What is Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7e? (Solved Answer)

Do not confuse the 7E Error code with the E7, as both of these combinations may appear on your device’s screen, but they indicate completely different problems with the operation of your dishwashing machine.

7E denotes a malfunction of your appliance’s WaterWall system, which means that the mechanism responsible for the proper dispersion of water during the cycle is not working.

E7 indicates a problem with the thermostat, so as you can see, it is critical to read the code correctly in order to eliminate the cause and restart your machine as soon as possible.

The samsung e7 error code usually appears on the screen a few seconds after the cycle begins.

Samsung dishwasher error code 7e
What is Dishwasher Error Code 7E

Troubleshooting: Issues on Samsung Dishwasher Code 7E

The WaterWall reflector is blocked or obstructed.Remove any obstructions from the area around the WaterWall reflector.
The WaterWall reflector is not attached correctly.Detach and reattach the WaterWall reflector correctly.
The WaterWall motor is faulty.Replace the WaterWall motor.
The control board is faulty.Replace the control board.
The water inlet valve is faulty.Replace the water inlet valve.

How to Repair Samsung Dishwasher Error 7E?

When the reflector is unable to move freely, the error usually occurs. You should also check to see if the reflector was properly installed. Let’s go over all of the components that we might need to check in order to identify and solve the problem.

The Dishwasher Error Code 7E and E7 are not Same

It is important to note that there is another error code, E7, which can be mistaken for 7E.

These two codes are incompatible with one another. A 7E error code indicates that there is a problem with the waterwall system’s electrical connections. Inability to dispense water due to malfunction of the washing machine An E7 error code indicates that there is a problem with the thermostat’s operation.

The Dishwasher Error Code 7E and E7 are not Same


The error code 7E may appear both initially and repeatedly in the Samsung dishwasher – when the unit is turned on (during self-diagnosis) and after the program has been started. As a first step, you must reset the dishwasher, which will cause it to start up again. You’ll need the following items to complete this task:

  • Firstly, disconnect it from the mains; then, wait approximately 15 – 20 minutes; then, plug the cord into a power outlet; and, finally, examine the control panel.
  • If the error code 7E vanished, it means that the electronic module had failed, and you can now wash the dishes without further delay. If the problem recurs, you should investigate further.

What is the cause of the Samsung Dishwasher Error Code 7E occurrence?

The presence of error code 7E on a Samsung dishwasher indicates that something is wrong with the WaterWall system, which is a Samsung patent-pending dish-washing technology. It is only available in newer Samsung dishwasher models that have this technology.

As a result, the error code 7E should not be confused with the E7 error that appeared in older models.

When the water dispersion mechanism on the dishwasher is unable to move, the error code 7E is frequently displayed. A few seconds after starting a cycle on the Samsung dishwasher, the error code appears, according to users who have experienced it. In Samsung dishwashers, there are several commonly occurring causes of error code 7E, including the following:

1. The WaterWall Reflector is obstructed.

One of the most common causes of the error code 7E on the WaterWall system is a clogged reflector on the system. In this instance, something is preventing the reflector from shining or holding it in place. Furthermore, it is possible that the reflector has not been properly installed or attached.

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A cascade will form if the dispersed is clamped, and the dishwasher will operate as expected. It is possible that the sprayer will become unresponsive at some point, and the 7E error code will be displayed.

If yours is behaving in this manner, it is likely that something is preventing the boom from moving forward. If the unit is brand new, error code 7E is most likely caused by the packing tape that has been applied to the WaterWall vane. Additionally, a sensor built into the track may interfere with the movement of the diffuser.

2. Connections that are sloppy or incorrect

It is also possible to receive error code 7E if the wires connecting the various components of the WaterWall system are loose or improperly installed. This could occur as a result of a dishwasher repair or maintenance service is performed. For components such as the WaterWall vane motor and vane sensor, check the wires connecting them for frayed or loose connections.

If the wire harness on your dishwasher has been damaged, you will need to replace it with a new one in order to resolve error code 7E on your dishwasher.

3. Components that are faulty or incorrectly installed

The WaterWall parts and components, despite the fact that they are designed to last longer than the average product, may experience breakdowns from time to time. It is also possible for a faulty Vane motor or motor sensor to cause the Samsung dishwasher error code 7E.

The harness must be replaced if a multimeter test on it does not produce an optical signal. You should consider replacing the motor sensor to resolve error code 7E if the wiring is in proper working order but the dishwasher mechanism is still not functioning properly, as described above.

You may discover that the rail housing on your Samsung dishwasher is free, that the sensor wiring is intact, and that the water jet comes out exactly as you expect it to be. The disperser, despite producing the usual buzzing sound, eventually comes to a halt at a certain point. If you experience any of these symptoms in conjunction with the error code 7E on your Samsung dishwasher, you should have the engine checked.

