How to Hide Apps on Samsung s10? [2023]? (Step-by-Step Guide)

How to Hide Apps on Samsung s10? In case you have any apps on your Galaxy S10 that you wish to keep hidden from prying eyes.

Samsung makes it simple to conceal them so that they don’t appear on the home screen or in the app drawer – only you will be aware that these apps are present.

Using this privacy feature is particularly useful if you’re allowing someone else to use your Galaxy S10, or if you want to clear away your unused apps without deleting them entirely.

samsung galaxy s10 dummy models: How to Hide Apps on Samsung s10
How to Hide Apps on Samsung s10

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How to Hide Apps on Samsung Phone

Overview: How to Hide Apps on Samsung s10

For the most part, the most recently launched Samsung Galaxy smartphones have a modern UI that features a new app drawer that is very similar to the one seen on Google Pixel devices.

Users will be able to open the app drawer by swiping their fingers upward or downward on the home screen, and they will also be able to hide apps with the new launcher.

When it comes to hiding apps and even favorite games for a short amount of time, this is a function that is surely worth exploring further.

Here’s how to make apps disappear from your Samsung Galaxy phone:

Step 1: Simple swipe up or down from your Samsung mobile home screen will bring up the application drawer, which you may access from there.

The first thing you need to do is open the application drawer.

To access the settings menu, you must first touch the three dots icon, which is located in the upper right corner of the Samsung mobile screen, and then press it.

Step 2: Select the second option, ‘Settings,’ from the drop-down menu.

To complete step three, navigate to the ‘Home Screen Settings’ page. Select the ‘Hide Apps’ option from the drop-down menu.

*Alternatively, you can access the ‘Home Screen Settings’ from the Samsung mobile home screen by long-pressing on the screen for a few seconds until the choice is displayed.

Step 3: During the fourth step, you will be able to see a list of all the applications that you have installed on your Samsung mobile phone.

You can select the ones that you want to keep hidden and then click ‘Apply.

Please keep in mind that when you hide apps from the home screen, all shortcuts to those apps that were previously on the screen are also deleted.

Using the Samsung Galaxy S10, you can conceal apps from view.

This can be applied to other Samsung phone devices also.

1. From the home screen of your Galaxy S10, scroll down to display the app drawer.

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2. Select “Home screen settings” from the Finder search box at the top right of the screen by tapping the three vertical dots at the top of the screen.

Using the Samsung Galaxy S10 hide apps
Using the Samsung Galaxy S10 hide apps

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Hover your mouse over “Hide apps” at the bottom of the Home screen settings page.

4. Use the arrow keys to choose the apps that you want to hide.

5. When you’re finished, click on “Apply.”

These app icons are no longer visible on the Home screen or in the app drawer; you will not be able to access them anymore.

You can always go back to the home screen settings page and make the apps visible again if you make a mistake with your settings.

 Samsung Galaxy S10 screen set up 2
How to Hide Apps on Samsung s10? [2023]? (Step-by-Step Guide)

The use of a third-party app to hide applications more securely

Most of the time, Samsung’s “hide applications” feature is effective, but you may have difficulty keeping some apps hidden from someone who is knowledgeable with Samsung phones and understands how to seek hidden apps.

Alternatively, you can install a third-party program that allows you to “lock” specific apps inside an encrypted virtual vault, which is more secure.

There are various apps available in the Google Play store that may be used to conceal apps.

The free and dependable AppLock program, for example, forces you to provide a password or use a pattern lock in order to see the concealed apps.


In order to hide apps on your Samsung phone, you must use the method described above.

When you do so, the apps disappear from both the home screen and the app drawer.

They are not, however, removed from the system.

As a result, the apps will still appear in the search results.

Notifications from the hidden applications will also be received.

To turn off app notifications, navigate to Settings > Apps and select Turn off notifications.

To access Notifications, select the app’s name and then Notifications.

Then you can turn off the notifications on your phone.

If you use any of the hidden apps, they will appear on the Recent apps screen as well.

Swipe the app away from the Recent apps screen to remove it from the list.

So that brings us to our next question: how do we make use of hidden applications? (more on that below).

How to Access and Use Hidden Applications on Your Samsung Device

After you’ve successfully hidden your apps from prying eyes, you’re probably wondering how to use hidden apps without having to unhide them. There are a variety of approaches to utilizing hidden applications.

Open the app drawer on your Samsung phone and search for the Finder search bar using the screen’s search bar.

Fill up the blanks with the name of the app that you had hidden.

To open the app, simply tap on the icon on your desktop.

Method 2: Using the Preferences

Go to Settings > Apps and select the desired app.

Look for the app that you’ve hidden in your device.

To activate it, tap on it. You will see the Open icon.

To open the app, simply tap on it.

Method 3: Obtaining it via the Google Play Store

Search for the hidden app in the Google Play Store on your Samsung phone by opening the Google Play Store app. To open the app, select it from the drop-down menu.


To make apps visible again on the Samsung launcher, follow these steps:

Step 1: Navigate to the Samsung Launcher configurations.

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You can do this either through the app drawer or directly from the home screen of your device.

To use the previous technique, open the app drawer and press on the three-dot icon at the top of the screen.

Select Home screen settings from the drop-down menu.

Alternatively, long-press on an empty spot and select Home screen settings from the drop-down menu.

