Samsung Cell Phones Warranty: [All You Need To Know]

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We can say that a Samsung cellphones warranty is not just simple insurance but the point is the peace of mind it can give us.

In today’s scenario, every consumer’s last option is to waste money.

But, of course, trouble in Samsung cell phones is something inevitable. 

Samsung Cell Phones Warranty
Samsung Cell Phones Warranty

That’s why Samsung extended warranty plan is here to help us.

Are you aware that the Samsung Extended warranty plan is existing?

Let’s have an in-depth review about Samsung Cell Phones Warranty!

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What is the Warranty Period by Claim Warranty Samsung Device?

Coverage under the warranty for cell phone Samsung models

Cell Phone SamsungThe Warranty Period
Charger Adapters
6 Months Period
Charging Cables
 6 Months
The Life of Battery6 Months
Samsung Earphones12 months

All Samsung cell phone devices are covered by a manufacturer’s warranty that is valid for 12 months.

You can contact support for warranty Here or Call 1-800-SAMSUNG

Regarding cell phone Samsung accessories, the battery warranty ends after 12 months, while the warranty coverage for the charger and headset expires after six months.

If your cell phone Samsung problem is covered by the extended warranty plan, Samsung will give you repair service or replace your device at no cost to you.

See the following information to see what is covered and not covered by the warranty:

  • What Is Covered by the Warranty Defects in material, design, and craftsmanship 
  • The warranty doesn’t cover abuse or mistreatment; Unauthorized service is provided.
  • Wear and tear are typical in most situations; accidents involving fire, water, or lightning are examples of this.

Must-Know Information About Cell Phone Insurance

1. General Information

Unless otherwise specified, this limited warranty claim begins on the date of purchase and is only applicable on products purchased and used in the United States.

In order to receive phone insurance, the customer must first contact a Samsung representative or Samsung customer service for assistance in determining the nature of the problem and the necessary servicing processes.

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The only place you can get warranty claim service is a Samsung authorized service center.

The original, dated bill of sale must be produced as proof of purchase to cell phone Samsung or a Samsung authorized service center when requested by the company.

2. Samsung Warranty Repair and Replacement

Suppose you see any unexpected activity on your Samsung mobile devices, tablets, or wearables. In that case, you may file an error report or ask a question through the Samsung Members app, which is available for download from the App Store or Google Play.

This allows us to conduct a more thorough investigation of the matter.

The information has been anonymized, and it will only be retained for the duration of the investigation if that is what is required by law.

In addition, you can get a Tablet Warranty as well as a Samsung Galaxy Buds Warranty

 How to use the Samsung Members app?

Expert support, community connections, and special perks are available at no additional cost.

With Samsung Members, you have the freedom to investigate all of your alternatives.

The opportunity to gain insider knowledge, appropriate responses from individuals who know what they’re talking about, more of the things you enjoy, and the potential to have a role in creating the future are all within your grasp.

Please keep in mind that, before attempting to use any of the techniques listed below, you must first ensure that the software on your device and any related apps has been updated to the most recent version available.

For information on updating the software on your mobile device, please refer to the guidelines provided below.

Step 1: Navigate to Settings > Software update and select the appropriate button.

Step 2: Select Download and Install from the drop-down menu.

Step 3: Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the process.

Exploring The Unknown Side of Samsung Members App

Communicating with other firm members and exchanging information by logging into the Samsung Members Community is possible.

You may be able to aid members of the community by providing them with useful hints and evaluations, as well as by making fantastic suggestions.

It’s a peer-led environment that’s similar to yours in many ways if not all.

Explore community
Exploring The Unknown Side of Samsung Members App

You may easily acquire insider news and information from specialists in a simple manner by using the News and tips feature.

By reading tips and tricks, you can also learn how to make the most of your technology to its fullest potential.

Promotional Offers
Promotional Offers

Also possible are promotional offers from Samsung Benefits, which you might be able to take advantage of.

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Access to exclusive benefits for the activities you enjoy doing and the places you travel to is yours.

Explore Benefits
Samsung Cell Phones Warranty: [All You Need To Know]

Note: Not all menus are applicable in your phone or country.

Can I get help From Samsung App Members?

If you have any problems or have any questions when using Samsung products or services, please contact Samsung Members.

In addition, you can find answers to frequently asked questions.

When you select the Explore and Get help tabs, you will have access to each function.

Customer Service by Phone

Maintain the optimal performance of your Galaxy.

