual capabilities. Among them are the following:

  1. supporting network functions within the Smart Home environment;
  2. For families, internet access can be used for entertainment and leisure activities.
  3. Products are under strict control, their accounting is accurate, and orders are delivered on time.
  4. Cooking with the help of commands sent to various household appliances
  5. Connection to all of the devices in the kitchen, and so on and so forth.

Samsung fridge error code 41

The occurrence of Error 41 indicates a breakdown in communication between the internal modules of Family Hub, which serves as the brain of artificial intelligence. As a result, the refrigerator ceases to function properly: it ceases to respond to requests, ceases to connect to the Internet, and ceases to communicate with the other components of the Smart Home system, among other things.

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Connection failure and hardware error in any of the applications can be the root cause of the problem, among other things. The code 42 appears in some models instead of the number 41, and it is accompanied by internal flashing lights – periodic blinking of the display – in these models.

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What does error code 41 mean on samsung refrigerator?

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What could be the source of the 41 Error?

The presence of the 41 Error code can be attributed to a temporary system malfunction caused by a power surge or a loss of internet signal, among other things.

Samsung family hub error code 41

This numeric combination appearing on the Samsung refrigerator display could also be caused by a lost connection between the modules of the Family Hub system, which is another possibility.


Samsung error code 41

The purpose of clearing the memory and temporary files on such equipment is not the same as it is on conventional digital devices, as previously stated. It is necessary to perform a complete restart. Consequently, the following steps are taken to resolve the error code 41 in a Samsung refrigerator:

  1. Press and hold the Power button on the door in the upper right corner until the Family Hub is switched off;
  2. then press and hold the button again until the Family Hub is switched on.
  3. If, after completing all of the steps, error 41 reappears, you should contact the service center for assistance.


Samsung refrigerator error code 41 : Causes, How FIX Problem

The failure signal can be eliminated in this situation with the assistance of the workshop service. The software will be updated by professionals. In order for the refrigerator to perform a self-diagnosis and enter the operating mode, the technicians will reboot it several times and then turn it back on.

This will correctly eliminate the error code 41 from the system. Individual intervention is discouraged. An extreme measure is a qualified repair that cannot be completed on one’s own because of the nature of the work.

How do I resolve the 41 Error?

This Error code is fairly “common0 for the latest Samsung models, and in the vast majority of cases, it can be resolved quickly and without the need for professional assistance.

The most common occurrence of this combination is when the Family Hub software loses connection or when your WiFi is turned off. As a result, the system simply needs to be rebooted.

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In order to reactivate the Family Hub From the inside, look for the Power switch, which is located at the top of the right door. It is necessary to hold it down until the device turns off, then wait a few seconds before turning it back on to see if the code has been erased.

In the vast majority of cases, this is sufficient to rectify the situation and allow you to resume using the refrigerator. There is one more thing you can do, which is to install a surge protection outlet, which will keep you and your appliances safe from future power surges and system malfunctions.

However, there are times when a simple reboot is not sufficient, and the 41 code remains on the display, blinking and pleading for assistance. This means that the software will need to be updated, and it is at this point that you will require professional service assistance. The specialists will be able to examine the platform in a short period of time and download all of the necessary updates to the system.

BONUS: Samsung refrigerator code 41Cause and Repair)

Samsung Refrigerator Error Codes - Troubleshooting and Manual
BONUS: Error Codes for Samsung Refrigerators (Cause and Repair)

1. Error codes 1E, 2E, 4E, 5E, 6E, 13E, 14E, 15E, and SE are among the most common.

These error codes are caused by a power outage, a faulty sensor for the evaporator defrost, a malfunctioning sensor for the refrigerator temperature, a malfunctioning sensor for the ice maker/ice room temperature, a malfunctioning sensor for the refrigerator pantry drawer temperature, and a malfunctioning sensor for the ambient temperature. In terms of the consequences, the Samsung refrigerator will not distribute ice or water, and the Freezer temperature sensor will be a failure until the problem is resolved.