How to hide unhide apps samsung 10
Select Home screen settings

Step 2: In the Home screen settings, select Hide apps from the drop-down menu.

At the top of the screen, you will see a list of the hidden apps.

To remove an app from the list of hidden apps, select it and tap on it.

Finally, click on Done to save your modifications.

How to hide unhide apps samsung 11
Click Done

Once an app has been unhidden, it will appear in the app drawer as a shortcut.

If you want to put it on the home screen, you’ll have to do it manually on your phone.


Method 1: Apps can be hidden from the home screen only  

This approach will allow you to remove the apps from the home screen, but only so that they are no longer visible on the screen itself.

To do so, press and hold the app icon on the home screen that you wish to hide until it disappears.

Remove yourself from your home by selecting Remove from Home.

Only the app icon will be hidden from the home screen as a result of this action.

It will continue to be accessible through the app drawer and search.

How to hide unhide apps samsung 1
Hidden from the home screen only  

Method 2: Arrange Applications in a Folder

After removing the app from the home screen, create a folder in the app drawer to store it.

Give the folder a dull or ambiguous name, such as “settings,” “pre-installed programs,” or anything like.

Then drag and drop the apps into this folder that you wish to keep hidden.

Alternatively, you might place a number of normal programs in the folder.

Once the folder has reached the maximum number of apps that may be placed on the first page, you can begin adding apps that you want to hide from the first page.

With this approach, the user would have to first enter the folder and then swipe through the list of applications in order to view hidden applications. Someone would do something like that very rarely.

BONUS: How to make any Android phone’s apps inaccessible.

With the two techniques listed below, you can quickly conceal apps on any phone, regardless of the brand you’re using at the time.

The first one is appropriate for hiding pre-installed apps that you don’t use as well as hiding apps that you do use but don’t want anyone else to view.

The second one is appropriate for hiding apps that you don’t want anyone else to see.

The second strategy, on the other hand, has significantly fewer applications.

It only works with system apps, which are pre-installed programs that you cannot uninstall or uninstall yourself.

However, it is less time-consuming and will not alter the appearance or feel of your Android phone, as the first way will.

Make use of the Nova Launcher

A photo of Nova Launcher, one of the best premium apps and paid apps for android
Make use of the Nova Launcher

A large number of Android launchers allow you to quickly and easily conceal apps with a few touches.

The one we recommend utilizing is Nova Launcher because it has a plethora of functions and is lightning-quick.

The only drawback is that you will need to upgrade to the Prime version of the program in order to complete the task since you will not be able to conceal apps in the free version.

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You can grab the app for free here, but if you’re into customizing and want a stock-like experience on your smartphone, it’s well worth paying a few dollars to obtain it.

Once you have downloaded and installed Nova Launcher Prime from the Google Play Store, you should make it the default launcher on your phone.

Once you’ve completed this, navigate to the app drawer and launch the Nova Settings app.

Once you’ve done that, go to App drawer > Conceal apps and select the apps you wish to hide by checking the box next to them. That’s all there is to it!

Don’t worry, you can still access and use the apps even if they are not visible.

Simply open the app drawer, put the name of the program into the search box at the top of the screen, then tap the icon to launch it when it appears.

Instructions on how to do it step by step:

  • Nova Launcher Prime can be obtained for free.
  • Make it your default launcher by selecting it from the menu bar.
  • Launch the Nova Settings application.
  • Hide apps can be found in the App drawer.
  • Select the checkboxes next to the apps that you want to keep hidden.
  • To use the app, locate it in the app drawer by typing its name into the search box.

Keep in mind that the option to hide apps is just one of the numerous features available through the Nova Launcher application.

The launcher will alter the appearance and feel of your Android UI, thus it may not be suitable for everyone’s tastes.

Our Final Thoughts

Many smartphones come with a built-in capability that allows you to conceal apps that are only meant to be seen by you.

We won’t give instructions for every phone brand available, but we will show you how to complete the task on Samsung, OnePlus, LG, Xiaomi, and Huawei/Honor smartphones, among others.

Keep in mind that not every phone from the companies listed above has the capability of hiding apps on its screen.

You may be unable to access the function if you are using an older smartphone that is running an older version of Android.

The path to the functionality may also differ slightly depending on the handset and operating system version you are using.

Frequently Ask Questions

What is the best way to hide apps on my Samsung phone?

  • To access the Apps menu from any Home screen, select it from the drop-down menu.
  • Select Settings from the drop-down menu.
  • Scroll down to ‘Device,’ then press on Applications to open the menu.
  • Select Application Manager from the drop-down menu.
  • Use your left or right thumbs to navigate to the proper screen:
  • RUNNING. All.
  • Select the desired program by tapping it.
  • Tap To remain hidden, turn off your computer.

What is the best way to hide apps from my Samsung home screen?

Hiding applications on a Samsung phone is a piece of cake.

Open the app drawer and pick the “Home Screen Settings” option by tapping the symbol in the top-right corner (three vertical dots) on the screen.

The next step is to locate and select the “Hide app” option, which will result in a list of available apps being displayed on the screen.

What is the best way to hide an app icon in Android?

Long-tap anywhere on your home screen that has an empty area.

In the bottom right corner, there is a button that allows you to customize your home screen.

Scroll down to the bottom of the menu and select “Hide applications.”

Select any apps you want to hide from the list that appears in the pop-up menu, then touch “Apply.”

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