How to Fix Error Code 102 on HBO Go [Solved!]

It was another normal day and I decided to watch some of my favorite shows on HBO Go.

As soon as the show started, I received an Error Code 102 message.

This error code is associated with Samsung TVs so I knew that I needed to take some steps to fix it.

After doing some research online, I was finally able to get my HBO Go working again.

In this blog post, I will share what worked for me and how you can also fix this error code.

Hopefully, this information can help others who might be experiencing the same issue.

Samsung TV Error Code 102
Error Code 102 HBO Go

What exactly is Error Code 102 on HBO Go?

Error Code 102 is one of the most common Samsung TV error codes. If your Samsung TV displays Error Code 102, this indicates that the device is having trouble communicating with the Smart Hub server. It’s usually caused by a problem with your router or the Smart Hub servers, and it can be resolved by restarting your router.

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What exactly is Error Code 102?

Error Code 102 [In-Depth Explanation]

It means that your Smart TV platform was unable to establish a connection with the ServerHub server when you see error code 102 on your Samsung TV.

As a result, you will be unable to access certain services, such as widgets and IPTV, during this time. Depending on the model, the TV may also display Network Disturbance in addition to error code 102 in these instances.

Upon checking the settings on the television, it is possible to notice that the subnet mask, gateway, and IP-address are not present. Once you’ve determined the source of the problem, you’ll need to figure out how to restore normal operation to your television.

Nonetheless, before you do anything else with the TV, you should check to see how your Samsung TV is interacting with its new wireless network access point.

Any network that displays the 102 fault code must be turned off for a period of up to 20 minutes and a minimum of ten minutes, if possible. Turning off the television will allow you to achieve this goal. After you’ve finished with it, try connecting the television again.

If this works on the television, the problem was caused by a software failure, which was remedied by re-initializing the software on the computer.

error code 102 hbo go
Error Code 102 [In-Depth Explanation]

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What are the Possible Root Causes of this Issue?

This problem is usually caused by a flaw in the connection of a provider driver. This disrupts the internet connection of all devices. To resolve the issue, contact your internet service provider.

However, if the internet Wi-Fi problem occurs only in your smart TV, you must determine the root cause of the problem and resolve it. Here’s a quick guide to troubleshooting your smart TV’s internet connection.

1. Failure of the Smart Hub Server

The smart hub server could be overburdened. It could be due to a technical failure. In such a case, there is no need for you to take any action.

When everything returns to normal, the system will repair itself, and error code 102 will vanish. However, in some cases, manually configuring the DNS server saves the day. To manually configure the DNS server, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Settings menu on your integrated Smart TV.
  2. Select the DNS option.
  3. Enter Google’s ( public IP address or Yandex’s ( public IP address (

2. Router malfunctions

In some cases, your Smart Samsung TV will display error code 102 as it attempts to connect to a different access point. In essence, your router generates error code 102. Reset your TV and update its software to resolve this issue. You can also do the following:

  1. Wait for twenty seconds for your previous internet session to end before restarting your router.
  2. Check the compatibility of your router with your TV adapter. If you encounter a conflict, remove the encoding.
  3. Begin the DHCP protocol to automate the receipt of all required parameters.
  4. Change the frequency of your television from 2.4 GHz to 5 GHz or vice versa.
  5. Disable your TV access control, which will prevent your device‘s MAC address from being read. Alternatively, you can add the numeric address to the whitelist. Open the Samsung Service Request section via Support to find the MAC address.
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3. Software failure or incorrect Smart TV configuration

If you have a new TV, it is very likely that it has already been connected to the internet to test Smart functions and apps. Something may have gone wrong during testing.

Reboot your smart TV to clear the error code. If it does not go away, you must reset your device to factory settings. The default pin for a Samsung smart TV is four zeros. There are three steps to take:


  • Navigate to the menu on the television.
  • In the settings, select the ‘Additional’ option.
  • Navigate to the ‘General Settings’ menu on your television.
  • Finally, select reset to factory defaults.’


  • Navigate to the service menu’ on your television.
  • Select ‘Options.’
  • Look for ‘Reset.’


This is the most efficient way to solve the problem. The EEPROM ‘deep reset’ is what it is. This solution is used when the error code persists even after you have reset your TV’s factory settings. Follow these steps to finish this process:

  • Hold down the on/off button on your TV for three seconds, or until the television, display does not switch off and on again.
  • Hold down the power button on your remote controller until your television restarts.
  • This process, in essence, deletes your channel list, user settings, and accounts for all defective bits and failures.

