How to Factory Reset Samsung s9 [Solved] Your Ultimate Guide

Uninstalling all personal information, changes, and data from your device, also known as doing a factory reset or a master reset, will restore it to the settings and data that were there when it was first turned on.

You may perform a factory reset in a variety of ways, including through the settings menu on your smartphone, by pushing the buttons on your smartphone, or by employing the Find My Mobile service, among other methods.

In order to perform a factory reset, you will need to enter the password associated with your Samsung Account.

If you have forgotten your password, you will need to reset your password before you can proceed any further.

Before you can do a factory reset on your device, you will need to make sure that it is linked to a Wi-Fi network.

Please keep in mind that the majority of Android devices are protected by Factory Reset Protection.

In order to prevent your phone from being reset without your permission, Google has implemented this feature in its Android operating system.

You must first uninstall the Google account from the device if you wish to hand over the device to someone else once it has been restored to factory settings.

For further information, refer to the Google Device Protection section of this document.

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How to Factory Reset Samsung s9

Troubleshooting: Issues on factory reset samsung s9

The phone is not responding.If your phone is not responding, you can try to factory reset it by pressing and holding the Power and Volume Down buttons at the same time for about 10 seconds. This will force the phone to restart and will perform a factory reset.
You forgot the password.If you forgot the password for your phone, you can try to reset it by using the Find My Mobile service. This service allows you to remotely reset your phone’s password.
The phone is locked by a carrier.If your phone is locked by a carrier, you will need to contact the carrier to unlock the phone before you can perform a factory reset.
The phone is damaged.If your phone is damaged, you may not be able to factory reset it. In this case, you will need to take the phone to a repair shop.
You want to sell or give away the phone.If you want to sell or give away your phone, you should factory reset it to erase all of your personal data. This will help to protect your privacy.

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Before you, Proceed To Factory Reset, Make sure To Backup Your Device

Make a backup of your device. To collapse, simply click the button.

Remember that you can re-download any apps you already downloaded after login into your Google Account.

In the event of a factory reset, the following will be permanently removed from your phone:

  • All of your personal information
  • Configurations that are specific to you
  • Applications that have been downloaded from the Google Play Store
  • Contacts \sPhotos

Because of this, it is recommended that you back up your data before doing a factory reset on your device.

Make sure that You Remove Google Factory Reset Protection

The Factory Reset Protection (FRP) function on Android devices is enabled by default on the vast majority of devices.

Unless your device has been reset using the buttons on the side, you will be prompted to enter your Google password before being permitted access.

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In the event that someone manages to reset your device without your permission, for example, in the case that it is lost or stolen, this function is intended to protect you from having to deal with the consequences of that action.

Before resetting your device, you will need to remove your Google account from it, which you may do by following the steps outlined in the instructions below.

To remove FRP if you have been locked out of your device, take your device to an authorized Samsung Service Center with your proof of purchase and they will do the procedure for you.

Please keep in mind that the procedures outlined in this example should be followed if your device is running Android Nougat or a higher version.

It is possible that you will need to navigate using one of the following paths if your smartphone is running an older version of Android:

Accounts can be found under Apps > Settings > Cloud and accounts.

Google Accounts can be found under Apps > Settings > Accounts.

1. Open the Settings app and select Accounts and backup from the drop-down menu.

2. Select Accounts from the drop-down menu.

3. Login with your Google account. If your Google account is already visible, select More alternatives from the drop-down menu (three dots)

4. Select Remove account from the drop-down menu, and then select Remove account again.

5. Complete the process of deleting your Google account by following any instructions that appear on the screen.

How to perform a soft reset on a Galaxy S9

A soft reset is intended to temporarily turn off the phone’s power as if the battery had been removed and then replaced (this is important because you can’t truly take the battery out of a Galaxy S9, as is the case with most smartphones).

When your S9 freezes, malfunctions, or stops functioning in any other manner, the soft reset is a convenient method to give it a metaphorical kick in the pants.

The best part is that this method will not lose any of your data, so when you restart your phone, you should still be able to access all of your information.

Step 1:

Locate the Volume Down and Power buttons on your keyboard.

If you’re unfamiliar with the Galaxy S9, the power button may be found on the upper-middle right side of the device.

The volume controls are located on the upper left side of the device, just above the Bixby button (the button that summons the Samsung voice assistant).


