Why Does Samsung Health Need To Make Phone Calls? [Answered]

Samsung Health Need To Make Phone Calls? With each passing day, more apps are created, and more app creators try to persuade their users to grant them certain permissions.

Some permission requests are perfectly reasonable; for example, it should come as no surprise that a file viewer app requests permission to view files.

However, if the file viewer requests that you make and manage phone calls, this can be perplexing. Today, we’ll look at Samsung Health, specifically why it asks for phone permissions when opened.

While it was not initially required, Samsung Health has recently added the requirement that you allow it to make and manage phone calls.

If this seems perplexing to you, there’s a good reason for it: this decision perplexes a lot of people.

According to many users, the practical reason for granting Samsung Health permission to make and manage phone calls does not exist.

Is it possible to use Samsung Health without granting it this permission? And, if you do grant it this permission, can you revoke it later?

Samsung Health Need To Make Phone Calls?
Samsung Health Need To Make Phone Calls?

Troubleshooting: Issues on Samsung Health Need To Make Calls

Samsung Health is using a feature that requires phone call permissionsSome features in Samsung Health require phone call permissions, such as the ability to answer calls from your watch or to track your phone calls. If you do not want to give Samsung Health permission to make phone calls, you can disable these features.
Samsung Health is experiencing a bugIn rare cases, Samsung Health may ask for permission to make phone calls even if it does not need to. If this is the case, you can try restarting Samsung Health or updating the app.
Samsung Health is being used by a third-party appSome third-party apps, such as fitness trackers, may require Samsung Health to have permission to make phone calls in order to function properly. If you are not sure why Samsung Health is asking for permission to make phone calls, you can check the permissions of the third-party apps that you have installed.
Samsung Health is being used by a malicious appIn very rare cases, a malicious app may be using Samsung Health to make phone calls without your permission. If you are concerned that this may be the case, you can uninstall any suspicious apps that you have installed.
Samsung Health is not compatible with your phoneSamsung Health may not be compatible with your phone if it is not running the latest version of the app. You can check the Samsung Health website to see if your phone is compatible with the latest version of the app.

Why Does Samsung Health Need To Make Phone Calls?

As previously stated, it is difficult to see why Samsung Health would need to make or manage phone calls, especially given that the Samsung Health app is used for Samsung galaxy watch.

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Samsung Health is a health and fitness app/ galaxy fit that helps you set goals, track your steps, and even track your sleep schedule. All of this is fine, but as everyone is probably thinking, none of this has anything to do with being able to make and manage phone calls.

Some Samsung Health users are particularly displeased, especially since they may have a long history with the app. Someone who relies on the Samsung Health app but is hesitant to give it permission to make and manage phone calls will be caught between a rock and a hard place with this app in apple watch or Samsung watch.

They don’t believe you should have to choose between Samsung Health’s useful features and their privacy, and there’s a good case to be made that Samsung has no reason to request that information in the first place.

Samsung Health Need To Make Phone Calls?
Samsung Health Need To Make Phone Calls?

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If you previously granted Samsung Health permission to make or manage phone calls, the good news is that you can now remove the permission. There are two approaches you can take.

The first method would be to simply delete the app, which would remove the permission but result in the app no longer being usable. The other option is to access your phone’s settings.

On Android, go to Settings and then select Apps. Continue scrolling until you find the Samsung Health app. If you still can’t find it, change the view to ‘See all apps.’ Once you’ve located Samsung Health, tap ‘Permissions.’ This will display all permissions you have granted or denied to the app.

You have the option to grant or revoke these permissions as you see fit. The good news for iPhone users is that revoking these permissions on the iPhone is about as difficult as it is on Android phones. Navigate to the Privacy section in the Settings app of smart watch.

Unlike Android, which requires you to look at the apps to see the permissions, you check the permissions to see which apps have them. Select the desired setting – in this case, make and manage phone calls – and toggle Samsung Home’s permission from on to off. You can also look through the list of apps that have this permission to see if there are any other apps for which you want to revoke this permission form at apple health.

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Another excellent option is to configure your phone to automatically revoke permissions for apps that are inactive for an extended period of time to wear os. This way, you can still use an app that requires certain permissions to function without having to worry about turning off permissions whenever you’re not using it, just in case you forget to disable it later. While most major apps will not do anything particularly bad with the information provided by the app, that does not mean you should trust them on google fit. By enabling this feature, you allow an app to track your location, contacts, and other information without your knowledge.



This is a frequently asked question, owing to how frustrating apps have become in their attempts to obtain permissions they do not appear to require at Samsung phone.

