Does Imessage Turn Green When Blocked? [Answered]

Does Imessage Turn Green When Blocked? The SMS/MMS app is intended for those who do not use the iMessage app.

Moreover, unlike iMessages, messages from the SMS/MMS app are not encrypted, according to Apple id.

It’s also worth noting that SMS/MMS messages, which can be either texts or photos, only appear in green bubbles.

As an example, suppose an Android user is texting someone with an iPhone.

Returning to the original question, does a green iMessage mean you’ve been blocked?

Yes, that is correct; receiving green iMessages from friends who use Apple message devices indicates that they have blocked you on their iMessenger app.

Bottom line: green iMessages are a sure sign that you’ve been blocked by your friend on his or her iMessenger app.

However, keep in mind that this is not the only reason for the appearance of green bubbles.

Does Imessage Turn Green When Blocked?
Does Imessage Turn Green When Blocked?

Does Imessage Turn Green When Blocked?

Even if you’re blocked on iMessage, the message will appear to be sent normally; this is why determining whether you’re blocked or not is so difficult. Apple uses a blue text bubble to represent iMessage and a green bubble to represent SMS.

Does Imessage Turn Green When Blocked?
Does Imessage Turn Green When Blocked?

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There are a few ways to find out if your phone number has been blocked by an iPhone user. We’ll show you a few approaches to figuring it out on your facebook messenger.

You should be aware that you have been blocked by the recipient iPhone, which will not ring or make any notification or sound that you have called, sent them a messages app, or left a voicemail on your green text message. The iPhone of the person doing the blocking remains silent and unaffected by an inbound blocked call to blocked number for apple users.


Method 1: Check for Call Block by Calling the iPhone

If you have been blocked by someone who has an iPhone, calling the iPhone results in one ring or no ring at all, followed by a generic message stating that the person is not available.

If the recipient’s iPhone message has voicemail enabled, the call is routed to voicemail. (Yes, blocked callers can still leave voicemails, and with these instructions, you can check voicemails from blocked callers on iPhone as well.)

If you hear multiple rings and eventually reach voicemail, your call and number have most likely not been blocked message. Important: being routed to voicemail does not always imply that you are blocked on your apple device!

Note that quickly getting sent to voicemail when you call someone does not necessarily mean your number or iPhone text has been blocked, it can also mean a number of other things, including:

  • The recipient is currently connected to another phone call, or the line is otherwise busy.
  • The recipient lives in an area with limited or no cell service coverage.
  • The recipient’s phone has been turned off or is in the process of being rebooted.
  • The recipient’s iPhone lacks cellular short messaging service, or there is another network issue.
  • A cellular network outage or something similar has occurred.
  • They could have their iPhone set to Do Not Disturb mode (calling twice in a row sometimes gets through Do Not Disturb so you can try that too, especially if Emergency Bypass is enabled).
  • They may have restricted inbound calls to Favorites, Contacts, or a contacts group, which is sometimes used to prevent spam and unknown calls on your ios device or non ios device.
  • Your call was manually routed to voicemail on their iPhone.
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There are other reasons why you might be sent to voicemail quickly. Don’t assume that getting someone’s voicemail means you’ve been blocked to their message bubble.

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Check for Call Block by Calling the iPhone

Method 2: Sending Text or iMessage to the iPhone Number to Check for Block

You can also try sending a message to the person to see if their number has been blocked. If your iMessage never displays “Delivered” or “Read” messages and remains blue, you may have been blocked – but not always.

If the iMessage is delivered and you receive a “Read” receipt, you have not been blocked. Remember that Read Receipts can be completely disabled, enabled broadly, or enabled per contact, but there is no way to tell unless you have specifically discussed it with the recipient or checked the settings on their iPhone (or iPad).

If the iMessage goes through and shows a “Delivered” message, then you have probably not been blocked.

If the iMessage fails to send and the sms message turns green rather than blue, the person may have no cellular service, no data connection, a problem with their cell service, a problem with their iPhone, has iMessage turned off, uses an Android phone (or other platform), or possibly has their iPhone turned off or is in the process of rebooting. There are numerous reasons why someone’s iMessages may not be working, and this is not an indication that the person has blocked you.

Remember that when iphone messages are sent in green rather than blue, it means the phone is attempting to send a traditional SMS text message rather than an iMessage.

