How to Fix 4c Code On Samsung Washer [Solved! 5 Solutions]

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There’s nothing more frustrating than a malfunctioning appliance.

When your washer goes on the fritz, it can be a total inconvenience.

Imagine having to drive all the way to the store to get laundry detergent – or worse, not being able to do any laundry at all!

If you’re lucky enough to have a Samsung washer, there’s no need to worry.

The 4c code on Samsung washing machines is easy to fix.

Just follow these simple steps, and you’ll be up and running in no time!

Samsung washer error code 4C | Causes, How FIX Problem
4c Code On Samsung Washer

What is the cause of 4c Code On Samsung Washer Error?

The Samsung Washer code 4E (4C) error number indicates that a problem with the water supply has been detected by the washing machine. A kinked or clogged water supply hose is the most prevalent cause of this problem.

How Do You Troubleshoot Error Code 4C on a Samsung Washer?

Your Samsung washer may occasionally display the error code 4C. This is not caused for concern. The benefit of appliances that display error messages is that each message guides you to the source of the problem, allowing you to troubleshoot it yourself.

A 4C error indicates that your washing machine is experiencing water supply issues. In most cases, troubleshooting error code 4C does not necessitate contacting a professional. You could try checking the water supply, ensuring that your washing machine can handle the load, and ensuring that the water valves are operational.

1. Examine Your Samsung Washer‘s Water Supply

If you’re getting a 4C error, it could signal that your Samsung washer’s water supply is faulty. Check sure the water tap is turned on and running. If it is, make sure there is adequate water pouring out and that it is fully open.

Water supply issues could also arise as a result of low water pressure or flow rates on the supply to the washing machine. In other words, the water is not moving with the necessary force. This is most likely due to a faulty water hose.

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Turn off the device before inspecting the water hose for any bends or kinks.

Alternatively, the error code 4C could indicate a leak. If the hose is leaking as a result of its age,

If it is damaged, it may be time to replace it.

2. Examine Your Samsung Washer’s Water Connection

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An incorrect connection could be the cause of your 4C error code. One of two problems is most likely going on here: either the washing machine hose is loose or incorrectly installed, or the hose or hose adapter is not properly attached to the tap.

To repair a loose or wrongly fitted hose or hose adapter, simply ensure that the hose is securely fastened.

3. Check for Samsung Washer Spinning Issues 4c Code Errors

The Fix for a Samsung Washer That Isn’t Holding Water

Clean the Water Hose Mesh Filter on Your Samsung Washer

A clogged mesh filter could be the source of your machine’s code 4C problem. It is advised that the mesh filter be cleaned at least twice a year. This can be accomplished in a few simple steps:

Turn off the device’s water supply.

Disconnect the L-shaped arm fitting from your washing machine’s water supply intake.

To prevent water from escaping due to air pressure, cover the hose connector. Covering it with a cloth will suffice.

Using pliers, remove the mesh filters from the water supply inlet.

Rinse the mesh filters with water to clean them.

Replace the mesh filters.

Reattach the machine’s L-shaped arm fitting.

Clean the dispenser drawer in the machine.

The error code could be caused by a clog in the detergent drawer. Here’s how to repair both manual and automatic dispensers.

A. Dispensing Machines by Hand

Pull the detergent drawer out while holding a release lever inside the drawer.

Lift the softener compartment and the liquid detergent guide out of the detergent drawer.

Rinse everything with running water.

To clean the detergent drawer recess, use a sensitive instrument. A toothbrush or a cosmetic brush will suffice.

Replace the softener compartment and liquid detergent guide if you removed them by pushing them into the detergent drawer.

Return the detergent drawer to its original position.

B. Dispensers that work automatically

Pull the detergent drawer out while holding a release lever inside the drawer.

Remove the sections containing the detergent and softener.

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Shake both compartments after filling them with water.

Clean both cap valves with a gentle object. A toothbrush or a cosmetic brush will suffice.

Rinse everything with running water.

Use a gentle tool, such as a soft brush, to clean the detergent drawer recess and cap valves.

Push the softener compartment and the liquid detergent guide into the detergent drawer to replace them.

Return the detergent drawer to its original position.

C. Clean the Debris Filter in Your Samsung Washer

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A debris filter is located on the bottom of your Samsung washing machine. If it becomes clogged, an error code 4C message may be displayed. To remove the impediment:

Open the cover to the debris filter on the bottom of your washing machine. Gently pry open the cover with a penny.

Empty the water by removing the white drain plug.

After the auxiliary drain pipe has been emptied, remove the filter by first turning it counterclockwise and then pulling.

To clean the filter, use a soft instrument such as a toothbrush.

Replace the debris filter by inserting it and turning it clockwise until it is secure.

Replace the cover by inserting it into the access panel opening’s bottom holes and pushing or folding it into the top.

4. Avoid doing a lot of laundry to fix Samsung Code 4C error.

The kind and quantity of laundry in your Samsung washing machine may result in an error code 4C. This is especially likely if you can hear water filling up but the mistake persists.

It’s possible that you’re loading the washer with too much clothes, or that the sort of clothing you’re using soaks up too much water. Blankets and pillows are examples of such goods. Check your user handbook for information on the amount and type of items that can be washed in a single cycle.

5. Investigate the Water Supply Washer Code 4C error

The flow of hot and cold water in your washing machine is controlled by the water inlet valve. When this component fails, there may be little to no water in your Samsung washer, resulting in a 4C error notice.

The water supply valve should be near the hoses. Check to see if the valve is completely open. If it isn’t, your machine isn’t getting enough water, which is why the problem occurs.

However, if the valves are damaged, it is time to replace them. This can be done in a few simple steps:

Turn off the water and electricity.

Disconnect the cold water inlet hose from the washing machine’s back.

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To separate the top panel, remove the screws from the back.

Disconnect the cables from the cold water inlet valve.

Compress the clamps on the linked outlet hoses so that you may wiggle them away from the valve before removing them.

To remove the intake valve, loosen the two screws situated on the outside of the cold water inlet.

Remove the valve.

Insert the inlet of the new valve through the hole in the back panel and fasten it with the two screws.

Slide the outlet hoses over the two ports and secure them with clamps.

Attach the two-wire harnesses to the appropriate terminals.

Before fastening the two screws on the back, slide the top panel along the rails until it is secure.

Connect the replacement valve to the cold water inlet hose.

Start your Samsung washing machine once more.

OUR FINAL THOUGHT Samsung washer error

We hope the solution we provided fixed your 4c Code On Samsung Washer. If you are experiencing the same issue with your Samsung washer, be sure to call Samsung and report the problem.

They may be able to help resolve the issue or send out a technician to repair it. Until then, try using one of these troubleshooting tips to get your machine working again.


Why does the Samsung washer constantly display 4C?

A problem with the water supply has been detected by your washing machine, according to error code 4C or 4E. This could imply that a blocked or kinked water supply hose is preventing your Samsung washing machine from producing a supply of water.

What Does the Washing Machine Error 5 Mean?

A drainage problem has been discovered by the washing machine, according to a 5E or 5C error code. A clogged filter or a kinked drain hose are the two most frequent causes of this error.

How do I repair the Samsung washer’s 5E error?

Check for kinks or clogs in the drain hose and drainage system. According to the connection type*, make sure the drain hose is not blocked or frozen and that it is in the proper position. Please call for service if you experience a drain issue.


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