What is Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LE? [Solved Answer]

Are you concerned about the LE code on your Samsung dishwasher, which appears to have persisted even after the main control board was replaced?

It is recommended that you call a technician to diagnose the problem, but this will not be effective if you do not understand the true nature of the problem.

Only call after you have thoroughly investigated and attempted to resolve any potential problems with your washer.

If the underlying problem is not addressed, restarting the washer may not be sufficient to resolve the error.

This article discusses some of the potential issues that could lead to the error and how to deal with them effectively.

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What is Samsung Dishwasher Error Code LE?

Troubleshooting: Issues on LE Code Samsung Dishwasher

Leak sensor is detecting moisture.Check for leaks around the dishwasher, including the door gasket, hoses, and connectors. If you find a leak, repair it or replace the damaged part.
Water reflector is blocked.Clean the water reflector, which is located at the bottom of the dishwasher. To do this, remove the lower rack and use a brush to clean the reflector.
Drain hose is clogged.Clear the drain hose by disconnecting it from the dishwasher and running water through it. If the hose is still clogged, you may need to replace it.
Pump is not working properly.Check the pump to make sure it is working properly. If the pump is not working, you may need to replace it.
Door is not closing properly.Make sure the door is closing properly and that the latch is engaging. If the door is not closing properly, you may need to adjust the hinges or replace the door seal.


A leak error has occurred. As soon as it appears on the scoreboard, the protection system is activated and the equipment ceases to function.

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You could try rebooting the machine: close the shut-off valve, unplug it for 5–10 minutes, and then turn it back on again. Sometimes that is all that is required to resolve the issue.

If this measure did not yield results, look for other possible explanations. Extraneous factors can contribute to the failure of a project.

Take precautions to ensure that moisture does not enter the casing from the outside (you were flooded by neighbors, a pipe break occurred, you accidentally spilled something).

Check to see that the drain hose is properly connected. In the event of incorrect positioning, some of the water from the sink will enter it.

Has the LE error not been resolved?

The most likely scenario is that the pan is completely full. Remove the sidewall of the unit and inspect it to see if there is any liquid inside.

Unplug the unit and check it for liquid. However, keep in mind that the dishwasher can automatically drain excess water if the door is closed and the power is turned off.

If there is a lot of water, remove it by tilting the casing slightly to one side. The float will be locked into place with a click. Allow the machine to dry completely before using it.

It will allow the unit to be started, but it will not solve the problem if there is a genuine leak. If the drip pan is completely dry, the float sensor should be moved.

Because of the constant contact with a greasy and soapy environment, it is possible that the contacts became stuck on it or that they became stuck to the body.


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The Causes of the LE Error, As Well as Possible Solutions

If the above-mentioned fixes do not work or do not completely eliminate the LE Error samsung dishwasher, you should consider checking for other problems, such as a leak. It would also be beneficial if you were aware of the precise point at which the leak occurs, as well as when it occurs.

le error code samsung dishwasher

Examine the machine after it has been turned off and the door has been closed. The following are some examples of potential problems.

1. Sensor for the Temperature has Failed.

A faulty temperature sensor may cause the washer to malfunction and the LE error to appear on the screen as a result of this. Several factors, including the presence of a failed sensor, are responsible for the failure.

The sensor has failed. This occurs when the sensor does not transmit the correct readings to the control board, causing the control board to incorrectly determine that the water in the washer is too hot when it is not, as described above.

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Samsung dishwasher - YouTube
Sensor for the Temperature has Failed.

It’s possible that a dirty sensor that needs to be cleaned is the source of the problem. A buildup of calcium around the sensor can occasionally occur, causing it to send incorrect signals to the control board.

Cleansing may be required, and in severe cases, the temperature sensor (which can be found on Amazon) may need to be replaced. Make certain that the model you choose is appropriate for your machine.

2. The Water Does not Drain Properly

When the washer fails to drain water properly, the LE error code will also appear on the display screen of the machine. The following are the most common causes of the problem:

A clogged drain hose is a common problem. The drain pump side or the under sink drain hose could be completely or partially clogged in this case.

An impeller that has become stuck in the drain pump causes the motor to not spin. You will most likely hear humming noises coming from the pump, but you will also notice that it is not operating properly.

3. Drain pump motor that has been damaged by fire

There are problems with the water intake.

This can occur in one of two ways. The first is when the water inlet valve experiences a mechanical or electrical malfunction, resulting in the valve coils being burned or, in the case of a mechanical malfunction, calcium buildup causing clogging of the solenoid valve.