It’s also worth noting that blocked iMessages and text messages/sms message go nowhere; if you’ve been blocked, the recipient will never receive them. This is in contrast to blocked voicemails, which are routed to a separate ‘blocked’ inbox.

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Sending Text or iMessage to the iPhone Number to Check for Block
Sending Text or iMessage to the iPhone Number to Check for Block

Method 3: Call The Number With Caller ID Hiding Prefix to Check For Being Blocked On

Another way to find out if you’ve been blocked is to hide your caller ID and dial the person’s phone number.

By appending the *67 prefix to the person’s phone number and calling them, you can disable caller ID. If you dial *67 and the number rings normally, or if the person answers but goes straight to voicemail when you call normally, it’s safe to assume that the recipient has blocked your number.


There is no perfect solution or guaranteed way to determine if someone has blocked your iPhone without seeing their blocked contact list, but you can set up a test for yourself.

A quick test is simple if you have a friend or family member with another iPhone. Simply block your iPhone’s number from their device, then call it and send it a text message or an iMessage. You’ll notice that you’re either sent to voicemail or that your messages appear to go nowhere. Just make sure to unblock the number when you’re finished with the test so you can call the person you tested it with later.


Well, if you believe that someone has blocked you on iMessage, there are several ways you can confirm it. Although Apple doesn’t directly inform you when someone blocks you, there are some simple ways to figure it out yourself.

1. Check the Bubble Color on iMessage

When you send messages via the iMessage app to some other person, who also uses iMessage, the chat bubble usually appears in Blue color.

If you have enabled the Send as SMS service on your iPhone, your messages will be sent as a text message to their mobile number, which usually appears in Green color.

So, if you were previously chatting with someone on iMessage and the color of your sent messages has changed from Blue to Green, it means they have blocked you. However, you can’t be certain because it could also happen if the other user has turned off iMessage on their iPhone, or if the phone is simply not connected to the internet.

image 291
Check the Bubble Color on iMessage

2. Check if you receive the Delivery notification

When you use iMessage to send a message to someone, the application shows you whether the message was successfully sent or not. If this is the case, “Delivered” will appear directly beneath your sent message.

Similarly, iMessage has a “Read Receipts” feature that notifies the sender when you have received and read their message. However, turning on that feature is a personal preference, and some people prefer to leave it off as well.

image 292
Check if you receive the Delivery notification

3. Check Status Updates of Messages on iMessage

iMessage offers an interesting feature that you can check the status updates of each and every message in the conversation. When you tap on a message in a conversion, the app displays the time the message was sent. It also shows you updates on whether or not the message was delivered to the user and viewed by them.

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4. Make an Attempt to Call

If you have tried all of the methods listed above and it has been confirmed that your messages are not being delivered properly, and you are not receiving any type of status updates on your messages, One final thing you can try is to call them and see if the call connects or not.

5. Call the Blocker from a Different Number After Hiding your Caller ID

If you believe the other person is not picking up your call on purpose, you can still try hiding your caller ID from them. Because they won’t be able to see who is calling, they may pick up the phone.

You can hide your iPhone’s caller ID by going to Settings, then Phone. Scroll down to the “Show My Caller ID” option in this section and turn it off.

CONCLUSION About Imessage

It’s unfortunate if someone has blocked you on iMessage, but if you want to be certain, we’ve listed the top five methods to help you figure it out. In most cases, people simply turn off their iMessage for a short period of time, so it’s best to wait a day or two or try to contact them in another way instead.

If you believe that any of your friends or family members should be aware of this post, please share it with them. And, if we were able to assist you in any way, or if you have any further questions, please leave a comment below and let us know.

FAQs About Blocking

When you block someone on iMessage does it turn green?

If you know someone has an iPhone and text messages between you and that person suddenly turn green. This is an indication that he or she has blocked you. Perhaps the person does not have cellular service or a data connection, or has turned off iMessage, so your iMessages are converted to SMS.

How do you find out if someone has blocked your iMessage?

So, if you were previously chatting with someone on iMessage and the color of your sent messages has changed from Blue to Green, it means they have blocked you.

Does green text on iPhone mean blocked?

Being blocked has nothing to do with the color blue or green. Blue denotes iMessage, i.e., messages sent through Apple, while Green denotes SMS messages.

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