What is Samsung Tablet Warranty? (Guide Answered)

There is a one-year manufacturer’s guarantee on all Samsung goods.

But, today we’re going to focus on Samsung Warranty.

Please locate your product in the list below to find out how long your warranty will be valid.

Registering your products with Samsung Members, as well as updating your contact choices, will ensure that you receive emails from Samsung that are relevant to the devices you own.

Let’s have a deeper dive into things that we need to know about Warranty.

What is Samsung Tablet Warranty? (Guide Answered)

Troubleshooting: Issues on tablet warranty

The tablet is not covered by the warranty.Make sure that you have registered your tablet with Samsung. You can do this by visiting the Samsung website and creating an account. Once you have created an account, you can register your tablet by entering the serial number.
The tablet is damaged due to user error.The warranty does not cover damage that is caused by user error. This includes damage that is caused by dropping the tablet, getting it wet, or installing unauthorized software.
The tablet is out of warranty.The warranty period for Samsung tablets typically lasts for one year. If your tablet is out of warranty, you may be able to purchase an extended warranty.
The tablet is lost or stolen.The warranty does not cover lost or stolen tablets.
The tablet is not defective.If your tablet is not defective, you may not be able to get a replacement or refund under the warranty.

What is Covered by your Tablet Warranty?

ProductThe Warranty Period
Tablet Warranty2 Years ( Warranty Does not apply in batteries and accessories.
Batteries  12 Months
Charger AdoptersThe span of 6 Months
Samsung Headphones/Earphones12 Months
What is Warranty?

Must-Know Warranty Information that Every Samsung Consumer Should Know

I. General Terms and Condition about Samsung Warranty

The Samsung product warranty card and  Samsung claim warranty literature that is given with the goods contain specifics about the extended warranty plan and the terms and restrictions that apply to the product.

There may be a specific online address for Samsung product warranty information provided in the product’s information package; in this case, any warranty period associated with the product are those specified on the specific website address.

The warranty durations and warranty services mentioned above are just meant to serve as a guide, and there may be some deviations.

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Any discrepancies between the Samsung product warranty card and information included with a product and the information stated above shall be resolved in favor of the warranty card and information included with the product.

It is important to note that the Samsung product warranty period begins on the day the goods were purchased.

A copy of the original proof of purchase will be required, as will the serial number affixed to the Samsung products, which must be complete and undamaged in order to qualify for warranty coverage.

Product flaws in materials and workmanship are covered by the Samsung product warranty card.

The Samsung claim warranty may not apply to consumable materials that are provided with or included in the product, and the Samsung product warranty period may be reduced or eliminated altogether.

samsung tablet repair

Specific exceptions to the extended warranty plan (for example, where a defect is caused by misuse or unauthorized repair service of the Samsung products) will be listed on the Samsung warranty card and warranty literature given with the product, and they must be reviewed before requesting service under the warranty.

II. The Scope and  Application of Extended Warranty Claim

A. Samsung Electronics Pty Ltd of 3 Murray Rose Avenue, Olympic Park NSW 2127 (hereafter referred to as “Samsung”) warrants that your Samsung product will meet the following specifications:

  • has a satisfactory level of quality
  • It does not have a latent fault in its design.

B. A “Samsung product” is defined as a product that was manufactured by or on behalf of Samsung, and that bears:

  • a trademark owned or used by Samsung (generally “SAMSUNG”),
  • and that was sold by an Authorised Reseller or Distributor of Samsung, and that was purchased in Australia, but does not include any hardware or software that is packaged or sold with a Samsung product unleashed from its packaging or sold separately from its packaging.

III. The Extended Warranty Plan

Warranty Period A– The length of time that this Samsung product warranty shall be in effect will be determined by the Samsung product to which it applies.

Warranty Period B– In all situations, the warranty period begins on the day of purchase as indicated on the Authorised-or Reseller’s Distributor’s invoice/receipt that you were given with by the Authorised-Reseller or Distributor.  

III. The Samsung Warranty Reclamation

As a result of this Warranty, you have the right to make a claim if you believe that the Samsung product that you have purchased is of unacceptably high quality or has a hidden defect or is otherwise not in compliance with the conditions, warranties, undertakings, and legal rights that you have under United States of America Law (for example, if it appears faulty or does not work at all or properly).

IV. Samsung Claim Warranty Transferability

A. This guarantee is granted exclusively to you and is not transferable; however, if the Product is shown to be defective, subsequent owners may be entitled to a remedy under applicable law.

Please save all of your proof of purchase documentation, such as the original sales receipt or the applicable credit card statement, for your own records.

To be eligible for warranty service, you must provide proof of purchase.

When an authorized product or part replacement of the original purchased Samsung product occurs, the new Samsung product will be subject to the remainder of the original Warranty Period, unless otherwise specified.

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It is possible that you will have statutory rights in respect of a replacement product or part after this period has expired.

What Steps do you need to take in order to receive a Warranty Service?

Those Samsung consumers who want their products repaired or replaced as part of this Limited Warranty Service must ship them to an authorized Tablet customer service facility in an appropriate shipping container, along with the sales receipt or other comparable proof of purchase showing the original date of purchase, the product serial number, and the seller’s name and address, in order to be eligible for service under this Limited Warranty Service.

samsung tablet manufacturer warranty

Please contact SAMSUNG Customer Care at 1-800-SAMSUNG if you require assistance determining where to send the Product.

