How To Replace Samsung Washer Bearing? [Detailed Guide]

Are you still wondering How To Replace Samsung Washer Bearing?

Any Samsung washing machine, regardless of its model, is of high quality and has a long lifespan.

No matter how amazing an automobile is, there comes a point when it begins to clamor for attention from the driver.

A bearing, in particular, is frequently damaged in such a machine. Although it appears to be a “trifling problem,” it is actually worth a penny, and changing it is as simple as shelling pears.

Nevertheless, because it was not present, you must first locate this bearing accurately, and then remove it correctly to avoid causing any damage to other components.

This is already a difficult assignment!

How To Replace Samsung Washer Bearing?
How To Replace Samsung Washer Bearing?

Troubleshooting: Issues on samsung washer bearing

Loud noise when the washer is runningThis could be a sign of a bearing problem. The bearings are responsible for keeping the washer drum spinning smoothly. If they are worn out, they can make a loud noise.
Vibration when the washer is runningThis could also be a sign of a bearing problem. The bearings help to absorb vibration, so if they are worn out, the washer may vibrate more than usual.
Leaking water from the washerIf the bearings are worn out, they can allow water to leak out of the washer. This can be a serious problem, as it can damage the washer and cause mold and mildew growth.
The washer drum does not spin smoothlyThis is a sure sign of a bearing problem. If the bearings are worn out, they will not be able to keep the washer drum spinning smoothly.
The washer drum is not aligned properlyThis can also cause the washer drum to make noise and vibrate. If the washer drum is not aligned properly, the bearings will have to work harder to keep it spinning, which can lead to premature wear and tear.

Is it worthwhile to replace the Samsung Washer Bearings in your washing machine?

It’s always worthwhile to repair the bearings in your washing machine if you have the ability to do so yourself because it’s less expensive than getting a professional to fix it. It’s likely that the parts will be less expensive than purchasing a new washer, but if you include the cost of labor, this may not be the case.

Video: Samsung washer bearing replacement

samsung top load washing machine bearing replacement

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What tools and materials will we require for the repair?

Because the bearings in the Samsung washing machine are not being repaired, but rather replaced, we must first ensure that we have all of the necessary components on hand before proceeding with the repair.

Samsung washing machine bearing replacement

Currently, a bearing repair kit for Samsung washing machines is available for purchase on the internet. There’s everything you need in one convenient package:

  1. Bearings, oil seals, and special grease are all examples of items that fall into this category.

There is one problem, to be sure. Repair kits are available for a variety of washing machine types, and in order to avoid mistakenly mixing up parts, you must be aware of which bearings are appropriate for which washer model.

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Experts have put together a table of accessories for the Samsung washing machine in order to avoid making mistakes. Having become familiar with it, you will be able to accurately obtain the original bearings and begin work on their replacement once you have become acquainted with it.

In addition to the components, we require tools as well. We require the following materials for the removal of fasteners, the promotion of the tank, and then knocking out of bearings:

Malleus made of copper; instruments containing specific grease for the washing machine’s elements or liquid WD-40;

In addition to the hexagonal key and the marker, you will need a steel stud or metal tube, pliers or pliers with a small adjustable wrench, keys (spanners and heads), and screwdriver indication (cross and flat), and any sealant.

What tools and materials will we require for the repair?
What tools and materials will we require for the repair?


Prepare a convenient location where you will be able to dismantle the machine. Perhaps your bathroom is limited in terms of square footage. As a result, if at all possible, relocate the appliance to a workshop or garage.

After that, you must eliminate the inconvenient aspects in order to remove the tub. It is necessary to disassemble the washer piece by piece in order to avoid losing any of its pieces or fasteners. As a result, be certain that everything you remove is sorted and kept in proper order.

To disassemble the housing, follow the instructions outlined below:

  1. Remove the top panel by unscrewing the two bolts that are placed at the corners of the rear panel on either side of the top panel. Afterward, take hold of the panel with both hands and swing it outward before raising it.
  2. Remove the detergent drawer from the cabinet.

It is simple to accomplish:

Taking out the drawer, and pressing the button in the center of it will do the trick.

With the other hand, elevate the drawer slightly and swing it outward;

3. Detach the Fill Hoses

After removing the detergent drawer, detach the fill hoses from the drawer as well as the pipe that connects the drawer to the tub. Using a pair of pliers, gently loosen the clamps.

The counterweight is visible at the very top of the machine after that. It has the appearance of a large brick or stone. To undo the fasteners, select the appropriate cap from the toolbox.

4. Remove the Rubber Gasket

After that, you’ll need to remove the rubber gasket.