4. Packing Tape is used to secure the Movable Element in place.

The error code 7e may appear on the digital display of the new model of the Samsung dishwasher if a movable component is blocked with packing tape, which is possible. Because the tape is transparent, it is difficult to detect the presence of a problem.

In order to resolve this issue, you will need to unplug your dishwasher from its power source and remove the dishes as well as the lower rack of the dishwasher. You will be granted access to the subunit as a result of this action.

Once you’ve located the subunit, you’ll need to remove the tape that’s causing the issue from the appliance’s rail housing, which you can do by peeling it off. Replace everything in its original location and turn on the appliance. Take a look at the display.

5. Jerky and Distracting Movement of the Sprinkler

The majority of the time, this occurs in conjunction with the boom. This problem can be resolved by simply adjusting the samsung dishwasher waterfall to create a smooth stroke.

While testing with a machine that is not loaded with dishes, you may find that you need to make several adjustments. After a while, the error code will appear again on the digital display, and you will need to readjust the waterfall until it is no longer visible on the digital display.

6. Sensor that is Not Working Properly

The movement of your machine’s diffuser may be impeded by a sensor that is fixed to the track. If this is the case, the absence of a water curtain and a properly functioning bar motor that does not move are indicators. In order to correct this, you must first test the sensor and its loop line.

Examine the connection to see if there is a break. You should solder the circuit together or twist the wires together to correct the problem if you see one. Using a multimeter, check that the wire is still connected.

If the readings from the multimeter do not produce the expected results, you will need to replace the entire harness. If the wiring in your dishwasher is in good working order, but the dishwasher’s mechanism will not start, you will need to replace the sensor.

How to resolve the 7E error code issue [Quick Fix]

If you notice that the 7e error is still occurring or occurring even after you have removed all of the obstacles, you should remove the packing tape just in case it was not removed when you were installing your Samsung dishwasher earlier.

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To correct the 7e problem, you must connect the loose wire to the water wall vane motor and sensor, which are vane in nature if they are damaged, in order to restore proper operation.

This is necessary if you notice that the wire’s hardness has been reduced in any way, or if it has been damaged.

Check to see that the drain pump is operating properly and that it is not being obstructed by anything. A sufficient amount of power is required. In addition, you must ensure that the water supply hose is not kinked or bent in any way.

Error Code 7E on a Samsung Dishwasher and How to Fix It

As you can see, there are a variety of factors that can cause this error code to occur. The most appropriate solution for error code 7E will be determined by the cause of the error. This error message may be displayed as a result of a control unit malfunction on rare occasions. As a result, you should first clear the error code from the dishwasher and then wait to see if it reappears.

To accomplish this, first, turn off the unit and then unplug the unit’s power cord from the wall outlet socket. Allow it to sit unplugged for approximately 15 minutes. After that, reconnect the dishwasher’s power cord and turn it on. A reoccurrence of the error code 7E on the machine’s display indicates that something has gone wrong with the WaterWall system on the machine.

When dealing with error code 7E on a Samsung dishwasher, you can employ the following methods to troubleshoot and resolve the issue:

Method No. 1: Unclog a Clogged Disperser

The WaterWall reflector on your dishwasher is the first component that needs to be checked out. You should double-check whether the reflector is properly installed if you recently had the dishwasher repaired or serviced. When this is the case, water flows through the dishwasher, forming a cascade, but the sprayer freezes at some point, resulting in the display of error code 7E on the screen.

This essentially indicates that something is interfering with the movement of the boom itself. In this instance, the following procedure will assist you in resolving error code 7E:

Water reflector samsung dishwasher?

Step 1: close and inspect the dishwasher for protruding dish parts such as jug handles, frying pan handles, or knife blades. 2nd step: close and inspect the dishwasher once more. Error code 7E may occur as a result of the lower rocker being held in place by one of these. This means that you must redistribute the utensils and turn on the dishwasher again.

Step 2: If this does not resolve the error code 7E, turn off the dishwasher and unload the dishwasher. After that, look over the dispenser. Check to see that it is properly installed and that it is securely fastened to the rail. When the WaterWall logo on the water reflector is properly installed, the logo should be facing upward.

Step 3: If the reflector is not properly installed, lift the vane up and remove it from the vehicle. Turn the reflector around and attach it to the gray shuttle on the guidance element’s guidance element. (See illustration.) Now, to secure the reflector, lower the bar all the way back to its original position. Take care to press it into the groove as firmly as possible.

Method No. 2: The WaterWall reflector is Not Functioning Properly

Ensure that no large utensils, such as a knife, large plate, pot handle, or other similar items, are in the way of the reflector moving. In order to ensure that no items are blocking the Samsung dishwasher water reflector, redistribute the dishes if necessary. Check to see if you are still experiencing problems with the Dishwasher Error Code 7E by restarting the dishwasher.

If the above-mentioned solution does not work, we recommend that you remove all of the items from the disperser and carefully inspect it. It is possible to correct an incorrect installation by following the steps outlined below.