Unplug the refrigerator and check the cable connection on the freezer‘s temperature sensor to see if this is the source of the problem. If the cable is loose, reconnect it, and then press and hold the energy saver button for 15 seconds to restore normal operation to the refrigerator.

2. Error codes 21E, 22E, 23E, 24E, 25E, 26E, 27E, and 40E are among the most common.

The failure of the freezer evaporator fan/defrost system, the refrigerator evaporator, the condenser fan, and the ice maker are the primary causes of these errors. You can fix these various errors on your own if they are caused by a combination of factors.

The condenser/evaporator fan (models 21E, 22E, 23E, 24, 25E, 27, and 40E) should be repaired after the refrigerator has been disconnected from electricity and the cable connections on the refrigerator evaporator/condenser fan have been checked.

While looking for error 26E, check the temperature of the refrigerator, make sure the ice maker is turned on, and make sure the temperature is less than 8 degrees.

It is necessary to check the refrigerator door gasket and replace it if the freezer temperature rises above 8 degrees Fahrenheit. Warm air is leaking into the freezer as a result of a damaged gasket, which is preventing the ice maker from cycling.

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3. Error codes 81E, 82E, 83E, 84E, 85E, and 86E are all related to a faulty component.

Errors 81E and 84E are caused by the compressor becoming stuck and failing to start; to resolve this, unplug the refrigerator from the electricity and check the cable connections on the refrigerator; allow it to cool for about 1 minute before turning it back on.

Samsung inverter refrigerator error code

This error, as well as errors 81E and 84E, is caused by a failure of an inverter board, which is also the cause of error 82E. Unplug the refrigerator from the power source and double-check the cable connections on the refrigerator before re-connecting the refrigerator.

Error code 41 Samsung refrigerator

If you believe you need to replace the inverter board, contact a Samsung technician. When the refrigerator displays error 83E, 85E, or 86E, it is likely that it is experiencing power loss or a voltage supply that is either too low or too high.

The solution is to unplug the refrigerator from electricity and plug it back in. If you require an advanced solution, call a Samsung technician to diagnose and repair the failure.

4. Error 41E, also known as PC Er, and flashing of the OF

Error 41E, also known as Pc Er, is defined as a communication error between the control panel and the electronic control board. If the problem is caused by cable connections, the electronic control board must be replaced. While the Door Ajar Error is causing the Flashing OF OF, all that is required is that you close the refrigerator door and wait for it to cool down.

Samsung fridge error 41

After reading this brief explanation of the error codes in your Samsung refrigerator, we hope you can resolve the issue on your own. If you continue to experience problems, however, please contact a Samsung technician for


Our Final Thoughts

Sometimes a simple reboot is insufficient, and the 41 code remains on the screen, blinking and pleading for assistance. This means that the software will need to be updated, and it is at this point that you will require professional service assistance.

Frequently Ask Questions

What does Samsung error code 41 samsung fridge mean?samsung refrigerator error 41 indicates a problem with the defrost system. This can be caused by a number of things, including a frozen evaporator coil, a faulty defrost timer, or a bad defrost thermostat.
How do I fix Samsung error code 41?If you see error samsung error 41, you can try the following to fix the problem:
ttons simultaneously and hold for about 10-15 seconds until you hear a chime. The control panel should now be reset.

Can you reset a fridge by unplugging it?

Unplug your refrigerator.
By taking the power cord out of the wall outlet, you can disconnect your refrigerator from its power supply. After doing so, you might hear some whooshing or knocking noises; that’s normal. The reset won’t work unless you unplug your refrigerator for a few minutes.

What issue affects Samsung refrigerators the most frequently?

Customers of Samsung products reported a variety of stomach-related illnesses, broken ice makers, overfreezing in the ice compartment, water leaks, fire risks, food spoilage, and other problems they attributed to refrigerators operating above the temperature at which products can be safely stored.

How are Samsung refrigerator error codes read?

To make the screen flash and a chime sound, press and hold the top left and top right buttons on your display simultaneously for 8 to 10 seconds.
Your refrigerator’s screen will show any error codes if they exist.
In the event of multiple errors, the display will iterate through the codes.


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