What is Samsung refrigerator error code 33 E? [2023]

What is samsung refrigerator 33e error code?

Seriously, your refrigerator is one of the most important appliances in your home.

Not only does it keep your food cold, but it also helps to conserve energy in your home.

With so many different models and features to choose from, how do you know which refrigerator is right for you?

Today I want to tell you about the samsung refrigerator 33 e code.

This model has a ton of great features that make it perfect for any family.

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What is Samsung refrigerator error code 33 E?
What is Samsung refrigerator error code 33?

Troubleshooting: Issues and Solutions

Ice pipe heater failedReplace the ice pipe heater.
Damaged control boardReplace the control board.
Power surgeInspect the electrical wiring for damage.
Physical impactInspect the refrigerator for any signs of damage.
Manually moving or transporting the refrigeratorAllow the refrigerator to sit for at least 24 hours before using it again.

What is Samsung refrigerator error code 33?

The Samsung refrigerator error code 33 indicates that the wiring surrounding the heater has been moved or jolted out of place, and the water will no longer be heated before being sent to the ice maker. Because heated water freezes considerably faster than cold water, having a broken water tube can be a real pain. Here are the possible causes of the error.

power outage (surge or turn-on/off in a split second);

physical impact to the unit causing internal damage.

Manually relocating or shifting the unit to a new location.

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The error number 33 appears on the screen of the Samsung refrigerator, despite the fact that the machine functions normally… What exactly is the issue? Several factors influence the status of individual elements without interfering with the equipment’s overall functionality.

It refers to the heater in the ice machine’s water intake line. Side-by-side refrigerators contain it. It appears as a result of:

  • a power outage (surge or quick on/off);
  • physical impact due to the formation of dimples and insulating breach;
  • manually transferring or relocating the item to a new location
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Inspect the water inlet line to the ice pan if the gadget displays fault code 33 following delivery or relocation inside the kitchen. A heater is wrapped around it — a thin yellow wire with a flexible foil section. It is positioned on the refrigerator’s back wall, between the valve and the tray departure point.


Error 33 will disappear if you reboot the electronic control board. To accomplish this, it is necessary to:

Connect the refrigerator to a power outlet;

On the touch panel, look for the Energy Saver and Lighting buttons.

push them both at the same time (upper extreme on either side);

Keep the keys pressed for 8–10 seconds.

33e Samsung refrigerator

As a result, the refrigerator will resume its normal operation and will no longer display error 33 e en refrigerador samsung. This is generally sufficient. But if fault code 33 is still shown in the Samsung refrigerator, more urgent actions need to be taken.

How to fix Samsung refrigerator error code 33?

They are required when restarting the module does not solve the problem, indicating that there is a major problem with the heater of the water supply pipe to the ice machine.

Heating element has been loosened

The thin wire around the intake hose may become loose as a result of moving or shipping the equipment, causing a problem. For mistake 33 to disappear, it is important to secure the ends tightly and set up the heat conductivity. However, if the part cannot be restored, it is completely replaced. It starts at $ 25 and goes up from there.

Test for Damaged wiring

A multimeter will be required to repair this damage. The power supply circuit is examined with its assistance, and defective locations are discovered. Contact restoration is accomplished through soldering or twisting, followed by wiring insulation.

Test for Burnt out the control board

It might happen when there is a rapid surge of electricity. In this instance, error code 33 emerges owing to irreparable damage. By changing the microcircuit chip, the problem will be resolved.

Check for Damaged left door

It occurs when the refrigerator is transported or moved to a new location. Deep dimples can harm not only the heating element but also the entire ice machine.

The only way out is to replace the faulty component (left door). In this instance, you will require the assistance of professionals.

How can I get to the heater to fix Error code 33?

You must reach the filler pipe in order for error 33 to never show again. To accomplish this, it is necessary to:

  1. disconnect the power cord;
  2. switch off the water supply to the ice machine;
  3. empty the freezer and take the door off;
  4. Unscrew the two front bolts that hold the ice machine in place;
  5. Pull the device towards you and unplug it from the connector;
  6. Remove the flexible section from the hose’s front (it directs water into the ice cube tray);
  7. Remove the tube’s fasteners and insulation;
  8. Remove the heater cable;
  9. go up to the rear wall of the refrigerator and look for the water pipe that leads to the freezer;
  10. Remove the cap and detach it from the intake hose.
  11. Return to the freezer and press the tube forward and upward to force it outward.
  12. bring it to the conclusion on the other side;
  13. Take out the heating element.
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Finally, use a multimeter to test it and fix or replace it. The ideal value should be 105 (+/– 7). The ice machine is retrofitted in the reverse order. After that, the error number 33 in the Samsung refrigerator will be gone.

Other Fixes for Error 33E

Samsung Refrigerator 33 e reset

To reset your Samsung refrigerator and get it out of shop mode, press and hold the power freezer and power cool buttons at the same time for around 2 to 5 seconds.

Then, let go of the buttons. The refrigerator has been reset, and the cooling function has been restored.

How to fix 33e Code error on SAMSUNG REFRIGERATOR?

