How to Fix Samsung Microwave e-11? [Easy Guide]

There is a new error in the Samsung microwave – error codes e11.

It only occurs in modern microwave ovens that are equipped with a humidity control feature.

This is the technological know-how that helps to prevent overdrying of food and to deliver a perfectly prepared dish to the table on time.

If you have such a model and the food still comes out a little dry, the problem is most likely with the sensor in the machine.

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What is Samsung Microwave e-11? [Answered]

Troubleshooting: Issues and Solutions

Error E-11: Gas sensor errorThis error code indicates that the gas sensor in your microwave is not working properly. The gas sensor is responsible for detecting leaks of flammable gases, such as natural gas or propane. If the gas sensor is not working properly, your microwave may not operate safely.
Solution 1: Reset the microwaveThe first step in troubleshooting this error is to reset the microwave. To do this, unplug the microwave from the power outlet for 30 seconds, then plug it back in. Once the microwave has been reset, try using it again. If the error code still appears, proceed to the next solution.
Solution 2: Clean the gas sensorThe gas sensor in your microwave may be dirty or clogged, which can cause it to malfunction. To clean the gas sensor, unplug the microwave from the power outlet and remove the door. Locate the gas sensor, which is typically located on the top or side of the microwave. Use a damp cloth to wipe away any dirt or debris that is on the sensor. Once the sensor is clean, replace the door and plug the microwave back in. Try using it again to see if the error code still appears.
Solution 3: Replace the gas sensorIf cleaning the gas sensor does not resolve the issue, the gas sensor may need to be replaced. To replace the gas sensor, you will need to contact a qualified technician.
Solution 4: Contact Samsung customer services If you have tried all of the above solutions and the error code is still appearing, you may need to contact Samsung customer services for assistance. They may be able to provide you with additional troubleshooting tips or send a technician to your home to repair the microwave.

What is the meaning of the Samsung microwave e-11 error code?

This error code indicates that there is a problem with the humidity sensor. On the left, you can see the sensor that is located above your oven. In addition, there is a part number and a link to the part, which you may need to order and install if you need to replace the faulty one with a working one.

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Samsung microwave error 11

Remove the top vent panel above the oven door by unscrewing it and pulling it out. The microwave is constructed in such a way that the sensor cannot be removed separately, necessitating the removal of the entire panel.

The sensor itself is priced at $25.

Samsung microwave error codes E-11, se, 5e, e83
What is the meaning of the Samsung microwave error code E-11?

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What is the solution to the microwave e11 error?

Samsung e11

  1. Identifying and correcting the error code
  2. The device should be unplugged from the power source.
  3. To remove the top panel, unscrew the fasteners that are holding it in place.
  4. Locate the humidity sensor on your device. Examine the wiring harness connections to the humidity sensor to ensure that the connection remains continuous (you may need to use a multimeter)

How do I repair the microwave sensor on my Samsung?

If you are unable to turn off the microwave, leave the door open at all times. The Samsung microwave’s SE error code cannot be cleared simply by turning the unit off for a short period of time. It will reappear over and over again, and the problem with the control panel membrane will remain unsolved for the foreseeable future.

How do you interpret the message “sensor error” on your microwave?

When you are using the sensor cooking function in your microwave, opening the door too early will result in the error message appearing. In just a few seconds, you can have the error message off of your microwave’s display.

Is it possible to reset a Samsung microwave?

Nothing more than unplugging your Samsung microwave oven from the electrical outlet will do the trick. Wait for two minutes, or at the very least until the microwave turns back on again. Maintaining the microwave unplugged during this time will help it to reset more quickly. After the microwave has completed its reset cycle, you can reconnect it to the electrical outlet.

Is there a reset button on the microwave?

Press the “Off/Clear” button to clear any information displayed on the display and to restart the microwave. This is a soft reset, and it will simply exit any program that you may have opened previously.

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It can be pressed when the cooking is complete reminder appears on the display, for example, to remove the message “Your Food is Ready.”

Other Error Codes That You Should Know

Samsung microwave model number e-13

When the unit fails to preheat properly, the E-13 T1 Max time error appears on the screen. Low voltage, a faulty damper seal, a faulty thermistor, or a faulty control circuit board are all possibilities as causes of this problem. Examine each of these components and replace them as necessary.

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Samsung microwave model number e-13

Samsung microwave SE error or 5e

The Samsung microwave SE error code is sometimes referred to incorrectly as the 5E error code. The condition occurs when a single key on the keypad is pressed repeatedly or briefly.

You could end up with a fire if your microwave starts running on its own, which is extremely dangerous. You should unplug your microwave as soon as you notice this code on the display, and you should not plug it back in until this appliance repair problem is resolved. You can also leave the door open to prevent it from starting up and running.

Samsung Microwave E 11 Popcorn

Samsung Microwave E 11 Popcorn is a versatile and functional kitchen appliance produced by Samsung, a leading multinational electronics company. This particular model, the Samsung Microwave E 11, offers users the convenience of quickly and efficiently preparing popcorn. Fitted with advanced features and technology, this microwave ensures precise cooking with optimal results. 