Remove the rubber gasket from your Samsung washing machine, and you’ll have no trouble at all:

  1. Remove the two bolts that hold the lock assembly in place.
  2. While removing the rubber seal, make sure not to harm the wiring by removing the switch first.
  3. Remove the retaining ring by prying it off with a small screwdriver.
  4. Locate the spring by pushing the screwdriver beneath the ring and around it. It should be released.
  5. Remove the retention band by loosening the screw that holds it in place.
  6. Swing the rubber gasket outward with your fingers tucked behind it.
  7. It is not necessary to remove the full gasket; only the portion necessary to remove the front panel.
  8. After that, turn the machine on its side so that you can get to the bottom of the washing machine. Remove the bottom by unscrewing the four bolts that hold it in place.

5. Proceed With Wirings

Then proceed with the wiring as follows:

Locate the motor and the drain pump, if they are present. Take out all of their wiring. If at all feasible, film a video of the disassembly process so that you can reassemble everything in the proper sequence after you’ve finished. If labeling all of the cables with a marker is troublesome for you, you can use a permanent marker.

Warning! Because the contacts that connect the wires to the sensors are so weak, it is important not to damage them. If you discover any burned contacts or wires, replace them as soon as possible.

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Is it worth replacing washing machine bearings

You must now remove the armatures from the Samsung washing machine, or else you will be unable to proceed with the samsung front load washer bearing replacement. The ends of the armatures are fastened to the tub on one side and the machine’s housing on the other side of the tub.

Except for the motor, there isn’t anything else that needs to be removed from the bottom. The pump will not interfere with your task. All that is required is the removal of its hoses.

Remove the wiring that is linked to the valve, and then loosen the mounting bolts that are holding it in place with your fingers. Remove the valve from the system and set it aside. Last but not least, remove the four springs that support the tub


Only the side and front covers need to be removed in order to gain access to the tub. The control panel is supported by five bolts. The panel can be readily removed by simply unscrewing the bolts that hold it in place.

Our warning is to be cautious and avoid damaging the wiring in the control panel if at all possible. The front panel is held in place by a total of eleven fasteners. Locate and unscrew each and every one of them. Remove the cover from the book and set it aside.

It should be noted that there is a second counterweight under the front panel that is smaller than the primary one. Remove the weight by unscrewing it with a socket wrench.

Nothing will stand in your way of getting out of the tub now. Remove the motor and the tub from the vehicle. It is critical not to damage the wiring or other sensitive components because this will cause the repair operation to take longer.

  1. Turn the tub on its side.
  2. Remove the drive belt from the pulley and set it aside.
  3. With a hex key, loosen the pulley on the motor. If the pulley is too tight, a small amount of WD-40 should be applied to prevent the bolt from breaking.


Because you have previously removed the armature, you will only need to remove the clips and staples left on the armature. Your tools will be of assistance to you. This is a straightforward assignment with no unique quirks or difficulties.

Remove the top portion of the tub housing in order to view the drum inside. Then you may take off the bottom section. Because of these adjustments, you will be able to obtain:

  1. The tub’s uppermost portion, with the hatch opening in the center of it.
  2. The section of the tub has the heater attached to it at the bottom.
  3. The drum and the shaft are both made of steel.

Inspect the inside of the tub for damage, as well as the heater for dirt, limescale, short-circuits, and housing fracture if necessary, before utilizing the tub. For the final two checks, a tester should be used. If you discover a problem with the heater, you can either clean the limescale deposits or replace the portion that is faulty.


Before you can replace the bearing in your washing machine, you must first obtain the old bearing. The following are the measures to take:

  1. In the tub bush, you’ll find two different-sized bearings.
  2. In order to liberate the bearing, you must tap it from the outside of the tub towards the tub using a mallet and a pin.
  3. You may extract the little bearing out of the tub by tapping it from the inside with your finger.
  4. Take a pin and place it at the edge of the bearing, lightly tapping it with a hammer to loosen it up. Put the pin on the other side of the board and lightly tap it with a hammer once more. Continue to tap on the pin around the edge of the bearing until the bearing is loosened completely.
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Attention! Whenever possible, select a number of spots for tapping when releasing the portion – at least three. Otherwise, the bearing will come out crooked or it may become caught in the bushing during the installation process. As a result, you will have to spend more time trying to solve the problem.

Bearings gone on washing machine

By the way, you can get the bearings out of your car at any auto repair shop. There are unique pullers for the workers to use. As a result, if at all possible, seek professional assistance. They are usually willing to conduct this type of labor for a small price.