  • To remove the WaterWall reflector, raise the vane and pull it out.
  • Turn the situation around.
  • Now, reposition it on the shuttle on the rail so that it is in the proper position.

The most straightforward way to determine whether it has been properly installed is to look for the WaterWall logo. If it is correctly installed and facing up, you can be confident that the installation was successful.

The packing tape can also act as a hindrance to movement. It is a transparent tape, and it is possible that we will miss it at times. So, in order to verify this, perform the following steps.

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Disconnect the dishwasher from the mains.

Remove all of the dishes from the sink.

Remove the bottom rack from the oven.

Remove the adhesive tape that has been applied to the rail housing with care.

Restart the dishwasher if necessary.

Method 3: Remove the packing tape from the drywall.

For new Samsung dishwashers, the 7E samsung error code may be caused by a buildup of packing tape in the drain line. For the purpose of keeping the movable element secure and preventing it from moving while the machine is being transported, the manufacturer employs tape.

As mentioned above, the tape used in this instance is transparent, and you may not be able to see it unless you are actively looking for it. To begin removing the tape, unplug the unit from the power outlet and remove the dishes from the sink. In order to gain access to the subunit, first remove the lower rack from your dishwasher.

Remove the movable element from the rail housing by finding and peeling off any adhesive tape that has been applied to it. Replace the lower rack, reconnect the machine’s power cord, and turn it on. Check to see if the error code 7E has been resolved by running a cycle.

Method 4: Make minor adjustments to the sprinkler movement

If the sprinkler’s movement along the boom is noisy and jerky, it is possible that this is what is causing the error. It is necessary to adjust the sprinkler’s movement in this situation so that it is as smooth as possible. It is possible that you will need to make several adjustments in order to clear the error—as instructed in the user’s manual.

Simply shut it down, then turn it back on and adjust the stroke. Start the dishwasher and then check to see if the problem has been resolved. It should be turned off and the WaterWall system should be adjusted again.

Method 5: Analyze and diagnose the sensor.

When the sensor on your dishwasher malfunctions, it may cause samsung 7e error code to be displayed even though everything appears to be in working order. As a result, the motor will function properly before shutting down, and there will be no water curtain to worry about. If you notice this, it is recommended that you test the sensor.

Firstly, check the wire loop line connecting it to the other components for visible signs of damage or a loose connection before you proceed any further. You can fix the connection by twisting the wires or soldering them back together again. To test the sensor, make use of a multimeter.

If you are not getting a good signal on the multimeter, the problem is most likely with the harness itself. If this is the case, the entire wire harness should be replaced. The sensor must be replaced if the wiring is in good working order but the unit continues to display error code 7E.

Our Final Thoughts on 7e error on samsung dishwasher

The WaterWall system on Samsung dishwashers is not functioning properly, as indicated by the samsung dishwasher 7e. Normally, the unit will automatically terminate the cycle and display the error code 7 on the control panel of the machine.

There are several components to the WaterWall system, and any one of them could be the source of the problem. As a result of reading this guide, you should be able to troubleshoot each of the WaterWall components in order to identify and resolve the Samsung dishwasher error code 7E.

Frequently Ask Questions

What does error code 7E on my Samsung dishwasher mean?Samsung 7E Error means that there is a problem with the WaterWall reflector in your dishwasher. The WaterWall reflector is a part of the dishwasher that helps to distribute water evenly throughout the tub. If the reflector is not working properly, it can cause the dishwasher to not clean dishes effectively.
How do I fix 7e error code samsung dishwasher?There are a few things you can try to fix 7E Samsung Dishwasher:
Check if the WaterWall reflector is blocked or obstructed. * Detach and reattach the WaterWall reflector correctly. * Replace the WaterWall motor. * Replace the control board. * Replace the water inlet valve.

What is the best way to clear the error code on my Samsung dishwashing machine?

The process of resetting your dishwasher is straightforward. Unplug it (or turn off the power at the circuit breaker), wait a short period of time for the electrical charge to dissipate from the dishwasher (usually 1 to 5 minutes at the most), and then plug it back into the outlet. That’s all there is to it. That’s all it takes to restart your computer.

What is the best way to clear an error code on a dishwasher?

Most of the time, the following steps can be taken to correct the situation:

To turn off the dishwasher, press the POWER button on the control panel.
After waiting 10 seconds, turn off the circuit breaker that serves the dishwasher.
Reconnect the dishwasher’s circuit breaker by turning it back on.
To turn on the dishwasher and begin a new cycle, press the POWER button on the control panel.

What is the best way to force a Samsung dishwasher to drain?

1. The Samsung dishwasher does not drain properly.

2. The drain connection for the dishwasher should be inspected at the sink.

3. Make sure the drain hose is in good working order.

4. Make a small stream of water in the sink that is connected to the dishwasher.

5. Drain, filter, and sump in the tub should all be cleaned.
Make a service request.


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