Samsung Microwave SE(5E) error code details || Fix - YouTube
What does e-11 mean on a samsung microwave?

Occasionally, the error can occur if the keypad strip is greasy, dirty, or moist. In these instances, an error can occur. However, the majority of the time it occurs as a result of shorting and necessitates the replacement of the component. I implore you not to be hasty in following all of the numerous ‘video tips and instructions’ recommending methods such as ‘paper inserts’ and other similar stuff of range microwave problems.

When this error code is displayed intermittently or continuously, Samsung provides a services bulletin that describes the only effective and correct solution, as well as the models to which these steps can be applied if they display this error code. Please refrain from using any other methods that are not related to the bulletin.

What is the model code and what is the model number? Where can I find them?

The model number is printed on a tag that is located inside the cooking compartment. It is important to note that a model number and a model code are not the same things. The latter is located on the keypad’s connector, and it must be accessed by removing the entire control panel.

E83 is the error code for a Samsung microwave.

This error code indicates that one of the three-door switches is malfunctioning. Microwave resets are the best solution but in case you see it on the display board, use a multimeter to check each of the switches. Replace or repair the one that is faulty if there is one.

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If all three are in working order, the display control board should be checked because it is most likely not reading the switches correctly. To repair or replace the display control board, follow the steps listed below.

Samsung microwave has a problem.

If the letters SE flash on the display of your microwave, this indicates that there is a sensor error. A short has most likely occurred in the humidity sensor. This means that you will have to disassemble the device and inspect the sensor directly. The touchpad element may be located near one of the microwave’s cavity vents, which would make sense. The vast majority of the time, shorted humidity sensors must be replaced.

Putting it back together

Remove the two screws from the top vent, followed by the one from above the keypad. VERY CAREFULLY remove the vent and the keypad from the vehicle. Disconnect the wire harnesses from the rest of the system. Try to recall each connection or take a picture of them with your phone camera. Check for moisture in all of the components, as this could have contributed to the short-circuit. Condensed air is used to dry the system. It may be necessary to leave it open for a few hours if necessary. Reassemble your oven and put it through its paces. If the problem persists, seek the assistance of a professional technician.

What happened to cause my Samsung Microwave to stop working?

Overheating or a low power supply are the most common causes of a microwave that will not turn on or will turn off on its own without warning. Alternatively, if your microwave does not heat up at all, it is possible that it is in Demo mode. It is possible to resolve the problem by checking your microwave for signs of overheating and power loss, or by disabling the Demo mode.

When it comes to a Samsung microwave, is there a fuse?

When the microwave overheats, the thermal fuse shuts down the power to the microwave unit. To determine whether or not the thermal fuse has blown, use a multimeter to check for continuity in the circuit. If the fuse does not provide continuity, it should be replaced. It is not possible to reset a thermal fuse; if the fuse has blown, it must be replaced.

When it comes to a microwave, is there a fuse?

Fuses can be found in a variety of locations throughout the microwave, including the top, sides, and behind the vent grille. The use of a wiring harness diagram can assist you in locating the appropriate fuse. Identifying and removing any necessary wires and fasteners to free the fuse from the microwave will take a few minutes.

Samsung e11 error

“Samsung microwave error e-11 in English typically refers to a hardware malfunction or system failure on Samsung devices. This error code indicates a problem in the device’s circuitry, requiring professional assistance to diagnose and repair the issue. It is advisable to contact Samsung customer support for further guidance on troubleshooting and resolving the e11 samsung microwave error”

Our Final Thoughts

The contacts are tested with a multimeter to determine if they are good. If there is no voltage or if the voltage is insufficient, the error code microwave e 11 is displayed, which indicates that the Smart Moisture Sensor’s current conductivity is poor. As a result, the system deems it to be a faulty component.

Frequently Ask Questions

What does the samsung microwave e11 code mean?The e-11 samsung microwave means that there is a problem with the door switch. This could be due to a faulty switch, a loose connection, or a blocked door.
How do I fix the e-11 error samsung microwave?To fix the samsung microwave e11 code, you will need to check the door switch for any damage or loose connections. If the door switch is not damaged or loose, then you will need to call a Samsung technician to repair the microwave.
What are some common problems with Samsung microwaves?Some common problems with Samsung microwaves include:

What is the procedure for unlocking my Samsung microwave?

Press and hold the CLEAR/OFF pad for three seconds to clear the screen. The display will show “LOCK” for a brief period of time before returning to the current time. In the corner of the display, a small “L” may appear to serve as a visual reminder that the control panel has been locked. Any attempt to use the microwave will result in a “LOCK” message appearing on the display on wiring harness.

What does sensor error mean in the context of a microwave oven?

The presence of an error message in your GE Sensor microwave does not necessarily indicate a serious problem. It’s easy to take care of and remove an error message from your microwave’s display screen. When you are using the sensor cooking function in your microwave, opening the door too early will result in the error message appearing.

What does the code f3 on an LG microwave mean?

F-3 is an error code that appears on the control panel display of the range. The F3 error code on a range refers to a button that has become stuck in an unending shorted state. A short circuit somewhere in the wire harness leading to a button is indicated by the code F3. It is not always the case that the button is the source of the problem.

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