How To Use Samsung Dex [2023]? (Solution)

Samsung DeX is a native application found on some high-end Samsung smartphones that allows you to use your phone in a “desktop-like” environment using a Samsung phone.

As part of their newer smartphones, it allows any S10/S20 or Note 21 owner (for example) to connect their phone to a docking station and use Android as a personal mobile computer, a feature that was previously unavailable. 

If you are familiar with Chromebook and Windows Continuum, you will know that it powers a desktop-like environment and allows you to be more productive while using your smartphone.

You may now use a larger screen to display your favorite apps and data, as well as a keyboard, a mouse, and a variety of other peripheral devices. 

The ultimate goal of this type of development is for your smartphone to become the only driver of your digital existence. 

It is another option for professionals who wish to work from their mobile office.

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How to use phone as mouse Samsung Dex?

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What does the abbreviation DeX stand for?

DeX is an abbreviation for Desktop Experience, which is a combination of the phrases desktop and experience. 

It is the name picked by Samsung Electronics for their Android application as well as its docking station for the Galaxy Note.

Indeed, from the time your Samsung device is connected to the docking system, you will be able to power the Android dex samsung interface directly from your mobile device.

What is Samsung DeX Graphical User Interface?

Samsung DeX is a user-friendly interface that is comfortable to use.

 Indeed, it serves as the ideal link between your everyday cell phone and your desktop or laptop computer environment.

Essentially, it is a desktop interface that looks quite similar to your Windows, iOS, or Linux desktop experience, but it is powered by Android instead.

As samsungdex points out, some tasks are considerably easier to complete on a desktop computer, such as writing a document or sending an email, playing your favorite video game, or simply enjoying greater comfort with a single click or keypress.

You can use the same Android phone applications that you would use on your mobile phone, including:

  • email
  • agenda
  • a web browser is a software program that allows you to browse the internet.
  • games
  • videos
  • music
  • The use of social media

There are more than 4 million more apps available for download from the Google Playstore.

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4 million more apps are available for download from the Google Playstore.

Additionally, you can use your regular office applications in a mobile form to work while on the go:

  • Microsoft Office is a productivity suite.
  • Adobe’s Office productivity suite
  • G-suite
  • Cloud computing services are available (AWS, Citrix, Omny)

There are more than 2 million SaaS services available for purchase online.

There’s even the option of using your Galaxy phone as an emulator to run a more familiar environment on the DeX:

  • Windows 10 interface should be emulated.
  • Create a replica of the Chrome OS environment.
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Use your regular office applications in a mobile form to work

What is the best way to use DeX?

As previously mentioned, DeX can be accessed through the use of a docking station or a Mirabook. 

However, because DeX is a native app, you will not be able to download it from the Android Playstore in order to utilize it with other devices. It is not necessary to acquire the application in order to use it; it will run immediately on any Samsung Galaxy handset.

Devices that are compatible with Samsung DeX

Before you can take advantage of all of Samsung DeX’s features, you must first ensure that your samsung dex compatible phones with the platform. Galaxy S8/S8+, Note8, S9/S9+, Note9, S10e/S10/S10+, Note10/10+, S20/S20+/S20 Ultra, Note20/Note20 Ultra, Galaxy Fold, and Galaxy Z Fold2, and the new Galaxy S21/S21+/S21 Ultra range are among the devices that will be supported by Samsung DeX.

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DeX is also compatible with the Galaxy Tab S4, Tab S5e, Tab S6, Tab S7, and the Tab Active Pro, as well as the Galaxy Tab Active Pro and Tab Active.

It used to be necessary to have a DeX dock in order to take advantage of the feature, however that is no longer the case. 

Users can now make use of the specific Samsung DeX cable, Dex station multiport adaptor, or its HDMI adapter, which are all available for purchase. 

Cable Matters offers a variety of cables and adapters that are compatible with this capability, including a USB-C to HDMI cable and a USB-C to HDMI converter.

A USB-C Multiport Adapter Hub with DisplayPort from Cable Matters is available.

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Cable Matters USB-C Multiport Adapter Hub with HDMI is a USB-C multiport adapter hub with HDMI.

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Cable Matters USB-C to HDMI Cable

How to Make Your Samsung Phone a Desktop Computer

Many people are unaware that you may use your Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet as a desktop experience by enabling Samsung DeX on your phone or tablet. 

If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of DeX, the “Desktop Experience” is a software program that runs on your Galaxy device and allows you to use your phone or tablet in conjunction with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard. 

Samsung’s OneUI Android software adjusts to become something more akin to Windows or macOS, allowing you to access your files and apps on a larger screen while still using your phone.

