How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

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How to Block Text Messages on Samsung? The ability to block text messages is a highly helpful feature.

It can be a way for you in ignoring your bastard ex-boyfriend, an undesirable bitch friend, or a random harasser, among other things.

You can also use it to get yourself out of tedious group SMS conversations.

Here is a quick solution to try.

How to block text messages on Samsung?

  • Step 1: Launch the Messages app and choose the conversation to ban.
  • Step 2: If the number is not saved as a contact, tap the number at the top of the screen and then tap Block number.
  • Step 3: In the dialog box that appears, you can tap to remove all chats with this number, if desired, and then tap Block.

We hope this resolves your problem. If not, read on for more help methods.

How to block text messages on Samsung?
block text messages on Samsung?

Also useful is the fact that it helps keep your inbox clear of promotional emails and other undesirable garbage.

Whether you’re using iOS or Android, the process is typically less time-consuming and painless than you thought.

Blocking annoying text messages and even phone calls is a straightforward technique that can be performed on any type of phone, and we’ll teach you just how to do it.

Reminder: Please keep in mind that the screens and settings available may differ depending on your wireless service provider, software version, and phone model.

These instructions are for Galaxy phones that are running at least Android 9.0 (Pie) or later on their operating system.

6 Easy Ways to Block Text Message in your Samsung Galaxy

Method 1: Blocking Text Messages Via Settings 

Your Samsung Galaxy default Android messaging app includes a spam filter that is both effective and convenient for blocking text messages.

There is no disputing that this is the quickest and most straightforward method of blocking text messages on the Galaxy S6 and other Samsung smartphones.

Let’s take a look at how to block text messages on the Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7, S8, S9, S10, and S20.

1. Open up the text messages Samsung inbox on your Samsung phone and look for the receive text messages from an undesired number that you intend to ban before proceeding.

2. Click on the Menu icon (three dots) to open the menu in the upper right corner.

3. Select Block number or tap Block contact from the drop-down menu. To complete the process, click “OK.”

how to block text messages on samsung
6 Easy Ways to Block Text Message in your Samsung Galaxy

How To Block Your Number or Contacts List

You may quickly and simply block numbers and text messages on the Galaxy S6 and other Samsung smartphones in this manner.

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Tip: If your ex or other undesired person continues to spam your inbox by changing their phone numbers, simply switch your SIM card! We’ve all been there and done that!

Method 2: Preventing Spam Text Messages Using the Samsung Settings

What is the best way to block unwanted texts on a Samsung device?

Receiving spam text messages is quite inconvenient.

You can simply stop spam and block unwanted texts on Samsung phones by following the instructions below.

1. Open the Messages app and select the message you want to stop from being delivered.

2. Select the Block number and then click OK.

how to block texts android
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

3. The terms or phrases that are mentioned in the message, such as HMRCUK in the message below, may be used to identify the block number screen if you do not see it.

4. To return to the previous screen, press the back arrow symbol. In the top right corner, hit the Menu symbol (three dots), which will bring up the Settings menu.

block numbers on galaxy s6
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

5. Select or tap Block messages > Block phrases from the drop-down menu. Paste the keywords or phrases into the text box and press the plus sign.

how to block number on galaxy s4
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

You will not receive any emails containing these terms or phrases as a result of doing so.

What does a blue Text mean in my message?

Method 3: Adding to Auto-Reject List

You may quickly blacklist phone numbers so that they will have no way of contacting you while they are on the list, which is a simple process.

Simply navigate to Settings > Call Settings > Call Rejection > Add or remove the phone numbers you want to block from the list.

Just a piece of cake for you!

Method 4: How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Phone Via Google Hangouts

What is the best way to block unwanted texts on Samsung Galaxy?

Following these instructions will allow you to block the individual’s spam text messages on Google Hangouts if you chose to do so.

1. To begin a Google Hangout, open the Google Hangouts app on your Samsung phone.

2. Open the SMS or discussion thread of the “contact” that you wish to block and copy the contents.

3. To access the menu, click on the three-dot menu icon in the upper right corner of your screen.

Google Hangouts 3 dots
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

4. Select “People & Options” from the drop-down menu, and then on the following screen, select and block User Name>.

People & Options
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)
block contact
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

Method 5: Block Unwanted Texts Via a Third-Party App

1. Block Messages Using Calls Blacklist Mobile Application

There are a variety of programs available to assist you in blocking text messages on Samsung smartphones.

For the sake of this tutorial, we’ll show you how to use the Calls Blacklist mobile application.

Step 1: Download the Desired app on Google Play

Google Play
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

 Step 2: Insert Numeric Values

Nothing is more complicated than opening the program, clicking on the “+” icon, and entering the number from which you do not wish to receive text messages.

Blacklist on Calls Blacklist

2. Using the App Key Messages

In terms of text blockers, Key Messages is one of the better options available.

It can automatically detect promotional and spam messages and block them.

Name, number, content keyword, and wildcard rules can all be used to restrict SMS messages from being sent.

Additionally, it is the only text filtering program for Android that includes the disabling of MMS features.

how to block text messages on samsung galaxy s5
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

3. Using the Application Call Blocker

Call Blocker is also available as an Android application that blocks calls and texts.

It has the ability to automatically recognize spam and promotional messages and prohibit them from reaching the recipient.

It differs from other comparable apps in that it maintains a log of banned text messages and phone calls.

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how to block text messages on samsung s4
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

The Advantage and Disadvantages of Using Third-Party App

In addition to using the blocking options on your phone, you might install an app that prevents text messages from being sent.

One or more of these apps may include complex organizational features.

For example, allow you to organize promotional texts into folders.