After investigating the claim, SAMSUNG determines that the Product does not fall under the scope of this Limited Warranty. The Purchaser is responsible for the costs of all parts, shipping, and labor involved with the repair or return of the Product to the manufacturer.

It is recommended that the purchaser make a backup copy of any contents of the Product before delivering the Product to SAMSUNG for warranty service, because part or all of the contents of the Product may be erased or reformatted during the course of warranty servicing.

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What is Samsung Tablet Warranty? (Guide Answered)

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What is Samsung Tablet Warranty? (Guide Answered)

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The Benefits and Drawbacks of Extended Warranties for Tablets

Samsung Extended warranty plans are required for common electronics such as smartphones and laptops, but what about tablets?

We discussed the advantages and disadvantages of extended warranty periods for tablets to assist you in deciding whether or not to purchase one.

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Is it a good idea to offer Extended Warranty Plans on tablets?

Samsung products Extended warranties are unquestionably a good option when it comes to tablets.

They provide additional protection beyond what a screen protector or case can provide.

Bringing your tablet outside the house or having children who use it further raises the possibility of an accidental drop or spill.

In contrast to paying for the repair out of pocket, having a warranty allows you to get it fixed immediately and for a far lower cost.

What should the price of an Extended Warranty Plan be?

In most cases, an extended warranty plan for tablets will be less expensive than the usual repair cost.

Unfortunately for consumers, the cost of repair can range anywhere from $60 to $599 or more.

Samsung Consumers would be pleased to know that tablet warranties are significantly less expensive than regular repair expenses.

samsung galaxy tab warranty

Consider the $349 price of a new Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e tablet, for example.

A two-year warranty with a $25 deductible would set you back $59.31.

If your screen repair costs $150, you’ll save $65.69 over the course of the year.

What is the difference between a protection plan and an extended warranty period or device insurance?

The terms “protection plan,” “extended warranty,” and “insurance” are all interchangeable in this context.

A protection plan is simply another name for an extended warranty, although device insurance might be quite different from the former due to the fact that accidental protection is not guaranteed under most insurance policies in the United States.

It is for this reason that it is critical to fully comprehend the scope of your plan before acquiring it.

Although it may be tedious to go through terms and conditions, doing so is important if the warranty provider does not clearly explain what is covered under the policy.

Before you purchase the plan, Upsie fully outlines the plan and deductible fees, entire coverage specifics, including accident protection, how repairs work, and other important information.

With their customers, they are completely honest and forthright.

How long do I have to add an extended warranty to my tablet once it has been purchased?

Samsung extended warranty plans are valid for up to 60 days after the date of purchase of your tablet computer.

However, we urge that you purchase it as soon as possible, preferably while you still have the device receipt and information in your possession.

As you can see, you may activate your plan by uploading a copy of your receipt and completing some basic device data.

When you need to file a claim, you can do so in a short amount of time and with minimal effort.

There are far more advantages to tablet extended warranties than disadvantages.

 My Final Thoughts

As part of the Gen Z generation, I always seek to be a wise consumer.

Be it about Samsung Tablet, Smartphones, or Home appliances.

Being an overthinker has a good and bad side.

It’s beneficial when it comes to this type of problem!

 Comment ‘ I am a wise consumer’ if you enjoy and learn about this article.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the Samsung tablet warranty?The Samsung tablet warranty typically lasts for one year. However, the specific warranty period may vary depending on the model of tablet.
What is covered by the Samsung tablet warranty?The Samsung tablet warranty covers defects in materials and workmanship. This means that if your tablet is defective, Samsung will repair or replace it free of charge. However, the warranty does not cover damage that is caused by user error, such as dropping the tablet or getting it wet.
How do I file a warranty claim for my Samsung tablet?To file a warranty claim, you will need to contact Samsung customer support. You can do this by visiting the Samsung website or by calling Samsung customer service.
What documentation do I need to file a warranty claim for my Samsung tablet?You will need to provide proof of purchase for your tablet, such as a receipt or invoice. You may also need to provide the serial number of your tablet.
What can I expect from the warranty process?Once you have filed a warranty claim, Samsung will investigate the issue. If Samsung determines that your tablet is covered by the warranty, they will repair or replace it free of charge. The warranty process typically takes a few weeks to complete.

How can I check the warranty in tablet online?

Find your IMEI number and gain access to information such as the warranty date, carrier information, blacklist status, purchase date, and other details.

To find out what your device’s IMEI is,

  • dial the Samsung number*#06#.
  • Fill in the IMEI in the form above.
  • Learn more about your device by visiting this page.

Is there a one-year warranty on Samsung products?

Samsung’s Galaxy flagships are normally covered by a one-year manufacturer’s warranty from Samsung. Liquid damage and corrosion are not covered by the firm’s guarantee, although other out-of-warranty issues, such as cracked screens can still be repaired at an uBreakiFix location, according to the company.

Is the Samsung one-year warranty valid for broken screens?

 There are no warranty claims that can be filed if the damaged screen was caused by your negligence.

If the damage is due to Samsung’s negligence, the company will repair or replace the cracked screen. Samsung should repair the faulty goods as quickly as feasible after it has been discovered.


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