Several new features have been added to DeX since it was first introduced in 2017

Here’s a rundown of everything you can now do with Samsung DeX, as well as for instructions on how to get started.

Setting Up Connections to DeX

As part of the Samsung Galaxy S8 phone’s DeX feature, a dedicated DeX Pad or Dex Station was required to manage the connection between the phone or tablet and the display or television. 

They are no longer essential, but they make it easy to connect all of your devices and utilize a wired mouse or keyboard instead of trying to use them through a Bluetooth connection.

You may also purchase a DeX Cable for the Note 8, Tab S4, and subsequent devices, which connects to an HDMI connector on a TV or monitor by plugging into the device’s USB-C port. 

In fact, there is nothing particularly unusual about this cable, and any USB-C to HDMI cable would suffice.) 

As soon as you plug in your monitor, your Samsung device should recognize it and begin showing DeX on the second screen. 

If this is not the case, contact Samsung support.

Earlier this year, Samsung Dex for PC (and Mac). 

This allows you to enjoy the DeX environment on your laptop or desktop PC. 

Connecting your phone or tablet to Windows or macOS is as simple as plugging in any regular USB cable after you’ve downloaded and installed the software. 

From the Galaxy S9 series through the Galaxy Note 9, any flagship Samsung Galaxy phone launched after 2018 is compatible, including the Galaxy Note 9.

It also has a few additional features, such as the ability to swiftly transfer files from a mobile device to a computer and an application for messaging contacts from a Windows or macOS computer. 

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Connections to DeX are being set up

Because your computer came with a keyboard and mouse (or trackpad), you can use them straight away to navigate about the machine. It should be noted that some of the most recent Samsung devices can now use DeX for PC without the need for a connection by connecting to a local wifi network.

There are a few more DeX modes that should be discussed. 

Recent Samsung Galaxy tablets include the ability to run DeX mode directly on the device itself as well: Simply hit the DeX button on the Quick Settings panel (which can be accessed by sliding down with two fingers from the top of the display to reveal it) to transition to a desktop-like, windowed mode.

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If you’ve purchased the official Samsung keyboard cover, you’ll also have access to a dedicated DeX mode button on the cover.

Another feature is wireless mirroring to a television, which is accessible on the Note 20 and Galaxy S21 devices thanks to the Miracast protocol. 

Use two fingers to swipe down from the top of your device’s screen to enter Quick Settings, then touch DeX on your device’s screen and DeX on your TV or monitor:

 You’ll see the word “Miracast” under the Connect wirelessly section if you have a TV or streaming stick that supports the technology (such as the Amazon Fire TV).

Samsung Dex Supported Devices

Samsung Dex-supported devices are smartphones and tablets developed by Samsung Electronics that are compatible with the Samsung Dex feature. Samsung Dex allows users to connect their compatible device to a monitor, keyboard, and mouse, transforming it into a desktop-like experience. This feature offers a convenient way to multitask and work on various applications simultaneously, enhancing productivity for users.

Some pointers on how to get started with Samsung DeX

You’ll be requested to check that the desktop is appropriately displayed on your monitor or television when you first load up DeX. 

You can adjust your display settings at this point. 

If the corners of the DeX desktop do not fit properly within the display, you will need to modify the scale in the settings menu of your monitor or television. 

This is especially frequent on televisions, where the picture may be customized to a specific aspect ratio.

If you choose the “fit to screen” option, you should be all set to go.

In the notifications menu of your phone after connecting to your display, you’ll notice a number of new options, one of which is a selection to switch between screen mirroring and DeX mode. 

Screen mirroring is exactly what it sounds like: it simply copies what is on your phone’s screen and displays it on the monitor

When it comes to productivity work on a larger screen, screen mirroring is handy in some situations, but DeX provides an entirely distinct, completely tailored desktop computing experience for productivity work. To enter DeX mode, simply tap on the notification.

Use your phone as a touchpad: You’ll find the option to use your phone as a touchpad in the notifications menu on your phone as well. After selecting this, you’ll be able to move through DeX using either your finger or an S Pen as a controller.

This is particularly useful if you don’t have a mouse nearby and need to open an application, Powerpoint presentation, or video, as is the case if you’re using DeX in a presentation context. With DeX on a tablet, you can also use your screen as a graphics pad to sketch and doodle while working on your project.

Mobile applications can be launched and maximized: All of Samsung’s core applications are designed for DeX, which means you can resize and maximize the programs. 