You may quickly and easily perform diagnostics on your device to determine its current condition.

  • Checks that are performed automatically
  • Checks that are interactive
  • Optimize settings and clean up the RAM

5 Documents that YOU Need to File a Samsung Warranty Claim for Samsung Cell Phone Insurance

In order to file a claim under your Samsung product warranty, you must go to a Samsung-approved service center.

Every time you visit the Samsung service center to file a warranty claim for your equipment, it is vital that you remember to bring the following items with you: In addition, you will require a copy of your Samsung product receipt.

1. Warranty card: Always keep a copy of your warranty card as well as the original on hand in case something goes wrong. When it comes to warranty cards in India, your Samsung product bill serves the same function as a warranty card.

2. A copy of the invoice: will be sent to you if you purchased the Samsung product on the Samsung website. Your product invoice can be found in the list of orders that you’ve created, next to the order number.

3. Inventive concept from the outset: It is necessary to have the original product on hand to fix your faulty Samsung goods. If you wish to replace your smartphone as well as your charging adaptor, cable, or handsfree, please bring your smartphone with you. Otherwise, please bring your smartphone with you.

4. Product Box: From time to time, your Samsung mobile box may be required for inspection. The box is required if your Samsung mobile phone is locked and there is no IMEI number on your invoice or bill, as the mobile IMEI number is written on both the box and the invoice or bill. The box is not required if your Samsung mobile phone is unlocked and there is no IMEI number on your invoice or bill.

5. ID card: In some cases, a photocopy of your government-issued identification documents, such as an Aadhar card, a driving license, or another comparable document, may be required by the service center. This document is only required if your device has been locked and you wish to have it unlocked by a representative from a service center.

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Samsung Cell Phone Extended Warranty Plans  

It is simple to keep total peace of mind even after the original warranty period on your product has passed with the Samsung extended warranty program.

This is the company’s warranty extension program, which is referred to as Samsung Care and has the same name as the program itself.

Samsung customer service thinks that the satisfaction of their customers is of the utmost significance to their company.

The company has responded by developing Samsung Care, which provides an additional year of warranty coverage under the Samsung brand name.

There is therefore no need to be concerned even after your original manufacturer’s warranty has expired because the extended Samsung claim warranty is similar to the manufacturer’s warranty.

How Do I Check the Status of My Samsung Cell Phones Warranty Using SN?

It gives us great pleasure to announce the addition of a new and useful tool to our website with the launch of the Samsung Warranty Check.

Utilizing this feature makes it possible to check the warranty status and other information about Samsung phones.

The checking is done in real-time and is free for those who have already enrolled.

  • Return to the Home Page of the website
  • Enter the IMEI of your phone and double-check the information.
  • “WARRANTY via SN” can be found in the drop-down menu that appears next to the phone number.
Samsung Check Warranty via SN
Samsung Cell Phones Warranty: [All You Need To Know]
  • Enter the first ten characters of the serial number (the serial number may be found on a label inside the phone, near the battery) and then click “Check Samsung Phone Details” to verify the information by a Samsung representative.
Samsung Check Warranty via SN
Samsung Cell Phones Warranty: [All You Need To Know]


In order to avoid confusion, the “Warranty via SN” service is only accessible for older models for the time being.

The use of their NEW, FREE IMEI checker is strongly recommended.

This tool covers all models and provides considerably more information, such as the carrier’s country of origin, the serial number, and whether the product is still under warranty, among other things.

Our Final Conclusion: Samsung Cell Phones Warranty

A great deal of attention is being paid right now to many smartphone makers.

Do all of the efforts, however, really pay off?

You should constantly evaluate all aspects of a product when making a purchase decision, not only the specifications but also the benefits of using it.

Share your thoughts on this topic in the comments box below if you consider yourself to be a wise consumer.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered by the warranty?

A warranty is a type of guarantee given by a manufacturer or other similar party regarding the condition of their product. It also refers to the terms and circumstances under which repairs or exchanges will be made if the product does not function as described or intended.

Is water damage covered under the Samsung warranty?

Your phone or tablet will need to be repaired if it has been exposed to liquid. Physical damage is not covered by the Samsung Limited Warranty, but you can still schedule service. Check out the Support Center for service options.

Is it true that Samsung replaces batteries under warranty?

Depending on the terms of your device’s warranty, you may be eligible for a free battery replacement. We may notify you via a device pop-up message that your battery needs to be replaced.


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