Press and hold the Volume Down and Power buttons at the same time in order to complete  

Position your hands such that you can press down hard on each for approximately 10 seconds.

When your phone goes blank and begins to reboot, you can release the buttons on the side of the phone.

Step 3:

Wait until the S9 has completely rebooted before continuing.

Check to see that the phone is working properly, and sign back in if required.

If you were in the middle of an email or discussion, you may need to restart it.

Try returning to whatever you were doing when your phone became unresponsive.

If the S9 freezes again, you may need to remove the app in question or perform extra troubleshooting steps to determine what is causing the problem to occur.

Reset the Device Through Settings


Remember to back up any information you require prior to performing a factory reset, as your personal information may not be recoverable after the process is complete.

If you have encrypted the microSD card, you will need to decrypt it before you can restore the phone to factory settings.

In this case, your phone will be unable to read the information on the SD card. Search for and select Decrypt SD card from the Settings menu, and then follow the on-screen steps to complete the process.

1. Before you execute a factory reset, make a backup of your personal data to ensure that you don’t lose everything.

2. Factory data reset may be found in the Settings menu by searching for and selecting it.

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3. After that, tap Factory data reset once more and then review the information once more.

Delete all option in Factory data reset menu

4. When you’re finished, swipe to the right and tap Reset.

5. The phone will prompt you to enter your credentials if you have activated the security lock feature on the device.

6. To proceed with the reset and ensure that all information stored on your phone is deleted, select Delete all.

7. Depending on whether or not you have connected a Samsung account to the phone, you will be prompted to enter your Samsung account password.

Your phone will be reset, and when it is turned back on, it will boot up to the basic setup screen.

How to perform a Master Reset on the Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphone.

Master Reset is similar to Factory Reset in that it restores the phone to its factory default settings while also deleting any third-party elements that may have been stored in the phone’s internal storage.

However, it is more useful in dealing with more serious firmware issues that prevent the phone from booting up.

The former is accomplished through the Settings menu, whilst the latter is accomplished through the Recovery Mode.

When should you utilize it?

It is possible to utilize this procedure if your phone is no longer able to boot up correctly or if you are unable to enter the Settings menu for some reason.

You do not need to be able to successfully boot your phone into the home screen in order to accomplish this; all you need to do is boot it into Recovery Mode (Android system recovery).

However, before you actually perform a factory reset on your Samsung Galaxy S9, you should first disable Factory Reset Protection in order to avoid being locked out.

To accomplish this, you simply need to log out of your Google account on your phone.

Take the following steps:

1. If you are on the Home screen and want to enter the Apps tray, swipe up on an empty area of your screen.

2. Select Settings > Cloud and accounts > Accounts > Google from the drop-down menu.

3. If you have multiple Google accounts, enter the email address associated with your Google ID. Repeat the process for each account.

4. Remove account by going to Menu > Remove account > REMOVE ACCOUNT.

What is the best way to go about it?

To be able to run your phone into Recovery Mode, follow the procedures outlined below.

From there, you can proceed to reset your phone using the instructions provided.

Take the steps below for a successful process:

1. Turn off the device if it is on.

2. Press and hold the Volume Up key, followed by the Bixby key, and then press and hold the Power key to turn on the computer.

3. When the green Android logo shows on your screen, press and hold all of the keys on your keyboard until the message ‘Installing system update’ displays for approximately 30 – 60 seconds before the Android system recovery menu options are displayed.

4. By pressing the Volume down key many times, the option to wipe data/factory reset will be highlighted.

5. To make a selection, press the Power button.

6. Continue to hold down the Volume Down key until the phrase “Yes — erase all user data” is highlighted.

7. To select and begin the master reset, press the Power button on your keyboard.

8. ‘Reboot system now will be indicated once the master reset has been completed.

9. To restart the device, press the Power button on the keyboard.

That’s all there is to it!

How to Factory Reset or Master Reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 is described above.

I hope that this post has been of assistance to you in some way.

If you are experiencing problems with your phone and would like to share your experience with us, please email us or leave a comment below.


You’re getting ready to factory reset your Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus.

When used in the industry, a factory reset is referred to as a hard reset, and it is designed to return your phone to its original factory settings.

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In other words, your device will be restored to its factory settings, and all of the apps and games that you may have loaded over the course of several months will be completely removed.

Overextended periods of time, most smartphones experience performance degradation due to the installation of several applications and games by users without their awareness.

