Can You Facetime On A Samsung Phone? [Answered]

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Can You Facetime On A Samsung Phone? 

Many people who are making the switch to a Galaxy smartphone for the first time wonder if Samsung phones can FaceTime.

It’s possible they’re switching from an iPhone or simply have a large number of people in their social circle who use Apple’s video calling app.

There is no other video calling service that is as popular on iPhones as Apple’s own, to the point where it has become an adjective.

Can You Facetime On A Samsung Phone?
Can You Facetime On A Samsung Phone?

 “Googling” something is the same as telling someone to run an internet search, and “FaceTiming” is the same for iOS users who want to make a video call.

So it’s understandable that those considering a change would want to know if they can FaceTime on a Samsung phone. 

It’s especially important in these pandemic times when most of us rely on video calling for both personal and professional reasons at google play store.

Can You Facetime On A Samsung Phone?

By clicking a link sent from an Apple device, you can join a FaceTime call on an Android or PC. The user’s Apple device must be running at least iOS 15, iPadOS 15, or macOS Monterey. When you receive the FaceTime link, open it in the web browser on your Android or PC.

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Alternatives to FaceTime for Samsung Phones

Now that you know you can’t download FaceTime on a Samsung phone, consider some FaceTime alternatives for Android. There are numerous options available. You can even make a video call on Instagram these days. Apps for communicating with colleagues, such as Slack and Zoom, also have this feature.

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The best FaceTime alternatives for Android are those that are well-known and widely used services. We’ve listed them because they’re the simplest for even the most inexperienced users to get started with.


Because it has been around for so long, Skype has excellent brand recognition. It is available for iOS and Android devices, as well as Windows and Mac. You can use its IM features to message and make HD video calls between devices. A slew of other features make it an extremely useful app to have on your phone as new facetime app.

image 405

Messenger on Facebook

Nothing bridges the gap between iOS and Android video calling like Facebook Messenger. Millions of Facebook users around the world use the standalone Messenger app to communicate with friends and family.

Even if your Samsung phone doesn’t support FaceTime, you can use Messenger to make a video call to an iPhone. You must be friends with that person on Facebook for this to work. Messenger also has a slew of features that improve the video calling experience.

image 406
Messenger on Facebook

Messenger WhatsApp

WhatsApp may not be as popular in the United States, but billions of people around the world rely on it. In case you didn’t know, Facebook also owns WhatsApp. It has a robust video calling feature that supports both individual and group video calls. WhatsApp is also a fantastic instant messaging app, so you can have the best of both worlds with it.

Duo by Google

Google Duo is a native video calling solution for Android devices created by Google. When you launch the app, it automatically opens the camera and displays the contacts lists, making it easy to get started. It is well-known for its excellent video call quality like a google meet.

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If you and your friend both own a recent Samsung flagship, you can take advantage of advanced Duo features such as auto framing and even make Full HD (1080p) video calls with up to 8 people. When you need to video call an iPhone user, you can use the Google Duo app is almost same with google hangout, which is available for iOS devices.

Even if you can’t download FaceTime on your Samsung phone, there are plenty of other options. It’s not difficult to find friends who prefer to use the fruit company’s devices. Simply select an app that works for both of you, and you’re ready to go.

Duo by Google
Duo by Google

CONCLUSION On Can You Facetime On A Samsung

But, at the very least, you can participate in FaceTime calls from your Samsung phone, right? If you want to do more than that, you’ll need an iPhone. Alternatively, persuade your friends to start using something cross-platform, such as Zoom.

Regarding Zoom, it is literally the ONLY reason this has occurred. Apple was clearly concerned about the cross-platform, open-to-all video-calling service. FaceTime would still be as secure as it was before Zoom. That much I can assure you.

Can You Facetime On A Samsung Phone? Frequently Asked Questions

Can you make a video call from your Samsung to your iPhone?

You can join a FaceTime call from your iPhone, Android, or Windows device in iOS 15. If you’re looking for an alternative to Zoom or Microsoft Teams, you should look into the new FaceTime feature in iOS 15.

Why am I unable to FaceTime a Samsung?

FaceTime is not available for Android devices from Apple. As a result, no Android-powered smartphone, including those from Samsung, can run FaceTime. This is just one of the methods Apple employs to keep iOS users confined to its ecosystem. If they want to use FaceTime, they must use an Apple device.

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Is FaceTime available on my Samsung phone?

There is, however, a catch. Android users cannot simply download FaceTime, and iOS users cannot contact an Android user via the Apple video chat application. However, Apple will allow you to send a link to an Android user in order to FaceTime.


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