A samsung fridge 33 e error code is flashing on a Samsung refrigerator. That seems like a power outage to me. Try simultaneously pushing and holding the power freeze and power cool buttons for 8 to 13 seconds to see if it clears.


Before we get into how to reset your Samsung refrigerator, it goes without saying that there are times when you need to reset your appliance for a variety of reasons.

Solutions & Tips, Manual Download, Contact Us Turn off the Energy Saver option if condensation forms on the doors.

To set the freezer to the desired temperature, press the Freezer/Hold the Power Freezer button for 3 seconds.


If your Samsung refrigerator isn’t working properly, don’t rush to call a repair center or a professional – the troubleshooting methods below will assist you in resolving the issue.

The Samsung refrigerator display codes for many common Samsung refrigerator models are listed below. Go through the fault codes and identify the one that corresponds to it.

Samsung Fridge Error list

  • 5E: Fridge Defrost Sensor Error
  • 8E: Ice Maker (Freezer) Sensor Error
  • 14E: Ice Maker Sensor Error
  • 33E: Ice Pipe Heater Error
  • 39E, 39C: Ice Maker Function Error
  • 40E, 40C: Ice Room Fan Error
  • 84C: Compressor Lock


VA Turn off the ice machine and unplug the refrigerator. Load the bottom freezer. All of the trays/baskets lift out. To open the metal drawer slides, press the white plastic side lock (one on each side, within the freezer) and carefully lift.

Samsung Fridge Blinking 33 E

If your Samsung fridge is showing the error code “33 E” and blinking, it indicates a problem with the fridge’s evaporator fan motor. This error could be due to a malfunction or wiring issue. To resolve this, you may need to check the connections and wiring or replace the evaporator fan motor. Consider consulting a professional for assistance.

Other Samsung refrigerator error codes

Fridge flashing Samsung 33 e

A Refrigerator Error Code 40e indicates a failure with the ice machine fan. The cooler usually takes heat from the refrigerant lines and prevents the machine from overheating.

As a result, if error 40E appears on the screen, the source of the problem must be found in the fan and its components. For instance, such a code may be combined with:

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1E (it suggests a problem with the freezer’s defrost sensor); 
21E (it indicates a problem with the freezer cooler); 
24E (it indicates a problem with the freezer’s defrost sensor) 

How to Fix Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 40E?

To begin, remove everything from the freezer and the back wall on the inside. If there is ice or frost buildup, swiftly remove it with a hairdryer.

Return the back wall to its original position. Press and hold the dispenser’s upper right and left buttons. The fault codes will be reset as a result of this.

If the fault codes do not reset, a new defrost temperature sensor and ice fan motor will be required.

What is Samsung Refrigerator Error Code 39 e

The Refrigerator Error Code 39 e is an ice maker sensor issue, and you can expect a couple of things.

First, the issue could be within and/or around the ice maker. Please double-check all connections in the vicinity of the ice maker (wire harnesses, water line, etc.) The error could indicate that the ice machine has failed.

It won’t tell you what exactly went wrong, so you’ll have to disassemble it and inspect every single component. Once you’ve identified the issue, contact Samsung and have a conversation with them about it. Even if the part is not covered by the warranty, they may replace it.

Second, it’s possible that this is due to a lack of water in the ice maker. Examine the water line and its components in the vicinity of the ice machine. The ice maker may need to be changed if it does not operate.

What is Samsung refrigerator error code 22 E

A Samsung refrigerator error code 22 E means a fan error or an error of the evaporator blower. It indicates that the machine is malfunctioning or underperforming. When turning on or restarting the control unit, this error shows during the fridge’s self-diagnostics.The 22 E error code appears on the display if a failure is identified.

Check this article for a full solution here


The Samsung fridge is a good choice for those who want the latest technology and want to be on trend.

This refrigerator uses less energy, offers more space in its freezer compartment, has innovative features that make it easier to manage food storage from anywhere you are at home or remotely via an app, and its sleek design will fit seamlessly into any kitchen decor scheme.

If these qualities sound like what you’re looking for in your next appliance purchase, consider this product as one of the top options available today.


What does Samsung refrigerator error code 33E mean?Error code 33 e samsung refrigerator means that the ice pipe heater has failed. This is the heater that prevents the fill tube from freezing completely when producing ice.

Why is the temperature on my Samsung refrigerator flashing 33 degrees Celsius?

What does this error code mean? This error code refers to the ice machine’s water input pipe heater. It is most commonly found in side-by-side refrigerators. Possible causes include a power outage, a physical impact, or manually moving or transferring the refrigerator.

How do I reactivate my Samsung refrigerator 1E?

After a power outage, how can I reset the 1E error code on my Samsung refrigerator? PRESS and HOLD the ENERGY SAVER and LIGHTING buttons simultaneously for 10 – 15 seconds. Your Samsung refrigerator will reset and resume normal operation after you press the two buttons on the display.

How can you decipher Samsung refrigerator error codes?

Please hold down the top left and top right buttons on your display for 8-10 seconds, until the screen flashes and a chime plays.
1. If an error code is present, it will be displayed on the screen of your refrigerator.
2. If there are multiple errors, the display will cycle through the codes.


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