While apps will sometimes allow you to use them without giving them specific permissions, there are some cases where the app will not function properly without specific (or even all) permissions. It does not matter whether the permissions are justifiable or not, which can be very frustrating if you want to use an app but do not want to give it permission.


Certain permissions are inherently more concerning than others, but many of them can be risky to grant to someone. For example, an app may request to see your location, which is information that a more cunning person may be able to exploit.

This location data can range from general (the nearest cell tower to you) to pinpointing exactly where you are using GPS and Wi-Fi data. Even more concerning is the idea of granting a Samsung app permission to make phone calls with your phone, which could easily be abused if in the wrong hands.



Samsung Health is a health and fitness app that encourages users to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The app, which is available for Android and iOS phones, tracks activity data with significant health implications, allowing you to gain insight into your well-being. It is also the fitness app of choice for Samsung wearables.

The Samsung Health app isn’t the most complex or data-heavy app available, but it’s a good starting point for living a healthy lifestyle. It provides a plethora of tools to assist you in managing everything from stress and sleep to food and fitness, and it organizes all of your data on an easy-to-use interface. It also provides a wealth of resources, such as fitness coaches, mindfulness exercises, and a user community.


Samsung Health keeps track of a lot of the fundamentals. It is a great tool for managing your overall health and a catch-all for users’ most important data. Users can keep track of their workouts, steps, active minutes, heart rate, and sleep.

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Depending on your device, Samsung Health can track your sleep automatically or you can manually enter sleep data like in galaxy s10. Some compatible devices can even monitor your SpO2, snoring, and ambient noise levels while you sleep.

You can also use the app to track your weight, water intake, and calories. It won’t be the most sophisticated calorie tracker available, but it can certainly serve as a food diary if you want to keep everything in one place.

Furthermore, the Samsung Health app helps users monitor their health by tracking heart rate, stress data, and, depending on the device, blood glucose levels, blood pressure, and blood oxygen. Last but not least, the galaxy watch app will track women’s health data, such as menstrual cycles and symptoms.



You can access Samsung Health using your Samsung account. If you do not already have a Samsung account, you must create one in order to use the app. Downloaded Samsung Health, then tap Create account and fill out the required information.

Once you’ve signed in, you’ll see four main tabs: Home, Together, Fitness, and My Page.

  • Home: As the name suggests, this is your starting point within the Samsung Health app. It is the location where you can set and track goals as well as view all of your current health metrics. Scroll down to the Home tab to review your stats or manually enter data such as weight, periods, or food and water intake. You can add or remove specific measurables from your home screen by scrolling down to the bottom of this tab and tapping Manage items to android phone.
  • Together: In the Together tab, you can enter challenges and compare your data to that of other Samsung Health users. You can also invite and connect with others in order to keep your friends motivated on their own health journeys.
  • Tap the Fitness tab to start a 15-minute workout video, listen to a sleep story, or learn more about PMS. This tab contains a large collection of exercise and wellness resources, such as workout programs, videos, content from Samsung Health TV partners, and tools for mindfulness and women’s health.
  • My page: Users can edit their Samsung Health app profile under this tab. To calculate important values like calories burned and heart rate ranges, enter your gender, height, weight, and birth date. You can also rate your typical daily activity level from one to four on a scale of one to four. The My page tab, in addition to your basic profile, provides big picture data such as weekly summaries, personal bests, and earned badges.

Tap the three horizontal dots in the top right corner of your screen to access the app’s overflow menu from any of the tabs above. This menu contains four additional options:

  • For you: This is where you’ll find weekly summaries of your tracked results, such as activity and sleep data.
  • Promotions: You’ll find marketing plugs and current deals for other Samsung products under Promotions.
  • Notices: This section contains updates from the Samsung team, such as changes to the app and information about Samsung Health content.
  • Settings: Similar to a standard settings menu, this section allows you to access account details, manage notifications, review your privacy settings, and more.

Common Questions In Why Does Samsung Health Need To Make Phone Calls

Why does Samsung Health require phone call access?

Samsung’s health app suddenly requires the’make and manage phone calls’ permission, requires users to verify a phone number, and intentionally conflates 2FA with other purposes (‘to help friends find you and invite you to challenges’), or the app will not work.

Why does Samsung pay for the ability to make and manage phone calls?

It requires phone access to place service calls to banks based on the cards you add, as well as for verification purposes (some banks require this as a 2-factor authorization).

What exactly does it mean for an app to want to make and manage phone calls?

This permission allows an app to make a phone call automatically. Every app can launch the default dialer and even fill in the number, but you must press the call button unless this permission is granted.

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