4. Obsolete Baseband Version

When you update the software on your Samsung smart TV, the 102 error code usually goes away. This, however, is not possible with a wireless connection. You’ll need to use either an external USB drive or a LAN cable.

When using a LAN cable, enter the menu and select the software update option in the support section of your television, as well as the ‘online update.’ To use the USB drive, download a file containing the new baseband from the Samsung official website and copy it to the formatted USB flash drive.

Then you must boot into a PC and install it. When you’re finished with this step, connect your flash drive to your television. Select the ‘update from USB’ option in the software update’ window.

When you install the file, your device will restart and the 102 error code will be gone.

5. Defective Wi-Fi Module

The 102 error code may persist despite reflashing, a deep rest, and router tuning. In this case, the integrated wireless adapter may be damaged. To test its performance, go to the ‘Smart TV Menu’ and then do the following to your streaming service:

  • Navigate to the ‘Support’ section.
  • Press the ‘Contact the manufacturer’ button.
  • Scroll all the way down to the row with the MAC address.

Numbers can be found here. However, you may come across dashes instead of zeros minute. This is typically caused by two factors:

Your Samsung smart TV lacks a fully integrated Wi-Fi module.

Error code 102 is caused by a failure of your television’s network adapter.

If you are certain that your smart TV previously had this module, it means that its wireless connection device has been damaged. You can purchase an external adapter that is compatible with your Smart TV screen model (see Amazon).

The adapter is then connected to the motherboard of your television via a plug connector. Wi-Fi can also be replaced with a LAN cable.

An internet connection is required for smart TVs. You won’t be able to use the television’s web browser or stream content from Apple TV, YouTube, Netflix, Disney plus, or Prime Video if you don’t have an internet connection.

When the Samsung TV fails to connect to the Samsung Server, it displays error code 102. When this happens, you must troubleshoot your TV-supported browser and resolve the problem. Here’s a quick rundown of the possible causes of an unstable internet connection on your live TV:

  • TV shows MAC address has been blocked
  • Incorrect DNS server configuration network settings
  • The TV’s firmware or software is out of date.
  • Network signal strength is low.
  • Problem with the modem or router
  • Support for 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz networks
  • The television has a minor flaw.
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HBO GO Error Code 102 has 8 Possible Solutions.

It’s clear that HBO Go is the best option for people who like to stream on-demand entertainment content. A smartphone application is available for quick streaming, but users can also access it through the web. On the contrary, HBO Go error code 102 is a common problem that users of the service have to deal with. We’re going to share some troubleshooting methods with you in order to help you with this error code!

HBO GO is experiencing an error code 102.

1) Restart your computer.

The first thing you should try to do if you are experiencing error code 102 is to restart your computer. This is due to the fact that rebooting can assist in resolving minor configuration issues that are causing the errors in the first place. It doesn’t matter whether you’re using the HBO Go smartphone app or HBO Go on a laptop; simply restart your devices to get things working again.

In order to restart your smartphone, press and hold the power button until the restart or shut-off option appears on the screen. Then, after a short period of time, simply turn off and on the smartphone again. A similar procedure can be used to restart the laptop by turning it off and back on after a few moments.

2) Issues with the network.

You should keep in mind that if you’re using AT&T internet to watch HBO Go, AT&T has previously stated that they’ve experienced difficulties with on-demand streaming. The problem is with AT&T’s network, and it tends to occur on weekends and holidays more frequently.

However, if you are streaming HBO Go on an AT&T network and are receiving error code 102, you must contact AT&T customer service or the technical support team to resolve the issue. The majority of network issues are resolved within a few hours, but if you have any questions, you can always contact the customer support team.

3) Google Chrome

When attempting to access HBO Go through Google Chrome, an excessive number of plug-ins may result in the error code 10. (web-based). Having said that, you must uninstall the plug-ins from your search engine before attempting to stream HBO Go again on your computer.

To clear out the plug-ins, navigate to the advanced settings section of Google Chrome’s settings. Then, select Plug-ins from the drop-down menu and disable each plug-in individually. Upon relaunching Google Chrome after disabling the plug-ins, attempt to stream from HBO Go once more.

4) Router

In some instances, the error code 102 may appear when there are weak internet signals. In some cases, restarting the router or modem can improve internet signal quality. Rebooting the router is straightforward because all that is required is that you turn it off, wait a few seconds, and then turn it back on.