Right-click functionality, as well as keyboard shortcuts, are also available to you. For example, there are dozens of third-party apps that are fully optimized for DeX, including the Microsoft Office suite, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Photoshop Lighting, Photoshop Sketch, Gmail and Chrome, as well as BlueJeans, GoToMeeting, and all of the major virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) clients

For those who aren’t DeX-optimized, continue reading for the following suggestion.

In order to gain access to “experimental” features that aren’t officially supported, you must first activate samsung dex labs missing. 

Two current features are the ability for DeX to compel programs to resize and the ability for DeX to automatically load the last used app. 

To enable the features, open DeX Labs and toggle the features by clicking the DeX logo in the bottom right corner of your screen. 

In the future, when you open an app that is not designed for DeX, you’ll be given the option to force resizing the window.

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This will allow you to view it in a larger window or even in full-screen mode.

Can DEX replace my PC?

DeX has the potential to completely replace your computer.

However, while today’s smartphones have sufficient computer power to handle the majority of office duties, their limited screen real estate makes multitasking and high-productivity work difficult.

A full-size monitor, keyboard, and mouse in conjunction with Samsung DeX make it feasible to completely abandon the laptop or desktop PC.

Individuals can benefit greatly from DeX since it allows them to work more independently and with greater freedom. 

Instead of loading up your laptop to catch up on work while at home, simply connect your phone to a monitor and get to work right away.

Running up to five programs at the same time allows you to quickly and conveniently do the majority of chores with minimal effort.

The DeX platform helps business owners and IT decision-makers to combine their IT investments while also managing their devices.

Your employees will have access to corporate email and apps if they use a smartphone as their primary computing device

This will allow them to work from any location at any time.

 You can deploy flexible workstations utilizing a DeX cable, Bluetooth keyboard, and mouse instead of providing each employee with a dedicated PC, knowing that users will be able to walk in and start working in seconds.

Those firms that are relying on outdated Windows apps that do not have mobile or web versions might investigate DeX as a possible solution. 

When using DeX, you can access a full Windows desktop by using a virtual desktop application such as VMware or Citrix.


Samsung’s smartphones are jam-packed with unique features, so it’s okay if you’ve missed out on one or two of them. 

Samsung’s DeX mode, on the other hand, is something you definitely don’t want to miss out on. 

As a result, Samsung DeX effectively transforms your powerful Galaxy smartphone into a multifunctional desktop computer that can be used as a PC. 

Simply connect a computer monitor, mouse, and keyboard to your phone and you’re ready to go.

Frequently Ask Questions

Why my Samsung Dex Touchpad Not Showing?If your samsung dex touchpad is not showing, try changing the language settings on your device. Go to Settings, Language and input, and select English as the default language. This should resolve the issue and display the touchpad in English on your Samsung DeX.
How To Use Phone As Trackpad Samsung Dex?To use your Samsung phone as a trackpad for Samsung DeX, follow these steps:
1. Connect your phone to the same Wi-Fi network as your computer running DeX.
2. Open the DeX app on your phone.
3. Tap on the settings icon and select “Use phone as trackpad.”
4. Your phone screen will transform into a trackpad, allowing you to control the cursor on your DeX desktop.
Does Dex Use Phone As Touchpad?To use your phone as a touchpad, follow these steps:
1. Download and install the “Dex” app on your phone.
2. Connect your phone and computer to the same Wi-Fi network.
3. Open the Dex app on your phone and choose the “Touchpad” option.
4. Your phone screen will now act as a touchpad for your computer, allowing you to control the cursor and perform various actions.

What is the best way to utilize Samsung DeX on my TV?

1. Configuring wireless DeX on a television

2. To begin, use your TV remote to navigate to the Source menu and select “Activate the screen mirroring.”

3. Now, on your Galaxy device, drag down the notification bar and press on DeX in the Quick Settings panel to bring up the Quick Settings panel.

4. Select DeX from the TV or Monitor.

5. Select the monitor to which you want to connect and press the Start Now button.

What is the best way to utilize Samsung DeX on my laptop?

Connect your device to the adapter via the USB-C connection on the back of the device.

When it first starts up, you will see the Samsung DeX logo display on the screen of your monitor.

Connect your keyboard and mouse at this point.

In this case, you’ll be pairing a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse with your computer using the DeX cable.

Is Samsung DeX a secure platform?

When it comes to adding smartphones with DeX to your LAN, there is nothing particularly risky about doing so; in fact, they may be more secure than their Windows PC counterparts.

However, a DeX rollout provides an excellent chance to take a step back and assess if your LAN is sufficiently secured in accordance with contemporary security thinking and design paradigms.

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