Samsung Top Load Washer Bearing Replacement

Looking to replace the bearing in your Samsung top load washer? Follow these steps for a successful replacement:

1. Unplug the washer and turn off the water supply.

2. Remove the agitator and the top cover.

3. Disconnect the belt and remove the drum.

4. Replace the faulty bearing with a new one.

5. Reassemble the washer and test it before use.

Remember to check the oil seals as well:

Removing the old elements is followed by cleaning debris from the bush by wiping the surface with a piece of cloth; lubricating the new seals with the grease that comes with the bearings is followed by installing the seals

Samsung washing machine bearings

After that, you can set the bearings in their proper positions. Take the actions outlined below:

  1. Installation of the detail in the bush and settling of the detail with the fingers
  2. Install another wooden block on the opposite bearing and tap it a few times with a hammer until the part is snugly fitting into its housing.

“Homemade” faults are common.

  1. When attempting to replace the samsung washer drum bearing machine on their own, “Homemade” repairmen sometimes make mistakes that complicate the repair and result in additional charges. What exactly are these blunders?
  2. Severing the wire that connects to the sensor, which prevents the hatch from opening.
  3. The gap between the cuffs of the washing machine hatch.
  4. During the process of detaching the pulley from the axis, it sustained damage.
  5. Failure of the bolts that hold the structure together.
  6. Wires leading to the temperature sensor and heating element are being ripped apart.
  7. Tearing off the nozzles as a result of the fact that they are not sufficiently loosened or because the clamps were not sufficiently relaxed
  8. They remove the bearings from the drum, which causes the sleeve to break, and it all comes to a halt with the replacement of the drum.
  9. You must be aware of these common mistakes and ensure that you never make them again, because replacing a drum is a significant investment, and possibly even worse.

Last but not least, we would like to point out that, while it is not easy, it is possible to change the bearings that ensure the spinning of the drum of a Samsung automated washing machine with one’s own hands.

The most important thing is to figure out what bearings are in your typewriter’s model, purchase authentic accessories, gather the appropriate tools, and then, “rolling up your sleeves,” carry out the task in accordance with the directions of the professionals provided in this article. Have a successful repair job!

Our Final Thoughts on change bearings in washing machine

You can benefit from the mistakes made by other DIY enthusiasts by reading this list of the most common blunders they make. Home repairmen are frequently called upon to:

harm the wiring in the door lock system; shred the rubber gasket; damage the pulley, resulting in it being separated from the shaft; break the mounting bolts

damage the wiring of the temperature sensor or the heating element; tear off the pipes if they do not remove or loosen the clamps first; break the bush while tapping out the bearings; damage the bearings themselves (in this case you need to change the drum).

FAQs Samsung Washing Machine Issues

What is a washer bearing?A washer bearing is a part of the washer that helps to keep the washer drum spinning smoothly. It is located between the washer drum and the washer housing.
How often do Samsung washer bearings need to be replaced?The average lifespan of a samsung bearing replacement is about 10 years. However, it can vary depending on how often the washer is used and how well it is maintained.
How Samsung Washing Machine Drum Bearing Replacement?
samsung drum bearing replacement is a common repair done by technicians. To replace the drum bearing, follow these steps:
1. Unplug the machine and remove the access panel. 2. Disconnect the drive belt and remove the drum.
3. Locate the old bearing and replace it with a new one.
4. Reassemble the machine and test it before use.
What are the signs of a bad Samsung washer bearing?Some of the signs of a bad Samsung drum bearing include:
Loud noise when the washer is running
Vibration when the washer is running
Leaking water from the washer
The washer drum does not spin smoothly
The washer drum is not aligned properly

Is it worthwhile to replace the bearings in your washing machine?

It’s always worthwhile to repair the bearings in your washing machine if you have the ability to do so yourself because it’s less expensive than getting a professional to fix it. It’s likely that the parts will be less expensive than purchasing a new washer, but if you include the cost of labor, this may not be the case.

Is it possible to solve the Samsung washer-bearing noise?

A faulty tub seal and bearing are likely to be the cause of the washer making noises while spinning or leaking water from the bottom of the tub near where the transmission is located. Replacing the tub bearing is a time-consuming repair that will necessitate removing the majority of the washer.

Is it still possible to use a washing machine if the bearings have failed?

Technically, it is feasible to continue using a washing machine after the bearings have worn out completely. However, doing so may cause harm to the other components of your equipment, making it unsafe to operate as a result. Rather than waiting until a poor bearing fails, it is safer and more cost-effective to replace it right away.


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