Rebooting your router will optimize internet signals and, in most cases, will increase your internet bandwidth. Consequently, after rebooting your router, try streaming HBO Go once more, and we’re confident that error code 102 will be resolved and right sreserved!

5) Safety and protection (encryption)

If you’re using HBO Go on a Smart TV and have an ethernet connection, you should make sure that your internet router is compatible with the TV adapter you’re using. If there is a possibility of a conflict in the connection, you must turn off encryption completely. In order to use your internet connection, for example, you must disable password protection. You could also choose to turn off the firewall’s encryption.

6) Establishing a network connection

The network channels available for streaming on HBO Go are limited to your connection speed, so you must be selective. The 5GHz network channel is most commonly used because it is perceived to provide faster internet speeds than the 2.4GHz channel.

Internet signals, on the other hand, may be weak when using a 5GHz connection. Having said that, we recommend that you change the network channel to 2.4GHz because it results in a more stable internet connection as well as a greater range of internet connectivity.

7) DNS Service Provider

In some cases, you can manually specify and outline the DNS server for HBO Go to fix error code 102. This solution, however, is only available to people who use HBO Go on Smart TV. So, simply open your Smart TV’s menu and navigate to the DNS item. Then, in the DNS item field, enter and save the settings. When you reopen the HBO Go app after saving the settings, the error code will be gone!

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8) Software

Finally, if the error code 102 continues to appear whenever you attempt to access HBO Go, you must update the software firmware of your Smart TV. By opening the menu and scrolling down to the support section, the firmware can be updated. Click the software update option in the support section and then press the update button.

BONUS: Other Common Errors Codes You Can Check

HBO Max is experiencing an error code 102.

As a result of the error, the following is the cause: When there is a compatibility issue between your smart TV and the HBO Max server, the error code 102 will appear on your screen.

Devices such as the Samsung smart TV, Chromecast, and others are included.

What is the best way to fix it? Check the router/signal modem’s strength to make sure it is working properly. Restart your router to ensure that it is compatible with the smart tv adaptor you have purchased.

HBO Max is experiencing an error code 103.

What caused the error to appear in the first place?

Various devices, including Android, Smart TVs, Chromecast, Amazon Fire TV, and others

What is the best way to fix it? Unplug your device for at least 2 to 3 minutes before continuing. Before uninstalling an application, make sure that all of its caches and cookies have been cleared.

Set the DNS settings to ‘automatic,’ and look for the apt-server for the HBO Max application.

After a few seconds, turn off your router or modem to prevent further damage. Once your modem or router has been restarted, you can begin watching your HBO Max movie.

HBO Max is experiencing an error code 420.

What was the source of the blunder? The appearance of the error code 420 can be caused by one of two factors. There are two possibilities: either your HBO Max has not been updated, or it has been updated. It is also possible that the error will occur if your HBO server is overloaded.

Devices running on Android and iOS are available.

What is the best way to fix it? If the error continues to occur after the update, you may wish to wait a few minutes, or even hours, before making the necessary adjustments. HBO Max’s server is experiencing technical difficulties. You’ll have to wait until they’ve finished repairing it.

Our Final Thoughts

Smart devices, such as smart televisions, have been introduced as a result of technological advancement. A smart TV is a technological device that includes additional software to provide a higher-quality entertainment experience.

However, with the addition of new software comes an increase in the number of technical failures. Because the television has a built-in self-diagnostic system, it can detect faults and display them as error codes.

Each code corresponds to a specific problem that exists within the television. In the case of a Samsung TV, error code 102 indicates that the wireless internet connection to your television set is not available.1

Frequently Ask Questions

What exactly is code 102?

If the server receives a complete request but has not yet completed it, it will send an interim response to the client to let them know. It is recommended that this status code be sent only when the server has a reasonable expectation that the request will take a significant amount of time to complete.

What is the source of the error codes I keep getting on HBO Max?

Check to see that you have the most recent version of the HBO Max app. You can check for an update by going to your device’s app store and searching for HBO Max to see if there is one available. If there is an app update available, install it and check to see if the problem has been resolved. Refresh the page on your computer by going to and pressing F5.

What is the meaning of Steam Error Code 102?

It was not possible to establish a connection with the server. It is possible that the server is down or that you are not connected to the internet.” The most common causes of error code 102 are that the server is down or that there is a problem with your internet connection.

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