Alternatively, the water tap beneath the sink could be turned off.

3. Darin Pump Fails to Function

When the drain pump fails to function properly, water leaks out when the machine is being washed. Check to see if any of the gaskets are cracked or worn out and replace them if necessary.

If the gaskets are in perfect condition, it is possible that the pump is having problems.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to diagnose or fix this on your own. Engage the services of a professional to determine the best course of action.

4. Leaks from the Tank

A mechanical failure of the tank can also result in the display of the LE error code on the machine’s display. Damages can sometimes be caused by factory defects or by the owner’s misuse of the product when they do not follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

The first thing you should do is carry out an inspection and physically locate any leaks that you may have discovered. Disassemble the dishwasher and inspect the interior for signs of moisture. Once you’ve identified the faulty components, you can replace them with new ones.

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Samsung le error code

1. OE/OC/0C/oE

Samsung dishwasher error code OE : Causes, How FIX Problem

An error relating to overflow of water

This error message appears when there is an excessive amount of water in the dishwasher. Depending on where the problem is, it could be with the water inlet valve or the main power board assembly.

The drain hose, sink connection, filter, sump pump, and drain should all be inspected. Remove any clogs that may have formed. If the water continues to fill the tank, the inlet valve or power board should be replaced.

2. 1E/IE

Error with a Clogged Filter

The presence of this code indicates that water is not passing through the filter. Cleaning the fine filter located at the bottom of your dishwasher will solve the problem. If the issue continues to persist, a Samsung technician should be contacted.

3. 1E/IE

Error with a Clogged Filter

The presence of this code indicates that water is not passing through the filter. Cleaning the fine filter located at the bottom of your dishwasher will solve the problem. If the issue continues to persist, a Samsung technician should be contacted.

4. HE1

Error with the Thermistor

This code indicates that the temperature inside the dishwasher is greater than 176 degrees Fahrenheit or lower than 175 degrees Fahrenheit It can be caused if the heat relay on the main power board becomes stuck, or if the thermistor on the main power board becomes defective and must be replaced.

5. “Heavy” is flashing on the screen.

A leaking Pipe

When you see the word “heavy” flashing on your digital panel, this indicates that there is a water leak in your home. The drain hose should be inspected and tightened, if necessary, or replaced.

Our Final Thoughts on le error on samsung dishwasher

The samsung dishwasher error LE displayed on the lg dishwasher error codes display indicates that there has been a MOTOR ERROR. In addition to wiring issues (which are the most common cause of LE errors), the impeller of the washing pump may be locked, as well as its rotor and blade. Finally, the main control board on the PCB may be faulty as a result of this fault code.

Frequently Ask Questions samsung dishwasher le

What does the LE error code on my Samsung dishwasher mean?The samsung dishwasher code LE means that the dishwasher’s leak sensor has detected moisture. This could be due to a leak around the dishwasher, a blocked drain hose, or a malfunctioning pump.
How do I fix the LE error code on my Samsung dishwasher?There are a few things you can try to fix the LE Code on Samsung Dishwasher:
Check for leaks around the dishwasher.
Clean the water reflector.
Clear the drain hose.
Check the pump.
Make sure the door is closing properly.
If you have tried all of the above and the error code is still appearing, you may need to contact a qualified technician for further assistance.
How Samsung Dishwasher Le Code Reset?
To reset the samsung dishwasher LE Error Code, follow these steps:
1. Turn off the dishwasher and unplug it from the power source.
2. Wait for a few minutes, then plug it back in.
3. Press and hold the Delicate and Power buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.
4. Release the buttons and wait for the display to show “88”.
5. Press the Play/Pause button to reset the code.

How do I fix my Samsung dishwasher’s LE error?

Close the shut-off valve and unplug the machine for 5–10 minutes before restarting it. It is sometimes sufficient to solve a problem.

What does the letter Le mean on a dishwasher?


A MOTOR ERROR is indicated by the LE error code on the LG dishwasher display. A wiring problem (the most common cause of LE error), the impeller of the washing pump is locked, the rotor of the washing motor is locked, the blade is locked, or the PCB main control board is faulty are the five issues that may cause this fault code.

What does the letter Le mean on a Samsung washing machine?

The pressure switch detected a sudden drop in water level, resulting in an LE error. Due to damage to the drain system’s components, there may have been a leak.


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