Additionally, you can develop complicated blacklists and whitelists of phrase blocking keywords to use in your search engine optimization.

On the other hand, not all message organization apps are free.

Some of them require a WiFi connection in order to function properly.

So, before you start down this path, it’s a good idea to experiment with the stock blocking settings on your phone.

 Method 6: Block Text Messages and Block Number Via Your Service Provider

With the assistance of your service provider, you will be able to navigate to the official website of your carrier and search for a page that explains how to block text messages.

1. The Provider Verizon

You can do this through your personal computer by visiting their website, selecting the Blocks page, and entering the phone numbers from which you do not wish to receive text messages.

Alternatively, you can utilize the Verizon App:

  • You must first enter the menu, select Devices, and then Manage.
  • Select Call & Message Blocking from the drop-down menu and
  • Enter the phone numbers you wish to block.

2. Instructions for Disabling Text Messages on Android AT&T

  • Start by opening the AT&T app and entering your phone number.
  • Continue by pressing the Continue button and entering the 6-digit pin that you were given.
  • Verify that you understand and agree to the Terms and Conditions by tapping Accept.
  • On the next page that appears, you can make changes to the numbers in your block list.

3. Through Sprint Provider

There are two choices for blocking numbers as well as block messages, just as there are with Verizon.

1. Go to Preferences and then click on Limitations and Permissions from your desktop, where you will be required to check in to your account first.

2. By selecting Block Voice, you can simply enter the phone numbers that are troubling you.

3. Alternatively, you might utilize the Sprint App, in which case you would click to Settings and then select Call+SMS Filter.

4. Select Block Calls from the drop-down menu and enters the phone number you don’t wish to receive notifications from.

If you are unable to locate the page for blocking numbers on your Samsung Galaxy Smartphone, contact your carrier for assistance, and they will then block a number for you.

Keep in mind that certain carriers charge for this service, so be prepared to pay the associated fees before requesting that text messages be blocked.

How To Report Spam Messages on IOS User

Spam iMessages should be reported.

An additional action you can do is to report spam and trash iMessages.

When you receive an iMessage from someone you do not know, you will see a link that says “Report Junk.”

Click on that link to report the message as spam.

Apple will receive the information and message from the sender if they click on the link.

This should be handled by corporate personnel who should ultimately prevent the individual or bot from contacting you in the future.

You can also send an email to “” if you want to contact Apple.

Keep in mind that you’ll need a screenshot of the message, the email address or phone number that delivered the iMessage, and the date and time that you got it to prove your claim.

SMS and MMS communications are not handled by Apple, however, you can always report them to your mobile service provider.

For example, AT&T recommends sending the spam message to the number 7726. (SPAM).

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Following that, the carrier will look into the message further.

Other Ways to Block Text on Samsung

How to block text messages without number on Samsung?

  1. Tap the Messages icon from the Home screen.
  2. Select Menu > Settings > Block numbers and messages > Block numbers.
  3. Tap the minus sign to the right of the number you wish to delete.
  4. When you’re finished, press the back arrow.

How to Block Text Messages on Samsung Galaxy S9?

  1. Select the Messages app from the home screen.
  2. Choose the Menu icon, then Settings.
  3. Block numbers and messages can be chosen.
  4. Select Block numbers to block certain numbers.
  5. Enter the chosen phone number and then press the Add button.

How to block text messages on Samsung a51?

  1. Select the Messages app from the home screen. Choose the appropriate message thread.
  2. Choose the Drop-down icon, then the Info icon.
  3. Choose More, then Block contact. To confirm, select Block.

Bonus Suggestions: Recover Blocked or Deleted Messages on Samsung without Rooting the Smartphone

In general, you can navigate to Call & Text Blocking > History > Text Blocked History and choose the blocked message to be restored to your inbox by selecting Restore to Inbox from the drop-down menu.

However, if you are unable to locate the blocked messages, the only option open is to seek assistance from a secure and professional Android data recovery program such as Tenorshare UltData for Android.

It can simply recover your Samsung texts that have been blocked or erased without the need to root the device.

1. UltData for Android can be downloaded and installed. Open the tool and select Recover Lost Data from the drop-down menu.

restore lost call logs on android
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

2. Connect your Android phone to your computer by connecting it with a USB cord (not included). Enable USB debugging on your phone according to the instructions displayed on the screen.

how to restore call history on android
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

3. Select Messages from the drop-down menu on your screen and then click Start to begin scanning for messages.

restore call history on android
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

4. Select the messages you want to recover and then click Recover to have them returned to you.

restore call logs on android
How to Block Text Messages on Samsung [2023]? (6 Methods)

Our Final Thoughts on Block Text Messages on Samsung

Gaining our peace of mind is our goal.

There are instances when receiving text messages from someone is simply not something you want to do.

You may be annoyed by them, whether or not they are spam.

This is very understandable.

Because your smartphone is a commodity, not a necessity, it is important to treat it as such.

As a result, we hope that the methods we offered to you were helpful in getting you out of a jam and that they performed as expected.

FAQs Messages on Samsung Issues

Why am I unable to block certain texts on Android?

If you are unable to locate the option to block, you can download and use the Google Messages app in its place. Select the message you want to block, go to the menu, select “Details,” and then select “Block & report spam.”

Is it possible to stop someone from texting you?

Launch the ‘Messages’ app. Contact the person you want to block and start a conversation. Click the “More” button. Choose “Block number.”

On my Samsung, how do I block text messages that don't contain a phone number?

How do I block text messages on a Samsung phone without a number? From the Home screen, tap the Messages icon. To block numbers and messages, go to Menu > Settings > Block numbers.


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