You can’t hold it against yourself because you have a constant stream of new stuff arriving every day and week, forcing you to keep up with it.

If you uninstall these applications within a few hours, they will still leave a trail of the files they created in the RAM and storage.

Such applications gradually accumulated, taking up more space on your Galaxy S9 or Galaxy S9 Plus phones, storing unneeded cache, and finally causing software troubles on your devices.

samsung factory reset code

A factory reset is a solution to all of these problems because it will completely erase your phone’s contents, including all of its data, and ensure that your device is as clean as it should be.

1. Make certain that your Google account has been deleted from your Samsung device.

2. If you are planning to sell your phone, give it away to someone else, or use a different device with the same account, you should delete the account from your phone.

3. In the event that your account information is still valid, the phone will preserve the information and will prompt you to enter your credentials, including your password, even after a factory restore.

4. It is a security feature developed by Google to secure your phone against theft and anyone attempting to gain access to it without your consent.

5. Go to the Settings menu and select Cloud and Accounts.

6. Log in to your accounts and then Google.

7. Select the Menu option from the drop-down menu. You can delete your Google account if you want to do so permanently.

8. After the reset has been completed, you will be able to activate the same Google account one more time if necessary. It enables the phone to be restored to its factory settings in its entire state.

OUR FINAL THOUGHTS samsung s9 hard reset

In addition to having faultless specifications, the Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus also have a large number of software faults that can be remedied by doing a factory reset on smartphones.

Begin with the soft reset and work your way up to the hard reset as necessary.

It is recommended that you send your phone to Samsung’s customer support team in order to acquire a replacement if the problems persist even after you have finished the entire procedure.

If you use any third-party apps, make sure to back up all of your data on Google Drive, Evernote, LastPass, and any other apps you may be using before restoring your phone to factory settings.

The phone will wipe all data before returning it to factory settings, so make sure to back up everything before restoring your phone to factory settings.

In order to download them all at once, you will need to connect to your Wi-Fi network after the reset is complete.


How do I factory reset my Samsung S9?There are two ways to factory reset your Samsung S9: through the settings menu or by using the hardware keys. To factory reset through the settings menu, go to Settings > General management > Reset > Factory data reset. To factory reset using the hardware keys, turn off your phone, then press and hold the Power button, the Bixby button, and the Volume up button at the same time. When the Android Recovery screen appears, use the Volume down button to highlight Wipe data/factory reset, then press the Power button to select it.
What happens when I factory reset my Samsung S9?When you factory reset your Samsung S9, all of your personal data and settings will be erased. This includes your photos, videos, contacts, messages, apps, and more. Your phone will be restored to its factory settings.
Will I lose my data if I factory reset my Samsung S9?Yes, you will lose all of your personal data if you factory reset your Samsung S9. This includes your photos, videos, contacts, messages, apps, and more. It is important to back up your data before you factory reset your phone.
How do I factory reset my Samsung S9 without a password?If you forgot your password, you can still factory reset your Samsung S9. To do this, you will need to enter your Google account information. If you do not remember your Google account information, you will need to contact Samsung support for help.

What is the process for disabling Factory Reset Protection

Factory Reset Protection prohibits unauthorized access to your device unless you provide it permission to do so.

It connects the device to your Google account and prevents it from being used elsewhere. If you are changing the owner of the phone, you will want to disable this feature before doing so.

You can turn off Factory Reset Protection by logging out of your Google account on the device before performing a factory reset on it.

Remove Google accounts may be done by going to “Settings” > “Accounts and cloud”> “Accounts”> “Google”> selecting the account > > “Remove account“.

What is the procedure for restoring my Samsung phone to factory settings

1 To access your apps, swipe up from the bottom of the screen and select Settings.
2 Select the General Management option.

  1. Press the Reset button.
    4 Select Factory data reset from the drop-down menu.
    5 Press the Reset button.

What is the best way to reset my Samsung Galaxy S9 if I do not have a password?

The first step is to switch off your phone. Hold down the volume up, Bixby button, and power buttons for a few seconds until the Recovery Mode menu appears, and then release the buttons.

With the volume down button, navigate to the Wipe Data/Factory Reset option, and confirm your selection with the power button to complete the process.

Is it true that a factory reset clears everything?

When you perform a factory reset on your Android device, all of the data stored on the device is erased.

Formatting a computer hard drive is analogous to the concept of deleting all references to your data so that the machine no longer understands where the data is kept.


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